Rumblings – Chapter 129

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Let’s be honest, when people are educated and in a position of power over you, they let you know it. Even security guards, you can have ten times his education but when you have to answer his questions in doing his job he can belittle you very quickly. Taxi drivers are the worst but let’s not go there. It’s like picking on the evil dead. This social worker lacked empathy. It’s like a mean nurse or doctor, your job is one of caring so how then are you the opposite of that?

“Ma’am please you are making the situation worse not better!” the doctor said to her but she was not to be outdone,

“I am doing my job doctor, do yours! This lady needs to know she is not in control of the situation anymore. There are rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed, all of which don’t favour her!”, she said, as though challenging me to a debate. What had I done to earn her disdain though? I was about to moer this woman honestly, I was a woman on the edge. She had no right to be this insensitive to such a situation. I honestly wanted to just break her head and teach her how to treat other people but thank God someone walked in and stopped me from that.

“Hi, I am looking for Faith?”

A young man opened the door. I thought he was maybe another doctor.

“I am Faith!” I said weakly then he smiled.

“I am sorry I am late. I am Julius Majola and I am your lawyer. Have you signed anything yet!”

I shook my head in the negative. Too much had happened already and I just did not know anymore. Why really had all the luck in this world abandoned me.

“That’s good, I will take it from here. My client is going to nullify all this rubbish. So many procedural elements have been skipped in all this and I can assure you that she will not only sue this hospital but also the hospital were this mixup was done!” he said very sternly but not angrily. He was very in control of the situation. He was probably three or four years older than me by the looks of it, good looking and a bit on the athletic side. Yes I noticed all that through my tears, multi tasker of note!

“Young man you are ruining and slowing down a process you can’t stop!” the arrogant social worker said. What was this woman’s problem? She thought she shit chocolate. I don’t know if it’s only in me or if other women have it too, there are some females I meet and automatically I hate them. I don’t like them and not because they did something to me but something inside me automatically says ‘enemy’. This woman had triggered that button and I really disliked her. It was not even because she wanted to take my baby from me I just did not like her. Skinny bitch, if I met her in an ally I would moer her just for the fun of it.

“With all due respect please do not call me young man. This is as serious as you get and maybe because it is not you about to lose a baby it does not seem so to you. You can call me Sir, Mr, Advocate always just like I will call you Ms, Ma’am or by any other title you choose. I will not call you by your name because it disrespects your title at moments like this.”

He said sternly again of which both the doctor and her went like,


He was not to be bullied clearly and I felt a bit of relief finally sweep through me. I am going to step out with my client now and please call your lawyers because we are just starting!” he said and immediately I stood up. Tell me that did not turn you on. A strong firm man who was polite in the way he did not take bullshit. My mother also stood up and I could see the smug look on the social worker had been wiped off her face. As we walked out I saw my father. Who had called him now, ah! The last time I had seen him he had told me that Thulare was my cousin. Really, moments after we had been intimate. I don’t know about you but with some of us God seems to be having a laugh at our expense. I know it sounds like blasphemy but here I was, a beautiful intelligent young girl and the man I had fallen in love with was not only my cousin but also and more importantly was starting to look more like a pyschopath. A loving pyscopath at that which made it even trickier not to notice him. Mudenda had sent me this guy I did not need telling.

“I am the lawyer that was sent by our mutual friend. He sounded quite panicked so I hope I am not too late!” he said again, but that was a bit too late now. I knew who he was.

“My friends call me Juju courtesy of the name Julius, and the fact that am from Limpopo just makes it all the more likely I ended up with that!”

I was in too much pain to smile at the obvious attempt at a joke but oh well.

“What are the chances of me keeping my son?” I asked him. I think at this moment that was all I wanted to hear.

“By the sounds of it, I won’t lie, not good at all because a child is not a commodity that can be shifted from one person to the other. Your best bet would be the biological family agreeing for you to legally adopt the son you already have and again that comes with complications” he said, honest and straight to the point. I would gladly adopt Amo it was not even an option. He was my son”

“That’s what we need to convince them on. If they insist on keeping the baby I am afraid no lawyer in the world can prevent that.” he said sadly. I appreciate his honesty and I am not dumb to not know where we stood in this matter.

“Now we are going to go back in there and speak to the couple and see what they want. I suggest I do most of the talking as it’s clearly an emotional moment. I also need to keep that other lady in check as she seems to be hell bent on something.” he said, which managed to draw a sigh out of me. That social worker, I didn’t even know her name. When we walked back in, the room was as tense as we left it.

“I will not be part of this any further I have work to do.” the doctor said as soon as we entered. I think the legal threat had made him want to distance himself from problems. I cannot blame the guy.

“I am sorry about how we got off. We need to work together because there is too much at stake for both sides.”

Julius said when he sat down. Why was he apologizing now? Was this a strategy? The social worker accepted the apology and took out a notepad. She directed her question to Agnes and asked her where they stayed.

“We live in a shack in Orange River!” the lady said. I guess it’s true, you can tell when people did not belong and this did not. I was not being proud or arrogant it was just a fact. Before the social worker could ask her next question her husband spoke up.

“Look, I don’t have the money to fight you for anything but if your son is our son then I want him back. Maybe that’s why our ancestors have not been happy with us all this time mama ka Ruben!” the man said. Dear Lord, they had named my son Ruben. Who does that nowadays? That was punishing a child for no reason whatsoever!

“You can’t have him! I have raised him thus far and you think you can just come and take him like that? I don’t think so!” I said defensively.

“Calm down. Let me handle this!” Julius said very calmly. He had a presence about him that made me comply.

“What happens to the son that you have?” he asked, but looked directly at the woman. It’s amazing how men and women see the world differently.

“This is my son Chuene how can you just give him up like that!” she said.

“But you have seen the bad luck that we have! It’s not by chance that everything we touch falls apart. It’s clear our ancestors are not happy with us and this is the real reason why!” he said trying to convince her to see reason.

“Don’t be stupid man! The reason why we have bad luck is because you drink too much! Don’t hide behind ancestors you know nothing about! My son is Ruben and that’s that!” she said, standing up to her husband, I think. I was not yet sure where the power lay in this relationship. Well, I spoke to soon because he stood up and he said,

“It’s my house, my rules! I say Ruben goes and the new baby comes! He does not even look like us! Who are you kidding thinking we can keep him? These are rich people and they will get what they want anyway!”

He said and walked out. I saw him take out cigarettes so I think all this was too much for him he needed a smoke break. I was now left with the wife and we just stared at each other.

“I have not asked to see Ruben because he is your son not mine. I know what the doctors are saying but how do I transfer my feelings from one child to the other?” I asked her. I didn’t realize I had spoken entirely in English and she seemed confused a bit. I then said it in Zulu and she nodded. She responded, “I also don’t want to give up my son. I will fight my husband to the death if I must!” she said. I think we were speaking the same language. Each of us was hoping for the same conclusion but was it wise?

“We are very poor. If you give us Amo how are we going to take care of him. He is used to eating good food and whatever it is you feed him. Ruben does not have that. Amo won’t survive with us!” she said coldly.

What the fuck? Even Julius’s eyes were wide open in horror. This was not concern in her voice but a warning.

She had just threatened my baby if this social worker got her way.

*****The End*****



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto(fb)

Hello mike

I have been dating this guy for about a year and 8 months (it’s not that long I know) we started dating while he was doing his final year in varsity last year so this year I would accompany him to interviews, help look for open posts he can apply for and all that so 2 months ago he broke up with me because he can’t seem to forget that I cheated on him last December and can’t seem to 4get about it, when in honest fact I did not cheat anyway I found out he has been dating  some woman from work for the past 3 months and is still denying saying he only started dating her a few weeks back. What confuses me is he’s been making contact with me keeping tabs on what I do with who where when, he just doesn’t give me space to breath and let me move on in peace as he keeps makibg contact. I love this guy so much my own mother evn loves him too. I’ve met his family as well and they seem to like me nd I just can’t seem to move on and looks like he has but because I keep seeing him and I just can’t…please help I really need to move on!

Thank You


55 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 129

    1. This is a tough situation for Faith, how do u just let the child u raised be taken away and go stay in a shack? Also how do u take care of that child when u know the one u gave birth to is living in a shack somewhere with next to nothing.
      My suggestion, faith’s family must just stay with the Ruben’s mother (maybe hire her as a domestic) so both babies can live together. This will allow both women to bond with their real baby. And this will allow mudenda to know his child too. Atleast his real child. Co’s I believe he loves faith, yes he has done bad things to her but he loves her for sure.
      Thulare is like mthobisi! This Juju is nelisa’s man neh?
      Some men are just heartless like that. You help him to get on his feet then once they strong, he leaves u.
      Leave him, he will regret shem.

      1. Wow such ignorance though! Just because Ruben’s mother lives in a shack it doesn’t mean she’s not qualified or doesn’t have a proper job. She could be a millionaire with just too many debts

        Geez domestic worker!?

        1. Ona wena u being ignorant seriously! After all she said and u can think that she is a millionaire living in a shack? Mehlolo ke dinoga

  1. faith just take Ruben n he will be Amo coz is not like on the birth certificate ther is fiinger print, remember Amo is in hospital???
    the chances for him to be alive is slim just take Ruben he will get use to u as he is still very young

    1. Whether Amo might die or not, Faith is his mother and she has a sense of loyalty towards him. And wa morata! Kante how is it better to choose a supposedly healthy kid and give another woman a dying baby? If u found out u were adopted and one of ur adopted parents was dying, would u abandon them for ur healthier biological mother???

      Common sense is truly a burden coz now we have to deal with people who don’t have it

  2. I dont understand faiths logic, why would I fight to keep another womens child and raise him well, when my own blood the child I gave birth too is living in a shack and eating poorly, when this child grows up, what will he think of me knowing that hes out there suffering and I choose that womens child over mine, the same issue she has with her father for disapearing on her this child(Ruben) will have the same, and adopted kids turn their backs on you once they discover they adopted amu is going to grow up n look for hes shack dwelling parents n you will see where you end up faith

    1. Because I don’t have a child I also wouldn’t understand the logic. I think I would want my biological child. But same thing happened last year, the kids were already 4 years old, and they concluded that they should stay with their current families because the kids were too attached to their ‘adopted’ mothers. But in this case the kids are still too young, it wouldn’t affect them much if they swapped. But I guess only a mother would understand.

      1. noma ngabe shes 18 if shes my own flesh and blood angabuyela kim ,this other woman sounds happy that her child is living comfortable while Faith’s is suffering with them

    2. thats exactly what am trying to understand,what the fuck she fighting for?And how is Mudenda expected to pay maintenance on Amo when his own child is in a shack somewhere

  3. I will definitely change my mind and take Reuben back if I was Faith. Imagine hearing that your own blood is not being fed well. That woman wants her child to be fed well and she will come take him back after varsity….

  4. Vee as a parent I understand to an extent where Faiths logic emanates. I have a 20 month old and you don’t just start bonding with them from a couple of months old it starts in the womb and so the child you are given at hospital is the one you continue that bond with, you find different ways to love that child everyday. It’s surreal.

    If I were in Faiths situation I definitely would not want to give my own child up which is the one I raised but am now told is not mine. I would however be curious about the child that is my blood.

    It’s also conflicting because one moment they say blood is thicker than water but on the other adage goes family is not whose blood runs in your veins but who is there when you need them most. I would also fight for Amo. Such bonds are not just changed by a blood test gone wrong. It unfortunately does not work that way.

  5. am I missing something? if i remember well Faith delivered her baby at a private hospital since she was covered under her mother’s medical aid. So i don’t understand why would the other parents be poor, how did they afford private hospital

    1. Gee I must say, that is exactly the question I was asking myself as I read the story because I don’t see how a person leaving in a shack ended up giving birth at the private Hospital because we all know that they are damn expensive besides they said it themselves that they are poor. this is so confusing really.

  6. Mike, I thought Faith gave birth in a private hospital. Reuben’s parents are poor, how did they land up in a private hospital? as for Faith, Amo is very sick and you not even sure if he will make it. what then??

  7. Hi Mike.

    I would like to know when am I gonna receive my books, I ordered & paid for them on the 29th of May 2014 before your court case with publishers but even now I’m still waiting.

  8. This is a tricky situation now coz wouldn’t Faith wana know her real child?, will Mudenda want to pay maintanance for a child that’s not his knowing his is raised by poor parent in a shack somwhere? I know feelings can’t be transfered but rather rather let her kid be raised under such conditions coz she bonded with Amo. Surely now she’ll have to raise the kid alone if she decides to keep Amo. But rest assured Amo will go back n look for his parents when his older. It happened to my brother, now his working he decided to go back home

  9. So Julius is Thandeka’s room mates x boyfriends #confessionofasugarbaby

    Anyway mna i would take my Ruben back, he is my biological son, raise another person’s child whilst mine is starving emkhukhwini hell no, take your Amo and give me my Ruben

  10. yoooh Abuti Mike!! I just love the way you out layed the power that the lawyers have. Am talking from experience, am a Social worker and I have been practicing for 9 year. I was once managed a case where the lawyers were involved. I tell you even my supervisor was advising me to just let it go because they don’t want the Agency to be sued. lawyers have this power I tell you.

    the mix up saga I say the bond of mother child is not something u can just give-up on. But I think these multidisciplinary team what ever the decision the take it should be in the best interest of the children involved not because of the mother , child bond thing.

  11. I would never give up my own flesh and blood never i wud take back my child and the least i could do is help wif amo’s wellbeing n how can u live knwing ukuthi u raising another womans child while ur OWN child is suffering ngaphandle yena uFaith how will she live wif herslf knwing that she is giving a gud life to another womans child n failing her own child

  12. The last thing that this woman just said shows that she would rather have her biological child (Amo) have a better upbringing as he already is having even if it’s by another woman, than to take him and degrade his current life by starving him in a shack. She’s thinking like a mother but it’s selfish.

    1. Maybe is a strategy to get monthly allowance from Faith as the husband concluded that Faith has money, but personally I would rather raise my own blood. Is hard but will go through counselling and try to adjust to the situation. I can’t rest knowing my child is hungry and naked while I fed and clothed someone’s child. What if Ruben is having his parents IQ and end up poor also,uses drugs or fail academically ?I wouldn’t forgive myself for refusing my own child. If I have few rands to spare I’ll buy Amo clothes and food . I acknowledge it won’t be easy but he’s not a year yet unlike missing out on his entire life knowingly . #Amo must go and Ruben has to return home .

  13. I know this will sound insane but I would want both kids.I cant let my own blood suffer in the shacks and futhi I cant give up Amor to go suffer emkhukhwini when he has had such good life.I would ask to adopt Amor.

        1. @Xolie I would pay for her to have a hysterectomy… she is poor, living in a shack with a drunk and she herself said that she won’t be able to provide for Amo…. so her solution would be to stop giving birth!!!

  14. Faith kacabangi and the other mother is taking chances. Amo is gonna have the best of life while Ruben, well his life will be different. The mother can at a later stage claim her child when she feels she wants to and she will win the battle. It would be evil of Faith to let go of this child.

  15. This is a very tricky situation and a very deep one. Vari blood is thicker than water and this is very true,, how many have we seen on Khumbul’ekhaya looking for their real parents, siblings ,kona on Utatakho ke?? so now for Faith it is painful yes but what is going to happen if what she wants now (which is for Amo to be hers) is granted to her? Is she going to be ok knowing that her real blood is suffering out there? what kind of a mother will she be if thats going to sit well with her.

    As human beings, it comes naturally for us to care about our families . N’wana ahiwa unwe .so for those who were raised by others and go back to look for their real parents/siblings, I think i would’ve done the same aswell cause you cannot live fancy or free knowing very well that your parents might be sleeping on an empty stomuch .As a person you wanna see your family succeed in life and you try by all means to help them . again as a mother you do what you can to make sure that ur child gets the best in life , so in this case the other woman (Agnes) is thinking like a mother

  16. Yes uAgnes is thinking abt her child ufuna wats best for her child n she knws that Faith can give that n secure a better life n future for her child while Faith is gng oh well its fyn let my child suffer while i raise sum other womans child n dey took amo away from faith coz she doesnt have consent over him anymore… wat about Ruben? Uphi yena?

  17. I am not a mother but I think I would want my biological child back. They are still babies and as a mother how would you feel feeding and buying nice things for Amo while you dont know what your Reuben is having? If she was not aware it was a different story

  18. I don’t undestand this. If I were to find out that I’m raising the wrong child I’d really wanna meet him or her. Bond or not. Why on earth would I want other people to keep my baby,I don’t understand Faith and Amo’s mother. I’d rather keep them both. Faith is going to give me a Heart Attack. Why is she ok with not knowing where her kid is and his well being

  19. heeee! I hear people saying Faith should adopt Amo but here is the thing that u all forget,,,,, in order for one to adopt a child you need to be financially stable, have a good home and a good job and from where I am standing, faith has none of those, so how is she suppose to qualify to raise two kid the same age? for the mere fact that she had to go to Court to get her boyfriend help maintaining Amo means she can’t do it by herself. she needs to forget about amo as cruel as that sound but it’s the sad truth,,,, now it’s her time to invest her love to her rightful child,,, Rhu deserves that, finish and klaar

  20. I have a 16 month old baby and I have been trying to imagine how it would feel to have to let her go under these circumstances, and it’s utterly unimaginable. It’s bizarre in my head. Like how is she not my daughter? That bond man. And how would I be able to build a bond with this new baby while missing and wishing my initial baby from the hospital was here instead of this stranger? I totally get Faith and her being in denial and defying all logic because in a situation like this, a mother having to lose a child in such a rare manner, all logic in all angles would be defied.

  21. I gave birth to a child, and they told me my son passes away, I kept telling my husband our baby was alive but the was nothing I could do. Seven years later my first born met a baby boy at school she was in grade 8 and the boy just started school, they shared a special bond and she was always telling me about him and would bring him at our home but I was always at work until this time I was home and met the boy and knew this is my son. My husband thoughy I was crazy when I told him, so I digged the date of birth of the child where they stay and only to find its the same as my son who passed on. But that boy was my son, even though that woman stole my child it was a procedure to get the child under my care. I hated her for putting me through that but it hurt me to see her lose my son. When we went for counselling met women who were going through Faith situation, how do you let go of your son who is sick to afamily thats poor? How do u just forget? Yes you will think about your biological son but how do you look at people taking him away to someone else… Until it happens to you, ul never understand. A woman took my son for seven years to belong in her husbands family but her pain of losing my child pained me too. Imagine Faith loved and cared for Amo that child needs her they are denying him that he is innocent, he doesnt know mommy is not mommy. Thats how it felt bcs my son resented me but now he understands and I allow him to visit the previous family he has two families now

  22. Can Faith take her Child and atleast Help wth Amo’s well-being cz really I wouldn’t let my own blood suffer while I raise another Woman’s Child yhooooo never’ the worst part Faith was not too connected to this Amo kid her sister was the 1 raising Amo

  23. Eh braMike, the twists are mind-boggling. Ta
    Just to help tie up a loose end there, shall we say Agnes once worked for a rich employers who suddenly went abroad. She must have been put on her employer’s medical hence cud afford a private clinic. And Juju has graduated! *-:-)

    Men are “wired” differently from women in such matters. I wud want to do further tests to confirm Ruben was my biological child & ask to swop (call it correcting a humongous error).
    Make futher arrangements for the boys to visit each other as they are “brothers” for life now. The rich family can help the poor family & life goes on.
    But obviously women wud C it differently.
    Don’t judge & U can expect not judgment. – PapaG.

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