Realities – Chapter Sixty Three

Women can defy logic at times, they allow their friends to fool them into believing that there important things in life than their marriage. A person who is not married, has never been married will almost always give you advice that pushes you away from putting your husband first. She always has that feministic approach. They almost always that “really” comment when you do something that they think is not worthy of a woman doing for a man. That was Zethu. She was not for or about marriage. I had a friend who wants told me that if you are in a steady relationship, the last person is you need in your life giving you relationship advice is that singe friend of yours. I have no doubt that Zethu had my back when I needed her most but returning the favour would most certainly end my marriage. What she was asking me to do was jump on my own sword and that was not an option. Did I look like I was Brutus in Julius Caesar? Falling on my own sword is definitely not something I wanted especially now that I was about to get my family back. The only thing standing between me and rebuilding us was me and I had to get it out of the way. I had to make some kind of a plan and at this point I had no idea what.

“Nothabo please, I need you right now!”

She begged me. I told her that I will see what I can do but I would not throw her under the bus. I would have a back and will fix everything I had destroyed. She breathed a huge sigh of relief but I could still see that she was anxious. Who can blame her though with all that was going on?

“I think we need to speak to George to change his story!”

I told her.

“You think I have already not tried that. He said he would have considered it if you had been more amicable to him after you did what you did.”

She explained but I immediately responded,

“But what do you expect me to have done? He was calling me when I was with my husband! Sizwe and I have turned a corner. Even the things I used to complain to you about have changed. I need to fix my marriage and if this thing comes out I will be divorced and I will lose everything including this job!”

I explained. I could see she was sympathetic but she too had issues of her own.

“I know that but this grant is my life and my job is on the line too. We both have so much to lose so we must do something together. We need each other and we must work together on this.”

She said and she was right. I totally agreed with her. How could things have gotten so bad so fast in the time I had left?

“Where is he? Let’s go talk to him. We agree to what ever demands he has so we move on and he leaves our lives!”

If you are a beautiful woman, a rich one or a powerful one, never ever make the mistake of sleeping with someone who is beneath you. They will never let you forget that because they get to brag and tell whoever will listen. I had learned my lesson a bit too late. A female doctor sleeping with a nurse was almost taboo. Men no matter how old they are will brag about their conquests and they love nothing more than to reduce a women in power to sound and look like a common whore. Don’t settle for the help ladies, believe me now I know.

“She is over here!”

I heard someone say from behind us. It was a nurse and behind her was my husband. Ok now I did not expect that.

“Hey love, I just thought I should drop in and check on you to see if first day back has not killed you yet!”

He said jovially. He even had a box for chocolates with him.

“Aww you are so sweet!”

Zethu said to him as she greeted him with a hug. They had met several times before so they knew each other. The most recent was when she had stood up foor me.

“Hey baby. You are sweet. I did not expect this at all!”

Zethu stepped away and went into the ward to do something.

“Yes, I am checking on my girls today. Went to school to check on my girls. I even got a chance to speak to the teacher and she told me that one of the students found Lintle crying in the bathrooms and she has been sitting alone at break. I was not sure what to tell them but you need to look into it.”

He said with so much worry in his voice. I was grateful he had gone to school for me I never would have had time. You would never have thought we were that family that has been fighting so much. He hugged me and said he was just passing through. I walked him to the car. He told me that he still had to go see the lawyers because there are some papers he still had to sign. He kissed me a bit longer than the peck I was accustomed to and left. As I walked into the hospital I was blushing and one of the older nurses commented that my husband and I had that love she wished she had. We even had a small chat but she impressed by my hubby no doubt. As soon as I saw Zethu I realized that now more than ever we had to do what ever it took to get George to help us.

“You see what I mean with Sizwe! We are perfect and I will lose him!”

I told her as soon as I got to her. She agreed and said we should go find him. We found him in the nurses office sitting alone eating his sandwich.

“Doctors, what can I do for you?”

He said as we entered. He did not have a smug look as I had expected but looked rather dejected.

“We need your help or rather Nothabo needs your help!”

Zethu said as soon as we sat down. She was not wasting her time and making it clear why we were here and who was being thrown under the bus.

“I am sorry about how things turned out between us but what were you thinking George. I gave you what you always wanted and instead of enjoying it, you turned it around and almost destroyed my family. Why would you do that? Imagine, we could be having something now at work but now we can’t even be seen together!”

I said. I know exactly I was doing. I was jumping on my own sword. I was going to make it seem as though we would have had a relationship had he not been too eager.

“I am sorry. I thought… I fucked up didn’t I?”

He said and he meant it. Men are so predictable if you handle a situation right.

“Its done. Now we have bigger problems. You know that Zethu could lose her job for covering for us and if you could change the story for us all this will change!”

I explained to him.

“What if I lose my job covering for you? What happens then?”

He asked. I was not happy about the answer I should give even though it was true. He could get fired for all I care as long as my friend and I were safe.

“Why would you be fired? You are the subordinate and they will say you had no choice. It’s not a good story to tell but that’s the one you using now. You have the unions to back you up, I doubt very much they will take it that far with you!”

I reminded him. Only people who don’t work do not fully understand the power of the unions. I know for a fact that he was one of the coordinators so he could actually get away with it. I could sense that he was allowing this to happen because he was still hurt by what I had done. This was revenge meant to catch my attention.

“Look, I will go to the bosses and say I slept with Zama from oncology. She left the hospital last week and moved to Mafikeng with her new husband. No one will say anything about it if I do and I can’t be fired, the unions will never allow!”

He said confidently. It sounded like a plan. A very good plan but I could see he was expecting more. I know this because he gestured for me to ask him with his heads. I could not help it but roll my eyes as I obliged. He was treating us like children and was enjoying it.

“What do you want in return? Must I pay you?”

I asked him. I was ready to pay him. Zethu looked at me with so much hope and she said,

“I will help you pay too. Please make this go away, please!”

She begged. He looked at us thoughtfully then said,

“No, I don’t want money. I want something else.”

He said.

“What do you want? Just say so this way we start working on it.”

He smiled and again with his hands he gestured. I could see where this was going. What a sleazy bastard!

“George. Come on, we did it once already and look at the amount of trouble we are. In. Your way is a bad idea!”

I protested. I was not sleeping with this man again. Once was enough.

“Look I know how much your marriage means to you and your grant what what. I don’t care really because in all this I lose out in any way! I might as well go out with a smile”

He said. He stood up and said he was leaving.

“Please do it Nothabo. He wants to get laid. You do it once, away from the hospital and we are done. We get rid of this thing and move on!”

She said. She was a fine one to speak. To now have sex with this men under these circumstances just felt wrong. How was it a decent man could make such a request and now Zethu was cheering it on.

“This is our only way out unfortunately, please think it through!”

She pleaded. He was smiling now because he could see I was cornered,

“Zethu, I never said I want her alone. I want you to. I am going to have a threesome with two doctors!”

He said!

You could have heard a pin drop at that moment.

“Hell no!”

Zethu said. Was she not the one who had just been begging me do it now.

“I will not do it. I will rather go and confess and lose my job before I agree to such terms!”

She said and stood up.

“I will wait for your answer tonight. The hearing is tomorrow at two!”

He walked out and left us staring at each other!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Good morning I trust you well. I got your number on Facebook I always read your books they so interesting, educational and they motivate me. I need to take something out of my chest, you know sometimes it’s not easy to talk to people that you know because I’m scared of being judged and all that. I dated this guy in 2010 but then we broke up because at that time I was still very young as he wanted me to sleep over at his house everyday so I told him I can’t he then cheated. I moved on with my life though I loved him, in July this year he started chatting with me on whatsapp telling me how much he misses me, he believes that I can make sense of everything in this life as he is not growing any younger so he want us to try again. I won’t lie to you I wasn’t in a relationship, I still love him and I missed him so I said yes let’s try again things were fine for a week after a week he started to be cold like no calls? WhatsApp or text. I sent him a message asking him what’s wrong he told me that he’s busy at work and most of the time he’s always on standby which he mentioned before but then he apologized and I understood. After he was fine again remember we stay in the same area like he stays 5min away from my house (driving ) 20 min (walk) again he was cold I again sent him another novel asking if he has second thoughts about us he never replied instead after 2 days he started to be lovey dovey and we were fine again. Last week on the heritage day he was off so he told me that around 20:00 he’ll come so I’ll sleep over in his house I waited until 21:00 he didn’t pitch because I still respect my mother I don’t like leaving the house very late I then sent him a message asking where he was he told me that he’s still chilling with friends apparently they were drinking. 22:30 I sent him another message telling him that I’m going to bed I’ve been waiting so is he still coming he said “goodnight ”
I cried myself to sleep that night. Following day he didn’t call, text nor whatsapp that happened for 3 days I again being stupid or desperate that I am I sent him a message on whatsapp telling him that I didn’t want to send him that message because uyadika but I miss him he replied by “so ndiyadika” I asked what he was doing, he said “sebenza” I again said “I miss you ” he replied with “?” later that day I sent another whatsapp saying good night babe he replied “nytooo” I never heard from him again until now he’s online on whatsapp. I miss him so much I know I’m stupid because actions says it all that he doesn’t want me but how do I accept it, I love the guy.

What can I do to get over him if we are through?

Please help.


24 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Sixty Three

  1. A2Q
    Iv been in a similar situation. Only when he kept quiet so did I. Its been 3 months now. Which only goes to show that he didnt care about me as much as I thought he did. So you should try responding to him the way that he responds to you and hopefully things will work out.

    Or just forget about him. Block calls and texts. You’ll be better off teaching yourself not to put up with that kind of bullshit anyway, better for yourself and your future relationship(s).

    1. Dankie M… We can’t be taking nonsensical things from these guys. If he doesn’t want you anymore, he should just say and we all cut our loses. I at some point felt as though had done something wrong but realised that actually he is the coward for not being man enough to tell me he has moved on and that I should do the same.

  2. Q&A know your worth why settle for someone who is not even trying to make you happy. You deserve better than that. I have been a victim of such but all I did was to sit down and ask myself if he was worth it and from there i walked out on him. It won’t be an easy journey but never look back forward you go.

  3. Haai Nothabo atla e baka!

    Confused I don’t understand why u believed that. a snake will change just because it’s 5 years later. Leave this man dear, it’s not gonna be easy I know but try.

  4. Confused…I was in a similar situation with the guy I dated for years…here’s what you did wrong from word go…he asked can we try again and you just gave in to him like that…Men love to be challenged.for future reference if a guy or this guy comes back again.tell him you are “willing” to try but you can not pick up and go on as if nothing has with his mind.see if his really serious this time.dont give in too easily it comes off as desperate and needy.if a guy really loves you he will do what ever it takes to have you back under your standards not his.stop calling or texting back….it worked for me…if you really love this guy.change the way you’ve been doing things course clearly it’s not working out.Go boy watching.get someone else.and show him that life goes on Hey. With or with out him.all the best

  5. Confused : I agree with ‘M’ , just forget him, he doesn’t care about you as much as you do. This guy knows that you love him tooooo much and that you’d anything for him, that’s why eyenza lento. So as long as you keep allowing him back, he’s gonna play on your emotions on and on. It’s not easy but you need to let go. Akaku Thandi lomfana.

    “People only treat you the way you allow them them to”

    I’m certain you’ve heard that before and it’s actually true. You are allowing this man to treat you like trash and that’s what he’s doing. Let go sweety.

    1. Its very true Laci and I always tell my friends that , people need to love themselves enough NOT to allow men treat them any less than what they think they deserve…..

  6. Happy Friday Peeps 🙂 …Heeee two-faced Zethu…ncncncnc some friends though but anywhoooo whose judging.

    Confused : Hay uConfused nyan shame…Now, I’m sure you already now that everyone will say leave this guy, so I wont.

    When you sit down on your own with your own thoughts, ask yourself these questions…
    1. What is this man doing to make me happy??
    2.What is he doing to contribute in my life??
    3.Does he treat me with the respect I want to be treated with??
    4.Does he make time for me in his life??
    5.Does he show me that I am important to him???
    and last but not least
    6.Does he love me, and how is he showing me that he loves??

    When you get answers to these questions, you will know what to do…because these are just basics to a relationship…

    All the best…


  7. hahahaha….hey uGeorge uphezu kwenu shaaaammmee, and u Zethu is just putting up with an act, I think she is just bluffing herself, if that what what grant is so important to her like she claimed, she will be left with no choice but to submit to Mnr George…askies Zethu but life is a b***t, one way or another it all f**s us up.

    To confused: I am sorry gal, but I believe there is no such thing called men left out there, I used to tell my friends and say children these people (men) they never loved us, as the good Lord grants you years and years on this earth, this will come as a realisation to you one day, that’s just my opinion, strongs gal.

  8. We woman like 2 play de victim card like we have been wrong de guy is showing u dat he does not love u and u still want him 2 be with u in every way possible and all u has 2 say is dat “I love him” you are only hurting urslf I knw it hard 2 c any way u could b happy without him

  9. Hi Confused.

    I just got out of a “relationship” that is very similar to yours. I put it in inverted because I realized thatI was in this relationship alone.

    I man that keeps you waiting; shows that he doesn’t respect you or your time.
    That his time is more important than yours.

    It’s difficult to leave because you’re always thinking what it is you can do better for him to give you attention. The only thing you can do better for yourself is leave!!!!

    Leave the relationship before you start feeling inadequate!!!!

  10. Thanks Mike,
    As for George all I can say is good luck brother coz you gonna wake up next to Abraham,those Drs are conected.
    QnA this guy sounds like my ex whom I was CRAZY in love with. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but girl try using your head not your heart. I’ve been there and I took him back each time untill I decided to use my head. Ask yourself this question”what is it that you need or expect from your partner ?”. I don’t think you need someone who’s not available. You won’t stop loving him over night but you also don’t need him in your life coz you will be misrable
    Good luck and stay strong and true to yourself

  11. As Women We Go Too Far To Please Men. But We Aren’t Really To Blame,, Coz These Men Make Us Love Them, Then Suddenly Start Switching Up. But We Too Bear The Responsibility In Navigating Our Lives Through The Choices, Good Or Bad, We Make…
    Don’t Give Up Your Power And Dignity For A Man**

  12. Nice one Mike, you better give us a 3-some chapter *Hide face*.
    Q&A; Run my dear,
    Good luck, youuuu know whats up.

  13. Dankie BraMike, IC how the letters from yo readers motivate U to divert yo storylines. It takes a Genius like yoself to keep it all relevant & entertaining yet intertwined. Salute!
    Confused, 1st lesson in life ppl R selfish. It’s time 4U 2start putting yoself 1st in yo life on everything U do. Gain confidence & love yoself. Know that U can live as U.
    Desperation opens U to ppl abusing U. Erase this FOOL from yo mind & never go back like a dog that eats its own …. – PapaG

  14. Dear Confused. …can I firstly laugh at the childishness of your boyfriend’s response….????

    Anywhooo…It doesn’t matter what we say…you are still going to allow to be treated that way…until you get enough…or get a very great, loving, caring replacement. … I’ve been there…you are no fool

  15. George is just a honey goat.

    Almost all d responses say thy hv been there, I certainly have been there. I remember like it was yesterday, d way i loved that dauchebag. He lied, cheated nd played me. And 1 day, i caught a wake up call, yoh I cried yezwa, nd my older sister said its not worth it. Then I stopped, dusted myself, Nd moved on.

    U see, we all still alive. And hey some of us got something better, a person who cares so much dat he calls wen he gets to work, lunch nd knockoff. Plz gal, cry enough and clean urself up, nd move on. U will get something better.

  16. lol if Nothabo was still friends with Lee Gorge would be without his tounge by now.?? u don’t mess with that crew.

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