Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

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There was just so much going on with Meladi that made me suspect that she had done something dodgy. What did she mean when she said it was too early? When you are pregnant you know how far along you are and when you should be expecting? Was she having a miscarriage or an early labour maybe? The confusing part though would be the fact the Mudenda certainly would have gone to doctors’ appointments with her and would know the months when the baby was due. Oh well it was none of my business. It’s not like I wanted him back. Truth be told though, there are times when things that happen in your exes life fascinate you. I am no exception. A part of me still hoped that something go wrong in that relationship so that karma could come calling. Imagine if she gave birth to a Coloured baby? Now that would be drama of the ages. O the evil thoughts I was having right now. I should stop it and focus.


I called him to come out of the car.

“Hurry up!”

I told him as he seemed reluctant to come out.


Thulare ran to help her and hold her up as she was about to fall. I was not going anywhere near her because if something happened to her they will find a way to blame me.

“I heard you the first time. I am coming. She is just crazy, I did nothing wrong!”

Mudenda said as he walked towards us. He thought I was calling him to control Meladi yet again but not this time. I used to think that he was selfish and always thought about himself so nothing had changed yet again. We get selfish people in relationships and he had always been one of them.

“Her water has broken you need to take her to the hospital now!”

I said to him as at first he looked confused as to why Thulare was holding his woman like that. I am sure if they had not been cousins he would have punched him.

“Broken? Nah, it’s a month too early!”

He protested but was cut short because she screamed out in pain. Contractions! These things are the devil the way they are so painful. This is why I say God is a man. Giving birth is no child’s play and you can never wish the pain of it on anyone. All these men we know would probably pass out if they went through it. That much I guarantee. I remember with Amo but that’s a story for another day.

“She is going into labour you need to take her now! Does she have clothes in the car?”

I asked him but he seemed confused already. Normally when you are expecting, you keep a packed back ready so you can rush to the hospital.

“How could we, the baby is early!”

He again said scratching his head,

“Dude wake up!”

I screamed at him. What was wrong with him? He was busy counting dates when he should be going to the hospital.

“Take her to the hospital right now! Your bitch is not giving back in my house, hell no!”

I told him annoyed by his slowness. Dicks are wasted on some men because they don’t deserve to be called a man! Where was his sense of urgency really? It was only now that he moved towards her. All along it had been Thulare holding her up. Thulare helped him to take her to the car.

“I will drive behind you.”

I heard him say when they were driving out. I asked him if he had asked them what hospital they were going to and he said yes. Meladi always had to have the last laugh at my expense come to think of it. Now I had to worry about cleaning this mess. There is a special way in which we treat pregnant women. They are vulnerable so by nature we all have a duty to protect them and in many ways we do. On the bus we stand up for them to give them the seat etc. What are we celebrating? The fact that they got laid and hit the jackpot? Very odd indeed but that was me when I was pregnant. People treated me like I was glass and I must say I enjoyed it. I wonder if Meladi had experienced that nice treatment. I know for a fact that I had held back on her because I knew what a tough time pregnancy was. Well now that she had gone into labour and the baby was coming that was about to chance. I was just waiting for her to come say something disrespectful to me once again. I swear by my ancestors and hers I was going to moer her! You see these women think that baby mamas can’t fight simply because they got the man. I had respected her enough for this long but I was actually excited. I was going to klaap her hard just watch.

“What’s on your mind?”

Thulare asked me when he saw I had a smile on my face. I could not tell him that I was plotting my revenge finally because I would look and sound pathetic.

“I was just thinking of much I have bad luck. Why did it have to be hear that her water broke?”

I said to him. He laughed and he said that he could see that his cousin really got to me.

“Would you believe that I used to love her as a sister?”

I asked him rhetorically though. He did not answer. I now had a bucket in hand to clean up after the mess she had made. He said he was leaving because he had to go to the hospital otherwise it would be odd if they said they left him here. I agreed with him. I had had an eventful day. I needed to put my feet up and possibly sleep. I was expecting my mother back also anytime now so the house had to be in decent state.

“How did it go?”

She asked me as soon as she entered!

“Where is my baby?”

My sister said and went straight for Amo complained about how much she had missed him so much when we were away. Even Amo looked so happy to see her and I know he is just a baby but you can tell these things.

“There was nothing to fix mum. Are you trying to set us up?”

I asked her. She said no but she would like to see us getting along better. My mother was not a subtle woman by any means but I was very confused by her actions when it comes to Mudenda. It felt as though she was trying to get us back together and that was wrong because your mother is supposed to help you hate your deadbeat baby daddy and not encourage him. She had something to do with the way Mudenda had been acting lately that much I was certain but I could put a finger on it.

“Did you guys kiss?”

My sister asked. I laughed at her and told her no we did not something which gave my mother a sour look on her face.

“Mudenda and I are through. There is no chemistry left between us. Besides, Meladi is currently in labour right this moment!”

I told them. My mum seemed genuinely surprised by that and asked me how I knew. I then went on to explain the events of that evening. Whatever she had planned most certainly had not gone according to her plans.

“That is so deep. If that girl does not call her child Faith I assure you that baby will haunt her!”

My sister said laughing. My mother did not see what was funny about that but I got it. My mother looked unhappy and even her attempts to hide it were poor.

“Everything of hers seems to happen around you. Are you sure you did not do something to her because I really do not want to go to the police station alone!”

She said but I told her that was not the case. This was now beyond bad luck though. Time to join one of those African churches so I can get prayed for. I stood up and went to my room before I could show that this was really disturbing me. I called Aurelia to tell her what was going on. This had actually become a tell someone moment.

“Your friend was here!”

I told her after she greeted me.

“Which friend?”

“Meladi and guess what, she went into labour on my front door!”

I told her. She laughed at that but she was shocked.

“The funny thing is both her and Mudenda said that it was too soon for her to be in labour. In fact Mudenda was convinced of that.”

I told her. Ok fine this is gossiping but which girl does not like a bit of gossip every now and again. The entertainment magazine is built around gossip and who buys the most… Women!

“Nah Faith, do you think that the baby does not belong to Mudenda? Wow that would be something. Just imagine?”

She asked the obvious question. It would take some super evil human part in her to really pass off another man’s baby on an unsuspecting Mudenda but you can never tell with women. It’s not like she was desperate for money though. She was way richer than Mudenda that’s for sure, ok point of correction, her father was. Aurelia also had news. She told me that my boss had been calling her nonstop she even had to switch off her phone at some point. I warned her yet again that this thing was going to end in a disaster but she just laughed it off. Guess I was the mad one who saw signs where there were none.

“I have to go, he is calling again, let me answer him!”

She said and hung up before I could say bye. When my phone rang again 5 minutes later I thought it was her but turned out to be Tidimalo. He sounded very annoyed and was talking about Nozipho.

“I want to break up with her!”

He said. I laughed and asked him why. It was funny because it had taken him this long to see that this girl was bad news. He was slower than I remembered. When I dated Tidimalo he had been a player. However I had noticed that he had grown softer with time. Now he could not even identify when a girl was playing with him or not. Nozipho was bad news. He had not listened to me but oh well let him.

“So when are you going to do it?”

I asked him. I kind of felt sorry for him because he did not deserve this. He refused to tell me what she had done over the phone but said he would come see me tomorrow if he had time. I was cool with that. The only phone call I wanted was from Thulare. I sent him a message saying no matter what time it was, he must call me to tell me when the baby was born. He replied that he would.

Around 1am Thulare called me. I was sleeping then but I did not mind.

“It’s a girl.”

Thulare said but I could hear a bit a bit of sadness in the voice.


I said sarcastically,

“There was so much drama here! The baby was fine and full term but Thulare said that the baby should be 7 and a half months. There was even a fight. Will tell you all about it tomorrow!”

He hung up!

On no he didn’t…

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great blog, you are truly talented sir. Here’s my story I matriculated in 2010 then I studied Public relations but I only managed to do it until N5 I couldn’t do my N6 due to financial problems. I have been trying to get a job since 2012 without any success I even volunteered at a school as an admin clerk. I’ve tried almost everything to get a job nothing seems to work people will offer to help but instead they would end up trying to sleep with me or wanting some kind of payment. I have become so depressed as no one is working at home I sometimes wake up during the night and cry. What advice can your readers give me to make my job hunting successful?

Thank you


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  1. Hehehehe tins r heating up! Ayeye stupid Mudenda,servea him ryt.And to al men hu leave women ka bana,ba bone kotlhao e ba tshwanetseng! #Wat a day breaker #so loving rumblings! Tank u so much TEAM! Oooooh n welcum to our HUMBLE FAMILY Khanyi!

  2. Dear Vee

    You will stop reading because people needs help?? Dont blame you though probably you life is perfect but Mike created this platform to help people so be it. And wena find something useful and interesting for you

    God has a great plan for everyone of us your turn is coming and his grace is sufficient for all #beStrong

      1. Its not being selfish or about having a perfect life

        in previous post there was advise given on how to look for a job, I am not looking for a job but I know what to look for by reading the 1st few am unemployed letters I can even name the steps by heart 1.dont always look for jobs in ur field of study 2. Call centers are hiring 3.list your cv on sites like careers 24 etc 4. Dont be picky we all start sum where 5. Continue with school get a loan etc, need I go on, we cant be repeating the same info for every unemployed individual who reads this blog.

  3. Hi Nomvula

    I can just imagine what you are going through.One of my lecturers once told me that job hunting is a job itself,needs energy,courage and faith.Gotta work as hard.I mean its difficult for pipol who had completed their degrees to get a job aswell nower days. Just know that you are not alone.

    Try get some financial assistance somewhr and finish up your diploma dear. In the mean time if you have something that you passionate about that u can capitilize from try that.I wish you all the best.

  4. QnA i believe in doing everything to get things done. Unemployment is no child play dis days. If u r to brush sum ass to get de job u want i say u brush. Or stop complaining nd apply nd wait lyk any other qualified citizen. Look at faith she got a job cos she had to kis sum ass. Ur choice love.. Reality!! However if u hve faith that God lives den my dear God shall provide he has a plan with ur life. Be patient nd keep de faith.

  5. Hi Nomvula, the department of defence is always hiring. When i finished matric i was helped by their call up, through them i have an engineering qualification. Lately they are recruitment drive is based on post matric qualifications. I am not saying you are quaranteed a placement, but it is best that you submit your application.
    With Only Matric = 23 yrs an younger. Post Matric qualification even incomplete = 26 an younger.
    If you closer to pretoria, go to their recruitment centre personally, corner vissagie an paul kruger. If in cape town go to the castle. Other options website DPSA has circular advertised on their website with variours work opportunities all over SA. Should you want more assistance you may ask mike for my email not sure im allowed to post it here.

  6. Meladi never ever lie abt the pregnant months,vis when the time comes o tla araba lol,chocho mudenda, cos ne o bona faith e se nix
    Tnx team

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