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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 213

We are all in a state of panic, all going back and forth to the car then following the blood trail then again back at the car, we all had different theories of what could have happened to her. I took out my phone and called Andiswa’s phone, it was ringing “It’s ringing inside the car she left it when she walked out of the car.” Cleo said holding out Andiswa’s phone, I really had no idea what to do next, I had literally just landed in Cape Town and in less than an hour I had a friend who was missing because of a disagreement we had and blood on the side of the road where we had left her. “I think we should call the police.” Naledi said, “And say what to them Naledi?” I said, feeling guilty. The thought of police scared the crap out of me, it felt like every policeman knew what I had done and would be coming for me, so calling them felt like I would be handing myself over. “No guys, no police please, not after I told you what I did in Joburg.” My sister rolled her eyes and said the police don’t know that I was involved and calling them would actually help to prove that I was in Cape Town we can say we went shopping and have been shopping the whole day and Andiswa had been drinking a lot of water so she wanted to get out of the car and pee in the middle of nowhere since there were no garages in sight, and as she got out to pee we decided to play a joke on her and left her there and when we came back she was nowhere to be seen, I have to admit my sister’s story sounded reasonable so we agreed that we would stick to that story there would be no mentions of any fights or disagreement because once we say that then the police will look at us as the suspects.

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