Missteps of a Young WifePremium

*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety

I obviously could not blow them to death with a hair-dryer I was seriously screwed, I looked under the bed, and there was nothing no weapon, nothing not even a shoe, not that it would have helped much but a high heel would have been better than a hair-dryer but I had to use what I had. Maybe it was time we kept knives in each room of the house, for moments like these or even guns under the bed, I was definitely going to suggest that to Mthobisi if I survived this ordeal, but how would we explain knives in the rooms to guests, that could become awkward and who would want to sleep in a room that has random knives in it, I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in such a room. I decided my only option was to hide, I could not jump out the window because the window had burglar proof so I thought of going under the bed but the bed was too low I would never be able to fit under that so I thought of the wardrobe, there were blanket and sheets in the wardrobe so I decided to hide myself with those put the blankets on top of me. I sat there for a couple of minutes and I heard the footsteps moving upstairs, how stupid could I be, while I was busy hiding upstairs the fools were probably taking my son who was alone in his room, I removed the blankets of me, grabbed the hair-dryer and ran upstairs, when it comes to my son’s well-being he is number one I put him first there was no way in hell I would let him get hurt, they could do whatever they wanted to me just not my son, I ran upstairs and headed straight to Neo’s room.


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