Rumblings – Chapter 123

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As a mother when your child is in hospital your world stops. There is nothing more important in existence than that which is yours. My sister had made me jolt up and if I was tired before it was all gone now. Although Aurelia took only 15minutes to get to me it felt like it had been hours. Worse, the hospital is not far but I instructed her to drive like the wind. Bad mistake, we had not even been on the road for five minutes before a metro car pulled us over. He took his time to get to us and when he did he asked for Aurelia’s license. She took it out and he started reading it as though he was reading the bible. I explained to him that we were rushing to the hospital. Eish, as black people to be honest we are cruel to one another.

“Madam I don’t care. You are endangering other people on the road and I have a job to do!”, he said. I was in tears already.
“Don’t you have a heart though? I am telling you that my child is in hospital and that’s where we are rushing to. You can even come with us if you think we are lying…”

He looked at me as though we had farted in his face.

“Madam if you keep talking I will arrest for trying to prevent me from doing my job!” he said, so annoyed at me.

“Just keep quiet Faith. You are delaying the process. Officer please do your job so we can go. I am sorry we wasted your time!”, she said. You see, drivers know how to handle police. I am not a driver that’s why I snapped.

“Eh now you are trying to play reverse psychology on us…” the officer said, turning on Aurelia. Okay now I was confused, what was the reverse psychology about now?

“Khumala hoza la, come see these two princesses try to tell us how to do our jobs!”, he said. Aurelia had done absolutely nothing wrong but now she had been dragged into it. Khumalo came out of the car and turned out to be a woman. She was probably twice my size and more! No wonder why criminals run away. How could she be expected to chase after a criminal though? These were the “shoot first” people because she would never be able to chase anyone.

“Tell her your story!”, the male officer said without even attempting to write the ticket so we could be on our way.

“Mama, we are sorry for speeding. Please give us our ticket. I am rushing to…”, Aurelia started.

“Do I look like I am your mother?”, she said much to the humour of her partner. It took Aurelia by surprise that she even lost her train of thought.

“No maam!”, she said and kept quiet. The guy went on to write us a ticket and eventually we left. We drove in silence because I think we were both in shock and angry about what had happened. I have heard a lot about how we treat each other as people but today I was just left numb.

Eventually we got to the hospital. My sister was not pleased with me at all because I had taken so long. Aurelia was parking the car in that time. I told her I had to wait for Aurelia and she snapped at me.

“You can’t do anything without Aurelia and that’s your fucken problem. What happened to being independent and thinking for yourself? Your child was sick and you waited for your friend to arrive!”

She shouted loudly which made one of the nurses to come and tell her to lower her voice.

“How would you expect me to get here though?”, I asked her.

“Get a fucken UBER taxi, come on Faith! This is your son we talking about! You can’t be waiting on favours always!”, she shouted.

“Where is he? How is he?”, I asked her. Finally we were talking about what mattered most. She said that the doctors had said that he had something wrong with an artery that supplied blood to his heart. It was not a clot so they had to operate. Just like that! One moment he had been fine and now he was critical.

“They need you to sign consent but Mum’s medical aid can’t cover it all! What’s worse is that they are saying his artery is collapsing and it has to be done today or…”, she explained. I had actually realised that my mother was not here. What she was telling me was making me panic. Was she saying my baby is going to die?

“How much do we need?”

I asked her. She had not mentioned the price. I will make a plan on how to balance the remainder. It needed to be done!

“This shit is expensive! It’s going to cost R87,000 after mums medical aid does its stuff. We are going to sell the car or something”

She said. I was so shocked I froze. They needed that much amount of money for such a tiny body, was she mistaken in some way?

“I don’t have that kind of money even if I dreamt of it!”, I said in shock. My baby was going to die because we did not have the money.

“I need to make a plan right now!”, I said, taking my phone. I called Mudenda. He was Amo’s father meaning that he had to be the first person I could call at a time like this. If ever I needed him to be a father and a man this was it!

“Come on, come on, and pick up the phone!”, I said impatiently as I tapped on the floor, talking on my phone. Guess what! His phone was off. I was desperate so I called the only person I knew would be with him, her phone was off too. Where the hell are these people when you need them? On any other day I am sure I will have found her. I did not have his parent’s numbers. Maybe I should go to his house.

“I can’t get Mudenda. I think I should go to his house!”

I told Judith who was also pacing back and forth. This did nothing in the way of calming me down. She was only making me angry to be honest because help with solutions at least as opposed to just complaining.

“I will ask mum to get a loan or something the Mudenda can give her back!”, I said to her but she scoffed at it and said, “Do you really trust Mudenda with this? Come on Faith you can’t be that stupid. You should know better by now!”

She said. I guess she was right on some level. Mudenda was not really the type to run to my aid so I doubt very much that even now he would come to my aid.

“We need a new plan. Mum won’t qualify for a loan you know how stretched she really is. We are kidding ourselves! You need to do something please!” My sister begged me as though I was refusing. This was my baby and of course I would go to hell and back to get that money. The question was what to do? It was then Aurelia walked in. She had finally found parking.

“Aurelia!”, I said out loud and ran towards her. She started to explain that there was no parking she, she had to wait for another car to come out that’s why it took so long. I was not interested in that.

“How is Amo?”, she asked me. If only she knew where my mind was at this very moment. She could get me that money! I ran to her,
“Aurelia we have a problem!”, I told her as soon as she entered. She asked me what was wrong with Amo and I explained. I told her I needed her help to get the money and she said in her savings currently she only had about R15,000. I stood there stunned. I don’t get why anyone could be a sugar baby and end up that broke? I am sorry but what kind of a stupid ass girl are you to sleep with old men and not even have money to show for it! Are you that stupid really? I wanted to slap her for thinking like those white car guards. When the rest of their people were making money during Apartheid what we’re they doing? I will never sympathise with a sugarbaby being broke. I will rather watch her die than lift a finger to help her. Okay, I digress.

“Aurelia if I don’t get that money my baby will die… please… think of something…”

I begged her but her blonde side came out at that moment. She just stared at me blankly. I know I was not the one sleeping with him so I am not able to judge fully but I needed his crusty old dick right now. I needed his resources.

“Please ask your man please! This is important?”, I begged her.

“I can’t ask him for that. You know he already wants to ruin my contract for me. If I do that I am stuck there forever! Where do I even start?”, she said to me. I really needed her right now, but this was not important at all to her.

“Aurelia, my baby will die. Please I am begging you?”

I pleaded. She picked up her phone and dialled. He picked up. She told him what was going on. She then put him on speaker for the both of us to hear.

“I don’t have that money lying around. I gave money to my wife this morning for her project so it will take me a couple of days at best!”

My baby didn’t have a couple of days.

“I am sorry I tried. I will sell my car for you!”, she offered. She was so sweet but that will be too late. I walked outside to the parking lot because I knew what I needed to do. God will or might judge me some day for it but today was about Amo. I took out my phone and I dialled. At first the person did not pick up. It hung up but I was not to be outdone. I called again and this time they did.

“Hello!”, a sleepy person said on the other side.
“Can’t you call back later?”, She asked me.
“No please. I need this to happen today Refiloe! You promised!”, I reminded her.
“If I tell you who is sleeping with your husband, how soon will you give me the money you promised me?”, I asked her.
“What?”, She said waking up from her nap. She sounded groggy that’s why I say so.
“Do you have something for me?”, She asked?
“Yes I do! When will you give me the money?”, I asked her.
“Tomorrow!”, She responded.
“No it will have to be today!”, I said.
“If it’s today I will only give you half of what I promised!”, she responded. That was good enough for me.

If you were a mother what would you do?

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hey Mike and the Team, thanks for the wonderful blog.

I need some advice

Here it goes; I’m a 27 year old independent lady. I’ve been single for 2years after I separated with my baby daddy. Then this year I started becoming close with my spiritual brother who happens to be married. Nothing major happened but he started being there for me and my baby and as a man of God he said he wants to make me his 2nd wife before we indulge. I Love this guy, his the kind of guy you would wish as a husband but his already married and I doubt my family would agree to polygamy marriage. I’ve once passed the idea to my sister and she was anti it. I decided to ignore the brother and move on, then I meet some guy and decided to give him a chance. the guy is not married has one child like me. There’s no drama about him, his life is perfect I can say. recently we were doing the dance and I couldn’t feel him instead I was thinking of the brother. I’m so confused I don’t know what to do about my life.

1. Do I reach out to the brother and become the 2nd wife or
2. Do I settle with the boyfriend who doesn’t make me climax

Independent lady

26 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 123

  1. Q: Do you love the guy or you just want sex out of the relationship? I suggest you get your act straight and focus on this current guy, 4get abt the brada and move on sweety cz you only hurting yourself.

  2. I would’ve done the same thing 4 my lil prince,abuti Mike hle cant we have like anada chapter to make up 4 last wik,a sista cant get enough

  3. QnA, What kind of man of God even wants to marry a second wife? I think the reason you were not feeling your guy is because you were absent busy thinking of the brother. And if you wanna leave the guy because of sex how sure are you that brother will satisfy you since y’all haven’t done the deed.

    I say focus on the current guy and forget about brother.

  4. Marry the first guy. He is honourable refused to commit adultery with you. The bible has many polygamous marriages so it is not against your faith. The bible does not preach monogamy. I would rather be happy with a man I share openly than be miserable with one I have all to myself. I am 27 and am my husbands first wife and we have just welcomed a third wife into the family. And I am the happiest woman on earth, my husband is the most respectful loving man on this earth. Polygamy works for some people. Follow your heart and dont worry about people think. At the end of the day you are the one who has to live with your decision regardless of whether people approve or understand. Even if family, friends and church mates don’t understand, dont be bullied into settling, all that matters is the three of you are happy with your arrangement

  5. i would have done the same as well but I do not think she will give her the half today though seemingly she knew all along tht her friend was the culprit

  6. aaaaaaag Faith is such a drama queen…a dumb one @ tha. this girl loves money tjeeeeer she hasn’t even seen the child and already she is scheming. which hospital demands the whole amount pre- operate because her mom has medical aid and hospitals send claims later. even after the patient has been discharged.
    when the blog started she was going on and on about how bad Judith is but here she is now busy playing this stupid game with this family.

    QnA sweety you need to redefine what a man of God is. men of God do not do this polygamy nonsense.

  7. Please let it be Meladi that she snitches on & not Aurelia,she even offered to sell her car lyk OMW only a true friend would do that.

  8. This is kind of fictitious, like you never need the whole amount to operate, this is far fetched but the story is freakin heated bro!

  9. Q and A if a man wants to take you as a second wife be sure that there will be a third one or plenty of concubines. You can teach the new guy how to satisfy you but the main problem here is that you are fascinated by the “church guy”. Get your act right before you miss your chance to be happy with the right person.

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