Realities – Chapter 82

I don’t like talking about my patients outside of work because it’s unethical, but the case we caught was an interesting one. I met a young girl named Faith and it’s said  a swap was accidentally made at birth, baby and she had raised him as her own. Now the baby is sick and the real parents are needed meaning for the first time she was getting to find out the truth. Much as I am always angry at my teenage daughter, I would never give Lintle to anyone. Hell no! If someone was to walk in and say that Lintle was not my child I don’t think I could ever survive this fully sane. That is hectic and I felt for this Faith girl. Imagine what she was going through now. Anyway because of that consult I got home really late. I think it was just before midnight when I entered. With my husband not there the house felt so empty as I crept in the dark to my room. Lintle’s door was closed as usual and I think checking up on her so late would be so unfair as she was already sleeping I am certain. I was tired so I passed out.

In the morning I woke up a bit late meaning I was not going to see Lintle. That sucked because I really wanted to see her. When I got to the kitchen I found Mapula there cleaning.

“Did Lintle leave already?” I asked and for a moment she stood and stared at me as though I had confused her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I thought Lintle was with you. She did not come home early yesterday so naturally I assumed she was with you since you came late!”

This child really is a headache. I ran upstairs to her room and it was clear her bed had not been slept in. Where was she now. I picked up my phone to call her and her phone rang. I thought she was not going to pick up but she did.

“Lintle where are you?” I said angrily.

“I am at school, chill!”

Yho! This child. Had she just told me to chill.

“Why didn’t you come home last night?” I asked her angrily but she responded, “You’re a fine one to talk!”

Can a child ever speak to her parent like this? This was getting old. I needed to do something about this child before she killed me with stress.

“You clearly did not come home either that’s why you didn’t say anything last night. Why didn’t you tell me Malume passed away? What is wrong with you really? I loved him too you know!”

She snapped. It’s amazing really that I had actually forgotten to tell her that he had died. I don’t know how I got caught up in everything else that was going on that I totally forgot but it was no excuse to talk to me like that.

“You were going through a lot so there was no time!” I said but she was diverting me.

“Where did you sleep last night? Why are you trying to kill me with stress like this Lintle? Why?” I asked her in between I think anger and stress. She really was working hard towards getting me to collapse because I was tired of all her shenanigans.

“Mum you haven’t said anything about where you were! Dad is gone one night to go tend to his brothers funeral and already you are out at night? Where you with George? Shame on you! You’re a fine one to judge!” she said and hung up the phone. Had she just said George! Who had told her about George? I sat down immediately because it was like I had been punched in the stomach. What a fine example I was for my daughter! She knew I had cheated on her father, no wonder why this child had no respect for me. To her I was just as common as most young cheating women. She hated me and for that I hated myself because I had brought it on myself.

“Mapula can you please make me tea!” I asked her as she walked past. I rarely ever eat in the morning and as is I was very late but I just did not feel like rushing to work. There was no point to it all with the way my life was right now. Who was I kidding really? I had no family? I had no home! Broken by a 15 year old.

I got to work quite late. Fortunately Zethu had covered for me.

“Dude what’s going on? You look like you would rather be somewhere else!” she said when we finally got to talk. I told her everything that was happening and what Lintle had said about George. She was very shocked and asked me the same question I had on my mind, and that was “how did she know?”.

“Are you sure she said George?” She asked and I acknowledged.

“Wow this thing just won’t go away. So what are you going to do about it?” she asked me but I did not have answers. I was tired of everything, I really was. Seemingly I was the only one fighting to keep things together so why should I bother keeping on trying. I needed a break and I had earned it.

“She can’t get away with this though. If I did not know any better I would say you must beat her because she is getting out of hand. She cannot sleep out of the house at that age and not expect a response out of you. No shem!”

She laughed to herself and continued, “My mother would have turned me blue black for such misbehaviour!”

When I grew up my mother had never spared the rod. She beat me up for everything and I hated her for it. Now that I was an adult with own kids I could not bring myself to beat up my daughter. I don’t doubt that she needed a hiding but with all that was going on was it really the way forward? She had called the cops on me once meaning I already looked like an abusive parent.

“I have gone down this road before and it didn’t end well!” I told her but she would hear nothing of it.

“I come from a Zulu home and trust me on this, we know who the parents are and who not to mess with!” she said laughing, again this time with a slight whistle. Zethu had always had something naughty about her so I was not surprised that she was the kind of girl who got beat downs from her parents.

“Let me take you for lunch.” she said suddenly. I guess I was that depressed. I refused the offer and said I was taking the rest of day off instead.

“I saw you talking to your brother yesterday? Did you support us?” she asked me. I had even forgotten about that. Lately I seemed so forgetful. It was probably because everyday there is something new to make my life worse.

“Yes we spoke and yes I supported you!” I said but that was obviously not the full truth. My brother had said rather painful things which I could not repeat but I told her what she wanted to hear.

“Thank heavens. Would you believe I actually prayed for this. It’s true after all hey. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no!” she said and hugged me. I think this was meant to be a compliment but it came out as something else to me. I was the NO element in this equation.

“I think you have given me options. I think we should go to church! I haven’t been in a church in years!” I said to her. She looked at me like I was crazy. The reason for this was because I was forever laughing at people who go to church and seemingly kept on being fleeced. See there I go again. It’s like being educated makes you look down on everyone else who is not from the same circles as you or higher. Church was one of them for me. I just needed something to ground me because so much had happened. In a short space of time. Life I tell you.

My husband had not called me the whole day. I had been busy and caught up myself so I had not done called him either. I decided to call him. He did not pick up. Eish, it only hit me at this moment that in all my begging him to go there I had made one mistake – I had not offered my condolences directly to his mother. This was bad actually, two days later. I knew she would probably humiliate me for it but oh well, it had to be done. I dialled and unlike my husband she did not hesitate to pick up.

“Dumelang!” she said to me very formally. I greeted her back and asked after her health. She said she was fine regardless of what was happening all around her. I offered her my condolences of which she accepted and asked me when I would be coming there. I told her that my husband had insisted I come on end of the week so that Lintle must not skip school as it was exams.


“Eish I think you should come sooner! I don’t like the way he is running around with that woman, Nelisa’s mother! She is a homewrecker and I don’t want here near my son! She must go back to her old man and leave my son alone!” she told me in what I am not sure was necessarily a friendly gesture or a taunt.

“Mama I don’t understand!” I said pretending not to know what she was talking about.

“I said come get your husband. This woman has muti and she will steal him from you. She has done it before. He was supposed to leave yesterday but he refused and insisted on staying an extra day for no reason. If it was because of the funeral then yes I would understand but I haven’t seen him all day. Only now he got here and he said he was busy doing things with her, helping fix things for their daughter! Their daughter! That witch now says that sfebe of a daughter of hers is my husbands! Imagine! Please come get him I don’t want him here!”

She said angrily. Wonders never cease, this woman had hated me all this time now she was saying she was on my side. I scratched my head.

“Thank you mama! I am coming!” I said to her. I didn’t trust her. What if she wanted me to pick a fight that was not there?

“You must hurry because I heard she filed for divorce from her husband already meaning she is after your husband!”

Say what? I saw red!


*******The End*******




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto


Dear Mike

Thank you for reading.

I am a 27 year old male and have a good job were I am permanent. I have been dating my girlfriend for about 2 years now and two weeks ago she told me she was pregnant. I love my girlfriend and am ready to marry her but she said she does not want to keep the baby, she wants to focus on school and get a career. In fact not only does she want an abortion but also she asked us to take a break so that she can “think things through”. From that day she has not picked up my calls and now I am scared that she will go do an abortion behind my back. I am so scared I don’t know what to do. I don’t want her to kill our baby, I am not a bad man and will marry her immediately if I must but she won’t even pick up my calls. I have tried to go see her but she is never there.

What should I do?

Thank You




20 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 82

  1. Wololo this is getting crazy. Knowing what I know about Nelisa’s mom and this man if I were Nothabo I would let him go because it’s an uphill battle its about to get crazy and it won’t stop now. But because she does not know any better Nothabo will probably fight for him

    Clifford I can’t help but think that this not your baby hey. I see no reason for her to ignore you so much regardless of the fact that she doesnt want the baby and you do. Think about it, think really hard

  2. Gijima Nothabo kuyonanakala sisi…must be a relief to know that your mamezala hates somebody more than you.

    Clifford. The right thing would be for her to discuss this with you and you both agree on it as it should not be her decision alone. The harsh reality is that its her body and she may feel she has the right to make the decision without you and there is no legal recourse that prevents her from aborting without your consent. You have to beg her, akhukho okunye. Assure her of the support she will get from you. If you are a believer, pray for a divine intervention.

  3. Great chapter Mike
    QNA: I got to agree with Tee on this one there is definitely another guy in the picture, I have experience something similar to this and eventually mina I walked away and met another girl so just leave her she will regret it soon enough when the new guy on the block changes on her.

  4. Yoh yah neh it’s about to go down!!!!!!

    Tee i think you wrong,Clifford this is a very difficult time for your girlfriend just give her the space she needs right now text her explaining that you will be there for her no matter what she decides,and that you acknowledge her goals and her vision for the future,don’t impose anything on her and don’t let her feel as though she is a murderer no woman dreams on killing her baby and no woman wants to find herself in such a situation,it’s scary..give her time,consider each other,relationships needs compromise.assure her you love her regardless.

  5. Ay its best Nothabo let him go, he wants to divorce her and Nelisas mom wants to divorce her husband. This is calculated as far as I see it

  6. Clifford go to her parents with ur parents, if it wasn’t your baby she wudnt have told you that shes pregnant, maybe she is scared about you leaving her, show her that you are happy about the baby and that it doesnt mean she cnt hve a life n a career with a kid

    Send a letter to her parents with ur intent

    best of luck

  7. Clifford I thnk she doesn’t kno who the baby daddy is dats y coz I dnt thnk u ever gave her a reason to doubt yo lv for her. If she ddnt want babies she shudve used contraceptives so let her go u’ll find someone who’ll love n appreciate.

  8. Clifford maybe the baby is not yours.How old is the gal?Imean if you guys were in a 2 year relationship fanele ngabe yoll know each other by now.There is definitely another guy!

  9. Clifford, take it from me, not everyone dates multiple men at the same time or even sleeps around with different men. I understand what your girlfriend is going through. Let me explain my story: I was on a long term contraception and was using antibiotics for 5 days, silly of me not to know they wont work, however it resulted in me falling pregnant and my bf has a very senior position so he could obviously take care of the baby. However I was in my 1st year PhD, meaning I still had 2 more years. I am in a lab related research so there was no way I could keep the baby without derailing my degree and losing my scholarships. I spoke to my bf and he understood that at that moment my career was important to me and although he wanted to keep it, he understood and supported me.

    Termination is not any easy process, its emotionally and psychologically scaring, however you cannot force your gf into having a baby when she had made clear to you her reasons, be supportive. You guys have been together for 2 years already, you know her goals, dont be selfish. My guess is she is staying away because she believes you will not understand and shes dealing with the decision to terminate as best as she can. You may want to marry her, but remember if you force her to keep the baby and her career does not go accordingly she will resent you for it.

    My advice is to keep trying to contact her, however do not force her into anything. Try to understand why she wants to terminate, how much time she still needs for her studies. If possible call Marie Stopes and see a counsellor and take it from there, maybe she will change her mind, maybe not and they will advice you on contraceptives too.

    Very NB!! Be supportive, be very supportive. Now is the time to prove that you really love her.

    1. I realised that too but will work on it. It’s not easy linking my story lines and after I made Nothabo the paediatrician in charge of Amo I realized after I posted that I had moved to quick.

  10. Mother in law,has a change of heart Nothabo maan
    Cliff wa jellwa ntate,hw cn a batle break after she finds that she’s pregnant? I think she’s bin caught up in her lies so o bona ho lahla wena o tla be a solvile mathata a hae,if she’s nt wre u knw she stays always dnt u think she’s with da father of her bbu?

  11. Q&A The writing is on the wall, he had someone whom she was going out with at the same time she was with you, possible you’re not the daddy I don’t blame women if belibambisa ibantshi, she is avoiding you she is ok were ever she is with the man she loves she is done with you get a life. If the baby is yours he will come to your funeral or when she is done with the person she is with she will come back to you and I believe you will take her back hayi ubushimane.

  12. Eish and here we are so single hoping to find a man who will dearly loved us and there are people who are running away from that love.. How I wish I could have someone like you Cliff lol life is not fair… anyway cliff maybe she doesn’t love you or therebis someone else in the picture

  13. My brother that is not your baby but she don’t want to tell your upfront. He want you to read between the line. Umithiswe yenye indoda lo cherry yakho, vuka ndoda.

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