Growing Up Relevant

Growing Up – Chapter 30

While in high school, there were certain schools we considered our ‘enemy-schools’ because of many reasons. We knew that under no circumstances should we go to those schools and try to fight with anyone. We didn’t want to disrespect each other’s territory, because chances are you were going to get a serious beating if you did that. So I grew up with the understanding that I should never try to disrespect a person in their territory and I got really offended when it happened to me.

This person standing on the doorstep smiling like a fool was disrespecting, not only, me but Philani as well.
It was Apostle Thulani standing at the door, with a huge grin on his face and a lady by his side. You see why I’m saying he is disrespecting me and Philani? I know he brought the woman just to spite me, there was no other logical reason to why he brought this woman here. He also knew that I was with Philani, so his being here meant he was trying to interrupt my time with Philani.
They walked in and sat down. Philani was very happy to see his Apostle and I, on the other hand, was very irritated. The lady he was with was the same one I found at his house when I went to see him the other day. She was beautiful, almost as beautiful as I am. But she seemed a bit older than me, probably 4-5 years older. Her name really surprised me, it didn’t suit her. Beautiful people deserve beautiful names, her name was Surprise! Like I said before there is a story behind every name, so I’m guessing her mother wasn’t aware of her pregnancy and was extremely Surprised when she gave birth…..hahaha shame I wonder what’s the real reason behind this name. It was probably her only name because if she had an African name, believe me she would have introduced herself by her African name.

Philani told me to go and change his shirt and wear something appropriate. I did as told and went to put on a dress. I didn’t cook a lot of food, so they decided that we must order Pizza. While we were waiting for the pizza, Philani asked the Apostle what was the reason behind his visit and the Apostle responded by saying “I have been with this woman for a while now and I wanted you to meet her since she might soon be the first lady at church.”

Mara why is this man trying to hurt me so much? First lady for what? I was his first lady, he didn’t need anyone else in his life. I was so hurt after he said that, I almost burst out and cried. He continued and said “I know you are wondering why I came to introduce her to you. The truth is Philani, you are one of the few people I trust and I consider you to be a friend of mine. I wanted you to be the first person to meet Surprise.”

“You consider him to be your friend? How can a Shepherd be friends with his flock, how does that work?” I interrupted while he was busy lying to Philani.

“Don’t be rude Hlengiwe, this is a Man of God. You can’t speak to him like he is an ordinary person.” Philani said
So Philani is one of those people who believe that their Pastors are the best things since Jesus Christ. I am all for respecting our Pastors, but what I can never do is treat a Pastor like a god, never, shame! According to Philani, his Apostle could never set a foot wrong, he was perfect and pure. He once said that his Apostle was a “pure and righteous man, living according to God’s word and was the perfect example of what a real Christian should be”. At first I believed everything he said about his Pastor but now I know better, better than Philani.

In his defence the Apostle said “It’s fine Philani your lady has a valid question. Being a Man of God is hard because you only have less than a hand-full of people who you can really trust with the vision and things of the church as well as your personal life. Philani is one of the very few people I trust with the church affairs and my personal affairs. I know he won’t betray me no matter what happens, I bless the Lord for blessing me with Philani in the church.”
Ay this man was very good with words, so I couldn’t argue with what he said. I could see how his words pleased and touched Philani because he was very fond of the Apostle and could literally do anything he asked him to. Believe it or not it broke my heart to see how much he was unaware that the two people he thought highly of in his life were the ones busy behind his back betraying him. I love Philani and I don’t want him to be treated like a fool, so I think I must stop sneaking around with Apostle mainly because of Philani’s sake, plus he has a girlfriend now so there was no point in sneaking around with him anymore.

I had a mixture of many emotions the entire evening: jealousy, anger, sadness and boredom. Surprise was nice but she was boring and stupid. I’m not saying this out of jealousy but she was really boring and stupid. Okay maybe not stupid but she was ignorant, she didn’t know half of the current and general issues we spoke about, her excuse was that she was more focused on reading the Word of God than reading a newspaper and she watched religious channels instead of watching the news. I think a Christian who doesn’t know what is happening around her is a defeated and failing Christian. Every Christian should be equipped with The Word of God but they should also know the things happening around them.
While we were all talking the Apostle asked for water, I went to the kitchen to get him water but he followed me. When we were at the kitchen he said “Finally alone with you”. I ignored him and poured the water for him, he saw that I was angry and didn’t want to talk to him. “Don’t tell me you are angry with me right now, there was no other thing I could do. I wanted to see you, so I had to come with a plan. I’m sorry my baby” he said in almost a whisper. I asked him why he came with her and he said I shouldn’t worry myself with irrelevant people. The poor lady was introduced as the future First Lady of their church just a few hours ago but now she was irrelevant…hahaha these men aren’t loyal. I don’t know how it happened but I found myself kissing him, if we weren’t in Philani’s house we would have done the nasty right there and then.

“What is taking you guys so long? ” Philani shouted from the dining area. We quickly stopped kissing and rushed back to them. The Apostle said he needed more water than he realised so that is why we took so long. Surprise laughed like a silly little girl and said “You are so funny baby.” What was funny with what he said? Mxm this girl was just trying to make him happy and secure her space in his life. Hai shame not while I’m alive, she was not going to secure any space in his life.
Towards midnight they decided to leave, I was happy to see them go but I wished Apostle could stay. It would be such bliss if I could spend time with both my men, just chilling and enjoying each others’ company. Philani wanted some hanky-spanky before we sleep, but because of my anger I denied him. I wasn’t going to sleep with him while my mind was on Apostle Thulani, I still have some decency phela. The next morning he dropped me off at home before he went to work. I bathed and spent the entire day indoors, Thulani didn’t even bother calling me and I didn’t want to call him because he was probably busy. I watched TV and ate the whole day. When it was getting late I went to cook supper for me and the girls.

I cooked most of the time because I was the one who was at home most of the times. Tsiamo arrived a while after I began cooking, she sat down and said “Hlengi I’m moving out when I’m 8 months pregnant, so that I can be close to my mother.” That was understandable because I wasn’t going to be able to help her with her baby, so it was the best option for her to go back to her mother’s house, so I assured her that I understood and asked when she was going to come back. “I’m not coming back Hlengy. Continuing to live here after giving birth will be tough on me financially because I will have to hire a nanny, pay rent, help with the groceries and baby things. My salary isn’t enough for all these things, so at least when I’m at home the lady who helps with cleaning will look after my baby. She said she will charge me an extra R1000 for looking after the baby and at least at home I don’t have to pay rent. I hope you understand that priorities in my life have changed and a lot in my life has to change as well. But I will come and visit you guys often because you both need someone with my level of spiritual maturity in your lives, because you will backslide. My pregnancy doesn’t mean I can’t see the ungodly things you guys do.”
I couldn’t help but laugh when she said her last sentence, I guess people never really change. Even after everything she went through, Tsiamo still believed that she was God’s deputy head girl and she was appointed to watch over lost souls such as Sihle and me. If I were she, I would never say anything that insinuated I am more spiritually mature than other people. I actually thought after her whole experience she had changed and became a humble being, who understood that people have weaknesses, but I guess I was wrong. Tsiamo will forever be ‘Miss deputy Jesus ordained to be holier than thou’.

While we were chatting, we heard a woman screaming and shouting for help outside the house. Before we ran out, I went to look for my Pepper spray for safety reasons. Every woman needs to have a pepper spray because we live in an unsafe country. I’m not saying the pepper spray will fight for you, but you can use it as a self-defence mechanism when someone tries to attack you. What we walked out to broke my heart to a million pieces. When she saw us she pointed to her car and then some guys drove away with it.
I tried to run next to the car so that I can see them, which will enable me to help the police when they look for them, I didn’t realise that I was endangering my life. I heard Tsiamo scream my name, then I heard Gunshots being fired. And blood, lots of blood.

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