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Growing Up – Chapter 27

Catching a woman walk out of your man’s house is not nice. Apostle Thulani slept with me so that makes him my man, right? Having sex with someone binds the two of you and creates a bond, which is what we are taught at church. This means I have a bond with two people: Thulani and Philani. Thulani was mine so he had no business bringing women to his house, it was unfair. I wanted to go and strangle this lady for being here, but I couldn’t because knowing Thulani, he was going to embarrass me and ensure that I never show my face in public ever again.

I watched them kiss, I watched him touch her, and I watched him enjoy kissing her. Witnessing all of this was torturing, after their long kiss she drove away and he walked to his house. What is wrong with this man, he saw that I’m here but instead of coming to me, he walks back to his house. He clearly didn’t want to see me. But isn’t that what most guys do? After you give them the cookie, they don’t want to see you again. I thought this only happened in high school relationships, I guess I was wrong.

I sat in the car for a while, thinking that he would come and ask me to come in, but he didn’t. After debating with myself, I went out of the car and slowly walked to his door. I knocked and went in, he was watching TV.

Thulani: “Hello beautiful.”

Me: “Why did you leave me outside?”

Thulani: “You know your way to the house, I didn’t think there was a need for you to be ushered. Why don’t you greet me properly before you start fighting?”

Me: “I’m not fighting. What is she to you?

Thulani: “Who are you talking about?”

Me: “The lady you were kissing outside.”

Thulani: “Oh she’s my friend, a very good friend of mine.”

Me: “So you kiss all your friends?”

He laughed at me and didn’t respond, I felt like a fool.

Me: “Are you cheating on me Thulani?”

Thulani: “Cheating on you? I didn’t realise that I am your man, I thought we are just friends.” I was shocked by this statement.

Me: “Thulani we had sex, we aren’t friends we are more than that. I don’t go around having sex with my friends.”

Thulani: “So if we aren’t friends, what are we?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Thulani: “You are very confused sweetheart, I know you want me but you are just so confused. I want you too, I want to be in your life but you seem like you want both Philani and I in your life. The lady that was here is a person who keeps me company when you are with Philani. You are the woman I want but if you won’t be in my life the way I want you to be, then I will have people on the side who will keep me busy. There will come a time where you will have to choose between me and Philani.”

Me: “But that’s unfair. You can’t make me choose because you are both very amazing men.”

Thulani: “Hlengy you will have to choose at some point because I have fallen deeply in love with you and I don’t like the fact that I have to share you with Philani. I will not rush you into making any decision, but you need to start making a choice.”

Did he just say he loves me…..yey I think I love him too, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was falling in love with the other.

Me: “You love me?”

Thulani: “I love you Hlengiwe, honestly I have never loved a woman the way I love you. You are amazing and I want to be the only man who rules your soul, body, and heart. Once you decide to be with me, know that you belong to me wholly.”

Me: “If you really love me why do you treat me the way you do? What you did to me after we made love was not right, it hurt me. Sometimes you don’t answer my phone calls, so is this how you prove your love to me?”

Thulani: “When we made love, our souls connected and I felt you in my spirit. After we made love I knew that if I stayed, I was going to fall deeper in love than I already am. Leaving you wasn’t because I want to hurt you, I was merely protecting myself from loving you, but I failed.

When I don’t answer your calls, don’t think I’m avoiding you. As a Man of God, I spend a lot of time meditating and praying for the saints. I can go a week without looking at my phone, so if you want to be part of my life you need to understand that. Besides the church, I have other commitments, so I don’t have my phone with me every time. I hope you understand. I love you, I will do anything intentionally to hurt you.”

I believed every word he told me, he didn’t have a reason to lie to me. His words melted my heart and excited my cookie. My cookie, body and mind were begging me to reward him for declaring his undying love.

I sat on top of him, facing him and ensuring that my cookie is connected to his mbobo. We kissed, I love the way he fondled my boobs, and took of my clothes as though he was attempting to tear them apart. We went to the kitchen and he made me hold a stool, he entered me from behind while we were standing, then we did it on the floor. Having sex with Thulani came with some pleasurable pain. Everything he did was like an attempt to punish me, but I enjoyed the punishment.

I noticed how different he and Philani are, Philani was gentle and communicated with me to make sure I was comfortable with everything he did to me. Thulani on the other hand did whatever he wanted to do, he only communicated when he told me what wanted me to do and he wasn’t gentle. But I enjoyed being with both of them.

When we were done, I left because Thulani told me there were some church elders he was hosting for dinner, so it wouldn’t look appropriate if they find me there. When I arrived home I found Sihle preparing supper.”

Me: “Hello nana. I know it’s getting late but don’t you want us to go out? ”

Sihle: “Since when do we go out during the month? I don’t have money.”

Me: “Since today, I will pay.”

Sihle: “You are clearly very happy. Did you get some?”

Me: “Yassssssss!”

Sihle: “From who because Philani is probably still on his way back?”

Eish I responded without thinking, Sihle didn’t know about my affair with the Apostle and I had no plans to tell her.

Me: “Uhm….. no one I was joking.”

Sihle: “You don’t sound convincing. Are you sure?”

Me: “Haibo Sihle, I’m sure haw.”

I rushed to my room and stared at the ceiling. I was very happy, I was satisfied in each and every way possible and I wanted to let someone know. As a girl I’ve always had a problem of sharing my happiness or unhappiness with people, I always find myself telling my friends things about me. This was no different, I wanted to share with someone. After much consideration I decided to go and tell Sihle, she’s the only friend I can trust.

I went to her room and I found her speaking on the phone with her Tshepo. I went back to my room and waited for her, after a while she came.

Sihle: “What did you want?”

Me: “I wanted to say goodnight.”

Sihle: “You came to my room just to say goodnight?”

Me: “Yes.”

Sihle: “Okay Hlengiwe.”

“I’m having an affair with a pastor” I blurted out as she was going out of my room.

She came back and looked at me with shock written all over her face, she obviously didn’t expect this from me.

Sihle: “HUH?”

I repeated what I said before and she laughed.

Me: “Don’t laugh Sihle.”

Sihle: “How can I not laugh? You think I’m going to fall for your stupid jokes right now?”

Me: “Sihle I’m not joking, I’m seriously having an affair with a Pastor.”

Sihle: “Ehh okay, is it a Pastor from our church? I hope it’s not Mahlengy with this Tsiamo thing going on we don’t need to be connected to any drama at church. That would mean we have to find a new church, because you can’t date a married Pastor and expect the church to be fine with it.”

Me: “Relax it’s not a Pastor from church. He is from Philani’s church.”

Sihle: “Yoh Hlengy that even worse, what if Philani and his wife find out? You want to be beaten up by a Pastor’s wife?”

It was funny how Sihle was jumping from one conclusion to the next.

Me: “He isn’t married Sihle, and we are treading carefully so Philani will only find out if I want him to.”

Sihle: “Okay please tell me the details, don’t leave anything out.”

I told her everything from the day we first met, the day he came to see me and how he kissed me, the day we almost had sex and the day we eventually did, I also told her what he said about his love for me. I left out the unnecessary things, like his bad habits and rudeness. I only told her the great things about him, and she immediately liked him.

“The things you and Tsiamo are getting up to these days make me believe that I am the good girl in this house, after so many years of believing I was the bad one. I’m glad you have someone who is keeping you happy on the side, while Philani is busy with his side dish. I think this man really loves you, but Philani also loves you. So whoever you choose to be with in the end, I will support you. But you must make sure that you choose the one who gives you more money” said Sihle after she listened to my story.

I was relieved that I told someone, I would now have someone to talk to when I miss Thulani or what I do when I’m with him. I was also glad that she didn’t judge me and make me feel like I’m a whore.

After a few days Tsiamo was back, she told us that her mom wasn’t happy about the pregnancy but she was going to support her, since it was her first grandchild. So everything was going well with her, except that she wasn’t with the ‘love of her life Mlungisi’. The fact that Mlu was getting married to Thando really messed her up.

Philani got promoted at work, yeeeeey so we were going to have a braai at his place with his friends to celebrate. I was happy for him and as a good girlfriend I had to prepare things for the braai. Philani’s friends came with their girlfriends as usual, and as I said before, I don’t like being friends with those girls…..It was going to be a very long day for, I was going to be bored. Philani’s friends were all there, or so I thought.

Just then Bonginkosi arrived….

Bonginkosi: “Guys I told you that I will bring my woman today, here she is…… come here, the guys want to meet you.”

The girl came looking very shy…


What was she doing here?



27 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter 27

    1. ai true Zime, she irritate me yaz i dnt know what kind of a woman falls for that, she is just a toy to the cruel pastor.

  1. I bet you the girl walking in at the Braai I the on Thulani had just choked before Hlengy went to his place…SMH these pastors ain’t loyal

  2. Thulani: “When we made love, our souls connected and I felt you in my spirit. After we made love I knew that if I stayed, I was going to fall deeper in love than I already am. Leaving you wasn’t because I want to hurt you, I was merely protecting myself from loving you, but I failed.

    LOL this is the biggest load of bull I have ever seen! Hlengi is just unbelievably naïve…uzowukhomba umuzi onotshwala…

  3. Damn hlengiwe I thot u wre more clever dan dis,hw cn u believe what da pastor is saying to u?cnt u hear nd c dat he’s chowing u nje? Nd he chow each skirt dat fall for his sick twisted mind!

  4. We have all received this bull at some point…lol and we believed it,it’s ju it sound like bull s*** Ya nnete when you hear it from someone else???

  5. Hlengy is showing how weak and pathetic we cn be as girls, she is just obsessed with sex, love is not about sex, u cnt say a guy loves u bcz he gives u great sex at some point she is a sick girl with no dreams and definitely not a wife material, she is unfaithful nd she is cheating with a Hippocrate kant uthandaza muph uThixo, ufunda liphi ibible, how cn she be so comfortable with sinning ai suka!!!

  6. lol this book is sooooooo interesting and hilarious. ngathi im reading a comic strip.
    and one more thing…can we please eliminate the word ‘mbobho’ tjeeeeeeer man its ounds so wrong hai sies

  7. Lolll but hlengy behaves like a lil gal. The pastor just had sex with another girl then with hlengiwe…. Arggghhh such stupidity on hlengy’s side. Paator is fooling her

  8. yes I also didn’t see anywhere about the Condom. I also think the chick at the braai is Lerato. Hlengy dear Thulani is gona chow n leave you……. so will Philani!

  9. This girl should leave both these men. The one she calls her man has repeatedly cheated on her. She must leave both of them and find someone who will treat her better. She should also stop her cheating tendencies . Le ena , aag man

  10. Hlengy eh!! it’s just stupid, all the things she’s doing with that “pastor” …arrgh somebody advice her!

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