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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 205

The guy who had been talking to Mthobisi, I assumed he must have been the group leader, shouted “Shut the hell up!!!” which made us all go silent but fear was written all over our faces. “Listen guys, we have money, cellphones, gadgets anything just take it, please don’t hurt us, please.” She Rocks said trying to plead with them, I knew these bastards came here with a plan and were on a mission. It didn’t matter what any of us said, I was going to get cut into pieces so I was not going to spend my last few minutes on earth begging for my life. The guy who was speaking a lot went back on the video and said to Mthobisi “which limb would you like us to get rid of first? Most guys secretly wish to cut their wives tongues out, woman nag too much at least that would shut her up. But we not talking tongues here we talking, leg, arm, head you choose” my heart started beating fast as soon as I heard him say head.

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