Rumblings – Chapter 128

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Is it just me or is every single show on TV about cheating? I am even tired of it. It’s like South African TV writers can only think about cheating as their element of drama. If media informs how we live our lives then definitely they have influenced us to all cheat because they have made it the norm. I watched the Our Perfect Wedding were that man bragged about how many school kids he was sleeping with when he was 28. Three a day he said and wow the good people of ABSA gave him R10,000 for it. He did this when he was younger but the irony is, people are acting surprised that these things are happening? Really? Which township do you live in? The cheapest commodity on trade is sex! We all sleep with each other at some point. By the time we get married both husband and wife are thoroughbreds having slept with so many men so Mudenda must not act like he had achieved something great in sleeping with me. That’s our community and it’s what we do. This December how many people are you going to sleep with whom you will probably meet this month? There was a moment of silence as we all stared at each other. Mudenda staring at Thulare to see what he would do, Thulare looking at me to search for acknowledgment to see whether it was true or not, Aurelia stared at the three of us to see what would happen next.

“Shame on you Mudenda. Faith often told me how evil you have become but I never for one moment thought you would sink this low ah! This is a new low wow!”

Aurelia said finally breaking this moment of silence. Was she about to tell him off for revealing our secret? How was that supposed to help? This would only acknowledge what he had said. I wanted to tell her to shut up but I was so shocked the words would not come out. I stood there frozen.

“She rejected you three times and we were all there so tell us, when did you sleep with her? I want to hear this… yho shem!”

She said and clapped her hands. Wow, she had really played that well that even Mudenda for a moment was confused.

“What do you expect? Of course you are going to cover up for your girl and I expect you to! She is your friend. I know am telling the truth. It was not even the best sex so I have nothing to gain by revealing but who cares.” he said and chuckled.

“You wish! In your wildest dreams. In Sun City you felt so left out because she was not giving you attention. I am so happy you said this in front of me so that I can now believe her when she says what a dog you really are. Thulare you can believe what you want but the truth is nothing happened in Sun City. He is just bitter that he is watching the woman he loves walk away with someone else!” she said in my defence. I could see a scowl on his face before he said, “Whatever! A bitch will always be a bitch!”

He said and did the last thing I expected. He spat at me! I swear on my mother this man sent spit my way and it landed on my cheek! I think he will remember this day for the rest of his life because Thulare hit him. I am not talking about a punch but a proper beatdown. He tried to fight back but Thulare had him. One moment he was on his feet the nect he had another man sitting on him punching that big head!

“You spit on my woman are you fucken crazy! I will kill you!”

Thulare was screaming when the security came to break them apart.

“Mutukana hoyu uya dalela, namusi ndido mulaela vhanzhi!” he said in Venda. I don’t think I had ever heard him speak Venda before but I guess he was one of those people who they go vernac when they are angry. (He said “this boy is disrespectful I am going to teach him a lesson”).

“Sir you can’t fight in here!” one of the security guards who was holding him back said but Thulare wanted more. Mudenda was bleeding and I think he lost a tooth. I know I had picked the fight with Mudenda but him spitting at me was uncalled for. Who does that? He deserved it! I wish he had beaten him up some more.

“You think beating me up will change the fact that I fucked her. Keep telling yourself that mchana… shem!”

Mudenda said as he was being led away in an opposite direction from Thulare who was still making threats. There are girls who say that having guys fight over them is romantic but trust me it’s not. If you see it for yourself it’s quite scary. Much as I was happy that Thulare had put Mudenda in his place something in me had changed. He actually scared me. His temper when he was angry was something to behold and if I was to anger him he would kill me. I know he was protecting my honour or whatever it is you want to call it but this man scared me. He was like a dog with rabies and he was not controllable.

“Faith let’s go people are staring!” I heard Aurelia say as she pulled me away. Once again she had come to my rescue. The way she had lied for me in that moment had been amazing. If we were to consider all that had happened in this day then I must say I was justified in being surprised.

“I think I must take you home. I know you don’t want to leave Amo but today you should go home and rest and maybe bath!” she said. I was with her on that. I was exhausted and I needed a bath. She walked me to her car and we drove home in silence. She said she will be there at 7am in the morning to pick me up and take me back to the hospital. As soon as she left I went to bed. I was that tired, I passed out.

In the morning I woke up with a start. The first thing I checked was the time. It was 8am. What the hell? Why hadn’t they woken me up! My mother was already gone and Judy was eating cereal.

“Why didn’t you wake me up Judith? I have to be at the hospital?” I shouted at her, running to shower.

“Mum said we should let you sleep because today is going to be a a very long day!”, she said and I believed her on the long part because even I knew that. “Aurelia called me saying she was delayed but I told her I was going to drive you myself. She said she will meet us there!”

I went into the shower with one thing on my mind, Amo. I missed my baby. This was the first time I had slept in the house without him and it was odd. Even in the air I could sense that something was wrong. I did a half job on the bath and could not stomach food. We just had to go.

Eventually after what seemed like ages we got to the hospital. My mother was there but I did not see her. I went Amo’s room and I panicked when he was not there. How could I not?”

“Nurse were is my baby? He was in her last night when I left?” I asked her.

“Why didn’t you sleep at the hospital with your baby? That’s very bizarre because normally we don’t allow babies that age to sleep alone!”

I looked at her about to speak but how could I tell her that they thought my baby was not my own. It would come out wrong. Thank God I was not led into that situation because the doctor from last night showed up. He looked visibly tired.

“Ah Miss Faith you are back. Please come to my office so we can talk in private please!” he said casually. He was not tense which was a relief and it gave me hope that things were looking positive.

“Don’t you go home and sleep?” I asked him. I was curious to know because I could see he was tired and how could I trust him with Amo when he was not 100%. He laughed and said he was doing a double shift as he was on call the previous night. It was  something he had done a million times so he was fine. I didn’t question him any further but it can’t be right.

When we walked into his office there was a man and a woman. They were a bit sad and you could see that they were not from the right side of town.

“It’s been a long night so I am not going to beat around the bush!” he started but I stopped him.

“You can’t talk to us with these people in the room, what is wrong with you?”

I wanted privacy.

“Unfortunately they have to be!”

It was starting to make sense now and a scary sense I did not want it to be.

“These are the Aphanes!”

He started.

“So?” I retorted,

“Mrs. Agnes Aphane gave birth the same time as you in the hospital. She gave birth to a boy. We took samples from them, their baby boy and yours plus Amo’s to compare.” he said. I held my breath at that moment. We were disturbed as more people entered. It was my nother, one of the policeman from yesterday and a woman I did not recognise. Later on I would learn that she was a social worker.

“Doctor please carry on…” the woman said to him and he obliged her.

“Remember the tests we did yesterday, the second ones…” the doctor said. Of course I remember how can I forget. I nodded in acknowledgment,

“The results came back Mr and Mrs Aphane here gave their samples. I am sorry to say this, really I am…”

Already I was sobbing loudly because I knew.

“I was right, Amo is not yours Faith. Their baby is yours.”

In a matter of 24 hours my life had just been shattered. The other woman was crying too and her husband was holding her hand in support and was fighting to hold back the tears. Mudenda was nowhere to be seen.

“There is a lot that still needs to happen before we hand over the right baby to the right…”

The social worker started to say and immediately I stood up and declared!

“Over my dead body! You think I am going to give my baby up without a fight? Are you a mother? Do you even know how it feels?”

I doubt very much that she was. No one just gives up their child and by the way the other woman was crying I doubt very much that she was eager to do so either.

“Where is my baby? Why was he not in his room?” I asked. Now it was starting to make sense.

“We have moved him for his own safety. You will not be allowed to see him without their consent and without me present!” the smug social worker said.

My world had ended!

*****The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day, Mike and readers

My story will be a bit long, please bear with me.

In year 2012, I met a friend (let’s call her Lee), so I and Lee became close and we were best friends with months. 6 months later I got a whatsapp text from an unknown number, of which a guy explained that he was Lee’s brother, they have exchanged phones and my number was on that phone.  And of course I told Lee about my chats with her brother.  We then got close with the brother and decided to meet, and I gain I told Lee about my intentions to meet her brother.  Her response was, “you can have fun with him, but make sure that your relationship with him does not affect our friendship”.  We then dated with the brother in 2013.  My friendship with Lee was growing stronger every day, she invited me to her house, met her whole family, from then we were like sisters, got close to her sisters and her mother.

The issue now is Lee’s family treat me like I’m one of their own, I’m always there during holidays, at the funerals, the wedding and all that.  2 months ago I was supposed to go visit Lee and Lee has told her mother I was coming, but there was a change of plan, the brother picked me up and we spent the weekend at his friends place.  So Lee’s Mother suspected that I’m dating the brother, and she gave Lee a piece of her mind.  From then Lee stopped talking to me, she backed cold, until 2 weeks ago she told me how her mother shouted at because of me and his brother, therefore she has decided to stay away from all this because she doesn’t want to get caught up in my mess. She started telling me how difficult it for her to see me dating her brother while she knows things about her brother, and again her words was “he is my brother, but wouldn’t supplement  him for a boyfriend, maybe angekwenza happy manje but believe me it’s not going to last”.  The mother feels like simenza islima cos she takes me as her daughter now.

My worry is that I’m losing my one best friend, and I feel like I have to choose between her and his brother. Yes her brother makes me happy and I love him, I’ve dated him for 2 years, oh buy th way, the brother used to work in Mpumpalanga and I in Richards bay, but still we find a way to make it work, and he is now back in KZN and the relationship is growing stronger every day, we most weekends together, he brings his twins to spend time with us. I can proudly saying we have a good thing going.

I don’t know what do; I don’t want to lose either of them.

Please give your honest advice.



23 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 128

  1. Seems like its been forgotten that Faith and Thulare are cousins, these things are taken very seriously in black culture so I’m surprised Thulare still calls Faith his woman

    1. Hiya,
      Thulare did say that he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of their relationship…… I’m also eager to see that unfolding… His dead baby mama and his mom’s reaction when she finds out!!

  2. Poor Faith 🙁
    QnA its never really a good idea to date a friends sibling because in the end you lose one of them or both. After that things will never be the same. Awkwardness. My one cents worth :cut ties with Lees brother, if she says he’s bad news chances are he IS bad news. Save yourself from heartache. Keep your friendship.

    1. But then people do change. If we all were to be measured by our past mistakes and things we used to do, none of us would be considered a good person. I dont understand why the sister and mother are giving Miss G grief as it is her mistake to make. I dont see how that should interfere with their friendship.

  3. mhmmm what a looooong wait but it was worth it,mhmm Thulare ngathi uyasithela nje isibhaxu & I guess that is why Faith’s dad said she should keep her distance from him & thank heavens Aurelia saved the day joh…As for Faith & the Amo situation,I am lost for words angazi ngingayini Jesoo.

  4. Qna I always hve the same problem with my friends wanting to date my brother, like its uncomfortable for me you talking to me about banging my brother or visa versa hence I feel my fam is a no go area, just like me dating ur fam, but since we already knee deep talk to the mother as she seems to hve the most problem with this than anyone

    And for those who are grossed out about two cousin dating , its normal in african culture to marry ur cousin , its called keeping the wealth in the family

  5. always love reading each and every chapter but todays chapter left me so not convinced, how come the other parents where so quick to be found and where the hell is the baby that they left the hospital with,

    1. It happens, especially in Namibia. The Herero tribe, you are to marry your first cousins from your dad’s family but not those born by your aunts( dad’s sister) only those born by your uncles ( dad’s brother).
      And even if a person from a different tribe marries a Herero man those people still continue sleeping with each other. It’s culture. And you’re not to complain. It’s his “tjiramwe”. In fact it’s very normal for cousins to date in the Ovaherero culture

  6. QnA I feel you. I can relate a bit to your story. I am actually in a relationship with my brother’s friend, we have been together for a year. we dated of course for a while without him knowing because we knew how mad and disappointed he was going to be and when he found out that’s exactly what happened and he asked me to break things off with which I did but for a week or so. We were in love so in the end we got back together. From what I have learned you just have to sit down with them in this case your friend and make her understand, that the brother makes you happy and if she’s really your best friend as you say she will support you all the way. As you put it the guy has good intentions for you then make her understand that.
    But then again maybe she have her reasons cos she know her brother so well and he tells her things you don’t know so ya you can’t really be sure. Coz my brothers reasons were that he knew the friend so well and he knew things that he does and things that he has done and how he tells and all he made sure to tell me his darkest secrets but I have accepted my boyfriend’s past and he has assured me he’s not that person anymore. In fact now that he’s friends with my brother he’s even afraid of doing things Coz my brother will tell on him since he already doesn’t like the idea. My point here is talk to your friend and hear her side of the story. Night be a good advantage to talk to them both. If your friends mother likes you as a daughter I don’t get why she wouldn’t be happy to have you as a daughter in law. Hehe. Anyway good luck, I hope you figure this out. Good man are hard to find. All the best

  7. Faith go check the bby they say it’s urs nd c if u cnt love him,
    I knw it’s not easy nd it won’t b easy,im sorry hei,
    Tnx Mike

  8. It’s normal gore dikgomo dibwele sakeng (I hope I spelled that correct). It’s not like they are siblings they are just cousins I hope Faith’s dad wasn’t telling the truth when he said Thulare is bad news though. And if he really has anger issues they should break up klaar coz it seems Faith has whore tendencies Thulare will surely kill her. Where is Faith’s baby then? Can’t she and Amo’s biological parents make a deal to keep the babies they raised without the stupid social workers getting involved?? Abuti Mike please don’t make Faith lose her baby how will she live??!

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