Compliments of the New Year

It’s the New Year Finally… the blog will be back up on the 11th of January. Our writers have had a good break which is something we all hope you too have enjoyed. Let’s hope our blog just keeps getting stronger and we have a blessed reading year ahead. Books will still be available for those interested for R165 per book so please keep supporting us as you have always had. Thank you so much and stay blessed.



20 thoughts on “Compliments of the New Year

  1. Hal Mike kodwa! However first and foremost Happy New year to you and the team. Thank you for last year and if you keep the manner up of 2015 trust me 2016 will be even better.

    Also will we be reading some of that new story in 2016 the one about the women who cannot find men because they are overly successful? Any new blogs? Are our characters from the various stories all finally coming together this year to create one big story and what will it be called? Monday is too far though.

    Have a good rest. Hope you come back with a bang

  2. Happy new year.. All I want for 2016 is diary of a Zulu Girl part 3… Coz the ending of Part 2, has made me want more.

  3. Complements for the new year Mike and the team

    Mike do u perhaps have anything to do with the videos posted on your wall?

  4. Hey Mikeesto and team… Cant wait for the 11th, pretty exciting times ahead :).

    Im still catching up though, so this will give me enough time… Hope you all had a blast in closing off 2015.

    Here’s to a knowledgeable and fun filled year of prosperity…

    Much love

  5. Happy new year Mike and the team….thank you so much for your hard work,we really appreciate,how far are you in making the pin to work for Misteps for overseas supporters?

  6. Happy new year to Mike and the team, and to the readers from all over the world.

    JZ aka Jackzorro, welcome back

  7. Compliments to the New year fam. Happy twenty zeroty….and six ???

    Saturday is my bornday, thought the blog would be back by then.. Was looking forward to the birthday wishes. But nevertheless welcome back.

  8. Happy 20 and sixteen thou… (PTO) …sand.
    Hayi, beng’funa nihleke. Hehehe.
    Happy new year family.
    Give a Bells to the person who lifted the rock where Jackzoro was hiding!
    The family wasn’t the same without U brother, you swag was missing. Welcome back. I hope we won’t be saying this over & over again whenever U disapper (unless UR a soldier doing peace keeping missions or something). PapaG

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