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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Eight

This was supposed to be my son’s night vigil and now there were gun shots, I did not want the drama not on this day. “I’m coming with you” I said to Mthobisi not asking him but telling him, he turned to look at me and before he could say anything I signalled for him to go to which surprisingly he did without arguing with me, I guess he was as eager as I was to find out what the hell was going, I was hoping and praying that the Pastor had not said something offensive while preaching and pissed Mthobisi’s mom off and she ended up shooting him. I had all these different scenarios that were playing in my head but they all involved Mthobisi’s mom shooting someone.

We got to the tent and it was empty people were gone, we went in out in the street and there was a commotion going on and lots of people around, Mthobisi put his gun pack in his pants when he saw that there were lot of people around, he asked what was going on and we were told some taxi drivers were fighting and stared shooting at each other, “Oh thank goodness” I said out loud without meaning to. Some lady looked at me funny and shook her head and walked away, I was not happy that taxi drivers were fighting I was just relieved that for once it had nothing to do with me or my family. I know it’s selfish but bad thing followed me everywhere so the minute something bad happens and it doesn’t concern me, I celebrate because that is very unusual. Mthobisi told me we should go back inside. We found Koketso my sister in law in the kitchen stuffing her face, “really? This time of the night you are eating?”







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