Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

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It was like someone had hit me hard on the head and my head was now throbbing with pain and all because I was not sure what to do at this moment. I was so confused right about now. Why did my father say that Thulare was his sister’s child?

“Please say that again!”

I asked because maybe I had misheard him. He repeated it again and this time I acknowledged that what he had said the first time I had heard him correctly. It did not make sense but then again what makes sense in the life of Faith. Everything that happens in that life is dependent on other people hence why they can come in and ruin it at whatever moment they like. That was my sweet reality. You know there are times when you feel like laughing at something bad happening to you. It’s the only logical response to a situation you are powerless over as well as one that seems improbable and impossible. Of all the boys in the world that could have liked me I had to have been chosen by one who I was related to. Come on, this will be nothing short of witchcraft. Was I the only girl that did not deserve love in this world really? At the back of my head I could not help but wonder if Meladi ever found about this how she would gloat. There was no way I would not be laughed at. Even if she broke up with Mudenda it would not change the fact that I could not be with Thulare. Imagine she had managed to destroy me without even lifting a finger at it.

“His mother and I are first cousins. I stayed with them when I first got released!”

My father said with such pride. If only he knew the things we had done on that couch just yesterday. Suddenly I felt so ashamed and open but why was I being ashamed. It’s not my fault that my father had abandoned me when I was young for whatever reason. What if I had slept with his brother? I would never have known. As far as i was concerned he was no relation of mine and because my mother had kept us apart from that family I had no idea who they were. I often wonder if girls who are raised by single mothers won’t one day end up dating their relatives by simple virtue of the fact that they don’t know each other. Well the wondering was done, tag, I was it!

“This is awkward!”

My sister said and covered her mouth with her hands. I would have done that too if it was me. I felt like vomiting and the thought of it made me run to the bathroom and vomit. Thulare on his part just sat down on the couch next to the one my father was on. This man had really come back into my life to haunt it. He wanted to destroy all the good things I had built for myself including the wall around me that told me I hated him. For so many years I had grown up being told what a villain he was and that was the wall I maintained around me. It was not going anywhere! Never!

“How is your mother? I was supposed to come see her last week but lately I have been busy?”

He asked Thulare. He did not even ask Thulare what he was doing here.

“She is fine. Does she know that you found your missing family?”

He asked him. My father looked a bit embarrassed but responded,

“No she does not and for now I would like to keep it that way. She has hated Faiths mom for so long because she says she never came to look for me when I went missing and I think I need to find a delicate way to tell her I found my person!”

He said. It was a rather sad story and I felt his pain.

“Ah Malume she will not be like that. She knows about your breakdown and that you lost your memory. No one could find you?”

Thulare reminded him. I had never told him about my father simply because he never asked. Now that he was here with it was clear that he knew the man better than I could ever dream of. How embarrassing is that? My family was such a disappointment! My mother had clearly not done enough in my eyes to find him.

“Still I would like to keep it like that!”

He said and at that Thulare stood up and his goodbyes to my father. I stayed rooted to my chair as I was not sure what to do. I was about to lose my perfect man.

“Are you not going to walk me out?”

Thulare asked me. That’s when I snapped out of it and stood up to escort him. This had just not happened. I walked him to the car and I was sure this would be our last time together as he did not hug me or anything like that. Instead in the car, he opened his window and said,

“Just so you know I am not breaking up with you! This is bullshit!”

He said and he drove. For someone not breaking up with me his behaviour just now certainly did not comfort me at all.

“When will I meet the rest of your family?”

I asked my father as soon as I entered.

“You will meet them soon but that boy is bad news. You should be careful around him!”

He said to me. What was he talking about? I tried to press him a bit more but he did not want to say more. Why was there this Secrecy Bill around Thulare? No one seemed to want to tell me much about him and I kept on asking. He had done something clearly and I was starting to get scared. Maybe I should listen to Aurelia and go where I benefit without over investing. It was hard though as I was in love already. I heard a car outside and I was certain who it was. Not a moment too soon either!

“Sorry I am late guys.”

My mother said as she walked in. It’s not like she ever apologized before this was definitely for my father. My father said it was fine because it meant he got to catch up with me. I don’t know where he got that idea from. I left the room and gave them time alone. I had to help with the cooking anyway. An hour later he left and my mother came to the kitchen where we were finishing up. She stood in the door way, hands on hips and with a smile said,

“Girls, what would you think if he moved back in with us?”

My mother asked. She can’t be fucken serious. Both my sister and I said an immediate,


My mother smiled and stood up and said with a wry smile,

“It’s a good thing it’s my house!”

I can’t believe that my mother was bringing him back to come stay with us. It was too soon. She couldn’t possibly still be in love with this man after so many years. That night I slept unhappy. A new person in the house changes the dynamics of everything. Judith was also unhappy but we did not get a chance to talk as in the morning I had to leave early.

I don’t think I have ever been this anxious to see my boss like I was that morning. In my head I could see Refiloe storming in with murder in her eyes. I got there before him and today was a slower day than yesterday. This meant Lunga and I finally had a time to catch up. He told me he thought that our trip to Sun City had been one of the best ever holidays he had ever been on and that we should all go somewhere together again. This time he suggested Durban and the ocean. I was not really paying attention to that part.

“Aurelia and I are going apartment hunting. My mother said she was putting some money aside for us to look for a place so we can stay together since we are engaged now!”

He said with a huge smile on his face and continued,

“She has also been working her ass off to get Aurelia this big deal. The way she will be so happy if she gets it though. Imagine being able to say my daughter in law is on billboards?”

He asked me. I smiled and told him that was great news. Refiloe was taking this engagement seriously and it was clear she wanted to give her son the best she could find. It made sense because she thought highly of Aurelia meaning in her eyes she was a perfect fit for his son. We chatted some more before his father entered. Everyone seemed to busy themselves including myself.

“Lunga and Faith come go my office please!”

He said when he got to our desk. He did not come with us immediately as he went to Orapeleng’s desk. They spoke for a few minutes.

“Doesn’t this feel like the principal’s office?”

Lunga cracked a joke when we entered. It really did feel like it though, I was nervous.

“Hey guys!”

He said cheerfully when he entered.

“I just wanted to apologize about the last dinner we had. Lunga that was unfair on you and your new fiancé. I have already apologised to you though but I wanted to apologise to you Faith in front of him so that he knows I did it!”

I think this man was a schizophrenic because was it not just yesterday that we had that discussion. Why was he so cheerful all of a sudden? Lunga was smiling because I think it was him who had made him apologise to me.

“I have spoken to Refiloe and we agreed that maybe we should try this again, the dinner that is but this time it will be more like a braai as its more informal. We might invite a few more people to share in our joy for your engagement. Will that be fine with you Lunga?”

He asked his son. I don’t think Lunga knew this part because he was so happy he went and hugged his father.

“Thank you so much dad and yes we will be coming. Can Faith bring her sister and boyfriend so that your friends don’t overwhelm us?”

He said laughing and the father said of course. My heart was beating fast now because I could sense that something was up. This was not just a coincidence that this had happened. He was up to something that needed an audience! I won’t lie the first thing that came to my mind was that his intention was to humiliate his wife by outing his relationship with Aurelia in front of everyone. That would be a game changer and no matter where Refiloe went that would always embarrass her.

When we walked out his office I told Lunga immediately that I did not like this idea at all. It was a bad idea.

“Relax! My dad got laid yesterday!”

Lunga said so casually but smiling still

“What do you mean he got laid? By who? How do you know?”

“By my mom! The way she was screaming. It was so embarrassing I even left and went to sleep by Aurelias!”

He explained further. Where has all the respect gone in this world when people can talk about their parents fucking so willy nilly.

“Uhm ok!”

I needed to get to my phone though. That was the most important part. I called Aurelia the moment I got to be alone and out of earshot. I told her everything that had happened. She laughed at me and said I worry too much. When I asked her why she said,

“I am the one who told him that he has to go fuck his wife and make sure everyone hears it if he ever thinks he can get a chance with me again!”

The shock on my face right now,


I asked her,

“Well it’s simple really; the problem in this equation is Refiloe. She is the one who has the most issues. If we keep her happy then everyone is happy! Besides, I have been trying to hook her up with this model friend of mine. She doesn’t know I am doing it but I think they are on the verge of doing it.”

She said. I could hear the satisfaction in her voice but inside me my inner voice was screaming something totally different.

She had crossed too many lines and it was time to put a stop to all this nonsense!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Good day Fellow Readers

I have a rather embarrassing problem. I have big bums (size 42), big legs and then the small waist (size 36) and small upper body. I work at a bank, and I meet a lot of clients, and when they see me seated, they are fine…until I need to stand up to go to the photocopier or somewhere. Another lady actually exclaimed that my upper body doesn’t match my lower body and that really hurt me. Growing up I’ve been called a lot of funny names like ‘2litre bottled legs’, anything and everything that will just remind me that I do not look like normal people. I am actually considering getting these surgically reduced; because I always get those funny stares when I wear skirts; as a result you will seldom see me wearing ‘an above the ankle’ skirt. I wear long skirts and pants 99.9% of the time. My self-esteem has been taking a knock for the past 3 decades of my life, and it ain’t any fun. Has anyone encountered this or have had their bums surgically reduced… What was the experience like?


17 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

  1. Morning Family
    @ Sethabile, I too am a 42 bottom and 36 waist. Just because I’m not other people’s expectations does not make me feel bad about me.
    I’m mostly in pants , yet wear whatever I feel comfortable in.
    Find what suits your body and rock it.

  2. Sethabile: no no sis don’t do anything to change who you are, God made you that way. How will getting a surgery help your self esteem? Don’t worry about what people say , it doesn’t matter you beautiful the way you are sisi. People always talk, I don’t have big bums and I have big boobs and people used to make fun out of me, at first I cared and I had considered doing a surgery for breast reduction, but growing up I decided phuck that, I’m what I am and I choice to ignore what people said and I focused on my self and I accepted my looks and I’m happy with my flat ass and my big boobs, they made me who I am. So embrace your big legs, big ass, small waist, zithanda sis there’s nothing wrong there. People will always talk it’s up to you how you react to what they say. If a person again says your upper body doesn’t match your lower body, look at them with the prettiest smile and say ‘thank you, I appreciate that’ , make sure you mean it, in that way the other person will know that uyazithanda the way you are and you don’t give a phuck about they say about you.

  3. Goodness, Aurelia should make being devious a profession.

    Dear Sethabile, I am pretty shocked that people especially in Africa would be shocked to see a lady with your body type. We as black women are know for our curves and izitho (big legs). In fact, as a Zulu woman kuthiwa nginyathela ngabantwana! You need not worry about what people think, own your body, Wear clothes that suit you and increase you confidence levels. Its pretty difficult to put a person who oozes confidence down. Stop worrying about what people say, next time somebody makes that comment, you tell them that you can’t argue with what God has produced so they must deal with it!I am a plus size and I own it! Yes one day when I decide to lose weight I will do so but its my decision and nobody else’s.

  4. hey Sthabile can u give ur big bum?. i love being biggie but i have such a small butt 34/36 really, so girl treasure that and make sure they stay firm babes. luv urself gal en we follow suit. dont u know a saying big is beautiful.
    good day.

  5. Sethabile changing your looks will be a direct insult to God,a slap on the face,a punch on the throat. You a the perfect image of what God wants you to look who said looking like that is bad…be comfortable in your own skin and body baby..what others say is their own pap.

  6. Thank you Mike for daily dose
    Q&A : Sethabile dear embrace yourself more love, nurture & appreciate what God gave you everybody in this life has problems about certain aspects of their body whether slender, medium, fat or obese so if you allow people to label you then you as an individual has a problem with yourself don’t wake up every day look yourself in the mirror & say you are beautiful you’ll regain your confidence. You not the only one with such body & won’t be the last one. Love yourself more then others will follow. Good luck dear.

  7. Sethabile sisi, I believe we are all wonderfully made in Gods image. So what if you have a tiny waist and slightly bigger bums and legs, its no mistake so don’t change yourself, so that people might perhaps accept you -angeke wanelise izwe lonke.

    Abantu will always stare, humiliate and mock no matter what. Zithande dali and be happy. Nomama ungaba mncane people call you names, trust me I know.

    So give yourself a huge hug and smile, ngoba uHoottt!!!

  8. They always say if there is something you are unhappy about change it if possible.

    My advice to uSithabile is if YOU are unhappy about the way you look then change it HOWEVER if people’s opinions is the reason you want to change pieces of you then maybe you should think of this a little bit longer because even after your changed self people will still have opinions and you may feel the need to mould yourself to their satisfaction just once more.

    Either way whatever you decide all the best. I feel its unfair that you are being guilted with disrespecting God. Numerous people born fat go to gym or take up diets or pills or what have you to lose weight because they are unhappy with the way they appear and want to change it. People put on make up and fake hair and fake nails and that’s not how God created us why should you be guilted into staying a particular way if you don’t want to?

    NB: it must be YOUR choice not people’s opinions informing that choice because people will always have opinions

  9. I wish I have your legs (got these thin legs with huge hips)…Most people has some part of their body which they don’t like, I made peace with the fact that I have huge hips but small legs. When I was a teenager that used to bother me a lot, up until someone told me that they wish they have my big hips and when I look at her I felt lucky cause damn she got a small ass and hips. Now I feel like they are the best part of my body except for my 34D boobs of course….show them off girlfriend they are yours. Peoples opinion matters dear but its what you make out of their opinions- I always take the Positive ones.

  10. Can Faith stay away from Thulare please, I have a feeling he is Meladi’s baby daddy, he mentioned that Meladi’s baby is a product of an incestious affair. Poor Faith

  11. Sethabile…I am two-minded about this. I think, if there is a part of your body that bothers you that much, then if you can afford to change it…then by all means, change it. However, if you can’t then find ways to disguise it using clothes. The eye, my dear, can be fooled.
    If you go for the route of ‘disguising’, I suggest that you find your ‘body type’. From your description I think you are a pear shape, but search the internet (and other sources I may not know of) to be sure of this. There are a number of websites that can closely give you a guide on how you can determine what body type you are and therefore what kind/make of clothes to wear. From the internet search I found out that I am ‘apple shaped’ and so when I go for shopping I buy things that go with my body shape. They also give you images of people and celebrities that have a similar body shape as you and then you can see what works for you and what doesn’t. What I have learnt through this journey is that, not all clothing items suit all body types, you have to know yourself to know which ones work kuwena.
    If you go for the route of ‘changing it’…then do your research thoroughly and ask questions before you finally go for it.

    So sisi, in the meantime, just rock what your Mama and God gave you with confidence.

  12. Thank u team

    Q&A love embrace n love your body it GOD GIVEN GIFT DIS NOTHIN ABNORMAL ABOT YOUR time someone says something nasty to jus laugh it out n SAY DEM AM PRETTY N INTETESTING SIMPLY BCOS U MANAGE TO MAKE HIM OR HER HAVE SOMETHING TO GOOD OR BAD


  13. Q&A ow lala I know how you feel, was mocked a lot in high school because of that and when I started working . With time I learned to love my body and appreciate it. Will even tell those people who are trying to bring me down how much I love my body and is not jelly ,is firm.

    I was scared to wear leggings and hot pants but since I made peace with myself I rock anything and I know it fits perfectly.

    Be at peace with your looks,if it’ll make you happy put your full length picture on your destination with a knee height dress and check the people’s reaction when consulting. You’re the only person who can make people stop treating you as if you’re abnormal. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL AND TELL YOURSELF THAT EVERY MORNING WHEN YOU WAKE UP. Stop being intimidated .

    I’m short and now working on loosing weight and still they have something bad to say,you won’t loose bums and curves,you’re smaller on top what do you want to loose. I’m loosing because I want to and my clothes don’t fit me. Stop making people’s opinion rule you’re life.

    All the best in accepting yourself. I have a colleague who did that liposuction 3 times and she gets more bigger that’s what she told me when I wanted liposuction 8 years ago. Don’t ever do it because of people

  14. There is nothing wrong with you love . You just need to Love yourself and some people takes them years and years and It took me 25 years and I am 26 now , loving every inch of my body and the inner self. Just love you and you won’t care what other people think or say because Self discovery will be fulfilled. Find Flexboogie on insta or face book and you will fall in love with Sthabile

  15. Q&A sis mna I’m a size 38 I have a big bum …a small waist size 34….and big breast 40DD …and I love it…I know I’m sexy. People are always asking ukuthi zezam ndondwa nha. And I always asnwer with confidence ba I’m beautiful and sexy noba yena angathini. Akukho apho ndingangeni khona….I’ve been called names like “CHapel..or coke 1.5 and you know what andibanaki. Just don’t focus too much on what people say cz bazosoloko benento yothetha. Even if you do a bum reduction they will still say something. Own that bum babe and be fabulous

    #sexy ass

  16. I read story of a couple who had a donkey. The wife rod on it while the husband walked alongside. Ppl laughed, “What a fool the man is 4letting the wife ride alone”. When the hubby rod on it alone they said, “How cruel the man is 4riding alone while the wife walks!”
    Then they both rod on it & they said, “Poor animal, 2ppl riding on it!” The next day, they both walked the donkey & again ppl said, “These two are fools, they can’t even utilize the animal” Message:
    Jst do U girl! From what U described, UR sexy, I mean it in s nice way. Take advantage of all yo positive assets & walk with confidence. Man love the whole of U as we usually look at the overall mark.
    Nobody is perfect, even supermodel’s pictures are “photo-shopped”. – PapaG

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