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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Nine

Wait, what? Fundani was dead? Did I just hear right, I tried getting up but head felt heavy, my eyes felt heavy, my arms felt heavy, my entire body felt heavy and within seconds I had passed out again. when I woke up again it was night time, my sister was in the room. “Hey sleepy head” she said when I came to “Hey egg head” I said jokingly we both smiled neither of us could even laugh that’s how sad we were “Please don’t ask how I’m feeling because I still don’t know.” I said to her, she nodded and said I was out for a while “What did you expect with my mother in law it’s go big or go home so she probably made the doctor give me the strongest sedatives.” My sister looked at me confused and said “what doctor?” I explained to her the whole thing about my mother in law and her doctor she said it was a good idea because I looked spaced out the whole time throughout the funeral, I totally agreed with her. “Let’s talk about you, how are the kids?” I said changing the subject, she said Victor’s friend was really good with them and they were getting better from the shock and trauma but he suggested that maybe the funeral might be too much for them to handle so she left them at home with the nanny. “And your psychotic husband who deserves to stay in a mental institution for the rest of his life?” I said smiling “He deserves worse than that, he deserves to be chocked to death in his sleep. Oh shit, I’m sorry there I go speaking about death.” I rolled my eyes and said “relax, I’m not going to break down each time I hear the word death. Speaking of which I think the Pastor from church this morning killed Fundani.” My sister burst out laughing, I looked at her with annoyance and told her that it was not funny I had heard him talking about getting his body out of his church but I couldn’t remember everything. “Are you sure you were not dreaming?” She asked with a serious face “No, I heard this, I promise.” She smiled and said “well, if Fundani is dead then it’s minus one problem in your life. So if he was killed by the pastor does that means he goes to heaven?” I rolled my eyes and told her to stop being stupid. “I need to get myself a new car asap, mine is giving me hell, do you know how hard it is to sell property without a reliable car?” I shook my head then she went on and on about her car until Mthobisi came to check in on me. “How you feeling my love?” I smiled and said I was fine I asked him if the pastor had come to my room while I was sleeping, he said no and that the pastor left immediately after eating and that was before I even went to the bedroom, I knew what I heard, Mthobisi was probably trying to cover up. My sister said she would be leaving as it was already late, I thanked her for the support, we hugged and she left. Mthobisi walked her out while I changed into sweat pants and freshened up. Mthobisi came back a few minutes late with a plate of food “you haven’t eaten all day today, you need to eat something” he said, I had no appetite, I looked at the food and it looked really good, so just not to disappoint my husband I pretended to be eating, he saw right through me and took the spoon from me and started feeding me, that reminded me of days when he would feed Neo when he didn’t want to eat and would say the spoon is an aeroplane, he smiled and said “I’m having the same memory about aeroplane spoon with our boy” I smiled and opened my mouth and let him feed me. “Thank you.” I said when I had eaten half the plate without realising that I had; he smiled and said “that’s what husband’s are for to force-feed their wives.” I smiled and said “Thank you for being my pillar of strength through this hard time, thank you for always being there for me, thank you for being strong for me when I couldn’t be strong for myself. I appreciate you and I am grateful to have you in my life.” He smiled and said “I should feed you all the time if I’m going to keep on getting such compliments, heck if I had known that’s all it takes I could have saved a lot of money on marriage counselling.” I smiled and asked which counselling because he never paid attention to anything that was being said and never did any of them homework’s we were given or took anything we were told seriously, he smiled and said “oh but I did, that’s why I am such a good husband now.” We both laughed. His mom came and said “I see you doing much better my child.” I smiled and said “I am, thanks Ma.” After what I saw her do the previous day there was no way in hell I would ever be rude to her again, I was going to be the nicest daughter in law any mother in law has ever had. She smiled back at me and said she is glad that her doctor could help. She told me that my friends were great help and I should thank them for her the next time I see them, she then left Mthobisi and I. After his mom left Mthobisi said “I am glad that you and my mom are getting along so well lately.” I just smiled and thought you would too if you saw what I saw. We stayed up that night talking about Neo sharing the great memories that we had with him. I think we only went to sleep around 04 am. The following morning we got up at 10:15 I was a bit embarrassed to be the makoti of the house and then to wake up so late but everyone understood that I was still in mourning a few of Mthoibisi’s aunts even suggested that I go back to sleep. Mthobisi’s family is not cultural or traditional they just go with the flow there are no set rules of you can do this or you can’t do this, you do whatever feels right for you, which is something that I really liked because with some families there are traditions that you have to follow after the funeral, you even have to dress up differently or cut your hair with this family there was none of that.

People were cleaning the house, there was still lots of food left. How much money did these people spend on food I wondered? I was given breakfast which I couldn’t eat and Mthobisi couldn’t feed me in front of people I swear his uncles would say I had bewitched him. I had a few spoons of porridge then left it, I didn’t have anything to do as everything was taken care of, I went back to my room and looked for the phone I had lots of messages and missed calls I went through all of them and thanked everyone who had sent me messages and beautiful quotes and bible verses. Mthobisi’s mom had left a bible on my bed and left a note that read “It will bring you calmness during the storm. Love Flo” I smiled and thought this woman was really something else, I expected her to give me a gun not a bible but I appreciated the gesture nonetheless. I read a few verses then put it back down and fell asleep. I woke up before lunch time, I had absolutely nothing to do all I had to do was sit and think. Mthobisi came to check up on me and brought lunch, I told him I was bored out of my mind and just wanted us to go back to our own home, he agreed and said he would run it past his mom and uncles which he did and they said we could leave whenever we wanted we didn’t have to stay I was so happy so we decided that the following day we would be going back to our home but then I remembered “Mthobisi what about those guys who tried to kill you? The guy who came to our home in the middle of the night?” I reminded Mthobisi who seemed to have forgotten all about that. “Don’t worry about those fools, they’ve been taken care of” I smiled and said okay, I was just excited to be going home to my own space where I didn’t have to answer to anybody about anything. I have huge respect for a woman who stay in the same house as their husband’s mother’s because with me sooner or later one of us would either go missing and random body parts would just show up at random places those would be my body parts but no one would be able to recognise them after Mthobisi’s mom had burnt them with acid. Or they would find a body under the swimming pool the day they decide they no longer want a swimming pool and it would have been a pool that was built by me to cover my mother in law’s body after I had gotten tired of her criticism, her interference and her lack of chill, that is what would happen in my life I would either end up dead being killed by my mother in law or I would end up killing her. That night I slept peacefully know the following day I would be going home.

The following day the people had become less we had breakfast then headed to Midrand, I told Mthobisi we should go pass the shop to buy a few groceries since our fridge was practically empty since we were hardly there. I was going to cook my man diner that evening, I bought all the right ingredients for the meal I wanted to spoil him with.  we went home and Mthobisi asked if I was going to be okay on my own for a couple of hours, I told him not to be silly there was no need to worry about me and check on me every five minute gap that he got. He left ,this gave me an opportunity to start planning my meal that I was going to cook for him.

While I was beginning to cook my cellphone rang, it was Naledi she probably wanted to come over, that was the beauty about my sister’s job she sold houses so she could go anywhere and say she was trying to get clients. “I’m making this amazing diner for Mthobisi if you could come and help I would really appreciate it.” I said before she could even say hello. “Hi, am I speaking to Lesedi?” the person on the end of the phone said it was a male voice. “Yes you are, who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing with my sister’s phone?” I said getting angry thinking it’s probably some nyaope boy who stole her phone to buy drugs. “My name is Dumisani, I am a paramedic” I cleared my throat a bit confused “Congrats on being a paramedic Dumisani, that still doesn’t answer my question. What the hell are you doing with my sister’s phone?” Dumisani was not loosing patience like I was “Ma’am I need to ask you a few questions. Do you have any high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety attacks…..?” he gave me a long list of illness to choose from, okay this is getting weird by the second I thought but I decided to play along in case it was one of my sister’s or friend’s stupid pranks. “No Sir, none of those.” I said with a smile on my face waiting for them to jump and say something stupid like “gotcha” Dumisani continued “So Naledi is your sister right ma’am” I smiled and said “well as far as I know yes unless if my mom has been lying to us all our lives.” Dumisani still with his calm voice “Okay ma’am I need you to please sit down.” I told him I was already sitting. “We are in R59 and your sister has been in an accident, we found the phone in her car and your number was on the list of the numbers that were last dialled” my heart rate started going up “okay, accident. Can I speak to her please?” I asked realizing that R59 is the route she usually takes to and from work and so many things just came to my head, she had told me the previous day that her car was giving her problems.


“I’m sorry ma’am but your sister didn’t make it in the crash, she died on the scene of the accident….”


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  1. Lesedi, Lesedi, u should have let Victor kill Lwazi. Look what he has done now?

    Neo’s funeral just reminded me of when my sister lost her baby girl. I have never seen a person in sp much pain. I don’t wish it on my enemies.
    How much pain can one take? No wonder Lesedi later changed and was a horrible person.

  2. Nnyaa maannn Mikeesto and Thozama this is too much now,,,soo much death gape okare setse gole dikgogo di bolawa ke flu aowa stop it now,,,on ma knees and begging

  3. Ha.a Thozama this is too much ngoku am hurt beyond measures, Lee will soon go to mental institution loosing ur dad, son & sister. MT must kill this bustard Lwadi. I really love the new Flo Lee plz don’t mess up with ur Mamezala

  4. Aaahg no man. Naledi cnt b dead. Mayb it ws jst sm1 driving her car hle. N she 4got her fone in d car. Aowa, she cnt b dead…..

  5. Aww Mike and Team characters tlabe di fele. This is just sad. Lee I dont wanna be in your shoes, though I wud love to have a caring husband like yours one day.

  6. Mike and the Team are you ending the Diary, because that’s where I see this all heading to. its like Generation where people die to exit the character, this is not on @ all mxm

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