Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

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It’s a black thing to kick a dog when it’s down. That’s just how it is. We call it karma because the word sounds so nice but the reality is we want the world to know that finally you were getting what’s yours. My only problem in this moment is that there were two dogs to kick, Mudenda for leaving me for an illusion or Meladi, dearest Meladi for all she had put me through. I know people say that gloating is low but come on, I had earned it. Some people use you as a step ladder to get ahead. Usually such people just disappear afterwards but no, not Meladi. She had made sure at every turn that I knew my place. She had taken my man and that was not enough for her as she had gone after my dignity too. There are girls who are friends but will warn each other of how they are capable of taking what ever man you have. Such girls are not worthy of having as friends because frankly speaking, woman to woman, that is the lowest form of sisterhood. Meladi had never been that person, not around me anyway but when it had happened it became her life’s mission to destroy me and remind me that she had taken that which was most precious to me. I have honestly never understood why because it is not me that had ever hurt her. I now had a person to give to Refiloe but how was that going to work. We wanted her happy to complete the deal. Did Meladi know about Aurelia and my boss? I ask this because what if I go report then Refiloe goes after her only for it to backfire against us? There was also another catch though, something I had to consider, how would this affect Aurelia? So far Meladi had only been my problem but now that made her hers too, somehow? This changed a lot of things because that meant she had betrayed us both.

“You look like you know something?”

He said to me seeing how much I was staring at the baby picture. My instinct was to scream,

“Hell Yeah!”

But I did not. I composed myself and told him that I did not know anything but if he sent me the picture I will be able to ask some of our old friends and figure it out. He did not hesitate in sending it and begged me to put his mind out of its misery. I actually felt kind of sorry for him. I don’t think anyone deserves this.

“So what are you going to do if A. It’s not yours? B. After all this raucous you are causing you find out its yours?”

I asked him. He looked at me but before he responded I asked,

“And C, why are you not doing a DNA test?”

How could I have forgotten that last one? It was the easiest way to get answers I suppose.

“If the the baby is not mine I honestly don’t know what I would do? I would kill myself I guess. I will be the biggest fool that ever lived to be honest and considering how I treated you, I will deserve it. I never wanted to become the person I became, in fact you know how I used to laugh at deadbeat father’s but look at me. I am a deadbeat myself because of a woman who might not even be carrying my child!”

He said. He looked down and I could see the tears form in his eyes then they ran down his face. Now this was getting uncomfortable. I should not have asked these questions.

“If it’s mine I am still screwed because I did not trust her in the first place meaning I can never trust her going forward. There are just too many twisted things happening in that family and now I am a part of it.”

He said wiping his tears away. I won’t lie, I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the house were all this shit would go down especially if the child was not his. I wish I could see the look on her face Dear Lord when he told her that he found out the baby was not his. She thought she was clever. I also wish I could see the look on her proud father’s face when he learned that his princess was a little devil and a sugar daddy loving girl. Must be humbling with all his money. As I thought myself I asked myself what would happen if he came after my boss? Eh!

“Dude you can’t cry at my work place. It’s embarrasing. I will help you get to the bottom of this. I am not doing it because I love you but because you deserve better!”

I told him. I had to go though. I was still on the clock and had to go back to walk. I watched him walk away and all the jokes and gloating in me seemed to escape me. A broken man is as good as a dead one. He looked a shell of the guy I was with in Sun City. It was almost as if he had given ip on life.

“Who is that guy and why was he crying? You are quite the heartbreaker neh?”

Orapeleng asked me when I entered the office once more. I had not even see her walk past. I lied and said it wa a relative passing best news. What a weak lie though? I was not thinking straight which made me distracted the whole afternoon. She was about to get away with something again.

“That was a lie but I understand it’s none of my business!”

She said and smiled.

“How do you know I am lying?”

I asked her. She responded and said if someone had died I would be crying too. Ok that’s true. I would never cry for Meladi nor Mudenda for that matter, never again. The rest of the day went by fast. I had to get home fast and bath and change for dinner. When I got there my sister and Amo had gone to the shops. I was done very fast and Aurelia picked me up. I really needed a car of my own. When we got to the house it was very pleasant. Eventually we sat around the table and it was Refiloe who stood up and said she had something to say.

“Thank you for coming. The last time things did not go so well between us and I am, no, we are really sorry about how we behaved. We are the older ones and we behaved like teenagers. Your father and I really apologise for this Lunga and we agreed to go into therapy one last time to try and fix all the problems. Marriage is not easy. I love your father but he has so many flaws…”

Here we go, she was about to expose him for sure,

“… But so do I. Lunga I once had an affair when you were younger. Your father never quite forgave me for it…”

She said,

“Ah baby come on now not on the dinner table!”

My boss immediately jumped in,

“No love, I have things to get off my chest, holding on to all this anger is not healthy so please let me do what I need to do.”

She said holding his shoulder. He sat down like a little scolded puppy,

“As I was saying I messed up. For years I have gone around with that guilt and to my husband and you I am sorry. However, your father has flaws like any other man. He too has cheated and it hurt me so much. I forgot that I too had made a wrong in the past and was on this mission to destroy him and us. My husband, father of my beautiful son and father in law to our beautiful makoti, I am very sorry about that.”

She said,

“I am saying all this because I need you two to understand that marriage is not easy. There is no simple way to make it work because it is only when you make mistakes that you will be tested. Right now you are in the honey moon phase but when the really business of marriage comes you need to have a big heart. Lunga, Aurelia is yours to love and to cherish not to abuse and to take for granted. Aurelia, my son is lazy as hell but he is a good man. Be there for each other no matter what and your marriage will work. Let’s raise our glasses please…”

She said to her husband and I. Thank heavens, I was thirsty after such an anti climax. What did this mean? I was not liking this at all.

“Here is wishing a long and happy marriage…”

She said in her toast and sat down. Aurelia was crying and I am not sure if it was tears of guilt or what. I had tears in my eyes because I felt as though Refiloe had betrayed us. I was expecting fireworks and now what of my news. Here was yet another woman staying for nonsense. Where did that woman who spit brimstone and firestone go really.Dinner was served. Everyone was making small talk and I could see that Refiloe was making an effort to gold her husbands hand and laugh at his jokes. They seemed happy meaning that I could not throw Meladi under the bus just yet. I needed an opening but right now simply was not it. What the fuck? Fight already! We ate dinner with no further incident.

“I told you that things were going to work out!”

Aurelia said with relief in her voice. I guess she was the one who was benefiting the most out of this truce. It also meant she might not need my help anymore in keeping the situation calm as they had sorted themselves out. Furthermore it meant my services to spy might no longer be needed by Refiloe meaning all that money I had been promised would just fall away. Again, I lost out. Life is not fair.

When I got home I found Amo and my sister still awake. She said he had been struggling to sleep because he was catching a cold. I hated myself for not always being there for my child. I nursed him with my sister until he fell asleep.

I was late to work. First time ever and late by about thirty minutes. I had over slept. When I walked in I walked past my bosses office and I saw that he was sitting with Lunga. I went to my desk and busied myself. 30 minutes later Lunga came to the desk and he looked lost.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked him.

What’s with all the tears now ah!

“My father just told me that he wants to divorce my mum and is seeing his lawyers tomorrow!”

He said slumping into his chair.

Must have been a joke after all that Refiloe had said.

I was not sure what to do now!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hello Mike

I would like to say that you are such a phenomenal writer .

Ok ! I’m a 27yr old and i have recently moved in with my boyfriend who is 29yrs old and things between us are good I guess . We love and respect each other my only problem is that dude is always demanding sex every night every morning its him demanding sex he just doesn’t get enough even when im on my periods he wants it , if I refuse him he would rather go down on me and yes he goes down on me every time we get intimate. I am tired of having sex every single day ive tried talking to him about it but he wont listen ive even threatened to move out but he wont listen and his only excuse is that he has never slept with some o monate go tswana lena , and during the day he sends me texts massages saying he’s fantasizing about us and mind you we’ve been dating for more than six months now but I have never met any of his family members every time I mention it he brushes it off . He says he wants to marry me and his always talking about the future but what if I marry him and this sex thing doesn’t stop ? im constantly wondering if this iz a disease of some sort or could he be an addict please help I dont know what to do anymore I love him but im tired now.

Thank you

28 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

  1. How do u move in with someone after 6 months? Having not met their family n where hes from, I think I grow up in the wrong generation

    but with regards to ur situation, its still a fresh relationship and you are still exploring each other, as time goes on the urge will decrease I guess or hes using sex to to decrease the silences in ur relationship, thats just my opinion

    1. And Vee we will soon be called backward…watch and see…She doesn’t know anything about this guy and yet she is moving in with him….I’m sure her parents dont know about her cohabitating either and she’s complaining about meeting his family….eish

  2. Some people really have nice life problems. You are tired of the fact that your man wants to sleep with you and only you? He is horny for you? Wow the world is coming to an end. Yes he has a high sex drive but have you ever tried saying no and not tonight. Whose idea was it for you to move in with one another? If it was his chances are he knew what he wanted. Most guys don’t want women to move in that early so find out about his exes especially the who broke up with who part. I get the sense that possibly they moved in together too and also suffered the same fate. I would like to believe that if I had a high sex drive i would not survive having my gf not staying with me. Secondly if I am right I would not introduce you to my family either as sex is why you are here in the first place but like I said I am not certain. 6 months is simply too soon as you hardly know him.

  3. Six months and you have already moved in together? What happened to the saying ereng ‘Tseya nako go motseba’, anyway that’s none of my business. Be firm when you speak to him, tell him you are not his slave and stand your ground. If he doesn’t listen move out. The only way a man will take you seriously is when and if you stand your ground after all you are his equal… Men love strong women!

  4. QnA: I have a feeling miss Anonymous decided to move in with her bf to cut renting costs and not for love, that is why it feels like a mission to make love with him. Love birds enjoy each other

  5. Qna: u got to ask urself whether u really love this guy or u just see a better future with him.ka six months u shudnt be feeling like ur man is demanding sex u shud be wanting it too…lots of it even.clearly u don’t feel him enough for u to enjoy sex every time so you have ur answer move out because when the time comes when u have problems to solve ul hate it even more when he touches u…n another thing get that mind of ‘sex is about pleasing ur man’ out of ur head

  6. Cha impela 6 months senidlala umahlalisana? Hhhaayi asifani singabantu, kanye nezinkolelo zethu.

    Maybe he still excited about your cookie, soon he will get used to it and wont demand as much. As for meeting his family, shouldn’t that have happened before you decided to stay together?

  7. Tahnk you Mike…. 🙂

    Anonymous…you ahve nice life problems hey…I was actually thinking the same thing DM said..I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now and we moved in together last month and I would loooove to have sex with him everyday 🙂 but anyway thats just me…..

    6months is too soon..and why are you in a rush to meet his family vele??

  8. You guys are judgemental thou referring to the QnA if they love each other and wana move in together within 6 months then why not who are yol to judge

    QnA do not rush to meet his family when the time is right you will meet much as the time was right for yol to move in together

    As for the sex part,fake cramps everytime u have sex I promise u the everyday sex will decrease 🙂 , not all of us like being pumped everyday so I don’t understand why they saying it’s nice life problems…like REALLY

  9. lol lmao kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sister boss.

    @ anonymous…that’s what you get for ukuzi shadisa. hamba uzo dlisa ngomfana ongaku khiphelanga ne 2c le yakwa 2c

  10. She moved in with him at 6 months, it is not suprising in this day and age, why are you bashing her? The vagina needs to breath, not all of us sithandwa ukuvonxwa everyday. Anonymous, unless he forces himself on you (which would be big no no) you do have the power and right to say no, you don’t feel like it today! Its your vagina, you make decisions that concern it. He must respect your needs just like you respect his.

  11. Nice life problems indeed. How I wish my hubby had da same sex drive as yo b.f. Every nyt nd every morning yhoooooooooo wud definately be da happiest person on earth. Lol

  12. I moved in with then my boyfriend within 6 months of dating and before I could meet his family. It’s 4year’s later and celebrating 1 year anniversary this month. #Planned dream wedding for 2 years and he paid lobola during that period as well.# lobola paid after a year of kipiting.

    All is well and it still feels like we met few months back. U can never know a person until you stay with them

  13. My situation was similar to yours and similar to Lindz as well. Happily married for 2 years now. You are lucky. So many ladies wish to be in your shoes . Life is meant to be enjoyed . Enjoy it .

  14. Ta braMike.
    Bcz WR all unique it is a problem to U while it cud be “nice lyf problems” to others.
    Stand yo ground & move out if he can’t respect yo feelings. If he feels the same love & commitment as U, he will be come for U & try to be understanding to yo needs & wants. – PapaG

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