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Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 222

I had not prepared myself for this, I did not even think that Mthobisi was going to call, to be honest I was enjoying the stress-free life without him, as much as I missed him but Mozambique was peaceful without him around. That man was the reason for all the things going wrong in my life, he was a curse in my life, in the beginning I thought he was a blessing but sometimes we need to be careful of these things, what you think is a blessing could actually be a curse. My heart sank, I didn’t know how to respond to this “Mthobisi what are you talking about?” I said trying to think of a good way to deliver the lie. “I’ve been hearing things about you and Mfundo, you know how much I hated that man Lesedi if you did anything with him I need you to tell me now.” He said calm as a cucumber but I could hear the underlying anger. “I don’t know what you heard and frankly I don’t care. Nothing happened between me and Mfundo I told you before that he wanted me and I didn’t so if you are going to go looking for things that are not there while I am fighting for my life, then go right ahead and believe what you want to believe. I have just lost a baby and just found out that I am paralyzed and you are worried about a dead man, wow.” See ladies if you want to win a fight with a man you have to throw in a bit of emotional blackmail and me I was full of those, he went silent for a few seconds then said “I’m sorry Honey it’s just that when you’re on the run you go crazy, you have too much time on your hands and you start thinking of things that happened in the past, I’m sorry.” I told him it was fine I wanted to talk about other things I didn’t want the topic of that big headed fool Mfundo to ever come up again.

“How are you feeling?” he asked I told him the pains were not as bad as before, I could eat on my own and do most things by myself. He told me he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again and promised that he was fixing things and soon we would be able to go back home. “I am leaving this life Honey, I’m doing it for us, I have enough money I don’t need to live like this. I now realize how much shit I have put you through and you don’t deserve it, no one does, I want us to live a normal boring life like other people be able to have conversations with our friends without editing a few details because they might judge us. I just want us to be happy, build a family have lots of kids running around the house.” He said choking, I could hear he was trying to hold back the tears, I smiled and told him I was glad to hear that and I wanted the same thing. We spoke about home, he said his mom had been released from jail due to some technicality. I knew that meant they had paid someone. I told him about the brutality that I had suffered at the hands of the police he told me that he had already taken care of them, he heard about it from his informant at the police and let’s just say right now they are looking down on us wishing they had never laid their dirty hands on his wife and he made sure that they suffered. I didn’t want to know any further details, I was just glad to hear that they had been properly dealt with. Who was I becoming though, how could I be happy about such things, I had two voices in my head the good one and the evil one and the evil one just kept coming up with good arguments and kept winning, I needed to push that evil voice out of my head and start listening to the good one. It is so hard to be a good person especially when bad things just keep happening to you. I believe that circumstances changed me, I was a good person once upon a time. After the conversation with Mthobisi I was in high spirits I felt a whole lot better, I didn’t go back to the same room that I had been sleeping in, I was taken to a different one. It was bigger and better than the first one, the doctor came to see me and I asked him when I could start physio he said I needed a few weeks before I could start, right now I needed to heal properly. I didn’t have few weeks, I asked him to arrange for a session for the following day, he was hesitant but I guess he remembered that we were paying him and not the other way round and he agreed. He gave me some medication and left, the girls came to say goodnight and I feel asleep.
The following morning I was woken up by She Rocks she said my physio was here, damn the doctor didn’t waste time, it was a female, she had just come to assess me to see what exercises she could to give me in order for me to not hurt myself, she did a few tests to see which muscles were weak and which were strong and took notes and then said she would be back the following day. I thanked her and as soon as she left I went back to sleep. I badly wanted to go out and do something fun but I felt that in a wheelchair I would attract so many eyes and people would look at me with pity in their eyes, there is nothing that I hate more than strangers feeling sorry for me staring at me making me feel uncomfortable. The girls came in my room and as if they had read my mind they asked if we could go to some restaurant that sells the most amazing biss prawns. I told them they could go without me, I was not ready to appear in public, they understood and told me they would stay with me. Now I felt bad because they were missing out on an amazing holiday in Mozambique busy playing my nannies, but the more I tried to convince them that I was fine the more they insisted that they were staying, eventually I gave in. The nurse came and gave me a bath, I felt so useless I could not even wash myself this was so embarrassing. She could sense that I was a bit embarrassed “don’t worry madam, this is my job I am used to this.” That got me to relax a bit. After the bath she dressed me and plaited my messed up her and told me I looked pretty. I didn’t feel pretty at all, but I smiled and thanked her for trying to make me feel good about myself. When she was done she took me to the dining room to have breakfast, at least I could eat by myself. I joined the girls and we had breakfast and after breakfast we went outside to sit by the pool, this time the girls had wine, and we played music. I didn’t want to drink, the last thing I wanted was to get drunk then fall of my wheelchair. I watched them drink I was having fun without the alcohol, the drunker they got they crazier they got, I wished I could be on the same level as them but I was under medication and I didn’t want to jeopardize any chances of me walking again. I didn’t want to mess things up for myself, maybe the medication I was in could not be mixed with alcohol. The doctor had left for the day and I told the nurse she could leave early so there was no way  I could find out if any of the medication I was on should not be mixed with alcohol.

So I let them drink alone and I just kept laughing at how silly they were being. We joked around and were having a really good time, it wasn’t even lunch yet and the girls were already drunk. At lunch time the maid brought prawns and salads, I was so happy, she said the driver bought them at the restaurant that the girls had wanted us to go to, she heard us when we were talking and asked him to bring them for us. I was so happy I asked her to give me a hug and thanked her, the girls in their drunk status also hugged her and we all laughed. The prawns were amazing, I wished I could eat them everyday. After the meal the girls were sober, they didn’t want to drink anymore so they said they would go and take a nap. I had no choice but to also go and take a nap even though I didn’t feel like it. We went to my room since I had the biggest bed and their rooms were upstairs and I wouldn’t be able to go up the stairs. While we were napping Cleo’s phone rang she answered in her sleepy voice then passed it to me, I answered it was Mthobisi he sounded stressed I asked him what was wrong “Honey, I have some bad news.” I took a deep breath and said “Please don’t tell me something happened to my parent’s please.” He told me that his enemies had found out about my whereabouts and he was going to get us out of there as soon as possible. “What enemies, Mthobisi come on, I can’t run I’m paralyzed remember?” I said shouting at him. “Honey, calm down, my men will get you, you will be in safe hands, pack a few things okay and just get ready.” He said and hung up. I quickly woke the girls and told them they needed to pack and we needed to go, someone was coming to get us, they got up and wanted painkillers because they had headaches, that’s what you get for drinking. They rushed upstairs and a few minutes later were back in my room the maid helped me pack a few things and then we heard a knock at the door and they pushed me towards the door and the there were three guys outside they had guns Cleo and She Rocks handed them our bags and told them we were ready they gave us weird looks but led us to a Quantum that was parked outside, Cleo told them to help me off the wheelchair to which they did and put me inside the Quantam while She Rocks folded the wheelchair and put it at the back of the Quantam then jumped in and told the guys we were ready to go, I told them to hurry and they looked at us weirdly. As soon as the car took off a text message came in on Cleo’s phone she showed it to me, it was from Mthobisi it read “My guys are 20 minutes away, they will be in a black limousine.” Cleo and I looked at each other, She Rocks looked at us and asked what was going on Cleo whispered “we have just handed ourselves to Mthobisi’s enemies.” We were fucked!

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