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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 208

Did the old man just say where we were was the safest option after we had just been almost killed? I was with Andiswa on this one, I wanted to go home. “Rock Star lend me your phone.” She handed me her phone, I dialled Mthobisi’s number and as soon as he answered I said, “we want to come back home.” There was a pause for a second then he said “you guys can’t come home, not yet anyway.” I was getting tired of him going around in circles and not telling me the whole story. “Why the hell not? We are all scared and just cannot stay in this place after what happened last night.” I said angry. He said he could get us another place, I told him it was not about where we were staying, our hearts were no longer in this holiday thing, we just wanted to go home and forget about everything. “Well you can’t come home because things are worse this side.” he said and as I was about to complain some more just to drill the point into his head, he said he had to go and hung up. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with my husband but he was completely getting on my nerves.

The girls were looking at me waiting for an answer, “he says we can’t leave.” I told them. Cleo said “He’s right, let’s just stay here and have fun” everyone agreed, the cleaners came out with lots of black bags and the old man followed behind them, “okay ladies the place is as you found it, sparkling clean.” The girls looked at each other and Andiswa said “what do you mean?” I had forgotten that they didn’t know that the two guys had come back, bled all over the place and died there.

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  1. Now i’m really not sure if i want my daughters to get married. What if they marry Mthobisi? this is the end of Lesedi, they are going on exile…for ever ke futhi!

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    I have sms’d just about 5 minutes ago for a pin and nothing has come through, i have even now done it twice doubling the charge. please assist

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