Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Nine

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For those who drink, they will tell you that there are so many things that they have done under the influence of alcohol that they totally regret. Wine for me especially and many other girls I know (girl talk) has a way of making us horny. It’s no lie. Maybe we drink it too fast I don’t know but when I drink wine I know I want to get some. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t drink because I know what will happen next is usually not good for me. What’s worse was that it was a hot day meaning to keep cool we drank more! Always have water when you drink.

“Dude do you remember in university we used to spend our weekends in your room and that shady friend of yours would bring us weed!”

Aurelia was saying when I was on my third glass. She was not talking to me but to Mudenda. See what I meant when I say wine makes you less defensive and open up. Just a few hours ago Aurelia was not talking to Mudenda and here we were now after a few glasses and now we were all friends.

“His name was Sebapa and he was not dodgy!”

He said and we all laughed because that’s where he was wrong. Sebapa was shady from the day he was born. I swear he was that small boy that looks under girls uniforms in primary school. He was that guy people did not invite to their houses because he would probably steal from you but with that said, he sold the best weed in university. Tuks for some reason has such easy access to the holy herb but you need to know the right people. Every now and again you are unlucky enough to get bad weed but not with Sebapa! He was the best dealer I know and he was a year behind us in university.

“Where is he now?”

I asked him.

“He is the spokesperson for one of the government departments!”

Mudenda said casually. Yah neh, you got to appreciate the ambition of this country. We all have that one person we know who succeeded in life in spite of having been a terrible person. Most of us live under the false impression that if we are humble and churchy then we will be successful in life. It’s a myth really because I think people who will be successful are the risk takers with a brain.

“How I wish he was here right now because imagine what we would be doing right now!”

Aurelia said and we all laughed yet again.

“I need to go check on something in my room!”

Mudenda said immediately standing up. He was not gone five minutes but whilst he was gone Lunga asked us questions about Sebapa. It’s so weird that we were now sitting talking about this shady character. The guy was an urban legend for all the wrong reason.

“When last did you see him?”

Aurelia asked Mudenda who responded by saying,

“I thought you guys would never ask, I saw him three days ago and he gave me this…”

Out of his pocket he took out two joints. So let me get this straight, this guy had a good job but he was still on weed. The friends you keep define a lot about you. By this guy I mean Mudenda. Weed for me should be a rare pastime as opposed to something you should always have in your pocket.

“Oh wow awesome dude! You are forgiven for whatever sins you have committed in my book!”

Lunga said, the stupid traitor. Men will do anything to look like they are cool in any situation that involves contraband. It’s that look they have on a Friday when they are coming from buying alcohol with their friends. They glow like a pregnant woman. It’s like they have achieved something great. That’s the same look that a guy who is holding some weed has on their face. They think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and the pride on his face right now was priceless. Lunga looked as though he was now sitting with Jesus the way he was now so nice to Mudenda.

“You and Faith share one joint and Lunga and I share the other! I don’t want to be swiping saliva with y’all!”

Aurelia said and it was rather funny because once upon a time we would all have shared a joint together. That’s why I don’t take hubbly because so many people can suck on the same tube and not one will stop to mention how disgusting it is.

“I won’t be smoking guys because someone has to take care of Amo and that’s me. The wine is enough for me!”

I said. They tried to persuade me but I stuck to my word. In about an hour of smoking they were already high. A part of me wished I had not come with Amo because I really wanted to let loose but I could not. I don’t know when why or how but I decided to go and call Thulare instead because I was so tipsy. They say that if your partner does not drunk dial you then they do not love you so it’s not entirely a bad thing now is it.

“Let me go and call my man I need him now! Imagine the things we would be doing right now with weed and wine in our system!”

I announced to the others rather unnecessarily but is that not what drunk people do.

“Are you serious right now?”

Mudenda said rather annoyed at me. What was this guy expecting? Did he think now that we were on holiday I will suddenly stop speaking about my man. I needed to remind him.

“Yes Mudenda I have a man who is more man than you can ever be. You should see the size of his dick! I swear after I was with him I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth you managed to make a baby in me! Honestly it was a miracle!”

I said of which Lunga made a hissing sound to acknowledge the diss. He had it coming because an ex who messed up between you has no right to get annoyed or pissed off when their ex has moved on. I am not the one who had messed up and was now rubbing it in.

“That was not necessary Faith come on but Mudenda you don’t own Faith anymore!”

Aurelia intervened. Yes I had been a bit harsh there even by my own standards. I did not like the word own she had used but yes I am one of those girls that when I date someone I tend to let them act as though they own me. Most girls do that too so am not an exception. I think it’s a flaw in God’s creation of us women that we capitulate like this when in love. It’s weak! There are girls that can’t even function without his permission simply because they are in love! I walked a short distance off.

“Hey baby!”

I said in my drunken voice to him but I tried my level best to remain normal.

“How are you? Have you eaten already?”

I asked him.

“What are you talking about? Eat what?”

He asked me but I obviously did not realize that I had said that. I was more drunk that I thought.

“Please come pick me up! I am by the pool and am already naked…”

I said to him. He gasped and said,

“I beg your pardon?”

And I repeated,

“I am sitting by the pool, tipsy and I want my man!”

I said. I don’t know what I was saying but when you are drunk; it makes perfect sense when the words come out of your mouth.

“I haven’t had sex in so long Thuli… can I call you Thuli….”

I said to him but he was not too impressed by this! Goodness this man was so uptight what was wrong with him.

“No! Where is Amo?”

He asked me sternly.

“Why are you talking about Amo at a time like this? I say I am horny and you say where is Amo? Come on, I want to feel your big hard dick inside me right now! I am already wet for you!”

I said to him. I have never been a phone sex person because I feel it it’s pointless and that’s when I am sober. Drunken phone sex is dangerous because you end saying the wrong thing and having it with a sober person makes it worse.

“Where is Amo? Please answer me that!”

He asked me yet again!

“She is sitting with her father!”

I responded in a more snappish tone now that I had been rejected!

“You mean he and him?”

He said also starting to sound annoyed in his tone. I was not sure what he was talking about.

“Oh don’t be jealous of Medenden, he ain’t getting any from this booty!”

I said and I heard myself giggle. I had no control on this whatsoever but calling Mudenda Medenden just sounded funny and I could not stop laughing.

“You are fucken mother Faith and your baby is right there! You can’t be turning up like that… Who will…”

“Tut tut tut… shoosh!”

Oh wow did I really say shoosh! Lord help me,

“Shoosh! You are not my father! The last man I allowed to tell me what to do left me with a baby and trying to raise a child alone!”

I told him! I was so pissed off. Men want to tell us what to do! They can go drinking and partying but when a girl does it, we are known as whores! It’s like we can’t think for ourselves between right and wrong and they can think for us nxa! I didn’t need this in my life!

“Is that how you feel about this? I am protecting Amo from your irresponsible friends and you tell me am trying to control you?”

He asked me.

“Yes! I just had a few drinks to calm my nerves for heaven sake have a bit of fun. I am safe, in a safe place and you don’t trust me. You think I am a bad mother!”

I said and out came the tears. I was crying and don’t why! Alcohol peole is bad.

“Talk to me when you are sober and are ready to grow up!”

He said and click, dude had hung up the phone. With my tears and emotions I was in trouble. I wiped myself down and went to the others.

“It’s getting late Faith, let’s go to the room!”

Lunga said when I got back to them not that they needed my permission as they had already started packing. I don’t know who decided but in minute we were in Aurelia’s room and damn it was huge. Amo was sleeping peaceful but I woke him and gave him his bottle. He was asleep again pretty soon. Mudenda asked for a charger as his phone went off because of battery but was too lazy to go get his own. No one had a charger for his phone.

“Meladi is going to kill me if she calls and can’t find me! Would you believe she said if at any point she calls me and my phone is off there would be hell to pay!”

He said I think annoyed with himself. That was the trigger point I guess because for some reason we found it funny and burst out laughing. It was now the weed taking over these guys. High, drunk and having fun already I put Thulare at the back of my mind. He will control me later not today.

I don’t know how it started but at some point I realized that Aurelia and Lunga were kissing and her bikini top was already off in front of us and no one else cared.

Wait a minute, my bikini top was off too and Mudenda was sucking my boobs!

What the fuck?

I looked down and I am ashamed to say this, my bikini top was off too and I could not even remember how we got to this stage. Wine and weed… the devil tell you!

I wanted to say stop but the way it felt so good having a man do things to me, the words would just not come out!

It was as though we were taking our cue from Lunga and Aurelia because when Lunga pulled down her bikini bottom and took off his shorts, Mudenda and I did the same!

“Condoms brother!”

I think Lunga said as he passed a box to Mudenda. I could see Lunga’s dick and Aurelia stood up, butt naked meaning Mudenda could see her naked. She was clean shaven whilst I had a very small well pruned bush down there! She bent over to give a Lunga a blow job whilst Mudenda went down on me.

I had never seen two people have sex live before and I was fascinated seeing another man moan in front of me!

What the hell was I doing?


*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the great reads and the time and patience you take to produce so many so often.

I am 18 years old and in my matric now. I have done something I am ashamed of. My mother died three years ago after having remarried. She left me with my step father and it was just the two of us as he had no kids of his own. I was supposed to move in with my aunt but I don’t know what happened, I ended up staying with him. As I was in boarding school, I really did not him well nor did he know me that well. With time as he was the only person I could talk to but was not my father, we got closer. To cut a long story short, in August I slept with my step father! He had started dating someone woman at his work and for some reason I was jealous. I think I seduced him I don’t know but it’s a fact I was not happy. He did not blackmail me, bribe me or force me! There was no alcohol just emotions I guess. I hate myself for it. I don’t know what to do now and what’s worse he never spoke about, ever!

I need advice please because I am scared he will throw me out or even want to sleep with me again.

Please Advise me


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  1. Thank you Mike!
    Faith is thirsty bathong and now she is going to ruin a good thing with Thulare by having sex with Mudenda. Eish. I wish I had a man like Thulare who would knock some sense in me from time to time.
    Haai sisi o ikepetse lebitla. Tjo

  2. Faith don’t make the MISTAKE of sleeping with Mudenda coz he will def go rub it in Thuli’s face that he screwed you! use your brains not your pussy PLEASE, you are trying to move away from the assholes so don’t fall into temptation coz it is def not worth losing the relationship you are trying to build with Thuli!

  3. i’m soo disapointed in Faith how she just allowed him after all the things he has done to her, she’s soo going to regret this

  4. Hi Team, Nice chapter Mike. Miss Clarendon you should be ashamed really your step dad” and you think you seduced him it sounds like you wanted to replace your mom. We always blame men for rape but some cases like yours its shocking, you had a choice of leaving with relatives but chose to stay with him. Focus on your studies and you’ll meet someone your age and forget about him. Please pray about this and also seek counselling.

  5. QnA lol it was lonliness and jelousy i guess u got so close to him but knowing at de bak of ur mind dat he is not ur dad thats why u slept with him. U have daddy issues and i suggest u go back home stay with your aunt. U have broken so many rules already. He might see u as a slut now or girlfriend and wanna use u as a sex slave to pay for his shelter.

  6. Ijoh faith hle don’t do it..

    @claredon go stay with ur aunt its clear u r trying to replace ur mum n its not healthy n u have ruined a gud relationship with ur step dad

  7. Faith I get u on so many levels, ubusentlango and one touch when u haven’t had after such a long time and being drunk at the same time I would do the same to bt u know Mudenda is gonna rub it on Thulares face anyway whether u stop or continue same thing.

  8. In eccense faith has already lost Thulare, she might as well continue. Because Mudenda can still brag about going down on her and Thulare would dump her

  9. Ahhh bofebe…….! Thanks Mike

    QnA please move out , u need to talk to someone about your loss.Maybe go to ur real father. Step dad will definitely wanna f… u again so run if that is what u don’t want.

    Please ask for my email from Mike maybe I can help.

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