Realities – Chapter 94

As a doctor we are often briefed on drugs and so on. A lot of people don’t actually realize that drugs are not an American thing. They are everywhere and young people are using them more and more in South Africa. It’s like the richer we get as Africans the more stupid some of us become. It’s not an insult, it’s just how things are. We do not know how to use money and when we look for the next high we go over the top at times. In South Africa the first thing people think when they hear drugs is probably Nyaope or wonga but that’s what you see on TV because they just love to show poor people doing bad things. The truth is, in surbubia drugs such as cocaine have really had a huge impact. The difference is, these parents have money for rehab so it dies down quietly whereas in the townships it’s more devastating as they don’t usually have the means to get treatment.

I panicked. I know that one of that pill is enough to get you high and that high can last. I immediately called Sizwe.

“Love come home now please!” I told him.

“We are still busy though there is so much we still have to do!” He said.

“Love I am in a lot of trouble. Please drop Lintle off somewhere and come alone.’ I told him.

“What do you mean you are in trouble? I am coming.” He said.

I then made my next phonecall.

“Zethu where are you?” I asked her.

“We just arrived from Bloemfontein. I am so exhausted. That place is actually far!” she responded

“I need you right now. Bring me an IV drip. I am in trouble please!” Then I laid down. I had a problem and a big one. She did not have just one pill, she had a lot of them. I am certain this would make her a distributor. With this much amount she would certainly go to jail. There was no doubt. Where did she get them? Who was she selling to? How come I had not seen this? What kind of a mother was I? This is the reason why I had called people I could trust.

My husband walked in first. No, walk is the wrong word. He was practically running when he got in.

“Baby what’s wrong!”

This was about 45 minutes after I ingested. The thing with drugs like this is that they tell you to take as much water as possible. That’s the best cure according to the Internet. I was not even clued up on the best treatment plan because it’s not something I ran into every day. Google helps. Whilst I waited I had gone through the site. There was a lot of information on it and now more than ever I was convinced it really was ecstasy. It’s a drug that is also hallucinogenic meaning that you see things that are not there and also makes thinks look more colourful and brighter. Well that’s what the Internet says anyway! Thank heavens it said that it was not addictive. I would have died if that was the case. I just needed it out of my system.

“Where is Linhle?” I asked him.

“I left her at the movies with that girl who she goes to school with. I can’t remember her name!” he said.

“Why did I have to come back so quickly?” he asked again.

I took out the plastic with the pills and I put them on the table.

“I don’t understand?” he said looking confused.

“All I see are smarties!” he said and like me he had been totally fooled.

“This is not smarties. It’s drugs, it’s ecstacy and I found it in your daughters wardrobe!” I told him. He stood up and held his head and exclaimed,

“O fuck! Fuck fuck fuck…” he cursed out loud several times. Yes this was a problem and a very big one indeed.

“That’s not all. I took about three I don’t remember now maybe four by mistake!” I said. I could hear my voice starting to slur but at that moment I felt extremely happy and giddy.

“What’s going to happen? Must I call an ambulance?” he asked me not knowing what to do.

“Call an ambulance because I am too happy? Are you daft?”

I asked him then I burst out laughing. This was happening faster than I hoped. Where was Zethu? She should be here by now.

“I can’t just sit here and do nothing though? Is it dangerous? Can you die from this?” he asked me. To me it sounded like he was cracking jokes but I was not going to push him. At this stage I was seeing flames. It is such a beautiful feeling. Is it what these kids go through, wow wow wow. I heard in a distance an knock and Zethu and my brother walked in.

“Nothabo what’s wrong?” she asked as she ran in. My husband told her how glad he was that she was here. He explained to her what had happened.

“A drip will not help you in any way! You will have to drink lot of water!” she said when she looked at me then burst out laughing. It was not funny. Now I was starting to hallucinate. I kept seeing Mthobisi’s face and George’s face! Of all the hallucination in the world why couldn’t I see angels and money! I just had to see the worst things about me because it was me.

“Mommy is a druggie”

Zethu was cracking up telling my husband and brother but truth be told, I could get the joke but it was not funny if I thought of the source for it! By 16 I would have thought she was intelligent enough to stay away from illegal drugs. She was clearly not smart enough to realize that illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. You see, black parents have a problem, we think that if we send our kids to private schools and they speak good English that equates to intelligence! More often than not it does not. Since when was knowing how to twang equivalent to a degree? That’s what we forget. Have you ever seen how black parents are proud when their seven or eight-year-olds speak good English? It’s like they have won the Nobel Peace Prize! This inferiority complex these white people left us with though! We will not be celebrating that much if your child came home and spoke perfect vernacular that much I am sure of! Lintle was not smart and now it was very clear.

“This amount of pills is bad. Somebody gave them to her and it’s not going to end here.”

My brother said with a slight whistle at the end of that but I am not sure because the whistle sounded like he was singing Sister Bettina. Ah I felt like dancing now. Why not? I had not danced in a long time so I stood up and started to dance.

“How long is this going to last?” I heard my husband ask in an irritated voice. I was just being happy. How could he be annoyed by my happiness. I pulled him up and forced him to dance with me. Zethu and my brother were laughing at this stage. My husband eventually found the humor in it and laughed too. See, there was hope after all

“I think we should go. Sizwe please keep on giving her water. She will be fine eventually!” I heard Zethu say. I don’t know what got into me I just walked over to her and kissed her. Right on the lips I kissed her. It was a deep kiss because when my husband try to pull me away from her as my brother pulled her I resisted. Eventually when they did I shouted, “I have always wondered what that would feel like!”

I don’t know if it was the ecstasy talking or what but it felt like the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. Her lips were soft and soft. No other word. I wanted more.

“You better hide those pills. Do not destroy them because the owners will come for them. Make no mistake about this part!”

I heard my brother tell my husband. He took them to the study I think as we have a safe there. I can’t remember.

“Please take one pill!” I said to my husband as soon as they walked out.

“Are you crazy?” he asked me. “You always say that we are boring! Let’s do this just this once!”

I begged him but he refused. What a boring man.

“Will you at least make love to me? Is that also not in your books?” I asked him. I laughed. He came at me and started kissing me. Kids look away now, this part is for adults. I was wearing a long maxi skirt when he pushed me to the couch. Suddenly he stood up and went for the door. Was he leaving! What a loser!?

I thought too soon, he was locking it. He came back and pulled at my clothes like a mad man! Or was I imagining it. When he touched my skin I felt the electricity go through me. I had read this. Sex on ecstasy was more than a hundred times amplified. They were not lying. I had my first ever orgasm with my husband the very moment he entered me. This was that moment. Again I was not sure if it was the ecstasy of if it was because his thing felt so big and my garden so sensitive but it was magic. Why could I not have this moment forever though?

By the time we were done I think I actually managed to orgasm three more times? Is that even real. I can’t remember.

He was exhausted when we were done but I still had energy.

“Let’s go swimming!”

I said. I took off my clothes and I ran outside…

The front door!

******The End*****



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the reading memories you have given us. I started following you when you were on Tumblr and am still here. That’s how good you are.

I am 23 and work retail. I don’t have much of an education and I am not even going to lie and say I was smart in school because I was below average. This is not for lack of trying, my mother was strict and used to make us study all the time. Things just did not go according to plan. I grew up in a good home and as a good Christian girl. I am not just saying it either. Anyway, recently I started dating a much older Italian man. He came to my shop with his granddaughter and asked me for my numbers. I have never had much in my life and I have never asked for much. I know I am dating him for money but why am I not ashamed? There was a time when I felt as though girls who did that were evil and the works but now I am so happy. I can actually afford things and am putting money aside. I know this won’t last but I feel like I am getting addicted to this. It’s a good feeling having money in your pocket and not having to worry about whether or not you have enough busfare for the month.

Can anyone please tell me why I am not feeling ashamed? My mother won’t approve of this but I have food on the table and actually have a savings account to be proud of.

Please Advise


26 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 94

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, I hope people don’t start using ecstasy thinking their sex lives will improve now lol!! Different highs for different guys I tell you that for free.

    Tshwane my dear, I’m super proud of you. Get your freak and hustle on sister. Education never loved us lol. On the real though, I respect the fact that your hustle has made a massive improvement in your life, retail is the worst shit a person can ever work in. The savings that you have going is just a deal-sealer…. I’m behind you all the way sisi. No judgements, no negative ish and all the holy talk, none of those will ever feed you.

    Multiply your hustle ke, make that Italian man buy a house for you and moms, get a nice sports car and at least a quarter mil in cash. Then you can start feeling bad ke, for now, nothing to feel ashamed of at all, you still need to graduate to a Queen hustler for your conscious to even notice what you doing.

    One last thing, if he single and rich, marry his Giorgio Armani and Giovanni ass. Money don’t fall from trees girl.


  2. Eish _Realities neh… nothing more good then being high…

    Pretoria – you clever. Good Girl for thinking of the savings account. If it doesnt work out then atleast you got something out of it… a chance at education. Save the money SAVE SAVE AND SAVE. Just dont get to addicted and forget your goals… always stay on the path to your goals. and besides you dont FEEL BAD BECAUSE YOU NOT ASKING HIS GIVING. … Appriciate

  3. M wit Jackzorro on dis 1 dear! Des notin 2b ashamed of as long u knw wat u hustlin 4! Set ur goals n make it a point dat u stick 2 achivin em wit his mani! Its gud 2 knw dat u r 1 of d clever gals hu dates older guys n save,u nt abt weave,nails n clothes! Much respect 4 wat u r doin doll! I say kip savin,study if u hav 2! Build/secure a gud future 4 urslf! Big up sistas!

  4. Jackzorro just took words out of my mouth. Pretoria – in my last semester in tertiary had sugardaddy very prominent person that would give me money for nothing, I opened saving account by the time went home had about 250k in my account. Saved that money which I used to go interview and got job and guess what? We bumped into each other 3 years down the line and he still wanted me and I was cashing on the money. He bought me furniture and electronics for my flat and gave me money to put down for car, took money cause already had car by then. Then he disappeared but I know soon will bump into him cause we work close to each other now since changed job. The nothing to feel guilty of as long you using your brains not punani only.

  5. Hahahhahahahahah yho I was laughing so hard while reading this my colleagues were starring at me.

    eh Miss Pretoria, girl you are very wise but be wise enough not to get addicted to this thing. Enjoy it while it lasts, make the best of it. But make sure that when he leaves you don’t go around looking for rich man to take care of you. To add to what JackZ has said ensure that by the time he leaves(if he ever does) you can sustain yourself thus meaning if you have a business idea start working on it now.

  6. Pretoria eat that Italian pasta my doll, poverty aint romantic at all, am glad you saving the money. Shhhhhhh dont tell your mother, mothers dont have to know everything

  7. Thank you Mike…People might get ideas now , lol….

    JackZorro…glad you back my guy…Pretoria sisi, kudos to you for using your brains…now enjoy that pasta 🙂

  8. I wonder if you all were encouraging her if she didn’t mention he is Italian cos u usually crucify sugar babies or dating foreign men…as Mike said, inferiority complex

  9. @least something good came out of those ‘smarties’ for u Nothabo – hope its a beginning of a great sex life.#runsnhides

    PTA – when the guilt is not concious then you nt doing anything wrong – imana . After all Jackrozo said it ‘education never loved us’ we can all have doctriates or b CEO. Italian, Egyptian, Namibian cash has no race. Shhh dnt tell mama mia …

  10. Ho! Ho! Wait! B4 I read Q&A; BraMike, did Nothabo go out thru the front door, NAKED!?!? Kwaaaaaaaaaks! Shut the front door! Kwaaa kwaaa kwaaa kwaaaaa kwakwakwakwa. ???. My word! U had me there. Oh, my kidneys are painful with laughter. Nice one there. Yho! Yho! Yho!
    I hope the gate is closed (just saying)
    Where is Daily Sun when we need it!? Front page, headline “Dr loses it all after 3or4 pills”

  11. Sisi Pta, I think U have it all figured out. UR 23 so age isn’t a problem, U probably have seen many diff dolidos & possibly sucked a few (if UR into sucking).
    Ride the Ferrari or the Lamborgine & drink them Peroni Nastro Azzurro or Montano. I salute U & thanks to yo mom for yo upbringing, U not a “model girl” type of person showing off glitters & stuff. UR saving, U have brains sisi.
    I think diff wth y*day’s Q&A is bcz U not expecting a future with him. UR both enjoying each other’s company as adults & benefiting each other. If yo home doesn’t have backrooms put some.
    Afterwards get a house to buy. If things don’t work out, U can always rent it out or worsted case scenario sell it for a profit. Opening a business can be last on the list bcz there id always a 50% chance failure/success. No guarantees. Gudluck

  12. QnA, luckily money has no race nor tribe, but i feel this Italian money is more delicious day fresh Oysters….. The point of being a sugar babe or a Ben 10 is to benefit bakwethu. Wenake Sisi u r smarter just like the Ben 10’s who ends up owning flats n fancy cars from Suiker mommies.
    Hustle even harder ke sisi, u’ve got non to lose. U might just end up owning a house next month.
    But………… You can’t date men for money, for now enjoy the benefits. I just wonder, what r the chances of u loving this man

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