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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 209

While She Rocks and I were packing my sister walked in and asked what we were doing, I told her I was leaving for Joburg and that Mthobisi had been arrested. “And since you are not a judge or a lawyer what are you going to do? Break him out?” She said sarcastically,  laughing. On any given day I would have found that hilarious but I faked a laugh and said “very funny Naledi, you should have been a comedian.” I then quickly changed the subject, this topic was making me uncomfortable. Andiswa walked in “Hey Gals, nilale grand?” she said looking and sounding very happy which was very unlike her especially of late,, the girl was always in a bad mood and upset about something and not to mention the fact that I still didn’t trust her fully. “Well, you are in a good mood today, there is only one thing that can put such a smile on a woman’s face” said She Rocks obviously as surprised as we were about her mood. My sister laughed and said “a dildo” and we all burst out laughing. She looked at us with annoyance and said “you are disgusting, I’m going to go sit outside by the pool and soak up some sun. Whose making brunch?” we all echoed “make your own” she rolled her eyes and walked out.

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