Realities – Chapter Seventy Three

What would you do if you knew you were raising a psychopath? Imagine if you could tell when your child was born that one day they would become a murderer, rapist or an evil person? Would you abort that child before it even came out and hoped that the next child would be an upgrade? You know that thing when they say having a child only a mother would love? Well Lintle in that moment had become that child. She was doing things I did not expect a normal person to do meaning that maybe she had a mental illness. I know I sound like I am grasping at straws but how else would you expect all this to happen. Last night she had cried so much when she told her father of the rape. She had taken us to the worst place as parents we could ever go emotionally. She had left us raw and painful. Her father had walked out even be it for a moment. Today she was acting as though none of that had happened. She was happy and it was like it had never happened. Since her rape this was the third time she had done this extreme mood swings. I know if I was to take her to a psychologist they would say it was because she had not dealt with it and was probably still in shock. My problem was however she was not too keen on hospitals. I needed to do something this was not normal. The more she acted like this the more she convinced me that she was hiding something.

“Good evening everyone!”

Someone said from behind. It was Sibongile. I had not forgotten she was here, how could I, my mother had already taken her pound of flesh on me over it. They both greeted her except me. The words just did not come out. We had to cook though. I called Mapula and told her what was going on. It’s a good think I got back early because there was a bit to do but I was not scared. I might not be the greatest person in the kitchen but if there is one thing I prided myself on in my house, it was my kitchen. There I know every other woman who came to my house envied me. The only thing that could possibly bring me down that day would have been load shedding but we are from Gauteng meaning we already had a generator.

“Do you need any help?”

Sizwe said i think five minutes after I gave Mapula instruction. He had finally found his words after the words that had come out of his daughter’s mouth.

“No daddy let the women of your house work. Please go sit down. Mommy what can I do?”

She asked cheerfully. Sizwe walked out of that room like someone who had a concussion. He looked as though someone had just played the greatest prank on him and he was trying to figure it out. This is something that actually brought a smile on my face because it meant that when I explained my theory to him he would not think I was a bad mother. This thing of needing validation really was tearing me apart.

Zethu and my brother arrived together. My brother did not have a car and she did meaning either she had picked him up or he was at her place. Imagine, an employed doctor dating a semi educated unemployable buffoon like my brother! Who says miracles still don’t happen. My brother was looking good too. He actually dressed formal and had no gold chain, colourful shirt or any of his skhotane attire. I almost thought Zethu bought him new clothes but nah, she wouldn’t be that whipped, would she? I know #iamnotmyhair is the latest trend but with clothes, your dressing says a lot about you. My brother today was dressed like a gentleman and that is something I don’t think I had seen more than three times in my life.

“Where did you guys pick each other up?”

My husband asked Zethu when we were all standing in the lounge. The food was not quite ready but we were not trying to be too formal about it. My brother responded that they had come together actually. I realized that I had not told Sizwe about them and doing it now in front of them would definitely be like mocking them. It would be like I trying to crack a joke at their expense. Lintle walked in with her apron around her.

“Hello Malume!”

He said going to give her uncle a hug, yes modern kids were not raised like us.

“Aunty Zethu, when are we going back for that dance class?”

She said cheerfully as she moved on to hug Zethu. She took Zethu by surprise as I think the latter had been expecting a dishevelled Lintle.

“I… I don’t know actually? How are you?”

She asked my daughter.

“I am perfect. I have never been better actually. Mommy is teaching me how to cook!”

She said and came over and put her hands around me. I could see the look in her face was not sure what was going on but I kept quiet. She had thought me as horrible earlier on remember so she must now be her own judge.

“You look good man, which bank did you rob?”

My husband asked my brother as a joke of course but because it was so inappropriate at that moment I was about to burst out laughing.


I said to him. He looked at me weird as he could not understand why he had smiled back at him nervously the way he did.

“Did I say something wrong?”

He asked.

“Should I tell him or should you?”

I asked them.

“Tell me what?”

He asked with a confused smile on his face.

“We are together. We are dating!”

He said holding a now bemused Zethu by hand. The bank that had bought the clothes did not appreciate that joke at all.


Sizwe blurted out. It was more out of impulsive than from a bad place. Thank heavens he did not say,

“You are joking right!”

Because I am certain it was about to come out but Lintle cut him off and said,

“O wow congratulations you guys. This one is a keeper Uncle Kgosi and I love her already so she does not need a second opinion from me!”

Lintle hugged her again. My husband had that ‘am I being pranked’ look on his face but I totally ignored him. It was too funny to put him out of his misery shem poor man. My brother had no right to get angry at my brother also because he had earned his ‘fuck up’ reputation so no one could ever have seen this one coming.

“The food is not ready guys, Zethu let’s go to the kitchen and let these two catch up. I am sure they have lots to talk about!”

I said laughing to trying to diffuse the tension. I heard my husband say as we walked out,

“I really put a sock in it huh!”

And my brother laughed and said,

“Don’t worry, I am still surprised by it too and I am not going to mess this bro, I am a changed man!”

Changed man my ass! This was my brother we talking about. He was not just the black sheep in my family and that’s saying a lot considering my father is a gangster type, no he was the black sheep even when my cousins were included. It’s a good thing Nyaope only came when he was older because I have no doubt he would either be a dealer, or dying somewhere in some shack because of the addiction. We take growing up for granted.

“Why didn’t you tell your husband about your brother and I?”

She asked me in the kitchen. Lintle had gone upstairs at this stage.

“Because he would not have believed me if I did and besides, you are the one who often says that I must find the humour out of every situation!”

I said to her with a huge smile on my face. She responded

“Am I making a bad decision on him? I really like him and we are so different which makes it even better. He does not pretend to be what he is not and yes he tries to impress me at times, we just click!”

Mmmm does not pretend she says! Was she talking about the stranger in my house dressed like a penguin? Please! I was not going to be mean even though I knew where this would end.

“It will work if you support each other. Allow me to have some fun with this though come on. He is my brother and you like my best friend. It’s just weird and don’t forget we just had a moment with… George!”

I whispered the last part.

“Don’t remind me!”

She said opening the wine she had brought. That was the Zethu I knew.

“Are you going to drive drunk?”

I asked her!

“I am not driving, he is!”

She said. Eish, I wanted to tell her that he still had a Learners at his age but it felt like I was being mean. I had to tone it down but this was not a wise thing. My brother could drive, yes, but what if the metro stopped them.

“Just don’t drink too much please!”

I warned her. I was done being so negative. I had my own problems and they had theirs. Sibongile came into the kitchen and greeted Zethu. I was glad that Zethu did not ask who she was. I was not sure I would have had the same nerve to call her a cousin from home like my husband had.

An hour later dinner was served.

We all sat around the table and it was full of conversation. Lintle spoke the most and she was even nice to Sibongile. I realised that I had made a mistake by not inviting Nelisa. Sizwe took a call and went upstairs. I should have done so but I made a mental note of it. Next time it would be her turn.

There was a knock on my door. Sizwe was still upstairs so it was up to me to go check who it was.

When I opened the door I got the shock of my life!


I said.

It was my father. He had not been to my house since Lintle was what, 7 years old?

“I didn’t know you know where I stay?”

I said cheekily! What else could I say though?
“Are you not going to invite me in?”

He asked coldly.

“Love who is it?”

My husband asked coming down the stairs!

“My father!”

I shouted back.

“I think I misheard you, did you just say your father?”

My husband said coming to the door. He too could not hide his shock!

“This is indeed a surprise! Please sir come in!”

He said before I could. He walked in and Lintle who was sitting facing the door saw him first.


She said and ran to him. My brother had been facing Zethu but when he turned and saw him he immediately stood up and said,

“Zethu! We are leaving now!”

His tone was harsh and angry. She didn’t even fight back!

Dinner was over and we hadn’t even had dessert!

*******The End******

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    as for Lintle, it would be very eveil of her if she lied about the rape. I mean who does that???????????

  2. semi educated unemployed buffoon,skhothane attire …dressed like penguin..KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.Mike u killed me today

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