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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 218

It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are but there are some forms of torture that will make you confess sins that you did when you were a child. For some people it could be a couple of slaps for some it could be the threat of being thrown off the 10th floor of a building, for some it could be the threat of being burnt alive. For me it was water. I think even if they had sprinkled my face with a water gun it would have been game over for me, I would have started blabbing. “Okay speak, or else you going back in that water.” Physical abuser cop said with his hand at the back of my head, my mouth went dry even though I had just had my face put in a dish full of water. “Uhmmmm Mthobisi did call me.” Emotional abuser looked at me with anger in his eyes and scream “we know that you stupid woman, we want to know where the hell he is?” I cleared my throat and said “I think he is staying with his friend Kagiso or some name like that, I can take you to his place”, just wanting to get as far away from that room and the water as possible. Emotional abuse cop gave me a notebook and a pen and told me to write down the address and they were going to send the uniform cops to go check the house. Shit, talk about a plan back-firing, I was not going anywhere. I took the pen and said I didn’t remember the streets name, they suggested I write down a map of how we usually got to the place, I wrote a long confusing map that even I didn’t understand. When I was done they both looked at it and started laughing then abusive cop came behind me and without a word put my head back in the water.

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  1. -Ooooh Lesedi , Askies and this is jus to hard to read n u pregnant.. Do police brutality is real!!!

    Hope Mthobisi teaches them a hard lesson

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