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Growing Up – Chapter 13

I developed a new-found respect for girls who twerk effortlessly. Moving your booty like that? How do they do it? This is an under-rated art, there should be a special school for twerking. I felt stupid for trying to learn how to twerk for Apostle Thulani, why was I even doing it? He isn’t my man so I don’t have to do anything for him, but I wanted to do it for him. I think alot of women, especially in teenage years and early 20’s, know how I feel. We often do things to keep men happy, even if it goes against everything you believe in.

I was struggling to grasp the twerking art, but I eventually did. I don’t even know why he wants me to twerk but I was going to do it for him. I walked out of his study, as I slowly walked to the lounge I said a little prayer. I was asking God to help me twerk properly. I wonder if God answers such prayers you know, these prayers that are wrong on all levels. Here I was, a Christian in a committed relationship, learning how to twerk and praying that I do it properly. If I were God, I would slap a girl who prayed for this. God must really be a kind man, being able to love and forgive us regardless of our stupidity and reckless behaviour.

I found Thulani sitting on a couch, he smiled when I walked towards him, and I smiled back. When I finally got to him, I didn’t know whether I should start twerking or just sit down and wait for him to tell me what to do. I sat down and focused my eyes on the TV, he switched off the TV and looked at me.

Thulani: “Why are you sitting down? You don’t want to do what I asked you?”
Me: “I will do it, I was waiting for you to tell me.”

This guy intimidated me a bit, no he actually intimidated me a lot. He signalled me to stand up and asked if I wanted music, I said however he prefers it. I began to twerk, I was so sure that I was doing the right thing until I saw him laugh at me, he was laughing at me like I was a fool. He told me that I needed to do more practice before I humiliate myself again. He said my twerking didn’t turn him on, it made him think I’m a fool. In that moment, all the confidence I had went down the drain. How could he say that to me? I was very disappointed but I was determined to prove that I was not a fool and I was perfectly capable of turning him on. I decided to give him a lap-dance, I have done it for Philani, so I was sure it was going to work. Apostle Thulani Zungu was going to swallow his words.
I walked towards him, looking him straight in the eyes, I sat on top of him and began to work my magic. I danced and grinded on him, I could see that it was working. I turned around to face him, I felt his manhood on my cookie, he was really hard. I dry-humped him, I wanted him to be turned on to a point where he was definitely going to want to sleep with me.

We kissed, he was moving his hands all over my body. While he was kissing me, my phone rang. I ignored it, but the person continued to call, so I stood up and Thulani followed me. He continued to kiss my neck from behind. I was really pissed, whoever was calling didn’t have proper timing, I checked the caller id and it was written ‘Sugerplum’. Dammit it was Philani, I saved him as Sugarplum. If I didn’t answer his phone call, he was going to be worried and track his car in order to find me. So I had to answer.

Me: “Hello.”
Philani: “Hey baby, ukhuphi kanti?”
Me: “I’m with a friend. Why?”
Thulani continued to kiss my neck, he moved his hand, and began to gently brush my cookie, it felt so damn good!!!
Philani: “Angel do you realise what time it is? You are supposed to fetch me from work since you have my car.”

Shit I forgot about him, there was no way I was going to leave Apostle Thulani hanging, I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Philani must make a plan.

Me: “Baby can’t you make another plan? I’m kind of busy right now.”
Philani: “No baby, I can’t make another plan. Please try to be quick, I want us to spend some time together and do some cooking since you bought our groceries today.”

Eish Philani was irritating shame, he wants me to drop real fulfilling food for some stupid quality time. I said I will be with him in 20 minutes. I had to drop Apostle Thulani.

Me: “I have to go, my man needs me.”
Thulani: “No baby, you can’t leave me hanging. I’m very horny, I want you.”
Me: “You can want me all you want, we will do this some other day.”
Thulani: “But this isn’t fair? He makes one phone call and you rush.”
Me: “Fair? Let’s not talk about fair. Was it fair when you left me the other day? Philani is my man, and I have to rush when he needs me.”
Thulani: “So this is about the other day? I’m sorry then. I promise I won’t do it again, it was wrong of me to do that.”

He was apologising only because he was horny, I don’t think he would apologise if he didn’t want anything from me.

Me: “Call me later, we will talk then.”

I walked out of the house and he followed me to the car, begging me to stay. It was hard to resist him but I didn’t have a choice. I got inside the car and drove away.

While I was driving to Philani, I kept on thinking about Apostle Thulani and I felt guilty for wanting to sleep with him. Ladies is it normal? Is it normal to long to be in the arms of another man, to want to feel his breath, to want to allow him to parts of you that only your man knows? My feelings for this man were confusing me. There was no way that I could be in love with him, I didn’t know him that well. This was probably lust, I don’t know but whatever I was feeling for this man was strong and wrong. I don’t have much dating experience and I’ve never cheated before so this was very new and confusing to me.

I finally arrived at Philani’s workplace, I called him and he came out. I got out of the driver’s seat and sat on the passenger seat. Philani never wanted me to drive him, even if we were using my car, he wanted to drive. He always said women are bad drivers and we are very emotional drivers. He can’t trust me with his life because I would potentially cause a car accident if we were to have an argument. As much as I hate to admit it, he was telling the truth. I am a very emotional person and I act out every emotion I feel right there in the moment I feel it, unlike Philani who remains composed no matter how much we argue on the road.

Philani came out with a guy I was not familiar with. He came to my side, opened the door and gave me a tight hug.
Philani: “Angel how are you?”
Me: “I’m fine love.”
Philani: “Baby this is my friend Bonginkosi. He is catching a lift with us because he’s car gave him problems in the morning.”

Bonginkosi and I exchanged greetings and he went inside the car, Philani’s car. I honestly didn’t like being in the car with Philani’s friends. I’m not the type of girlfriend who creates friendships with her man’s friends. I know his friends and I even forget their names, I don’t even have time to be friends with their girlfriends. The only friend of his I talk to is his best friend who has been in his life for a long time. I also don’t want Philani to be close to my friends, it unnecessary. I want my friends to be able to respect Philani and vice versa. The respect lines become blurred when your friends realise that your man is sweet, or a push-over. I also didn’t want to create scenarios that could force a friend of mine and Philani to be close and eventually creating an intimate relationship. Yoh, I was not going to lose my man to anyone, especially not my friend. I also didn’t want Philani’s friends to hit on me. I am honestly very beautiful so I don’t want to give them a chance to express their thirst.

Bonginkosi tried to make small talk, asking me general questions, and I made sure that the tone of my response showed him that I was not interested in holding a conversation with him. Philani knew that I don’t like having conversations with his friends, although he didn’t approve of my preference, he eventually accepted that this is the way I am. He came to my rescue and spoke to his friend, they spoke about guy stuff i.e. sports, cars and money.
We dropped Bonginkosi at his place, and drove to my place to drop off the groceries, then we drove to our place. Yes Philani’s home was my home, I take ownership of things. Even though we aren’t married yet, we will eventually get married so in my mind I believe that he has already married me. We went inside and began to pack the groceries. Philani went to take a shower, I decided to cook in order to avoid taking a shower with him. I knew that if I showered with him, he would turn it into an opportunity to have sex. I love Philani and I find him very attractive, but it didn’t feel right. I almost had sex with another man almost an hour ago, having sex with Philani now would be just wrong. I chose to cook a proper meal because Philani ate too much junk. I began to cook, I was listening to music and enjoying myself. I noted that I had to change a lot of things in this kitchen when I move in because a lot of things in this house screamed ‘bachelor’, or better still we could move into a completely new house. I was planning to manipulate Philani to lobola me before the year ends, I’m tired of being his girlfriend. I want to be Mrs Mazibuko now, Hlengiwe Mazibuko sounds lovely. I have even begun to practise how my signature will look after we get married.

As I was cooking for my man, someone knocked and I went to open. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was she doing here? She was wearing a long coat, it was unbuttoned, she was also wearing a red negligee. What the hell? This girl was proving t be a threat to my relationship, I had to deal with her.

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