Rumblings – Chapter 125

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Women handle stress and conflict differently. There are those who when under pressure or feeling betrayed would rather cry and ask why me. Those are the annoying types because they fail to move on as they seem to think that they don’t have the power to fight back. Then there are those who will go all out full force spitting firestone and brimstone to such an extent that they end up doing more damage than good. Blinded with anger and rage they end up getting into way more trouble than that loser is worth in the first place. Those are the stupid ones. You go burn his car or house and end up being charged with arson which leads you in jail or with a criminal record that will never be removed from your record. How stupid is that? You’re neither the first person to get betrayed nor the first person to be cheated on boo boo so have vision in your anger. I believe that Refiloe lay in the middle group, yes she was angry and yes she had the “why me” questions but, focused reasonable aggression was called for and that’s what she was doing. She was calculated and methodical. I don’t think Mudenda was ever ready for how Refiloe had said that nor I for that matter. Wow! Wow and wow again! This woman had balls. Nah, I stand back and give her an ovation. That’s the way to open a conversation with the shameless woman that had put your marriage on the line.

“I…I… I don’t know what you mean?”

She started to stutter but Refiloe had this,

“Are you not Meladi who stays at 3 Kresswell Drive in Pretoria East, you went to University of Pretoria? If not then I apologise!”

Lol! Did I say lol? Yes I did but yes she just said that. I had forgotten in the information I had given her I had included Meladi’s address.

“I am but…”

“But what? You don’t remember my husband accidentally slipping and his dick ending up in you? You don’t remember nine months of pregnancy? Who do you think made you pregnant…? God?”, she asked and much as I was shocked, I wanted to laugh but could not because I did not want them to hear me in the background, and know that I was there. Nope, then it will be argued that I made it up.

“Mudenda hang up please!”, she said but Mudenda who I had forgotten was even there said,

“Are you serious right now? No I want to hear this! Isn’t this my baby?”, he asked her angrily.

“It’s not what you think baby! I think she is mistaken!”, She pleaded!

“Mistaken, she mentioned you by name and home address! What the fuck do you take me for?”, he said angrily.

“For the loser that could not count that months didn’t add up clearly!”, Refiloe said.

“It’s not like that baby! I meant to tell you but you never gave me a chance!”, Meladi said in the background.

“No no no this is not happening! Gave you a chance to do what? We have been arguing and fixing things for this long how many more chances did you need! You are not Bafana Bafana that needs so many chances to score one goal!”

As for the Bafana Bafana analogy I die! I could hear him hyperventilating. He was very angry and his voice was cracking.

“Baby tell me this not true!”, he cried and I could hear that he was probably crying real tears. It must be the hardest thing being told such a thing but if Mudenda had never suspected that something was amiss then he really is the fool he was played for.

“So she betrayed you too? You were about to raise my husband’s child? How noble of you?”.

Refiloe rubbed it in further, of which there was a shriek from the other side,

“No shut up you bitch! Your husband came to me not the other way round meaning you couldn’t satisfy him!”, Meladi snapped but I don’t think she had intended to say that. Refiloe had pushed the right buttons and she had blurted out the wrong thing.

“I rest my case. Do you hear what your little tramp just said?”, Refiloe said to Mudenda.

“I am not a tramp and it’s not my fault either that he loved me enough not to worry about the number of months…”

We heard a loud clap, and then a scream before Mudenda shouted, “You are evil! Stay the fuck away from me!”

I think Mudenda had just hit Meladi! I was not sure what to say? Is it ever okay for a man to hit a woman? Even Refiloe went quiet. The phone did not hang up. After a moment I could hear a door bang and then sobbing. I felt sorry for her I think, I am not sure. Refiloe was not done though,

“Mamela Sisi, I am coming for you! I want to make this very clear and teach you a lesson that one day you will teach your own daughter. Girls like you like powerful married men but what they forget is that powerful men are often married to equally powerful women and I am one of those women. You fucked with the wrong woman and there will be no stone you will hide under after I find you and destroy you. Just watch!”

She said and hung up. She breathed a huge sigh and then smiled the sweetest smile.

“Thank you! I needed that. Phew… wow! Didn’t know I had that in me!”

She said. I just stared at her. The smile was evil to say the least wow. What had just happened? I had not noticed that Aurelia was standing behind us and had listened to that exchange. She had a reason to be scared and I had a reason to be scared for her. There was something about the way Refiloe spoke which made her sound not only convincing but very calculated as well.

“Your transfer will be done in the next hour. I am good on my word so you can trust me. Find out more information on her. I think there is someone else too because it can’t just be the one. When I am done with them…”

She said and smiled looking at both of us. It was a cold smile that sent a message immediately.

“Anyway I have to go. I will pray for your son. Stay strong!”

She said and hugged us both. I didn’t want those cold lips praying for my son. Goodness, God would punish me for her just opening her mouth. Why do we as girls do it though? Why do we think its right to go and sleep with another woman’s man? There is no justification of it because there are always consequences to this shit.

“This is bad!” Aurelia said as she watched Refiloe walk off.

“We need to protect Meladi because Refiloe will kill her!”

She said to me and I looked at her like she had been possessed by a baboon,

“Say what? Meladi is none of my business. She is going to get what is coming to her!”

I told Aurelia who looked at me very concerned.

“Does Meladi know about you and him?”

I asked her the burning question. In fact what really had happened? How did he end up with Aurelia if he had made Meladi pregnant? So many things were not adding up. I asked her all these questions, of which she snapped and said,

“Why should I tell you if you will go and get paid to sell out your friends?”, she said.

“Meladi is not my friend Aurelia. You know as well as I do that she ruined my life!”, I reminded her.

“She ruined your life yes but you have more than returned the favour. What do you think is going to happen next? You have ruined her life, Mudenda’s life, Refiloe’s life, her husbands and who knows it could come back to me and Lunga at this rate! Who has done more damage? You also seem to conveniently forget that it could come full circle and ruin your life too because that job you so much want to protect, how long do you think he will keep you after he finds out that it was you that told her? Think Faith, what happens next especially now with medical bills staking up! There will be no recommendations coming from him that’s for sure!”

She asked. I know she was trying to protect herself but she had a point in that the domino effect would come right back to me. She took out her phone and dialled.

“Your wife knows about you and Meladi and she is coming for you!”

She said on the phone. I was standing close enough to her to hear the conversation,

“Me and Meladi? That happened once!”, he exclaimed.

“Well once was good enough to make that baby yours apparently and she gave birth. Apparently it looks just like you! You are so fucked up! You told me you met her very briefly and nothing ever happened between you too! I can’t believe you!”

She said and hung up. Okay this was getting even more confusing,

“You knew about Meladi and him?” I asked her feeling dizzy now from all this craziness.

“No I did not! That was me confronting him!”,she said angrily.

“I am going to kill her too!” she said and walked away leaving me stunned. Who was playing who here? Something bigger was at play here and for now I could not figure out what.

Refiloe had not lied, I did get a sms and she had sent me 50 000. It was not enough for what was needed but at least now I could start.

“Ma’am the doctor wants you!”

A nurse said to me. I went with her. The doctor said they did not have enough blood at the moment but it was on his way. He asked me what my blood type was and all I could think was how many black people know that? Really now! I didn’t know. He asked to check just in case but assured me the blood was coming from the blood bank. They took my blood. I had not even shown my mother yet the money when Mudenda called.

“I got a missed call from you what’s up?”

He asked. He was driving. Was he even in a condition to drive?

“Amo is very sick and in hospital.”

I told him. He was genuinely shocked and said he was on his way. I am not sure I wanted him here right now because it was such an emotional time and it seemed like he was using this as a rebound move since what had happened with Meladi.

An hour later Mudenda walked in as the doctor came back to me.

“Is the blood not a match? This is the father”, I said.

He immediately asked Mudenda, “Sir, do you know your blood type?”, to which Mudenda answered as most cheeseboys would,

“Yes, I am a blood donor. I am blood type 0, why?”, he asked immediately. The doctor looked stumped for a moment then said,

“Ma’am you are blood type B!”, he said and looked at us like we were supposed to get it but we totally did not.

“Your child is AB!”, he said and again we were lost.

“If a person is A or AB then he could not have possibly been born out of people who are from O or B! This baby is not yours!”, he explained!

I choked then laughed, “I have only ever slept with one man!”

I lied but by the time I slept with Mudenda I had not slept with any other man in three years so it’s true.

“Wow! Really! You and Meladi!”, Mudenda really was having a bad day but the doctor jumped in and said,

“No, you don’t get it! You are both not the parent of this child!”

I fainted!

*****The End*****

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