Rumblings – Chapter 131

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When you hear that someone has killed another person, even in an accident it’s a big thing. What goes through your mind when you get out of the car and the person is lying on the side of the road, dead? It is definitely a life-changing experience no doubt because the person died by your hand. I think I had wondered for so long what had happened to Thulare’s baby mama. He had always been cagey about discussing her but with a secret like this I would be cagey too. This was big. He killed his girlfriend. I obviously wanted to ask how but the shock at the moment was so profound. There was no way she was lying though because this was his mother after all. She would never do that to him.

“Did you really say he has bipolar? He has been my friend for a long time and I have never seen any signs!” Tidimalo said to her.

“You are not his mother young man, I am. I would not make a joke about such a thing because it changes your life!” she responded to him. I know what Bipolar disease is but not in-depth. When a person who has it is not on their medication, they can relapse and suffer severe mood swings from intense happiness to severe depression. That’s my extent of the knowledge of it. Funny enough, it’s actually pretty common so it’s not like he was one in a million who had it. I grew up in the digital age, I immediately went to Google to check the signs and symptoms. They were talking to Tidimalo so it gave me the breathing space I needed. I am a fast reader in any case. All in all the thing I wanted to see was that he is not dangerous. That’s all and indeed it says so. I think this now questioned my loyalty to this guy. Not only had I cheated on him with my ex, he was also my cousin. Those two aside now he was a murderer too! What the hell?

“Please tell me what happened to your ex-daughter-in-law?” I asked. I was taking chances because I was not sure she would tell us especially in front of people like this but she didn’t hesitate.

“It’s not too long ago that this happened. He was having one of his days when she called me. He had just started working so he was staying in the backroom of the house. I went to see what was wrong. He was very depressed. I asked her to drive him to the hospital and I would follow. I can’t drive. On the way there they fought and he pulled the steering whilst she was driving. They hit a bus”, she explained.

“How do you know he pulled the steering?” I asked, because if she was not in the car, the only other witness dead, how could she have known!

“She didn’t die immediately. She was injured badly. That girl suffered shem!” she said and I could see tears start to well up in her eyes. She must really have loved her daughter-in-law. How do you compete with that even if you wanted to?

“Anyway, he had a relapse last night. This is why we are going there. I remember you. I am sure now that you know the family relationship you also know that he cannot be your boyfriend.” she started to explain. This was the first time someone had actually said it out loud to me and I paid attention. My father I had ignored because the guy was a bit dodge and I still did not trust him. Her on the other hand, there was something about the way she spoke that went straight to the heart. I could not even argue.

“He is a good person but God always has plans for everyone. Unfortunately with him, the sickness is just too scary and has already shown it has consequences!” she warned. My mother came out of somewhere and my father and her went to greet her. I was left standing with Tidimalo who then said, “Dude I didnt know that about him! I am so sorry!”

I responded, “Which part didn’t you know and which part are you sorry about? That he is sick or that you hooked me up to my own cousin?” I asked very coldly. He had earned that one. I walked away because my intention from the very beginning had been to be alone. What kind of hospital was this anyway that allowed so many people to come? My phone rang. I didn’t know the number so I answered,

“Hi it’s Julius, where are you?”

It was my lawyer (feels kind of nice saying that)

“I am outside getting some air!” I told him.

“Well come inside alone. I have some good news but it’s only brief!” he said.

I walked immediately to him ignoring everyone who tried to call me to them. I found him close to the room we had been in and he was standing with the social worker.

“I have arranged for you to see Amo. I am not allowed to do this so please, it has to be brief. I am still trying to convince my superiors that it’s the right thing to do so bear with me!”

Was this the same social worker who had been so mean to me all along? Wait? Did I turn her into the bad guy in my head or something? I don’t know why I just hugged her. I was so happy. Wow! I was not a praying person but my God had answered my prayers… the silent ones!

“Nurse Lovedelia is the one that will take us to him!” she said. I had not seen the nurse since the first night but I remembered her. She was actually walking towards us and she smiled. She asked me how I was holding up as we walked to the ward where Amo was. When I got there Amo was playing by himself on a bed. He was not sick nor did he have tubes in him. This was confusing! Was he not so sick just the other day? Why were these people toying with my emotions like this?

I ran to my baby and I lifted him up. He recognized me immediately and he started giggling. I don’t remember ever being so happy in my life. My baby was in my arms finally. He was warm and soft. He had no idea what his mommy had just gone through but you know what, its okay.

“I am the one who has been taking care of him 24\7. I volunteered, that’s why you haven’t seen me since!” Lovedelia said. God Bless her. I went over and hugged her.

“As long as ausi agrees you can come see him any time. You cant stay here though so it will be in and out check-ins until this matter is resolved!”s he said in a friendly warning. I obviously wanted to protest but this was better than nothing. I wanted her on my side. Everyone stepped outside to give us space. I remembered his scent, his warmth, his touch and even the baby talk. These tears though, I could not stop them. I loved my baby so much. Eventually I had to go, I was reluctant but for fear of Lovedelia changing her mind I did not argue. She gave me her numbers as we walked out and I told her I would never forget what she had done for me.

Julius and I walked out together. He had really been a lifesaver. The social worker disappeared somewhere. We had not left reception when Agnes walked with her husband. They were holding a baby about the age of Amo. It was my… their son… Ruben!

We all stopped to look at each other. Instinct said that don’t go there, walk away without looking Faith but my heart would not agree to that.

“Come meet your child or are you scared of that too!” Agnes’ husband said. I am not sure what the tone of his voice was because it was like I was in a trance.

“Must I do this?” I ask Julius absent-mindedly and I think he said yes, I can’t remember because the next thing I was standing next to Agnes and the baby.

“She is just seeing him, Agnes. She has every right to…” the husband said. She was reluctant and I didn’t blame her. I went to her side and saw him whilst he was in her arms. Goodness if I thought Amo looked like Thulare this baby looked like me! He even has a small birth mark on his cheek exactly like mine!

“Ruben, meet your mother!” her husband said. There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. It was then my sister arrived. She had seen them enter so I am sure she knew who the baby was.

“Is this the one they want to replace Amo with?” she said rudely and in a very hostile manner.

“Judith relax. No one is going to do anything to Amo!” I told her. I didn’t want her causing a scene, something she was very capable of. The baby started crying.

“I am the social worker assigned to them. You will all see each other properly later. For now please, if you don’t mind, we have to go. He has to be checked and swabbed!”

A lady whom I had not noticed was with them said. Of course we minded. Why was Agnes not fighting harder like she was earlier? Had she changed her mind?

“I hope you are not thinking of taking that baby. I can promise you now that I will never ever hold that baby in my arms. I will not baby sit nor will stay in the same room with him!” Judith said angrily.

This was so complicated. There were just too many people that were bound to hurt.

“That won’t happen!” I told her.

“And these people do they know how to bath a baby mara? He looks malnourished and dirty!” she said. She was not lying. He did not look healthy and that unfortunately was made me want him also!

Goodness I wanted both babies!

*****The End*****


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

You are an inspiration for us all brother.

I don’t have a letter but just want to hear people’s opinions. On Sunday some lady posted her picture on Instagram. She was with two of her friends and she claimed that they were all happily married and they married young. She then went on to say that women her age who were still partying at popbottles etc had no goals. Twitter went crazy and insulted her so much saying that marriage is not achievement? I am 27 and want to propose to my girlfriend. She values marriage and so do I. To me it’s an achievement if you consider how many women and men for that matter want it but either can’t afford it or can’t get the right person. Has the world gotten so twisted that marriage is now something to be laughed at?

Please I would like to hear your opinion. I will try attach the picture of the caption.

Thank You


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  1. This is interesting..could Amo”s real dad be Thulare’s dad? If I recall Thulare’s mom is the onlyy relation they mentioned when he was assumed dead

  2. QnA. Marriage is really no achievement, its just a matter of finding the right person qha which is really nothing you work hard for, it just happens. I value marriage too and I’m 24. I would like to get married before 26 only because we want to start having children and we don’t want to have kids outside marriage (likely my man wants to do it sooner (he’s 27)) . But really its nothing I would be proud of. What’s there to be proud of? That someone saw me as worthy to spend his whole life with me? I would rather be proud of all the things I have worked hard for. Society has made us women feel like if you not married you are a failure, you can have your own house, cars or whatever but without a man people don’t see it as an achievement. I think its bullshit, not everyone wants to get married, not everyone even wants to be in a relationship. And a lot of people are married for the wrong reasons. Just do whatever makes u happy.

    1. You can say that again Niya, when people enter my house they always ask me where my husband. Is annoying because I worked hard to buy that house and furnish it but because I’m a woman I’m not recognised

    2. Niya I agree with you. Marriage is not an achievement, it’s a choice. Marriage not being an achievement however does not mean we don’t value it anymore or uphold its principles.

      That caption on pop bottles etc was honestly unnecessary, I don’t understand why people like feeling superior by belittling others. I go to pop bottles and in no way am I an underachiever and I am in a long term relationship. As people we have choices Clayton, marry your girl if you want but please go to marriage counseling sessions, do it for the right reasons, not to feel like you’ve achieved.

  3. I love having my family more than anything so to me it will be an achievement, but I respect ppl who don’t want to settle down

  4. Thank you Bhut Mike….

    Clayton… now this is quite interesting..and its a topic I have had with my friends..which 1 is now married and the other engaged…me in a stable relationship headed for marriage…another in a stable relationship not considering marriage and the other single….but wants to get married and the last who doesnt want to get married but all the guys she dates want to mary her….quite funny really….

    Anywho..For me marriage is an archievement but its not the only archievment one can accomplish nor is it the biggest…Times have changed and because of the circumstances and backgrounds, people’s minds and focus have also chnaged. If you notice…( And before people bite my head off, this not based on any facts but a mere observation, so please chill ) our grandparents were married for years on end , yes it wasnt easy but they endured..our mothers ( and I will say our mothers for the generation born in the late 70’s and 80’s ) who were the 1st generation to either not get married or get divorced…which we the children have witnessed the hardships and hurt our parents went through and its something that we dont want really..and thus have “lost” value of marriage. Also, I was raised by a single mother and to me…if she could raise three kids on her own..then I can also do it..but obviously that came with struggles as well so it wasnt easy at all.

    People have bigger dreams and want more out of life than marriage and starting a family which is okay really…but If you have the most fanciest job and have all the money in the world but you dont have anyone to share it with…is it really worth it…Is it worth not having someone in your life to spend your dreams and goals..your frustrations and stress…
    I would rather go through life knowing that when I fall down , someone is there to pick me up…someone is there to try and cheer me up and make things better for me…

    Again on the downside…marriage for some people has become a sense of financial security..its all about money now and people are forgeting the true essence and value of marriage…its sad really…But ke Clayton…go get your girl…dont worry what people say and do what makes you happy and fulifills your heart and soul.

    Wish you all the happiness in the world and make that woman happy 🙂


  5. I’d like to think marriage is a blessing n not an achievement. …achievements are things you work hard to achieve with ur own strength but marriage? its from God it’s one of the things that u can’t get in ur own strength. ….

    1. your comment is PERFECT Kay.. marriage is not an achievement, but a blessing.

      There may be people who prefer to get married at an older age also.. I personally cannot fathom being married at 25.. 2 of my bestfriends are now married and expecting at 24, its scary to me; but God chose to bless them at this age and at this stage.

  6. I personally think that marriage is overrated as most of the married people can not stay faithful to their partners, they disrespect their “achievement “, I wud rather stay single than marry for all the wrong reasons.

  7. Q&A. I think what was wrong is the lady that made it sound like being married is the ultimate achievement which in essence means that when you are not married, you have no goals or have not achieved much. To some, marriage is not the pinnacle of success and as such these people do not feel that marriage is their crowning glory. There is nothing wrong with marriage, it is how one percieves it that determines where you place it (achievement or way of life). Personally, marriage for me, is not a crowning glory, but a way of life, a natural progeression- the final step to take when two people are in love and believe in sharing a life together. It is great to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with but it can not be the be all and end all. Define what marriage means to you and then go ahead and propose to your girl.

    About today’s chapter, i think there was a mistake. Faith says that if Amo looked like Thulare then Reuben looked like her. I think the author meant to say Mudenda (who is afterall the baby daddy). Such mistakes are confusing eish, but this was a nice read as usual.

    1. Exactly Bibi..some people think that when you get married then you have it all…life is fullfiled for you..which in essence its not…You still want to progress in life and reach your dreams with your career and yourself… It doesnt stop at getting married…you move on to the next thing you want to progress in…Kinda like with your get promoted..push and push and get promoted agauin till you are ultimately happy..because ke life is about finding happiness not doing what society dictates

  8. Yooh this must be really hard for both mothers,who ever swapped these babies,I know it was unintentional BT his or her action bear very painful consequences,tjo

  9. I agree wif kay well sed… marriage is nt an acheivement its a blessing from God n as for Faith im nt judging but u’d b a fool to turn ur bck on ur own child after seeing him n the condition he is living under

  10. Have the people who said marriage is not an achievement been married for years? Marriage it not about the wedding or about the happily ever after…. cause guess what its damn hard work! Marriage is something nobody warns you about, the tears or the job. Add some kids and in laws in the mix and trust me… very hard work! I married young and been married for 13years now, its probably the one thing which caused me the most pain and for which I have worked the hardest. This takes away nothing from my other achievements. So marriage and achievements I would say goes hand in hand. When you get old and your other achievements are no longer relevant, your partner is still there who adds so much values. This is just my opinion, its my first time commenting and I have noticed how some like to make their opinion the most relevant.

    1. I commend you for having pulled through all the challenges you’ve faced in your marriage Miss T. Congratulations.
      I am not sure if you saw that girl’s post, however, because she made it out to seem as though not being married young means there’s something wrong with you–the argument here is that not everyone aspires to be married young, some would actually rather be out partying or the like.

      1. I’m single dear,but people always ask me for husband as if a woman can’t achieve on her own without being shadowed by a man.

      2. Apologies I did not see it – don’t know why we must judge each other. Why can’t each persons choices be just that… their choses! Married young or not, each individuals chose. The Almighty does not give each person their soul mate at the same time.

  11. Q&A – I must agree with Kay getting married is a blessing.

    However, there is an element of achievement in marriage, and that is in making the marriage work.
    In making a marriage work, each party has to work hard, put in a lot of effort and endure changes from your “single status” to being with someone else.
    So if you get to a certain milestone in your marriage (i.e. 5,10, 15 years anniversary etc.) still happily married, then that is an achievement because just like getting your education/top job some people gave up along the way and could not preserver.

    I feel that people confuse a wedding/getting married (i.e. function) with being in a marriage. Verb/Noun

    1. What is there to work hard for? Forgiving a cheating partner? Most people make it work because they are afraid of what people will say. True love isn’t supposed to be hard work, if you are with someone who really loves you they will spend every moment of their lives making you happy. So this making it work thing really is no achievement.

      1. Niya,you keep saying true love isnt supposed to be hard work and someone who really loves you will spend every moment making you happy?Have you ever seen of this “True love” you talking about?When someone wrongs the other person its not only “cheating” its little things like being xcited about your new project at work and you forgot to make time for your family?We are all humans,we wrong each other,hell we even sometimes hurt people who loves us and whom we love.Are you telling me you have never wronged your parents?your friends?Are you perfect that you have never had to ask for forgiveness from someone?

  12. Thanks Mike poor Faith this must be the hardest thing to go through @Clayton Kay nd Bibi took the words ryt out of my mouth, my dear do what you want never be apologetic for what you believe in even if you can be the only doing it if you think marriage is for you go ahead we all have our reasons for the choices we make best of luck buddy

  13. So here’s my temporary solution for Faith. It’s one I thought of as a mother and how I would best handle the situation. I would ask Reubens mother to come and work as a nanny at my house for she no longer has a job and get her to be a live in nanny. That way we both have access to our children and we will work on a way forward as time progresses. Just like Faith I would want both children too.

  14. Clayton, it really depends one beliefs. If U believe in creation then a few facts come forward: God gave a BLESSING to the first man a wife “bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh” FIRST INSTITUTION.
    WHY? Bcz the man (Adam) was LONELY. The following verse: “Man shall leave his mother & father – FAMILY & join his wife.”
    Next verse: “They were both naked but did not feel ashamed” – FIRST FREEDOM FEELING. Someone to count on – TRUST.
    Just a few of the facts that validate the legitimacy of MARRIAGE.
    Later on in the New Testament it allows ppl to be single in Christ’s work. Christians are not taught to judge others & should therefore expect non-Christians not to judge them.
    Yes some married ppl commit adultery, but so do single ppl fornicate.
    Do what U belive in Clayton. U will have to work hard for yo marriage to succeed tho. Hence its an achievement indeed. Is it a better achievement than buying a house/car getting a degree/Honours or being a millionaire etc? The value on all of these diff as it depends on U & yo beliefs.
    The weight of the value is what we put in it. How important it is to us individually.
    Jst respect others’ beliefs too. That makes us uniquely amazing. But we can still leave together on this planet beautiful EARTH.
    1 twist tho, ANGELS are single. – PapaG.

  15. Good people don’t forget that Faith’s job doesn’t have guarantee, so many things can go wrong anytime, so how will she be able to afford a nanny and another baby? What a complicated situation, if only Faith had a stable job, and her own house. But all will be well in the end

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