Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two

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Drama drama drama! I don’t think I actually ever thought my life will be like this at this stage of my life. I was putting out fires every day. This job was proving more taxing than I thought simply because of this family and all its drama. It was emotionally draining to have to deal with lustful old men and their mistresses, I just wanted to keep my head low and not be part of this game but it was just proving impossible. If I called Aurelia after this surely I would just as big a problem as what I feared in the first place. I was now a gossip and I think I was only making things worse. I had also realized that this going back and forth of mine really was not helping my emotional state. I was a mother with a baby at home who needed me. Soon enough Amo will not recognise me as his mother because I was either always at work, working or at home on the phone gossiping about other people’s life’s! It had to stop! It was none of my business and already I had lost myself in all this nonsense. It’s not like my advice was appreciated in any case because one moment I did this and the next I was fighting a different cause.

“There is no way they will divorce Lunga. Come on, you know they love each other. Some couples express their love for each other by fighting.”

I lied I guess but I had to say something. It’s true though I know couples who always argue but love each other.

“Nah you should have seen the look in his eye. He was done. My father never confides in me man to man. This was the first time he ever did that!”

I knew he was serious it’s something I already envisaged. It would not work for the team though. Divorcing her was a sure way of Refiloe losing it and I have no doubt this would affect Aurelia’s dream. There simply was too much riding on this deal to allow a small minor thing like a divorce get in the way. All these thoughts were going through my head at this very moment but looking at Lunga he was obviously devastated.

“How is that possible? They were both so happy yesterday and you even said he got laid!”

I asked him. I was not trying to be funny and I don’t think it came out like that either because he shrugged and responded,

“I don’t know either because yesterday was the happiest I had seen my father in a very long time. Even my mother was carefree and cracking jokes. I don’t think you understand how refreshing that was and how rare. Something is not right!”

I don’t understand people who know truly well what is wrong with a situation when they cry wolf. Lunga knew that his father was or rather had been sleeping with his now fiancé but the way he spoke made it seem like he was clueless that it was him who had broken his father’s heart. This crying wolf situation was getting old. We were in a vicious circle and it really had to stop.

“Have you told Aurelia yet about this?”

I asked him.

“Nope. I don’t want her to think we are more dysfunctional than we already are! This is just too embarrassing and I need to be able to bring good news once in a while. She is already sceptical over this engagement and this will only push us further apart!”

He had to figure it out I guess. I had work to do. I did not want to sit and console him over something he created. I had warned everyone that this would happen and people who don’t listen learn the hard way.

“I have to work on this and finish it. Sorry friend. I hope they work things out!”

I told him with a hug. Inappropriate in the work place but it had to be done. I had not even settled in before my boss called me. I had to leave this company. Yes they were paying me but the way they lacked professionalism was beyond me. It might have been my first job but through them I already knew this was not the way things were done. Serves me right though for entering this company through the back door.

“I hear that you have decided to divorce your wife from Lunga? What’s with the games though?”

I asked him straight up. He was my boss and an elderly man yes but when grown men act like kids, respect for them also falls away in the same manner. It’s not hard to see why.

“I am tired. My wife deserves better and I am the problem. Yesterday at the dinner you saw how happy she was. She looked so amazing. I think she deserves that every day and not what I have been giving her lately.”

He explained to me which was getting boring for me now. I asked him if we could keep it professional for now because I was getting confused by all that was going on. I just wanted to be a worker and not be involved in their family dramas. He agreed with me and apologized for the mess. When I got to my desk I was bit relieved. He had not fired me. An hour later I got a call from Aurelia and she sounded mad as hell.

“Why didn’t you tell me that he wants to divorce her?”

She accused me. Why is it always me that is blamed for other peoples issues?

“Really Aurelia? What was I supposed to do? I agreed to help but not to be your frontline spy. Besides I think it was something that Lunga wanted to tell you himself. He was very hurt by it and I don’t think it would have been fair had I been the one to bring it up.”

I reminded her. She did not calm down even then instead she put on her panicked voice.

“What are we going to do really? You know fora fact that this will make her change her mind so fast!”

She said to me. She was right of course but how do you convince a man not to divorce his wife. That’s something they need to do.

Lunga was sitting staring into space. He was not handling this well at all. I know I said I was staying out of it but I had to say something to him before the poor boy hung himself with his shoelaces.

“Lunga don’t you have aunts you can use to intervene on your behalf because clearly you need help with this? They love each other and if you don’t get them help this will only escalate!”

I told him. In times of strife family should almost always be the first port of call.

“I have them but my mum has serious issues with such interventions. That’s why they haven’t had one. By issues I mean she is too proud! I was very surprised last night when she confessed to cheating. That was not like my mother at all. Maybe my father felt as though she was saying it to hurt him that’s why she said it like that!”

That’s how paranoia works. He was now trying to figure out things that did not need figuring out. We agreed that he must try speak to his aunts and see who can help him intervene. Fortunately he decided to go home because having him an emotional wreck next to me was not working. Again Orapeleng came and asked me if something was going with Lunga and I because we seemed so close. I told her she was engaged to my friend the one who always comes to see me. She looked at me a bit shocked then said,

“That girl is bad news!”

And walked away. I followed her and asked what she meant and she responded saying,

“I know girls like those. Their ambition lies in stepping over others. Look I am sorry I said that but I just get a bad vibe about her that’s all!”

I let her go. I did not want to argue further because her mind seemed made up already. It’s amazing how everyone seems to have opinions of people they don’t even know and feel it’s ok to share it. I was not going to entertain her though.

I switched my phone off because all my drama came through it. The day moved on pretty quickly from that. I had my work to keep me busy and with Lunga not there I moved pretty fast. I even managed to do some of his work allocation for him. When I knocked off my boss called me yet again to his office. This man was starting to stalk me clearly.

“Sorry I couldn’t talk to you earlier to thank you. I was busy and you were busy but now I can. Thank you so much!”

He said to me with a huge grin on his face. Ok I was lost at this moment. Why was he thanking me? I had not done anything that was worthy of that.

“I knew I made the right decision when I told you to help me with Aurelia!”

I should have known. What had she done this time?

“What did you guys agree on?”

I asked as though I knew what was going.

“She asked if we can go away this weekend just to talk. She said it was your suggestion that I send Lunga and you to Durban on Friday and Saturday to the Durban Office and Warehouse this way no one will see that we are missing.”

He explained. Yup, only Aurelia can think that up. I didn’t want to go to Durban with Lunga. I wanted to be with my own baby.

“I already made your bookings and for doing this for me, as promised, I put a little something extra for you in your account. I hope you saw it!”

He said with a huge smile on his face. He was so happy in fact. Guess the divorce was postponed. I had not seen the bank sms because my phone was off even now. I thanked him and told him I had to go. I was actually not happy at all because Aurelia was now making plans for me without my permission. Today I had to wait for a taxi as no one was picking me up. I was so angry at Aurelia I did not want to switch on my phone because I knew I would get a message from her. I just wanted to be left alone.

When I got home there was no one home but the house was in a mess. It looked as though someone had left in a rush. I went to my room and on my bed there was a note. I would know that ugly handwriting from anything.

“Where are you? We have been trying to call you! Amo ate something or was bitten by something and we had to take him to hospital! He has been admitted at Sunninghill Hospital!”

The note read and I panicked. I had no car and taxis would never get me there on time.

“Dear God, my little baby!”

I called the only person close enough to help me at that time…


*******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for our daily bread

I need your help and fellow readers. I am 26, independent lady but my love life is cursed seriously. Whenever I date a guy his family will have some issues with me that eventually lead into break up. They always have negative comments saying women that work in mining industries are not loyal/women who have their own cars are stubborn etc., why do we have to suffer because of the field of study that we chose? Now I’m scared of buying myself a house because it seems like I’ll be lonely forever.
I lost two boyfriends so far because of these kind of issues.
Please help me out, I’m scared @26 still single with no kid. My friends have steady boyfriends some are even engaged


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  1. HURT
    Don’t always be truthful upfront about what you do,make him see you for who you are first….and later when he knows the real you,then you can be truthful,buy a house,your investment,there is nothing painful like putting your dreams on hold for a guy,when he leaves you have to go to the achieves and dig up from where you ended,don’t end your dreams bcs of a guy,he has a right to get out of your life when he wishes…so don’t build anything on him,continue to do you,he who finds you will have to see to finish,he will find a way to fit in your life,and just don’t scare a guy and talk about the thousands your earn and the house you wanna buy,tell him you renting that house…

  2. Nice Chapter Mike.
    @HURT, Tjo cc I feel your pain, but don’t be apologetic for achieving so much in a very young age. A good man will come when GOD allows him to come. As of comparing yourself to your friends, dear, don’t do that because you’ll depress yourself. Not every1 will walk the same road
    in life

  3. Hurt. First off, well done baby girl for having urself together and running it in a male dominated industry. Those two bf are not men but mama’s babies so honestly u are better off. Go ahead buy ur house,do things that make u happy, u earned it. Travel, see the world, who knows u might meet ur prince charming on the road who is not intimidated by a woman who has her own thing going on. U got nothing to be ashamed off. Oh and don’t compare urself to ur friends, ppl tend to exaggerated their relation happiness. at 26 u are so young, there is a whole world out there to see, so don’t feel the need to settle down. Use ur singleness to ur advantage.

  4. Hurt, sisi hang in there…everything has a period, your period for happiness in love has not come yet. Don’t compromise your happiness by comparing your situation to your friends. You have not yet met the guy meant for you. When you meet him, your job and independence will not be an issue to him nor his family. He will appreciate having the independent woman you are in his life. Your friends may be in relationships and all, have you considered that maybe they are not happy in those relationships. Your time is coming too.

  5. @Hurt, I know exactly how you feel. I was in the same boat a few months ago, dating a guy who earned half my salary while I am 24 and him 34. I bought a flat and tried hiding it from him that I owned the flat because I didn’t want him to feel intimidated by my success. I don’t think I loved him but I just gave up on ever finding the right guy for me who I wouldn’t have to hide my success around, and he seemed like it didn’t bother him. I had business ideas but I couldn’t even talk about it because he wasn’t that ambitious. A few months ago I started dating someone who I work with, we always had a crush on each other but we didn’t wanna complicate things because we work together. He moved to a different office, I dumped my bf and started dating my colleague who is 27. And I have never been so happy! We discuss all our business ideas together and make a great team. He’s not intimidated by my success because he earns more than me and we both have a lot of potential. I guess you just have to wait for your right man too.

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  7. Mike nna kgopela go butsisha or maybe I missed the chapter were Aurelia had an abortion, is she not pregnant?

  8. Hi readers & team

    Did I miss the memo or news letter eshoyo ukuthi this was the last chapter for Rumblings or how will the chapters be posted going forward,I am sorry bengibhala infact my last paper is tomorrow just took a study break.

    1. Yaz sengphume kobheka kwi growing up relevant Khanyi is the one who has stolen the days eRumblings she posted izolo and today,wasn’t she suppose to stick to Sundays…Mike plz clarify,tanx

  9. Sengphinde ngabheka ngith ok hlambe kusele ngapha so maybe a chapter was posted kwi Realities today but nakhona dororo…we shall wait patiently for bra Mike & his creative team*sighs*

  10. Morning Mike and the team

    I feel that you have taken more than enough advantage of our loyalty and patience.if you are not going to post anymore or the series have ended do let us know.this is not on. Usthathela phansi phela manje and its not fair

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