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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 207

The fact of the matter is I was with criminals and maybe the car we were travelling in, the same car I was driving was a stolen car. This could give the cops an excuse to say they chased us and we didn’t stop or we shot at them when they tried stopping us and they shot back. I had all these thoughts and angles on how I would look guilty, I would look like I was working with them and with my husband being who he is, it would not be hard for the police to sell me as a criminal’s wife, which would automatically make me his partner in crime.

I stood there with the pee dripping down my legs, the old cop came close to me and I realized the only way out of this situation is to beg for my life and negotiate, “Please Sir, don’t shot me, I don’t even know those men, they forced me to drive, please don’t shoot me I won’t tell anyone that you shot them.” He looked at me and smiled, how do you smile after shooting two people, the old man must have been out of his mind, he looked like the type that had killed a lot of black people during apartheid, he was going to enjoy killing me I could just see it in his eyes.

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