Rumblings – Chapter 124

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Did you know that white people probably beat up their kids more than we do as blacks but it is us that are credited with it? We don’t beat our kids in public nor do we drag them by the ear? Go shopping and see the angry faces of those Afrikaners to see this. No one ever says anything about this because well, they are white and we are black! Smack your child in public and see the look white people give you for this! Some will even have the balls to reprimand you but then again that’s them. I say this because parenthood is different. Yes I could have rushed into ICU to look at my sick child but then what could I have done? I am not a doctor nor am I a nurse! What is the point of me going to cry next to his bed? What will that achieve? No, I was better off out here trying to raise money to get this fixed. I doubt very much that in ICU I could make phone calls to get people to send money. I might not be the best mother in the way other women think a child should be raised but make no mistake about it, I love my baby. Most medical aids have a million things which they have exceptions to and before any hospital, private that is, does something, they first check to see if your medical aid covers it. What is the point of treating you when the medical aid can’t afford it? I doubt very much that it works like that. I believed my sister therefore when she said some of the things would not be covered by it. My mother often told us about horror stories where people would be transferred from private to public hospitals because they could not afford. Such is life. Problem with public was that at times the resources were not there to do what was needed. I wanted my baby healthy and I was willing to do anything to get this done.

With Refiloe I had an opportunity to get this money. I was ready to be a snitch. My child was sick and it was time I chose a side and stop protecting those that harmed me. Okay fine, protecting is an exaggeration to be honest but still, I had not done anything to them.

“Her name is Meladi. I found out that she had a baby this week and the baby belongs to your husband!”

I told her confidently. I won’t lie, much as I hated Meladi this is not how I wanted it to go down. I wanted her to suffer but not like this. It almost felt as though I was shifting the fight to Refiloe when I should deal with the bitch myself.

“How did you get the information?”

She asked me. Okay that was not something I expected her to ask. She had said she wanted me to spy for her and now that I had done that she wanted my sources. It doesn’t work like that.

“If I tell you this now I won’t be able to get more information for you. One step at a time. Besides you said you want things that will aid in your divorce right, so rather let me first do that. Moreover I also need to know do that am not doing all this in vain. I have given you a name so let’s see you pay me as you promised!”

I said bravely standing up to her. No work no pay right, that’s what they say. I had worked now let us be paid. I hope she would not call my bluff because I was ready to sing like a canary. Thank heavens though she did not push. She asked me for her details and I told her that those should only come after I had been paid but I had already secured them. I could hear the anger and frustration in her voice when I said that and she pleaded in her own way,

“I am not going to call without you being there. I want you to be there when this happens!”, she said in what was reverse psychology of some sort.

“Wait, you said you will give me the money now if I told you what I found out!”, I reminded her.

“Yes I did say so but I must verify the information. What if you made it up?”

I think this was her now playing hard ball. I had started it so had to play along.

“Really! Why would I make up such a thing?”, I retorted.

“Where are you?”, she asked me. I told where I was and I think she put two and two together and said, “Who is sick?”

I explained my son’s situation and again the tears were coming out. Only when I was done did I realize that she might think I am lying just to get money to pay for my child.

“I am not lying…”, I immediately said when she did not respond after what I said,

“Your husband made a girl my age pregnant. Please come so we can call her together!” I offered. It’s a good thing that when a woman is scorned there is nothing she won’t do to try and destroy you. Refiloe was no different.

“I am coming to you now!”, she said and hung up immediately. I knew she was angry and she would respond likewise. I turned around and there was Aurelia standing behind me.

“What the fuck have you just done Faith?”, She asked me angrily. Shit! She had heard everything I had said.

“I was getting money for Amo the only way I could. I am sorry that it doesn’t suit your standards but my child’s life is important to me and I have to do whatever I can do to make things work!”, I told her.

“I know you do. Do you think I don’t want to help Amo and you? What do you think Meladi will say after she calls her? What if she says I went on to date him?”, she asked me, but I really didn’t care until she said “How do you think Refiloe will react if she finds out you knew all along about him and me? You are not thinking straight? She will not give you anything and in fact will think you trapped her!”, she said and yes that made sense but my mind was made up. It was too late to turn back. She was on her way here and Aurelia would be very selfish if she did not want me to save my baby. I am surprised she had not asked how come I had Refiloe’s number because I know I had never asked her for it.

Before she could answer I saw my mum at last. I was not going to stand here and justify myself to Aurelia when I had more important things to do. If our friendship was over, so be it. I ran up to her and she hugged me.

“Mum I want to see Amo. No one has said anything to me. Judith is just shouting, please take me to see my son!”.

I cried. She said that at this stage it was not possible as the doctors were working on him. I asked how that was possible because of the medical aid situation and she said that she was pulling some strings but it was not enough. In the morning she will go borrow from a matshonisa whom she had already spoken to. Okay, I know we needed money but that was terrible idea. Those people are evil. I had to get this money from Refiloe before I plunged my family into servitude with these shady people.

“It’s not looking good Faith I think we should pray!”, she said. I am not a praying person. I don’t even say ‘Oh My God’ when I am alarmed in that sense. This time however everything in me made me kneel down first. My sister came to join me and in the corner of my eye I saw Aurelia come to us and kneel right there on hard tiled floor with us. My mother prayed for us. I could barely concentrate on the prayer the way I was in tears. I could lose my child. When we were done someone said,

“Sorry to disturb but where is the mother? We need some consent forms signed!”

It was one of the white doctors attending to my son. I immediately said it was me and they asked me to come with them including my mother. I don’t even know what the forms said but at least after I begged him he allowed me to see Amo. I went with my mother and behind the glass in ICU I saw him for the first time. I almost died of shock. There were tubes in him all over. I could barely see him underneath all that. My heart broke. What the hell were all those things inside my son? We were only allowed two minutes before I was ushered out and my mother stayed. As I walked back to reception it felt as though someone had died. When Faith and Aurelia saw me they ran up to me and hugged me. They asked questions and much as I steadied myself I could not bring myself to say it. At that moment I saw Refiloe walk in. She walked straight to us and hugged me as well. Here we go!

Aurelia did not try stop me again when I pulled Refiloe aside.

“We don’t have to do this now…”, she said seeing my anguish but I could not wait. I gave her my account number which thank heavens we were the same bank. Again she said we could wait but I was not about to do that. I took out my phone and gave her Meladi’s number.

“We need to do this together!”, she said becoming serious. I told her I was fine with that. She put her phone on loud when she dialled. This time Meladi’s phone was on. It rang a few times. It was Mudenda who picked up.


He said and Refiloe responded sweetly, “Hello may I speak to Meladi please!” she said. I was not expecting this nice side of her especially with the serious face she had on right now.

“I am going to have to put her on speaker she is still doing something unless you want to call back later of course!”

He said earnestly. I don’t think he even knew that he was being setup. This was going to hurt them both that much am certain of. I think I had bitten off more than I could chew.

“Okay please do because I think it’s for both of you to hear. Happy days indeed!” she said happily. She had snapped that much I am certain of, because what she was about to do had to be just about the cruelest thing imaginable. Wow, even I in my most sadistic moment would never have thought of such.

“Hello who is this?” I heard Meladi ask when she came to the phone. She was cheerful but her voice sounded a bit weak. I can’t place the right tone right now but who cares.

“This is Refiloe and congratulations on having a son with my husband!”

…and then there was silence!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Well done on your incredible work! Mike I have cried laughed and screamed at your work for over two years now and that takes some doing. You are one man that deserves a Bells.

My problem is a bit embarrassing. I cannot get a man. I have been single for three years and in that time been laid once. I am not a mousy person and am rather outgoing. I put myself out there as well as work in a big company with lots of males but no one asks me out. Am 27 by the way. I dress well, smell good etc but whenever I go out with my friends it I them that get hit on and never me. I don’t believe am ugly nor “fat” as am a size 34, B Cup and don’t even use body suits. Ok now am laughing at myself but it is true. I wouldn’t win a beauty contest but I also wouldn’t be part of the bottom ten. Eish what do I need to do to lift this curse from me.

I miss Jackzorro Mike and I suspect it was you so please bring your alter ego back!

Thank You

Ugly Duckling

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  1. QnA
    I once responded to a question like yours and got bullied. Check Memoirs posted on 23 January 2015 Chapter 117.
    There is a nice essay which you can enjoy. Yes scroll down till you find it as it is still there(search by books).

    1. Lol I just read your very long inspiring essay, I didn’t read it then because I felt it was too long. You are on point, though I agree with some of the things I do not think she should change whom she is because she wants a man, I am also strict in that sense that people, men to be precise think about what they say to me before blurting it out and I see nothing wrong with that. One needs to maintain the respect. I am a praying woman and I am single. I believe that the Lord knows what my needs are and he shall let me have what I deserve in due time. Yes relationships are about compromise but one changing how they are to be accepted shows desperation. There is nothing wrong with being single, we were not born with dicks inside us therefore we can survive without it. I am not letting a man or a relationship define me. Yes it gets lonely sometimes but I have had better days, I am never settling for less for the sake of having a man. Mxm imagine teaching a guy to drive only for him to fuck you up, no thanks.

  2. Thank you Mike…what a heavy chapter man….Ouch for Meladi…or not….

    @Bhejane…Wow, The curiosity in me got me going to your comment. What an eye opener man. I think QnA should read your comments and the other comments following that of yours as this may answer alot if not all her questions.

    I am a size 34 ( and I dont consider myself fat to a point I want to lose weight) and I am very beautiful ( if I say so myself..with big boobs ( and I say this because I wear a DD bra) so yes, and eeeeeeeveryone reminds me of the bigness of my boobs as if I forget…anywhooo…I was also single for 3 years ( by choice ) I only met my boyfriend 2 years ago. I am the first two people my friends call when they are in trouble or stranded. I never judge a person ( I laugh at them instead ) and ask more questions, out of curiousity I guess. I am sooo easy going that people tend to trust me, every guy I date ( excpet my high school boyfriend) wants to marry me..I make friends easily ( guys and girls )

    Ugly Ducking : Consider how you conducht yourself and how people view you…yes you may see yourself as beautiful and attractive but when people see you, what do they see…What opinion do people have of you?? Are you easily appraochable??
    Go read Bhejane’s comment…

    All the best nana


  3. Lol poor Mudenda must have had a heart attach after this, I actually feel sorry for him but I salute faith gobane Sepedi sere Mmage ngwana o tshwara thipa ka bogaleng and she did just that.

    @ Ugly Duckling lol, why do you even call yourself that we are all made in Gods image and are all beautiful. Look there is nothing wrong with being single, do not let relationships and having a man define you. I was single for 17 months, no sex no kissing nothing and I met this idiot who swept me of my feet for two months (we met during my birthday month in July) and that weekend he took me to Mount Grace for my birthday and I gave it up and though I do not regret the decision because I had a beautiful birthday weekend I feel I should have continued being single because he screwed up and I dumped him, anyway I have decided to rather travel and see the world instead of concentrating so much on finding a man. When it is time, Gods time my husband will find me for Gods delay is not his denial. For now my career is my priority and having fun (alone) and the rest shall follow, Pray and seek solace in the Lord and he shall not deceive you for his love is not conceited.

    Otla kreya motho ka nako ya Morena, for now do some self introspection, have fun and be care free and your knight shining armor shall finf you when you least expect it, and please toe stop referring your as ugly that on its own is a turn off, sound like you have a very low self esteem. You must love yourself enough for another person to be able to love you. Hao batla we can be travelling Friends, I am going to Phuket in Thailand soon and you can come with me and stop stressing about men! Good Day:)

  4. Lol Bhejane I just read your comment on Memoirs wow what an eye opener I agree with a lot of thing and I like the fact that you used movie characters for examples so we can understand your points better. QnA better go back to Memoirs and read the comments section.

  5. Goooood Morning family
    Hey Mikey. Long time bruu! I see you still got it and keeping the peeps entertained. Keep on pushing brother.
    Where is my lovely CarolM amd Jackzorro bathong? Bhejane dear, how have you been?
    Nice read Mike.
    QnA – I had to go back to Bhejane’s comment or rather thesis hehehehehe!! Bhejane I will call you when I am doing my masters. I do agree with a lot of things you said there and some I disagree with but let’s not dwell on that. Kana ba re QnA ke mang? Oh! Ugly duckling. Listen my baby. Every woman is beautiful, whether thick or thin, skinny or fat. I am a size 40-42 and the only reason I would think of losing weight is for health reasons and not because I think men are not attracted to me. There are men who love their meat and prefer thick women rather than thin ones, same as there are men who prefer dark chocolates over yellow-bones. Yes, I am a dark chocolate PHAT woman. You can dress smart, smell like a million dollars and be all that but rememver sisi, there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. No man is attracted to an arrogant woman but a confident woman. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you. I am not saying go around being a slut, no dear. Don’t get me wrong. Some women, especially independent and succesful women tend to be very arrogant and exhume a negative energy/auora. That is not attractive to a man. You should be welcoming in your attitude. I am not saying lower your standards. You can keep your standards and still be a very welcoming and warm person that attracts the opposite side. Men respond differently in different situations. Take for example. You walk into a restaurant with your confidence, struting your business suit and high heels, exhuming so much energy that no man is able to keep their attention from you. Before you even get a sit, you are already a hit with these men. Or, you walk in the same restaurant with the same outfit, o gogile nko o e beile godimo ga tlhogo, showing everyone that you don’t take no nonsense from anyone and even ordering the waiters around. No man is going to approach you with that kind of attitude. What I am saying is that check your attitude my love and how you carry yourself. Men are not complicated creatures.
    @Bhejane, I will wait for my copy of “Catch him and keep him”. Although I have already caught him but you can never learn enough about keeping him lol!!!!
    Laters family

    1. I wish I can write such a book, but don’t have enough experience (closer to Charlie Sheen had 200 women in the past 2 years). You can always google it and try to interpret it in SA context.

      Pls dont talk about size as that’s what got me bullied in the first place … LoL

      1. Charlie did nothing. Our own Molefi Malepe still holds the title at 283 in one year. That is a story for another day. Hehehehe size neh!! O ska wara love. Ho tla loka.

        1. But Charlie is a story of today and there is a lot of drama to come with that story. Watch the space.

          If 283 in a year is true, then he was having a new woman each day! Of course he needed Sunday to take a break and no woman is seen twice! That sound like ancient kings like Solomon.

          btw Who is Molefe Malepe and what is he famous for, except his harem of conquests?

          1. Wena mara. Molefi wrote the book “283:The Bad Sex Bet”. You can google it. Eish Mike a ska re kwatela. We not promoting Molefi’s book. Its actually a letter to his son telling him to respect women. Mara in the book he talks about him and his friends made a bet to bed 250 women in a year so he won by 283. Let me not tell more. I can lend you the book.

        2. Saw the photo of the man from Daily Sun.
          Thought he wrote it as a bad advice, that would have sold like hot cakes.
          I will look into it.

          btw. Do you know someone on the list of 283, just asking?

    2. Hi Kayvee,

      I think the word you want is “exude”. “Exhume” means “to dig up something that was buried, often a corpse”. That said, I know people often don’t receive grammatical corrections well (for any number of reasons), so I’d like to emphasize that I mean no offence.


  6. aaaaaah Mike mara your work is on point u know that!!!!!!!!! today when I read the first paragraph I felt like Faith was replying to my comment that I made yesterday lol. way to give ur characters life and a voice.

    Today’s chapter was just too nice.


  7. Mike thank u as ugly duckling had said i also hve laughed,cried n sad wth reading ru books n u never disappoint tnx…n 4 u swty U D i wish i can see u so I’ll b able 2 tell u abt ru problem bt dan swty don’t wri uzomthola owakho it bn long rly 3 yrs I’m sorry hey try go out more plz

  8. Hey Hey Kayveevacious…how are you my darling friend…oh how i’ve missed you. its been a minute man. trust you good thou.
    mina I want to learn how to keep Kayvee here….LOL
    I trust Bhejane to assist with this…hahaha

    Thanks Mike for a great read, what a bitter-sweet chapter. can’t wait for friday

  9. I am so hoping that Faith has given the correct name, cause I don’t want to imagine otherwise.

    I also had to go back to Bhejane’s comment on memoirs, wow, Sengifisa ukukubona ngo see we Bhejane, ngathi uyi potential, lol.

  10. Nice one Mike’isto

    All i can say. Girls stop preaching how single u you, vultures will keep playing you for days. Twin-savers enterprise will stay rich with girl being hurt.
    Just chill, live your life, what happens happens. i see too many chicks clinging on to rubbish niggas for the sake of being in a relationship (I have a man). if its about getting laid the coochie needs prayer.
    What you can advocate, is less gays (im not hating on gays before you’ll kill me), less nyaope, and ningavaleli ngaphandle Shoprite packers low wage niggas, then the balance of guy chick may reach equilibrium.

    Anyway i think just chill Q&A before u attract what you don’t want to attract.

  11. QnA not getting a man to even look at you is a real problem, me as a believer I know there are things called spiritual husbands which are sent by witches. the animals sleep with you and they won you so they cast a spell against you ever getting a man, believe you me no man will even look at you. if you are a believer you need deliverance cos it might be beyond you. #just my own view don’t judge

  12. @Kayvee our boy is Mofenyi Malepi I was introduced to him by Sharon letsoalo of diary of a side chick from Limpopo
    , Bejane I don’t understand y wuld u stand for oversees writers than our own, for u the guy hu slept with 200 women in two years is better than our own hu won sex bet by 283 women, the guy wuld sleep with different women in a day, sum will b on a dark corner of the restaurant most of them was on shady places hu said sundays we suppose to rest?

  13. Eh mara abuti Mike we, sometimes these bambinos can changes faces from day1 it’s Dady’s face, 2day, 1wk it’s even malume or tamkhulu. Watch after 3months them the face doesn’t change anymo. Other DNA is the answer.
    Q&A: Ugly Duckling these days some women R making mo money that us man. Hence we R sometimes intimidated. I wonder kind of “friends” U have. They R selfish-nyana it seems. Some friends will hook U up.
    Next time U go out if UR 2ladies or 3, tell they guys U come as a package. Get layed a bit to release the stress. Even sisters get it.

    Ha! 3yr is a very x3 long time not counting the ceiling patterns sisi. Life is supposed to be enjoyed loosen up a bit. – PapaG

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