Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – There’s a delay…Sorry

Dearest readers,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, today’s chapters of Missteps will be published a little later than usual. We know that our loyal readership look forward to these chapters and it is for this reason that we give our apologies for this delay.

The chapters will still be posted today, but at a later time. We trust you will enjoy it as always and we look forward to interacting with you in the comments section.

Have yourselves a fantastic weekend and thank you for your support.

37 thoughts on “Missteps – There’s a delay…Sorry

  1. I was very concerned because usually I buy my one time pin before I even login, been refreshing the page since morning.

    thanks for update. will keep checking

  2. 19:00 is later 22:00 ai niyasibulala nglokh ngchecke from ekseni 🙁 . U know what a drug does to ppl ryt… I crsly need my fix

  3. Awu kodwa Mike no Thozama….kwaze kwalukhuni ukuba yithina…. hope you guys are able to fix the problem at hand…….

  4. Julle moet almal sommer forget about it. La hopola how Zulu girl goes to Jozi & Memoirs ended?? I can almost swear last week we kissed Missteps goodbye!!

  5. Yoooo the way you guys can get impatient hey…. “unforseen circumstances” usually means times as to when the problem will be fixed cannot be said specifically. Koda asikho lapho. Yup Lioness I’m so with you on that one, I really thought that was THE END

  6. Hawu Mike, senicale kubanemanga langaka…we wouldn’t be mad if you had just said tomorrow, uyekele kusiyenga usho bo “the chapters will still be posted today”. Ungadlali ngatsi wena

  7. Maki I agree with u, it Sunday morning n thy said yesterday. Glad Coz I check 1st b4 logging in as the pin does expire after some time, I’ll keep on waiting with my R5 until it’s time to purchase… if last week was th END of it please let us know. We r not impatient but this what happens when we enjoy something so bad and keep on wanting more… Mina ngsazolinda kodwa 🙂

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