Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

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So many things were happening at once. I did not want to go to this dinner because I knew there would be drama.
Unfortunately I did not want my boss to think I was being rude as already he seemed to be on the edge. It’s like I had become his inner circle when he was having relationship problems. I had also become quite a snitch. I was reporting everything that was happening to Aurelia but all she cared about was being the number member of her own dream team. I don’t know if she would do such things to have my back. The thing with friendships is that they are very volatile. On the one hand I wanted us to stay friends forever but the more she got famous the more I realized that this was just a waste of my time. She did not care about our friendship just her success. Ok fine I may be a bit harsh considering how she had had my back when I had nothing to offer. We had been through a lot of shit together so maybe I should step up for her.

“It will be fun. It’s just dinner. You are over thinking things!”

Aurelia was saying on the phone. This is the same girl who just moments ago was telling me how best to use Refiloe. She was right though when she said that the key to all this was Refiloe. The way Lunga had said that she had finally laid her husband was a relief though. Ok fine it does sound a bit peverse having a son talk like that about his parent but for now it was a small victory so let me not focus on the creepiness. It felt as though this would buy us a few days at least. Aurelia said she needed about two weeks to sign the deal so this could not hurt. I was not sure if Lunga had told her about his parents being on good books yet but I do think that would have been a good idea. This way she knows to keep her distance and not mess it up for everyone. I was about to tell her this when I saw Lunga walking towards me. I don’t why I felt as though it was perhaps prudent to say bye to Aurelia so that she must not know whom I was with on the phone. The other time Lunga had caught me on the phone after discussing something sensitive with him I remember him asking me if i was reporting on him. Not this time! He was smiling meaning that I did not have anything to worry about. He is one person that seemed really happy with everything that was going on. I could not see how though.

“I need your advice on something. I want to take Aurelia to Mauritius so that we can properly celebrate our engagement. I have already spoken to my mum about it. Do you think I should tell my dad at dinner?”

He asked me. Was this a trick question to test my loyalties?

“Lunga, are you only engaging her to piss off your dad? It feels like so because you keep on referring to him with every move you make?”

I asked him. In a war, I would take bullets for Aurelia and not this dude. He had turned out to be a nice guy yes but let’s not forget his motivation for being with Aurelia had originally been to hurt his father. Well he had succeeded on that but what if it was him who still had the last say. What if he wanted to humiliate them at the last minute. You never know with these emotional boys who think they have equal rights to their parents.

“O come on. I have already engaged and am asking for advice on things that will make her happy. What more should a guy do to impress a girl because I believe I have done it all.”

He was right on that score though, he had already done more than most guys would so maybe I was the one with the issues.

“Sorry about that. It’s just that I love her too much to see someone break her and I will protect her with everything I have!”

I warned him. I think he got the message. He reassured me that he was where he wanted to be. It just felt like that scenario where kidnapped people end up identifying with the kidnapper. There was no way he loved her but who am I to judge. He was so in love by the sound of it. This dinner therefore with what we were trying to achieve would turn out bad especially if they decided to PDA in front of his parents (public display of affection)m I had to call Aurelia back and speak sense to her. My phone rang and it was Thulare. I showed Lunga the caller ID but I did not pick up.

“Why are you not picking up? Problems in paradise?”

He asked me. I just shook my head before I said,

“Yes but we not going to discuss it. I just want to be left alone!”

He got the message and left it alone. I wanted to avoid all the problems I had for now. It was just too much to bare and if I thought it I would end up crying. I did not want to deal with these feelings which I had for Thulare. Then there was Mudenda to worry about as well as my father. So many things happening at the same time. Have you ever reached a breaking point in your life where you realize that this thing of acting and pretending to hold everything together seems like a waste of time? We work so hard to keep up appearances but looking at my life honestly who would not break. I was broken already. Everything that could possibly have gone wrong had gone wrong. I was not even lucky in love but most South African girls are in that category so I had lots of company. I ask this because as a woman especially you are never allowed to lose it because society is quick to call us names. I was looking at my situation here and if I let go of my morals I could benefit. Men will do anything for money. In fact most women encourage men to do what ever it takes to make money because we know we will benefit from it. I ask you this, if another offers you r100 000 to sleep with your man would you say no? Not even that much! I bet you many people will do it for less but then that morality thing which is often thrown at us women gets put in the mix. We can’t do as our men do? We have to wait our turn to make money the so called right way like good women should! Sigh! I don’t think I want to be called mogwanti or sfebe! I am a mother now and as a mother I should do the right thing and stay in my job and try make ends meet. It’s so funny that I always told myself that I would put money first so that my family succeeds in life but here I was second guessing myself. Thulare was not mine and could never be mine. I loved him yes but fucking my own cousin is not something I looked forward to.

I managed to lose Lunga at some point. I don’t know where he went. I went back to my phone and called Aurelia again.

“I feel like we just spoke just now.”

She said when she picked up the phone and then she laughed.

“Yeah we just spoke but I think we need to rethink this. This dinner idea is a bad one unless we have a plan. The last thing you want is to piss them off!”

I told Aurelia but she seemed busy with what ever it was she was doing!

“We are playing with fire and I could lose my job hey!”

I reminded her. She seemed distracted when she replied saying I was overreacting she seemed so far away.

“Do you want this or not?”

I shouted to make her pay attention to me because she did not seem to take this very seriously.

“I am sorry I am doing my hair. I need to look good for the dinner!”

She said to me!

“Are you listening to yourself?”

I asked her. She was not serious because to her it was all a game. I was so disappointed. Here I was worrying about her future and her deal and she was busy going over the top on it.

“You said we need to stay focused. How do you think he will react when you walk in looking your best. You will only attract him more and that will be a problem don’t you think?”

I asked her.

“I think we need to have a meeting with Refiloe. I will tell her that he hit on me. That should work right?”

I asked Aurelia. She did not really agree with that because she argued that Refiloe could snap and mess up her deal. Her plan was that we needed to keep those two people happy what ever it took. I did not see how though so I told her,

“The only thing he wants is you so that’s the only way we can keep him happy. Maybe if I can’t convince him to send me and Lunga to Durban as he once suggested just to check out the place it would give you a chance to be with him?”

That for me was the only way she could be able to spend time with my boss as nowadays Lunga was always at her place.

“We will think of something don’t worry! Listen I have to get in the dryer. Will call you now now!”

She said and hung up immediately. I was so disappointed. She was not taking me seriously. I went back to my desk and reception called me saying that I had a visitor at the front. I figured it was Thulare since I had ignored his call but that would have been super creepy and fast. I smiled though because the thought of him here warmed me up inside. I was wrong though. It was not him but someone else!

“Mudenda what do you want?”

I asked him. He seemed uneasy but at least he was here to talk. I took to a quiet area where it was just the two of us.

“Something I wrong! That baby is not mine!”

He said straight up. He had a serious look on his face and I could actually see he had been crying.

“What do you want from me though? I don’t mean to sound rude but I am the last person you should be telling this!”

I told him. I won’t lie I did feel sorry for him but again it was not any of my business.

“You guys were friends was she seeing someone else?”

Was this man really serious. He was really asking me those questions and expected my help.

“Thulare come on. I don’t know all that and even if I did i would never tell you. Why do you say it’s not yours?”

He hesitated and then said,

“Meladi’s family is not light in complexion and I know they are not dark either. My family we just dark nje nothing else. The baby is so light even the nurse asked me if we had a coloured gene in the family? My mother asked me if I was sure it was mine and the only person who seemed to think we are paranoid is my father! I don’t know what to think!”

He was hurting. I had to indulge him.

“Can I see the baby pictures please so I can tell you that you are wrong?”

I said to him. He had to accept the baby and move on. He took out the phone and gave it to me.

The first picture the baby looked familiar, the second picture made me pull the phone closer to my face as though I could not see clearly but on the third picture I had no doubt!

The baby looked like either Lunga or his dad! I can put my life on that. They both even had a mole just under the ear and so did the baby!

But how?

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for all your works. You keep us entertained always.

My problem: I have been sleeping with my boss for three years now. In that time I have had a boyfriend and he never found out. My job allows me to work nights or late hours at times so I have always had the perfect excuse. My boss is married and has two kids. His wife is a lawyer a I have met he several times. She is so proud and arrogant that at one of their family functions I was invited to, her own sisters wanted to beat her up. She looks down on people and often humiliates my boss as she is more educated. Last week through a friend I learned that she was cheating on him too. My instinct was to run and tell him but I realized that I gain nothing from it. I have tried to break it off with her husband but we work close together and he is always there when I need him. My own boyfriend is still in his partying phase. Every weekend is meant for an outing with the boys. When I bring up the marriage topic is like I slapped him on the face. He asks why I am putting him in a corner and the works. He has a good job good salary but drinks all the time. I don’t know if he is cheating too but that’s not the point. I am in too deep with my boss whom I can never have and at the same time I have a boyfriend who I am not sure where I am going nor if I am even happy?

Please advise me on what’s my best end scenario here.

Thank you in advance


25 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

  1. This baby probably belongs to Lunga’s dad, he might have smashed both Aurelia and Meladi. How??? At the stage when they were all still friends.

    Oh and Mike what happened to Aurelia’s pregnancy?

    Disloyal… Making a decision in this state is not ideal. YOu need a clean state. Find another job, your boyfriend is not serious as well so you need to rethink that situation. Basically ditch them both, at least thats what I think

  2. Thanks Team.
    Q&A: yini ingxaki la, coz you seem to be talking about everyday bread for some. Wentombi, wonakele umhlaba la emnyango. Every second show on tv seems to be promoting promoscuity or something. It’s like having an affair is the ‘in-thing’ nowadays.

  3. Disloyal

    I feel you dont need this much drama in ur life , ur boss sounds like a damaged man intimidated by hes wife,

    wait how were you invited to hes family event n it didnt give raise to any suspicion (follow up letter will be good) or maybe shes cheating on him coz she knows about you , ever asked ur self y she treats him like that , 3 years a long time to cheat on sum1 though, do u want sumthing more serious with this man

    am beyond confused by ur letter

  4. Thanks Mike! Jaw on the floor!!

    Disloyal leave them both, your bf more especially, clearly there’s no future plans for both of you. The man said it himself. Good luck in deciding how u gonna drop them both

  5. Wow Faith ur middle name should be trouble as it follows u every where u go, now Lunga’s dad might be Meladi’s baby dad wht a circle of life mmmm….

  6. Disloyal
    How his wife treats him is none of your business,how miserable you think he is bcs of her education is none of yours,her cheating ways is also none of yours,you sound like a Nyatsi who wants to be a Madam now,discussing his wife with your friends is not part of the deal,if this man was that miserable he could have left that woman now you sound like you wanna help him out of he misery,Some Men lie,you have just become a victim of his lies….your Boss doesn’t love you at all,nor your boyfriend…finding a job is not easy but you started sleeping with your boss,your fault,find a job somewhere and start over…or else you will entangle yourself more and you shall act and be desperate…UGLY SIGHT I tell you

  7. How can u even be asking that, u spend too much time bonking ur boss so u cant hv it both sweety, its either u focus on brother or get out. How many is ur boss bonking at ur work place……??? Dnt aim too low….go out there n get the man u want n stop pulling skirts at wrk coz u wil only sink deep n dude is married jst doing u coz he cant handle wifie well

  8. Now Faith should go to Refiloe and tell her she found out who the Husband is cheating with and throw Meladi under the Bus and get paid for it :p :p :p. #Pay_Back_Time

    1. Jojojojo… 😀 perfect revenge wouldn’t it be? He will probably stop nagging Aureila… And everybody lives happily after… hahhahahaha

  9. yoh Faith trouble is ur middle name. Bathung mara meladi? I so agree with you Malethie its pay back time. Faith had suffered and its enough, now its her turn miss goodie too shoes(Meladi). she was acting all high knowing exactly that the father of her child is not Mudenda, what would the father say after finding out that her daughter was in a relationship with a man who is probably the same Age with him. He will die out of shame.

    Q$A The boyfriend is not serious about you baby go find a man who will love and respect you. as for being a side chick stay out of ur Boss’s business if he want to be with you he will do the right thing which is divorce the wife and be with you. Here is a sisterly advise most of the man they don’t leave their wives for a side chick. good luck

  10. Being with somebody on the low for 3 years is just crazy. Disloyal trust me sneaking around while not being caught can be the most fun thing ever , but very dangerous at the same time.sounds to me like you are inlove with your boss and thats just not good, rule number one for being side-chick is and will always be: NEVER FALL INLOVE YO. Girls nower days are just way too disloyal its scary AF. The fact that wifey aint satisfying ole guy is none of ur damn bidniz.Get urself a man and forget about both those messy 2
    men-kids in ur life

  11. Mudenda is getting what’s he deserves! He put faith in hell throu her pregnancy nd engage her friend nogal,denied the baby,a kgeta go tshwara penele,good for him!faith tell him wat u think lok
    Tnx team

  12. Disloyal. U need to also note that by telling Ur boss abt his wife will not change anything as he stands to lose a lot should he decide to divorce. (assuming they married c.o.p.) she’s an Attorney after all.she can make his life miserable and sure u wouldn’t want that for urself as it might even affect Ur job indirectly. So stay away from his personal life and start thinking on how to live urs morally.

  13. Plot twist… We end up finding out that Lunga’s mom has always know about the affair between her husband and Auralia, that she’s doing all these things for Lunga to poss off her husband even more. And that maybe she involved Faith by asking for help, just so things can get more complicated.

    I feel Refilwe is on top of her game. She knows what’s happening. She just doesn’t want to walk out of the battle free willingly.

    Faith needs to get her shii together… She’s going to regret the decisions she’s making now. And she has to cut off Aurelia…

  14. Dankie bhuti Michael.

    Disloyal, yo story is so complicated bcz U crossed the line. It seems both of U had an unwritten arrangement of satisfying each other as both of U needed that extra TLC. Then U developed feelings.
    Solution, get out of both situations. Pity if U didn’t capitalize on yo arrangement to get a good bank balance or even a house/car.
    Start recording yo last few sessions with yo boss in case he decides to fire U, then U can threaten to blackmail him.
    Don’t use the recording for any gain, just keep as last resort if he pushes U. Jobs R scare sisi no joke! As for yo boy/guy, U might as well stay alone. – PapaG

  15. Thanks Mike. I so wish faith could do her and drop all these people. You are an unpaid therapist.
    Disloyal: You are inlove with your boss yet you also expect your bf to marry you……talk about keeping your options open. The truth is you do love your boss. another reality is that you do not know what happens in his backyard except what you are told and assume. When a side chick does not know the madam, she assumes she is fat, unkept and barefooted.When they know her in person, then she is arrogant, thinks highly of herself and all that… know why so that you have enough reason to persue the husband and believe everything he tells you about her. You must be smart enough to know that its none of your business and you hooked up for your own benefits not because of his situation at home or your situation with your bf. If you really want to get married one day, start building your own yard and let destructive people be.

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