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Growing Up – Chapter 29

When you see people you don’t want to see walking towards you, what is the best thing to do? Walk past them and pretend like you don’t see them, walk to them and greet them or just change your direction? I think changing direction is the best option because you can get away with saying “I didn’t see you, sorry dear”. I personally don’t have the guts to walk past a person, I’m just not a gutsy person.

I had to make a plan, Tsiamo can’t see the lovely couple and vice versa, this was going to set her off. Since her unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, I didn’t trust her to make a rational decision when faced with a ‘Mlu’ problem, so I had to look out for her. Tsiamo told me that she will raise her baby alone, she doesn’t want Mlu around because she hated him. So we, the 3 of us, vowed to keep Tsiamo’s pregnancy a secret and so far it had been successful because she had stopped going to church and ever since the incident that led Thando to hospital, they didn’t come to visit us anymore.
I saw Mlu and Thando walking closer to us, so I acted quickly.

“Guys please accompany me to the bathroom, I’m really pressed.”

They both told me that we would go when we leave the shop or I must go alone.
“No guys, please tuu anyway the clothes in this shop are too plain and obvious, every pregnant woman wears clothes from this shop. Tsia you need clothes that are unique and have character.” As soon as I said this, they agreed with me so we rushed out of the shop, and luckily the love birds didn’t see us. I didn’t enjoy the rest of the day at the mall because I was too worried about not bumping into the wrong people. After the long day we went back home, as soon as we arrived we all went to our bedrooms to sleep.
A few days later I had an appointment with my Mam’fundisi and the twins. They wanted to get skin treatments, and their nails and hair done. I was always happy to do my job, seeing my clients look beautiful after I’ve worked my magic on them was always a pleasure to me. I was not happy with where I was though, my business wasn’t growing. I had about 10 regular clients, who are people from church, then it’s just a few others who come when they have extra money. I wanted my business to grow, I didn’t want it to be this small forever.

I made my way to Mam’fundisi’s house using a taxi, I was really struggling without a car. Travelling to clients with all the equipment I used was really tough. The taxi ride to Mam’fundisi’s house was funny though, the old women and the taxi driver made it fun for me. When I got into the taxi the driver tried his luck with me, but the old ladies didn’t give him a chance. As soon as he asked for my number, one of the old ladies said “Yey wena driver, leave this beautiful young girl alone. You silly men are always promising to give our daughters the world, but you only play them and make them pregnant but you don’t want to marry them.” All the other old ladies agreed with her. In his defence the taxi driver said “Haaaa my old ladies, I’m not that type of a man. I’m very serious about this girl I want to marry her, so that she can make beautiful babies for me. I promise bo mama I will look after this beautiful lady only if she gives me a chance. Imagine what will people in my hood say if I come with a new beautiful girlfriend, hai they would be jealous yoh.” The old women all shouted at him saying “that’s what you all say”, “you just want to show off” and “this girl is not your type, you can see she is a professional something.” I was just laughing the whole way, they were hilarious. I just wondered if any girls really fell for the whole ‘I love you’ story from a man they just met. I personally never believed it, I think it takes a while before you can say you love a person. Futhi nje I would never date a taxi driver, those guys meet all kinds of girls from women who are slender, have big booties, the ugly and the very beautiful on a daily basis. I have my insecurities as a woman and dating a taxi driver would drive me crazy.

I loved the way the old ladies protected me and made sure the guy doesn’t get his way with me. It made me imagine how beautiful, peaceful and wonderful life would be if we as women always supported each other. I wonder why women hate and back-stab each other like this, it was really sad. Instead of building up the next woman, we make sure that we break each other down. It’s very rare to find a woman who is willing to help a sister out, it happens, but it’s very rare. When Sihle got her first job she had a lady as a boss, the boss was a pain, mean and very hard to please. Then she went on to get another job, she was reporting to a man and he didn’t give her the problems that she experienced with her first boss. Imagine a world with no hating, no back-stabbing, no jealousy and no gossiping. If sisters were helping and building each other up, there wouldn’t be a need for us to suck up to men.

Anyway I arrived at Mam’fundisi’s house. Thandiwe normally asked me to make something unique and extra-ordinary with her hair and nails, but this time she asked me to make her look like a lady. When asked why she wanted to look like a lady, she simply said “I have a gentleman in my life and I have to look the part.”
“Who is the gentleman? Why don’t I know about him?” Mam’fundisi asked in a polite manner.
Thandiwe responded in a wayward manner “Hai mama, you can’t know everything about me. If I tell you, you will go and tell your husband then he will want to meet my man and mess up everything for me.”
“Mhh I feel sorry for the gentleman in your life, does he know how troublesome you are?” When Mam’fundisi asked this we all laughed except Thandiwe, she was irritated “Mxm this is the reason I don’t share things with you mama, you always judge me. I’m trying to get my act together but because you are so focused on my past mistakes you don’t notice. Yes I am troublesome and for everyone’s sake, I’m trying to behave in a proper manner like your precious Thando, I guess I will never be good enough.”
With that said, she stormed off and left us wondering what made her so angry. We all knew that Thandiwe can’t control her temper sometimes, but she was never a sensitive person. Thando followed her and went to beg her to come back, they came back after a while with puffy red eyes. As soon as they sat down Mam’fundisi apologised “Thandiwe my child I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that my joke was distasteful. We love you as you are, we don’t expect you to behave like Thando. I’m sorry my child.”
Thandiwe just nodded and gave her a faint smile. It was a bit awkward trying to make a conversation with Thandiwe being quiet because she was normally the talkative one. She kept quiet until we spoke about Thando’s wedding. The wedding was 4 months away and Thando asked me if Sihle and I can be part of her bridal entourage. I was thrilled when she asked because I wanted to be a bride’s maid, although I couldn’t help but feel like I was betraying Tsiamo for obvious reasons.

When I was done with them I went home to leave my equipment, then I went to Philani’s house. I arrived at Philani’s house and started on cooking dinner. Since Philani got a promotion, I was more determined to make him put a ring on it! No Lerato formed against us will prosper, I was going to make myself invincible. Philani was going to see a need to have me permanently in his life, so I went to his house more often than before. When I was done cooking and waiting for Philani, Apostle Thulani called me.

“Hello Baby where are you? Please come to my house, I’m so horny right now and I need you.”

Shame my poor man, I couldn’t even go to him because Philani knew I was at his house.

I responded, “Sorry I can’t come. I’m at Philani’s house and I will be with him tonight.”
“So I must be happy that I need you and you are busy playing wifey to Philani? What’s the point of us being together if I’m going to be second place in your life? What must I do now? Don’t be angry if I call another woman to come and help me,” His voice was full anger, so I had to beg him because I didn’t want him to ask any other person, it’s just not right.
“No baby please don’t do that. I’m really sorry my love. I will make it up to you as soon as I can.”
Just as I was talking to him Philani walked in, and I had to quickly hang.
Philani hugged me from behind and asked “Who will you make it up to as soon as you can?” I just laughed and ignored his question. What did he want me to say? Imagine if I told him the truth and said: “Baby I was talking to your Apostle and he wanted me to come over and have sex with him. So since I’m here with you, I told him that I would make it up to him and will have sex with him when I have time”. How would that make him feel? Nxx I don’t want people to ask me questions about my phone calls.

“How was your day my love?” I asked attempting to shift his focus from his question. He sat down and responded after a long sigh “It was tiring baby, I have a lot on my plate with my work and trying to establish our business with Bonginkosi. It’s just too much but I’m trying to make a lot of money for us. I’m extremely tired and all I need now is some sexual healing from my lovely lady.” I never denied him sex, he got it whenever he wanted it, so after he requested some sexual healing I went to sit on top of him and everything fell into place, we had a great round of making love. When we were done, we were really hungry, we went to the kitchen to dish up.

I don’t know if only I like this, but wearing my man’s shirt after being intimate, made me feel closer to him. I was wearing Philani’s shirt, he said it looked sexy on me. Just as we were about to eat, there was a knock on the door. Philani opened the door. Standing at the door smiling like a fool….you won’t believe who it was. I am definitely going to kill this person. Nxxxla.

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  1. Ironic how after the taxi incident you mention how you’re not one of those girls that believe an “I love you” from the word go but here you are falling for Thulani’s ride. Pay attention to your writting Khanyi.

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