Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred an Ten

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The hypocrisy that is in women at times defies logic. I don’t know why people want to act all high and mighty but over half of all women have slept with an ex. That number most likely increases when that ex happens to be their baby daddy! Even divorced couples sometimes sleep together. If you hate someone with a passion your emotions are always in a state of upheaval when you are with that person. All that anger often means you make yourself vulnerable when he is around because you work so hard at making him think you are better off without him. By some cruel twist of nature things just don’t work as they are meant to. I doubt any one of these women went there to sleep with him because they some how wish they are in love. We all know with men, once a jerk always a jerk but if the sex was good why deprive yourself? I had not been laid in ages and by the sound of it, Thulare was the “Let’s wait and see where this thing goes!” type of guy. Again I had to sacrifice for a man and wait for him to choose me! How does that work? Is this what God intended for us women to always have to live off what men need and want. Why can’t I as a woman own my vagina and use it as I please because men own and use their dicks at free will? I was not a slut for wanting to get laid and the first thing women need to learn is that we are oppressed because of sex! We need excuses to find ourselves when men don’t! It is why men can cheat on us and we forgive because we tell ourselves how much we can’t see ourselves with another person because it just feels wrong. Sleeping with your baby daddy though something you will regret later, feels like revenge over a bad breakup and makes you feel powerful. You know you still got it and you get to enjoy the sex. What’s not to love! The little voice in me told me to stop it but I did not want to. It was telling me that Meladi is a woman too and what I was doing was not right because women should stick together! Really? Was this not the same bitch that had taken my man in the first place. The little voice can go fuck it self for all I care! I do not need anyone’s permission to have sex nor should any woman! It’s my legs I open, my thighs I widen, my honey I share and my garden I want explored!

Ladies, it’s a fact that not every man is going to have the stamina of a construction worker in bed but he must be good for something physical not just his money. Mudenda was average in sex but the man was blessed with his tongue. It’s like his tongue had a suxtion system that came with different speed buttons. I can safely say without prejudice that in all the time we dated an he gave me oral, I never once complained about it. Even the thought of it makes me curl my toes just thinking about it. I love it when his tongue is licking my inside then sucking my clit… I am not going to describe the process but for the first time in a long time I had a massive orgasm. I as so embarrassed because I screamed as it happened forgetting Aurelia and Lunga were there! They did not seem to care becomes they too were concentrating on their own job. They had swapped positions now and it was Aurelia receiving oral now. This bitch! She had always said that she hated getting muffed but here she was being vacuum cleaned and moaning like a prostitute from Point in Durban. It was fascinating. Her eyes were closed and I could see she was enjoying it.

“Put on your condom!”

I said to him in a whisper!

“Ah come on, are you not giving me a blowjob?”

He pleaded with me but I was not about to go down on a that thing which had spent so much time inside Meladi no matter how horny or drunk I was.

“Do you want to get laid or not?”

I asked him defiantly. I was being unfair I guess because he had gone down on me but ladies, how many times have you gone down on a man and he does not return the favour! All is fair in love and war!

“Not cool but ok!”

He looked like a kid who had just been denied his favourite food.

“What’s taking so long?”

I asked him. He was struggling o put on his condom as he was not fully hard.

“Are you not horny?”

I asked him. He said he was but the pressure of being in a room full of people was getting to him. I don’t blame him I guess because I would have the same reaction if I was a guy.

“If I had a blowjob then this would go away!”

He said with hope in him that was unfounded. I grabbed hold of his joy stick and gave him a hand job until he was hard again. I made him lie down on his back and with no regrets whatsoever, I sat on it. I felt every moment as it inched inside me bit by bit until he was fully in. No, that’s not quite it, it felt like a super awesome massage after having been stressed and knotted up and tight for so long but the only difference being I was feeling thousands of explosion down there. That’s how horny I was. At this stage Lunga had moved and was now pounding Aurelia. She was screaming and moaning just like me. I was drunk, I was not checking on the time but after what felt like ages it was done. Without hesitation as soon as he pulled out, I took a deep breath and stood up. I put on my clothes, picked up my baby and I left the room. I was not going to cuddle. This was sex not making love. He can cuddle a cactus for all I care. I was pretty exhausted and wanted my bed. When I lay down I passed out. I will worry about regrets the following day.

Early in the morning, I was woken up by my phone ringing. Ah crap, it was Meladi! What did she want now? It was 630 in the morning for crying out loud!

“Good morning Meladi!

“Did you have a good time?”

Meladi asked me as soon as I picked up the phone.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked her.

“You know what I mean. Mudenda and you!”

“Are you being serious right now? I don’t have time for you today! You love worrying yourself and then making it feel like the world is against you! Me being here was just torture but nevermind, I don’t owe you an explanation!”

I said confidently. I hung up. My first thought was Mudenda had told her. I carried Amo and went to his room and knocked. He was still sleeping but I knocked till he woke up.

“What is it?”

He said annoyed at me for waking him up. I asked him how he could do that to me. And explained to him what had happened. He told me that he never spoke to Meladi because his phone was still off from yesterday. He mentioned something about it not charging which is probably why she had not called me.

“Don’t worry she Is just fishing!”

He said as I left my room. Now that I was done with it the regret was starting to sink in. What had I been thinking though? That’s the problem with sex, once it’s done and you come back to your senses, if the gut is not your man often you are left regretting it. I decided that I should go and pack. I was hoping that we would leave early. Amo had fallen asleep again meaning it was best I took a bath first.

I was disturbed by a knock on my door as I was in the shower. It was probably one of those three. I was glad though because the earlier they woke up, the more likely it was that we were leaving. I opened to door in my towel and there stood Thulare. At first I thought I was dreaming.

“Can I come in?”

he said after he realised that I was just going to stand there and stare at him without saying a thing. This was either so romantic or so creepy because what was he doing here.

“Yes you can!”

I said. I had so many emotions going through me right now I was not quite sure which was the right one for this moment.

“I thought you would need a ride home and since I was not doing anything I thought I should drive and come pick you up!”

He said smiling. Who could argue with that? I moved to him and hugged him even though I knew the real reason why he had come was to see if I was in Mudenda’s arms.

“Thank you love. I have just finished bathing and had started packing!”

I told him. I immediately realized that I did not want Mudenda to wake up and come to my room unannounced.

“Let me just go in the shower and dress up?”

I said to him.

“Why should you do that? Am I not your man? Are you going to be one of those women who dress up in the dark when you sleep over!”

This was so akward because not doing so would mean I was saying he was not my man.

“I never said that!”

I said and made a fake laugh. I was feeling uncomfortable but I dropped my towel and started to dress up. I did not look at him but I could see he was looking at me. Not once did he make an attempt to come and touch me. I mean this guy was seeing me naked for the first time yet he did not even seem horny for me.

“What made you decide to come for me because I was perfectly capable of doing so with Aurelia?”

I asked him with a smile on my face. I did not want to seem hostile.

“Yesterday you called me and you said you were horny. I was not going to leave my woman with vultures now was I? Do you need help with anything?”

He said and asked me at the same time. He was a few hours too late though for the vultures had already had me. The packing was nice and quick. I did not want Mudenda to see Thulare here for fear of what he might say. When were done Amo was up and had the bottle in his mouth. Thulare was holding him. I told my two boys that I had to go say bye to Aurelia and Lunga.

When I got to their office Aurelia opened. She had a tooth brush in her mouth. She mumbled something as I walked in.

“Good morning Faith?”

He said so casually. Had this guy not seen me naked yesterday. I was so embarrassed. I had forgotten that the following day looking at each other would be so hard. Thank God Thulare was here. I told them what was happening and how Thulare had just showed up to take me home. Aurelia’s response was,

“That’s not romantic. That’s possessive and controlling. That’s wanting to checking on who you are with. Guys like this one day are trouble!”

She said and walked to pick up something on the floor.

“The guy drove three hours? Damn! I wonder what he would have done had he been here last night because he don’t seem like the sharing type!”

That was Lunga!


Why did I feel exactly the same way about this situation?

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and Family

I am a huge fan of your work. Thank you so much for sharing this talent with us.

I am a 23 year old woman and am getting married end of October. The only problem is that I am still a virgin. I chose to wait but now am nervous. I am scared of the pain for one and the thought that he might not like it. What if I don’t like it myself? I am so nervous and stressed about this. He is not a virgin and says he has been with only two girls before me. It me as the date gets closer it’s starting to feel like those “Two” girls feel like “twenty” girls as he has so much experience. Must I see a therapist to calm my nerves. I don’t even subscribe to masturbation so I am a novice at most things sexual. I have only given him a few hand jobs in the past. We dated three years.

Please guide me as I enter a new chapter of my life?

Thank You


Hey guys
We are only left with a few letters. Please feel free to send yours.

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29 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred an Ten

  1. Father of her baby or not she still shouldn’t have slept with him
    I could use a man like Thulare round bout now.A real man who knows what to say and do at the right time.

  2. Pam sisi it’s time you taught yourself a few things.Ask you babe to tell you what he likes since he has had sex before.being a virgin is applausable but love making is important in a marriage and believe me you don’t want to bore your hubby by being a cold turkey on your first few months of being newlyweds. Ask him to teach you how to give head and sisi also tell what you think you might like done to you..

  3. Sex is like riding a bicycle for the first time you will fall of scrap your knees a couple of times then become a pro, yes it will hurt first time but it does get better with time, don’t think about his experience like our amo’s mum wrote in today’s chapter own your cookie.

    You will find your pace if you stop stressing about pleasing him as you need to learn what pleases you first in order to learn to please him.

    So calm down and enjoy the new chapter.

  4. Thnxxx Mikeesto for yet another awesome read
    Aeeeee sum girls be so judgemantal like they haven’t been tempted ,,temptation is there,,,Faith was horny n she called her man but what did he do he acted all holier than thou Y couldn’t he just tell Faith to go to her room and they have phone sex instead of opening a gap for the vultures,,,again hours later he still comes and does nothing about the hornyness not even a kissnyana to let Faith know baby u have the bod to make me drive for hours,,,aowa maannn appreciationnyana would go a looooong way tlhe,,,Gape Kuku ga e je mmu mos,,,de honeypot needs sum licking and banging once in a while aker

    1. I totally agree MsB…people need to get off them high horses…humans are not perfect.

      Faith reached out to Thulare and he brushed her off and even began reprimanding her instead of enjoying the love and appreciation Faith has for him…

      Not that either are perfect but damn a girl was horny and needed some relief.

  5. Pam, first off, well done for staying chaste in this society that promotes premarital sex and promiscuity. The thing about sex is that it is something innate, its not like learning to read or write, so don’t worry hun, u will know what to do when the time comes.

  6. I thought Mike will suprise us by saying it was a dream. Now, what about when Thulare wants some now as she said she was horny? I think Mudenda will use this against her when fighting custody to separate her with Thulare; remember all is fair in love and war. So it is good to remove the amour of your enemy.

    Visit a site called there is lot of guidance/teaching on that site for “clueless bride” that can make you happy (of course experienced people can get a lot as well). It is a christian sex site, therefore most work internet may block it
    There is one advice I can give you about sex as a woman, strive to satisfy yourself as a woman, try to get the best of it as much as you can and give yourself no limits. Irrespective of how were the previous girls, he will automatically be satisfied and forget about them.

    The rest you will learn to master as you go.

  7. Pam, read up on foreplay and all things sexual. I would say masturbate a bit to get to know yourself and what turns you on! As for thinking about the girls she slept with, well it will not help because you will not be able to erase it. Instead focus on yourself and the new chapter that you and your man will be entering into!

    Yes, for the first few times it will be sore but in no time you will enjoy it. Loosing your virginity to someone that you love and loves you back is the best thing ever, the pain is beautiful! Yes, it is beautiful. Don’t stress about it, don’t over think it!

    P.S: Since he has had sex before, I think it’s best you go for blood testing, you have saved yourself for so long you don’t want to be exposed to any STI’s.

  8. hmmmmm am i the only one who thinks Thulare is too good to be true hayi….he is trying to hard to prove he is a gentleman, now am suspecting he has something to do with his baby mama’s death. Faith is going to be in trouble with this guy once he finds out he had sex with Mudenda. I really feel like there is a deep dark side to this guy.

  9. great chapter as always…
    @pam so proud of you ausi and especially of your man…3 years and no cookie?wow hes one of a few a definite keeper…i have no doubt hes gonna take care of you and make the experience as beautiful as can be for you just make sure you communicate with him.

  10. Glass houses neh! Yho wow! I was one of those who judged faith but forgot I have done what she did at least 4 times in the past 5 years. Me and baby daddy broke up 6 years ago (it was a very bad breakup like faith’s) and can not deny the fact that I have slept with him 4 times since I met my now fiancĂ© 5 years ago. The regret always hit me the next day but honestly it’s my pussy and only me and him knows about it. I don’t have to go around telling people so they can judge me.
    Once I Even slept with my bf less than 12 hours after sleeping with my ex. I’m still saying, that’s my secret to the grave. And if my ex had to say something, I will deny it like Oscar prestorius cos I’m not willing to lose my man lol.
    Mara I now suspect hore thulare had something to do with his baby mamma’s Accident! Tjo drive 3 hours to check on her? Hmmmm… scary!
    Faith’s man ke Tidimalo and no one else

    Just ask your man u will be fine. But sex is like Pringles… “once you pop you can’t stop” *wink*

  11. Faith, I understand where you are coming from shame, I for one not judging, as long as you enjoyed yourself, just don’t be too hard on yourself with guilt trip. there is something fishy ngo Thulare he is far from being a saint, khona okushaya amanzi.

  12. I suspect Thulare is a control freak who beats women and turn around to be sweet and loving but hey m just assuming.

    Faith indlala ibanga ulaka ne lol,

  13. Nice one mike’isto
    At least there is merit in a mans notion (paranoia) that you should always worry about an ex.
    So fella’s niyazibonela those ex’s are the biggest threat your haven.
    Q&A don’t worry you will soon be getting horny at work in a rush for the day to end so your man can give you that vors. it only natural to be scared. My wife got herself drunk thanks to her sisters advise, which wasn’t to helpful, but by then we had done everything but penetration, so her vjjj knew arousal and the tongue. You can start by doing such. But you will be fine, it is an activity that has been shared since the beginning of man kind, and no harm came out of it (except battle scares by the cookie of-course Lol, kidding).
    Oh yah, i don’t know how you family planning is, i would recommend contraceptives, so that pregnancy doesn’t interrupt you sexual learning, you need to be comfortable and enjoy sex, because since your hubby is experienced, early pregnancy means he has to be patient for a longer period. and if by the time ur preggies u r comfortable u might crave a doggy now and again, like other junk u’ll crave wen preggies Lol.

  14. I don’t trust Thulare, he is too good to be true, I can’t put my finger on it but he seems controlling type of a guy, his way or high way, you know faith you are a human being with feelings too so as long as you used protection, you don’t have to needed that. With Thulare you will have to be patient coz by the looks of things you not getting some anytime soon.

  15. QnA don’t be afraid trust me. I applaud you actually for being a virgin all along not many people can actually do that as for you worrying that you might be in pain the pain is fleeting trust me it comes then it’s gone then it’s pleasure over and over and over. You will be fine and your body will know what to do so don’t even think about it. Go in there telling yourself I am going to rock his world

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