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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter Two Hundred and One

I don’t know how long I was out for but when I came to I found my friends’ and the police hovering over me, I opened my eyes and asked “what happened?” Cleo shrugged her shoulders and said “you fainted, so typical of you.” I lifted my hand so they could pull me up, “shit I think I hit my head it’s pounding like hell” I said touching my head, it felt heavy like a morning after a night of heavy drinking. She Rocks lifted three fingers and asked how many fingers she was holding up “Put those fingers down, there is police amongst us; she might get arrested for being drunk.” Cleo said to She Rocks I snapped at her and said I wasn’t drunk but thinking about the whisky I had earlier the was a possibility of being tipsy, I told them I needed to sit down for a second, I noticed that there was now one police man with us.

The other came back from wherever he had gone and said to me “Ma’am I’m afraid there has been a bit of a confusion.” I looked at him confused myself and asked what he meant, “Your sister is alive, you fainted because you heard and saw your sister…” I didn’t even let him finish his sentence I was shaking so hard but I needed to see her “where is she?” I asked anxious, she walked out of one of the offices “Oh my God Naledi

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    1. I haven’t received my pin haybo guys this is a 2nd time this is happening to me, ndafuna kanjani ufunda ezi chapters but I can’t. Noba ingxaki iphi bethuna

      1. I bought the pin and used it for the one chapter and it worked. But when I went to the second chapter it did not open sait the pin has expired.

  1. Mr Maphoto, with all due respect, u shud @least respond and let us know that u working on the problem. You did not even respond to my e-mail. That’s very unprofessional of u and very unlike you. Please fix our pins so we can read this chapter

  2. How I love Missteps but now I am starting to not Beleive all this- is like I am watching/reading a book. They die , come back to life, mistake. Killing of ppl. Is that all for real?

    Are thy ppl like that in Mzansi? Not only in movies? I am now starting to find it hard to Beleive gore they are ppl in this world living like this. The is jus too much drama in Lesedi’s life. Jail,police, murder, funerals, hospitals, family, friends. Iyoooo is jus all to good to be true!!!!! #myopinion n my #View!!! ????

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