Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

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Before you judge, what would you do if someone offered you r2million rand? Most of you have never even seen what r50 000 cash looks like now imagine r2million. Don’t kid yourself because you are not in the situation that’s a lot of money. I would be tempted and who am I to speak, was I not already under a bribe from the same woman to spy on her husband for possibly less money? Was not also supposed to be spying on the very same friend who was asking me for my help? On the one hand she was trying to get a legitimate contract to do big things with her life. This would open up so many doors for her that much I had no doubt. I just could not get over the amount on offer though. If I had that amount I would definitely pay up my student loans in the blink of an eye. I would not be sending a third of my salary to Eduloan and all the other sharks that had gotten me this degree #feesmustfall. With that said, on the other hand, which were I stood, she was sacrificing me. I was her friend and she had not even hesitated to suggest that. Was she being selfish in this though? I would get a car, something which I was a hundred years away from ever getting but chances of losing Thulare after would be 99% that much I don’t doubt. In all evil there are benefits indeed. I could imagine a car of my own which I could sell at any point. Those are thoughts a realist would have not a dreamer. Every situation in life weigh the pros and cons.

“Faith are you there?”

She said nervously on the other side! I think the silence on my side made her think I had dropped the phone on her. I probably should have done that but when you are hearing such things I doubt you could think straight.

“Did you just say that to me?”

I asked her stunned to the point that I chuckled. I was in shock. How could she even have threatened me like that? We had shared a moment that time and I enjoyed it too so it’s not like it’s a moment I regret. She was the last person I expected to use that against me. If anything I had actually though this would come from Mudenda not her. What the fuck?

“Yes I did.”

That was her response. She was actually serious about this. I thought she would say she was joking but no she was not.

“Please hear me out please.”

She continued,

“I am not throwing you under the bus and I am so sorry if it feels like so. Faith where am I ever going to get r2million for? Where? What would you do if you had such an opportunity? You tell me! That money is what a doctor earns in four years. Imagine!”

She explained. She was right about the numbers. Money is the devil I tell you.

“Please Faith, if it was you, what would you do?”

She asked me but I was still trying to process what she had said to me.
“Aurelia are you serious?”

I asked her. Aurelia had been the one friend that had stood by me through all my troubles. She even used to do grocery shopping for me when Mudenda left. When I did not have money she would make sure that I was fine. I knew where the money was coming from and much as I disapproved, it’s the money that had saved me. I can safely say this; she is the one that made me not give up when that fool betrayed me. I was at a lost place in my life and without her I won’t lie I possibly would have killed myself. Women handle heartbreak differently and when Mudenda left me pregnant and alone my world had literally stopped. Aurelia was that friend who had literally come and poured water on me to wake up. She had told me that come what may that was not the end of the world.

“Please can I come and see you?”

She said.


Was my response. This time I hung up. I can’t believe that this had just gone down. I had called to warn her and she had given me this in return. I didn’t have to wait long for Thulare because in about thirty minutes he said he was outside the offices. I went to the car. He kissed me when I got into the car.

“I absolutely missed you so much today!”

He said with a huge smile on his face. He was so sweet, I kissed him again.

“I have something for you? I don’t know if you have a sweet tooth but I do…”

He took out a bakery box which had chocolate brownies. I actually don’t have a sweet tooth. He had just bought them and the chocolate sauce was still warm. After the day I had had a little sugar would not hurt.

“Are you ready for Soweto?”

He asked me. I laughed because it felt like it sounded like a life and death thing. I had not been to Soweto in a very long time but it was not one of those places I feared. A lot of people fear going there because of all the stories that we here.

“I don’t usually date township boys you know but with you I will make an exception!”

I teased him. We laughed about it. I have actually never thought about what kind of guys I am into. I think I am the type of girl who can adapt to any guy as long as I am loved. There are girls who will tell you the type of guy they want and I always feel that’s creating unnecessary pressure on themselves and the guys because no one can ever be exactly what you like.

“My mum is not an easy person to impress but I get the strange feeling that she is going to like you.”

He said with a huge smile on his face. Meeting a guy’s parents is more common than we care to admit but don’t kid yourself as a woman, it means absolutely nothing. Most guys will cheat and their parents will know about the other women. Don’t think for one moment that they are going to stop him. Mothers especially always take the side of his son. Being introduced to his mother is not a ring and come to think of it, getting a baby by him is not a ring either. It’s tough being a woman in today’s world.

As soon as I entered she looked me up and down. I greeted her politely.

“Mum this is my friend Faith, Faith my mother!”

He said introducing us. She was not hostile and in fact smiled.

“You mean to say this is your girlfriend, not your friend right!”

She teased. He brushed her off laughing saying she likes things. He told her I was who he said I was.

“Where is your family from?”

She asked me when he went to take his daughter. She was so beautiful. I was so impressed by how she was being raised. I felt it overwhelming again this thought of already being a step mom at my age but let’s be honest, a daughter is something I want to have. I can just see us doing so many things together.

“I asked you what your surname was.”

The mother asked me again. She had not asked me before actually but I was not going to point that out. She was smiling and was so nice.


I replied. She looked at me and asked her next question,

“I am not familiar with that surname what tribe are you?”

She asked me curiously. Old people always want to hear these things. I don’t know what it does but oh well,

“I am Tsonga but have a bit of Ndebele in me!”

I said. His daughter was playing with me now. She was giggling. I had fallen in love with her immediately. Thulare had created perfection here I kept telling herself.


The mother exclaimed rather loudly and stood up. She startled us so much that the baby started crying.

“Mum what’s wrong?”

Thulare asked her a quite baffled by this.

“I don’t want her here!”

The mother responded immediately when he said that.

“Ah mama why would you say that? What has gotten into you?”

She put her hands on her waist and angrily said,

“I don’t want witches in my house! How can you bring that thing next to my grandchild? You should be more responsible than this! See what happened to…”

She stopped herself. What was she talking about now? Was there something I was missing? Now I was a witch? What the hell was going on?

“Ma’am I am not a witch!”

I said defending myself. How could that very nice woman turn so sour towards me simply because I said I was Tsonga? I was very confused.

“Faith let’s go! Mum this is not over!”

He said angrily as we walked to the car. I had just been humiliated beyond measure.

“See you already talking back rudely to me and you have only just met her! I knew it! You have been distant lately!”

What the hell was wrong with this woman? These are the kind of mother in laws that will one day put poison in your food.

“Faith let’s go! Mum I can’t believe you just did this. You did the same to Edith now you want to push Faith away! What is wrong with you?”

He said to her angrily. Now there was an Edith. I hate the beginning of relationships because at times the other persons past is not as squeaky clean as you would like it to be. I did not want to be part of this so I walked out to the car. I was furious. This woman who knew nothing about me had disrespected me so much. I just could not get it. Racists and tribalists are one and the same people.

We drove for a good 20 minutes without him saying anything. I didn’t want to hear his voice either.

“My mum tends to chase away anyone I date!”

He said a bit too nonchalant for my taste. It’s like he did not car that it’s how she behaved.

“Why though?”

I asked him.

“Isn’t it obvious, I am the breadwinner? If I date anyone she sees that as a threat. Even moving out of home was a mission!”

He said to me.

“You should have stood up for me! She made me feel like a worthless prostitute!”

I said with tears in my eyes. I had been really hurt.

I got out of his car and banged the door.

I walked into the house and there sitting with my mum was Aurelia!

Bitch better get out of my house!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi Mike, thank you for the awesome work that you share with us everyday. Your blog has become my morning coffee.

Here is my story. I will try and keep it as brief as I can.

I have two older brothers and we lost our mother in 2006. My eldest brother got “married” in 2011 and they have a son whose now 5years old.
I say “married” because my brother impregnated his then girlfriend and when he went to pay damages, he paid lobola but only a portion of it.
The “wife” was never formally introduced to our family as in kwenziwe uTsiki and anxityiswe ( Cultural rituals to introduce the wife to the family properly).
They live together, with their son in the house we( me and my brothers) jointly bought after the passing of our mother.
Now her problem is, my brother has not been working since last year January and he is not actively looking for a job…he sleeps all day and does absolutely nothing.
She is the breadwinner at home and my brother does not help around the house, he doesn’t clean , wash dishes cook…nothing. She comes home to a dirty house and is expected to cook everyday and then
He “demands” sex. I know men might protest to this but he needs to pull his weight in supporting her emotionall – I feel….Her not being formally introduced to the family means that she cant tell anyone from our side of the family about this to intervene and me being the little sister means my advise will fall onto deaf ears. I love her too bits, she is the big sister I have always yearned for but I cannot expect her to stay in a relationship where she is unhappy.
I advised her to tell her side of the family maybe they can help her with this one. What can one do in such a situation?


Kind Regards

15 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

    1. Heeee that could work Lee nhe….because they do need someone who will be objective and is not directly involved in this….Thanx hey…I will try this…see where it can take them….8 years together is a lot hey….and now that they married they cant just walk away without atleast trying to work things out….

  1. Aurelia please sit down! you can’t put faith in a tight corner like that esp after she begged you to end your relationship and you refused. Faith don’t be tempted by the car idea sweetheart.

  2. PillzBerry: this situation is difficult yhoo. But I agree with you the lady should go and report this matter to her family, cause unzima lomthwala awuthweleyo, she can’t be the breadwinner and do all the chores, that’s not fair on her, it’s wrong on so many levels . As for your brother I think he’s depressed about lento yonga fumani umsebenzi, and now he’s giving up that’s why he sleeps and does nothing, akase nathemba that maybe things will turn out better, maybe he needs someone to talk to, a therapist maybe, but ke again if he’s not willing to change then akhonto izomcenda, but again that’s no excuse for him not to help around the house. Pray hard for him, I know Xhosa men are hard headed, abafuni uxelelwa benzeni, he does what he wants, when he wants too. Probably he will get a wake up call if the lady leaves him, I really don’t know inzima Pillz lento, but Praying does help, God will answer you, you need to be patient with him, but eventually he will give you a solution.


    1. Thanx Laci….I also think he’s depressed shame becaue in all honesty when our mom passed away he was the one who supported me and my other brother…I think he never truly dealt with it all… I trey talking to him about it but he just brushes it off kum and asks me if im okay….inzima shame lento and I feel sooo bad for my sister in all because nam ndikude kuye I cant do much really 🙂
      She is the sweetest person I have ever known and my brother losing her shame will definitely kill him….kodwa he is not doiung much to keep her either so andiyazi nje…you are right about one thing though…He is very very stuborn yhooo ude andidike sometimes….

  3. Morning Mike. Kanti wasn’t Faith Promised Millions by Lunga’s mom if she found out who the hubby is cheating with? Anyway I still think faith should run before the husband confesses and tell Lunga’s mom that Aurelia is the one who has been f**cking her husband.

    PillzBerry awukho umcimbi onzima kwaNtu ngathi ngumcimbi womtshato okanye wentombi elotyoliweyo yaze ayenzelwa uTsiki. Kodwa ke according to customary marriages ngumtshato lowo gqibelele. Kudala kwakusithiwa ilobola ayigqitywa so your sister in law is official. As your your brother… hayi he needs prayer, fasting and speaking in tongues over his life. As much as amadoda akwaXhosa engafuni kuxelelwa kodwa I know ukuba awakuthandi nokuxhomekeka emfazini, but your brother seems very comfortable which is amazing to me! Anyway I think you should let your sister speak to your family nor her family because her family will NEVER advise her to stay, they will tell her to come home. Kanti your family has a RESPONSIBILITY to speak life to you brother.

    All the best shame and I pray that you sister doesn’t leave because you sound very fond of her!!!

    1. I know evoque…they are legally married bona no doubt…but the trickiness in this situation is brother never introduced her to the family formally so “traditinally” she is still a girlfriend and wont be recognised a s a wife ekhaya..and ke my family is very strict shame kwezizinto…I told her to speak to her older sister and see if she can help. I truly adore her Evoque , you have no idea…we get along sooo well…she is warm caring and unobubele obungaphaya shame yhooo. It pains me that my broher is taking out all his frustrations out on her and hurts her like this :'(

      Thanx hey…I will keep on praying about this…God knows, He will make a way.

  4. Thanks Mike and the team. Faith drama follows every where
    QnA: you brother is going through a lot of emotions and frustration right but that doesn’t mean he should treat his “wife” this way. Your sister-in-law is lucky to have someone like you. I’d suggest you talk to someone from your family. I think its difficult your you SIL to share this problem with her family. Your brother is most likely to listen to his family. Good luck and continue supporting your SIL. Its very hard to have a “lazy” partner in a relationship whether that person is working or not.

  5. QnA She must really love him if she has stayed under such circumstances. I would like to believe when a woman works there is a pride that comes with it. Now imagine the fact that she can’t enjoy this as she has to take care of your brother who does not seem to show signs of wanting to improve himself and them. It must be very hard hey. SOLUTIONS: An intervention is called for. He cannot go on like this. I am sure you still have family that can do this on your behalf. Go to Please Step In if you must because doing nothing is the last thing you can do.

  6. Faith is the kind of friend that is being used and abused by anyone anytime and still b afriend. Somethings have got to stop Faith and stop being so faithful, just b selfish this once my dear.
    We’ve been used n abused by a friend for a good 15years and only last year we decided to let go of her. Nothing hurts better then being betrayed by a friend.

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