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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 210

My phone rang again, it was still my mother in law. I hesitated but decided to answer and she screamed “Lesedi are you going to open the damn door or not?”. She was obviously getting angry now. There was no escaping her, she was at our door and the only way to get rid of her was to go and speak to her and try to reason with her even though reasoning and my mother-in-law do not belong in the same sentence. “I was just looking for the keys, I’m coming to open” I said, obviously lying. I then went downstairs with the girls behind me. Our security guys where the ones who had been knocking, I had completely and totally forgotten about them. “There is someone here to see you.” one of them said as soon as I opened the door. I smiled and behind them was our white old man who had saved our lives, he asked me to step outside. I could see the look of relief on my friend’s faces when they realized it wasn’t my mother in law standing outside. I stepped outside to go speak to him, he handed me an envelope and said my id and my flight ticket were in that envelope. I thanked him and didn’t even ask any questions as everything seemed obvious and besides I had a feeling he was not going to give me any answers. He left and I put the envelope inside my pants and hid it with the t-shirt I was in no mood to answer a hundred and one questions from my friends. I went back inside. They asked what the old man had wanted and I told them he wanted to see if we were happy with the security and if we needed anything.

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