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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 212

We’ve been chased by thugs before with guns, chased by people that we didn’t know, chased by my husband’s frenemies chased by police and this has all been on the ground, by a four wheeled vehicle. Being chased by police who were air-borne was all a new thing for us, as scary as it was it was also a bit exciting. Technically I was not even there I was still in Cape Town so I could not be linked to this escape unless we got caught. “Can you drive a little faster they catching up” I said, thinking of what would happen to me if I got caught. My husband gave me one quick look then put his eyes back on the road as if I had said nothing at all. Honestly he can be a bit dramatic at times, he got into the freeway and said “this is where I am going to have to leave you” I looked at him with a bit of confusion in my eyes “leave me? You gonna leave me in a bloody freeway? Not even airport or garage?” He turned at me and for a second I thought I saw anger in his eyes “Garages have cameras and don’t even start with me with airports, I will be made the second I drive in.” So that meant I was going to be stranded on a freeway, how stupid was I going to look from driving a fancy sports car to walking, this was a bit embarrassing I thought. Mthobisi must have seen the look of disappointment in my face because he quickly said “come on Honey, what do you take me for? I will never leave you stranded.” He said with a smile on his face. All this was happening with the police chasing behind us and my husband was driving on the N3 freeway like he owned the damn road, cutting cars and changing lanes without any warnings.

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  1. Eish she is your friend Lee but if she’s dead that means minus 1 trouble for u phela uAndiswa akalunganga neze worse suphinde wamxoxela ngokweqisa uMT

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