Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

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I must say I had to give Meladi credit, a round of applause because she had played out this pregnancy scene more than just well. She had been everything from jealous to emotional girlfriend, supportive to pyscho pregnant girl. She had managed to anger and draw sympathy from me and everyone else around her in that time. All the while living a lie. You see the problem with lying is that at some point you end up lying to yourself. You have to live the lie meaning eventually you become the lie. You reach a point where you can no longer distinguish the truth within yourself because you will have done so well at it. This is why Meladi deserved everyone’s respect and ovation because she had played her card wells. I was the crazy baby mama, she had taken my man and no matter what move I made I looked like those pathetic girls who cannot let go even when a man expressly says he does not want her anymore. I was now the pantomime villain and an example of what women should not do when rejected by a man. I wanted to laugh at myself because I had been well played. It is often said when it comes to lies, women tell the ones that matter. It was obvious to me now that the child was not Mudenda’s. In my anger towards her and him of course I had failed to actually try and do the proper maths of this whole thing. Yes, maths is important don’t shun it at school kids because in life, you will need it. Things were starting to fall into place now. That much was certain. It did not take a genius to see that he was in a loveless relationship but he had chosen this path. For the sake of liking things though, I was now more curious than ever to know who the father of the baby was. It was scary to think that he had lived all this time under the illusion that the baby in her stomach was his. Wow, claps once no claps twice. I needed to sleep though because it was one am and tomorrow was work.

“Did she give birth?”

That was the first thing my mother asked me when I walked out my door in the morning to go bath. She was on her way to work already. I had been so tired I had not heard anything meaning I was a bit late. Who can blame me though? I had had such a strenuous emotionally taxing weekend and yes I had gotten laid, finally! You know what; today I wanted to be happy! Usually when you see a girl happy on a Monday morning, she got some and I was going to be that girl today. My mother was not going to spoil that.

“Yes mum she gave birth. I am late though! See you in the evening!”

I said as I ran into the bathroom. Amo started crying as soon as I entered but I could not go back. Crap, I forgot to ask my sister how things had gone for her. She was still in mourning remember. That was mean of me; I had focused on my own problems and failed to check on her. When I came out of the bath I found Amo in my sister’s arms.

“How can you leave him crying like this?”

She said angrily at me.

“He was not sleeping properly? Did you even check on him when you woke up?”

Eish, she got me there, I had not even peeped on her. Terrible parenting right there I must say. My sister was so much better than me at this though and acknowledging that was shameful indeed. I will worry about that later.

So much for the happy day I had planned out. The boss was in a bad mood all day and the office was tense and very busy. I even skipped lunch the amount of work I had to do. We had a 3pm deadline to catch and we literally had two days of work to do. He said he had gotten this contract over the weekend and had promised the client that by end of business day Monday all the paperwork would be in. By the looks of it he was not lying as it was a big contract for the company hence why we had all hands on deck. It was only around 330pm that I got to eat my lunch. He came to the office and said,

“Well done guys, we submitted. You can all take the rest of the day off. Even I am exhausted! Thank you!”

He said. I think the others were waiting for this moment because in five minutes the office was clear. I am slow and because I had arranged with Thulare to pick me up I could not have moved that fast anyway. I called him and told him the developments. He said he was still two hours away a least so either I went home or wait here.

“Good you are still here; I need to talk to you!”

My boss said from behind me. Shit, I should have run with the others.

“Thulare I will call you back, that’s my boss. If I don’t call in time just come to the office!”

I said and hung up. I followed him to the office. He went into his cabinet and poured himself a shot of whisky then set down.

“I hope you have not forgotten our deal!”

He said to me. He was not smiling but I was pretty much shocked because how could there possibly still be a deal after all that had transpired.

“But sir, they are engaged now; it’s hard to even speak to him without him mentioning her name.”

I told him.

“She is doing this to hurt me. Ever since I refused to upgrade her car she has been pulling stunts like this. Do you really see her as being in love with my son? He is just a boy!”

He said clearly unhappy about all that was going on. What was wrong with this man vele? Could he not see that he had passed his USE BY date? She had used him like all young girls do and spat him out when she no longer needed him. She had an amazing car though so why would she want a new one? I think she had set him up for the fall.

“I think I should tell my wife who I was having an affair with. God forbid if we end up getting divorced but that means she will put a stop to our son marrying this witch!”

He said. A desperate man will do anything to get his own back but this one I had not expected.

“With all due respect sir you wouldn’t be that dumb? Come on now, that’s just overkill!”

I told him.

“It won’t be! I want to hurt her like she has hurt me and that’s the only thing I can think off to be honest!”

He said standing up.

“I am confused, do you want her back or do you want to get back at her so much that you would sacrifice your own family?”

I asked him. He was being childish! I hate it when grown men act like children and right now he was acting like a child.

“What family? The trust in that house was broken a long time ago. You saw us at that dinner! That is what we live for, to embarrass and humiliate each other! I don’t even know how we have stayed together for so long. We stopped being close a long time ago! Yes every now and again we rekindle but that’s until the next fight. Maybe it’s time we divorced!”

He said to me. This was a bit uncomfortable now. Again I was caught in a situation where this dysfunctional family was telling me their life’s problems. Something I have noticed, when you listen to married people speak, you never want to get married! They make it sound so scary, impossible, torturous and miserable.

“Maybe I should date you to get back at her! Mmmmm that would hurt a lot!”

He said talking to himself out loud. Say what? Hold on, how had he taken such a huge leap now. No! Was he crazy?

“I think I should leave now sir!”

I said immediately getting up.

“No, don’t, sit down! You will leave when I say leave otherwise you can empty your desk and not come back!”

Ah! I told you! I fucken told you that when a friend hooks you up with a job from a man she is fucking, when things go sour, your job is on the line. I needed this job! I sat down like the scolded school girl I was.

“I am not a bad person! I will buy you the car she wanted and take you to all those trips my son could never afford!”

He said. There was a little drunken voice in him I am certain that was egging him on and I wanted to strangle it. Do sugar babies get offered cars though? Wow!!! Why was I born with morals really? Imagine, being bought a car for simply being young and a woman?

“Sir, listen to yourself! Please don’t do this. We need to find a way of getting her back for you. Are you not willing to have an affair with her on the side?”

I asked desperate for a situation we could both find amicable. I did not want this. I should quit this job now, immediately but how was going to feed my child. I knew my mother was already struggling with her bond as is so what the hell was I meant to do now.

“Really for you to even suggest that I am insulted. No, I like this plan very much! Imagine her pain! I want her back yes but if she thinks she can play me like this then she had another thing coming! I am going to break her. I am going to tell my wife!”

He said and this time it was him who stood up and walked out. This was my chance to escape but my legs stayed rooted to the spot. I looked at my phone which had been on silent this whole time and I had a missed call, guess from who, Aurelia! I called her immediately.

“Friend guess what?!”

She said sounding so excited. She was driving I could hear but she was literally jumping up and down at that moment.

“What has gotten you so excited?”

I asked her. She wanted me to ask so there I asked.

“I was with Refiloe just now and we had a meeting with a major cosmetic line and I have an opportunity to get the job as their face for two years baby!!!!”

She said and screamed at the same time. Now that’s joy! That’s happiness. I am sure if she continued driving.

“Wow that’s great!”

I said dryly.

“And the best thing is, Refiloe is super close to the lady who is choosing. She has already endorsed me and said they will have a meeting next week to decide it. If I don’t get this I will die! Imagine me on all those bill boards. I will have made it for life as I will become a brand!”

It was time to shut her up!

“Listen I have bad news for you!”

I started.

“What bad news?”

“He wants to tell his wife about you and him so that she can break you and Lunga up!”

I told her. I could feel the excitement sucked out of her.

“He can’t do that!”

She said in horror. I am not sure what she feared more though, her finding out about her protégé or her not getting that big contract or her losing Lunga! It was obvious that she would not get it if this came out.

“He is bluffing! He would never do that! He has too much to lose!”

She said defiantly,

“Listen, Aurelia, he is not playing and I don’t blame him either. You engaged his son from right under his nose. What did you think was going to happen? He is so serious he even asked me to be his girlfriend imagine, me of all people. He offered to buy me a car just so he can get back at you! Does that sound like a man who is bluffing to you?”

I asked her. She could see I was not kidding.

“O fuck! What am I going to do now?”

She asked me like I knew the answer!

“If he tells her I lose a r2million rand contract!”


“Did you say r2million wow! Just to have your face on a billboard?”

I asked her incredulously.

“Yes, this is big! I have to stop him!”

She said. Well if it was me getting that money I would feel the same way too.

“You have to do whatever he wants please Faith?”

She pleaded with me.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked her.

“Please Faith don’t let me fail at this. Once I get the contract I will break up with both of them permanently like you advised before. Please Faith. Let him think you are dating to hurt me. I will act the jealous and hurt person. Please Faith!”

She pleaded but I gave her a firm,


Of which she responded,

“I will tell Thulare you slept with Mudenda!”


******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this. I have been so scared to write this because I know I have done wrong but now I can’t seem to stop.

I was always a good girl growing up, obedient and respectful. When I reached grade 10 I developed and men (not boys) started to like me. At first I resisted but things just fell apart when I found my mum* cheating with my uncle (dad’s brother). I caught them having sex at the back of the house. I started sleeping with my mom’s colleagues, first to get back at her then eventually it became who I was. My sleeping circle became big. I am 19 now and attend at TUT. All the guys my age or in university do not attract me. I only want married men. I don’t even get paid for it so it’s not even about money or being a gold digger. One of my friends even said I was a whore and to get back at her I slept with her father. I have become a person who uses sex as a tool. I need help. I am 19 and I was doing a count of how many men I have slept with. I think it’s 23 if I counted properly. I lost my virginity at 15. If anyone knows about sex therapists or has attended one please help me so I have someone to talk to. I am ashamed of who I am and I have tried stopping.

Please Advise


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    1. I read that again and again trying to make sense of it, but I think she meant she caught her mother cheating with her uncle and that’s why she wanted to get back at her by sleeping with her colleagues

  1. BOOM….that’s a bad part Faith

    #sharing some secret or do something sinister around a friend,even how much you have kept theirs or try to solve their problems.

  2. thanks Mike

    Really wanted to dwell more on the Meladi baby daddy issue but well….

    QnA….. Shooo girl, no comment


  3. Serala : ” I found my dad sleeping with my uncle (dad’s brother) “…….”I started sleeping with my mom’s colleagues, first to get back at her”…………. ??? a.a girl get your story right I’m hella confused now, andiyiva tuu lento uythethayo.

    Anyway,maybe you wanted to say……”I found my mother sleeping with my uncle”…. , therefore if that’s the case then you should have reported them to your dad and be the ‘good girl’ that you claim to be, you sleeping around proves that you have been a rebel kwakudala sisi. Another thing is I think you have anger issues, I mean why you want to revenge on everyone, your friend is right you’re a WHORE, inyani iyababa sana and by you sleeping with her dad doesn’t change that. “I have tried stopping ” hewethu you are not trying enough, when you want to quit something you do your best, but it looks like you like sleeping around and I doubt a therapist will help you if you can’t help yourself.

    “Change comes within”

    1. Dear..we read the QnA before it was edited hence you see a star now on please khasimele…..

      Laci said i all….I have no words.. Even God’s Favourite Daughter cant say anything…lol

  4. QnA

    I have friends that were sex addicts and received help. I’m not certain what kind of therapist they saw, but since you are at TUT you can see one of the psychologists the university has for students. After consultation they will refer you to the appropriate person.

    I’m not a TUT alumni, but I’m certain all universities have student support services which include psychologists. These services are free. All the best and contrary to popular belief every addiction can be overcome.

  5. Aurelia is that friend that pretends to have your back but she really doesn’t. First chance she gets and she turns on Faith to save her own ass. Faith can always find another man, Aurelia’s career will be ruined should Refiloe ever find out about the affair. I think Faith has the upper hand here.

    Serala….I have no words for you.

  6. Q & A: As long as you know its a problem yu’ll get help. Never give up on yourself no matter who says what. Enquire from psychologists at TUT first, they will refer you or help you.

    Faith dont let that woman blackmail you. You dont even love Thulare to a stage where you would rather sacrifice yourself to a sugar daddy. Your man is almost free from Nozipho, go get him. As for Mudenda, Karma is what it is.

  7. Auriela would sell her own kidney to get this contract whoo bantu she has no spine

    Serala sisi you need need 3 kinds of help. is not a tool or a revenge plan.get that into your head. need to grow are just morally decayed and you are too young for such loose behaviour.Your mother was doing your uncle so where do the colleagues fit into that. Stop mixing issues that are not connected
    3.therapy might be a good idea but first you need to work on yourself, work on your own demons,be a kid again.focus on school ayi iindaba yamadoda abantu.

    Ps…Karma bites

  8. Haibo Aurelia???? But Faith should not back down from this. If she starts taking this now it will never end. Not only will she have the Mudenda issue but she will also have the boss now ngeke shame. She must threaten to RIP here apart as well. So that its neutral otherwise they better share this 2 million, in half nogal

  9. Joh never been this stunned from a letter
    You slept with ur friends father for revenge #clapsonce

    Good luck thou I hope you find help

  10. Faith… ha!! to fight back hard she has more on her than Aurelia does… lets see Refilwe can pay her 2million for the infor, the boss can buy her a car, she can even try get her man lunga!!! Mxxxxim o a peka that gal. O thoka mpama e bolelelo!!! kga!!!

  11. I dont blame Aurela she is a woman who can do anything to get things happen friendship or no friendship you will apologise later. Do u think bo Bonang got where they are by being nice and putting others first?. its a quality every successful woman has. Otherwise you will always be second best in life.
    QNA go see a therapist… seek God first. he is a redeemer.

  12. Whoooshem young girls today… being heaux and thots on fleak** You don’t need a therapist to have realised long ago what you’re doing is not on and your head is messed up… Ju

  13. Aaaah beware who you call friends akere! But Faith shouldn’t fall for it otherwise this card will be played on her for as long as its a secret!

    Yho Serala my heart bleeds for you though! Why do you need to avenge everything and everybody at the expense of your body and your health? Hai man girl phasela ga se toy man please ga re no tshameka mantlwane ka yona! I understand your mom & uncle have disturbed you but ultimately girl you are responsible for your own wellbeing and honeypot, giving it away as a means of revenge will not take back what was done. At the end of the day, you are donating your sacred part to men who are probably more than happy to receive this parcel, in hopes of fulfilling this desire for revenge, but then let’s think about it properly, who gains and who loses here? These colleagues / friend’s dad / married men all gain a moment of pleasure at no cost, and does this reverse what was done by your mom or said by your friend? No it doesn’t, all you have now is a young woman with a potentially bright future but probably destroying it as you slowly keep damaging phasela ya gao and falling deeper into your desire to keep avenging things.
    Really hope therapy can assist you hey so o sa tlhole o sufferisa phasela ya gao for dibe tsa batho ba bangwe. Inaganele wena pele

  14. Boom the claws are out. Aurelia can go hang herself, next she will be blackmailing that she will tell about Faith and the boss. Faith must just tell the boss before the boss does.

    I know how you feel. I also used to feel ashamed of the number of men I slept with. I used to go from guy to guy when i was in varsity and i recognised that my problem was that i was looking for love in the wrong places. My mom was so strict that I was scared of her. How I dealt with it is I found God and started by loving myself and valuing myself. 1st I think you need to identify the root. Good luck.

  15. QnA I once had a friend who had the same behavior as you,she is now HIV positive and bitter towards life as if someone forced her to sleep around. Tell me out of all the men you sleep with how many did you use protection with? You are young my darling, be wise, you don’t want to be part of the statistic! You realising your wrong doings is a step in the right direction. Do yourself a favour, seek psychological help, since you are in TUT there should be such a facility available for students.

    Good luck, addiction is not easy!

  16. Thanks Pillzberry, yhuu bayandibilisa ababantu, some of us READ THE LETTER EARLIER WAY BEFORE IT WAS EDITED THATS WHY THERE’S A STAR (MUM*) , bona bafika late bogqiba ba thetha intsente yabo apha, I mean really are we that stupid nha side singakwazi ufunda into ebhalwe rongo, hay man suka tsh

  17. All ima say is I love this actually only reading this one out of the rest.

    Friends like Aurelia neh..women are indeed not afraid to throw each other under the bus for real,shuu!!

    Q&A Eish girl u still a baby though,you just gon ruin ur life coz of ur mama behaviour? really?Get urself tested for HIV and start fixing urself girl

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