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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety One

It was not the face that looked familiar but the way the guy walked I knew that walk from somewhere I just could not place it, security guy did not know how to zoom in, he said he needed to call a technician for instructions on how to zoom in, the only thing he knew was to rewind, fast-forward and stop, this was seriously annoying I told him to rewind then, he did and again I knew the walk but I just could not place the person. He called the technician who told him what to do to zoom in and well the two guys were wearing caps and each time they got close to the camera they would look down so it was impossible to see their face, the security guard said they were professionals it’s people who knew where the cameras were, as if that was going to help me. The head of security guy got his phone out and started making a call “are you calling the technician again?” I asked “No, I’m calling the police.” He said calmly I grabbed the phone out of his hand and dropped it which caught him by surprise, to be honest I surprised myself too. “Listen my husband is a policeman he will be very upset if I call the police without informing him first, please let me be the one to tell him before he hears about it from his colleagues.” I said sounding so innocent and convincing, someone said the devil must be a woman and sometimes I think that person was right, woman can be so cool, calm and loving while behind your back they are planning your death, I am talking from experience here. He told me to call my husband because by law he had to report this because a crime had been committed in the place that he was looking after and if he didn’t call the police he would be in big trouble. I told him I needed some privacy to call my husband, I was just stalling for time, I knew his phone was off. I went outside and called Mthobisi again, this time his phone rang and he answered “Honey this is really not a good time.” He said as soon as he picked up “Your car has been stolen” I quickly said before he hung up, “No one would dare still my car at Victor’s home.” He said confidently “I went to the mall to do a bit of shopping and that’s where it happened” I said cringing. “Shit Lesedi, why couldn’t you just stay in the house and shops online like most people do.” Well because I did not want to wait for a week for my things to be delivered I wanted them right there and then I thought but I could not give him that response, I simply said “it was a spur of the moment thing I didn’t plan it, I needed a new phone the other one was giving me problems.” I lied, “the reason why I’m calling is because security wants to call the police and I thought you might have a problem with that.” He said it was a good thing and security should call the police and I should wait there until they arrived and make a statement the insurance will need all that, I had not thought about that. I went back to the security and told him to call the police my husband was busy with other cases, he said he already did and they were on the way, within ten minutes the police had arrived, I gave my statement told them everything that happened and the wrote everything down and gave me some number to call to get a case number. They asked if I had a lift to get home which I had not thought of in all the drama that was going on, they offered to drive me home, I accepted, beggars can’t be choosers.

They drove me home when I arrived my sister was outside, she looked at me in utter shock getting out of the police car, luckily it was not a police van it was BMW but marked police in blue, I thanked them and walked inside the yard “Jesus Chris Lesedi, what have you done now?” she asked still with shock in her face, “Nothing, I went to the mall and Mthobisi’ s car got stolen.” I said while we were walking inside I found my mom and Victor sitting on the couch and before I could even say Hello to them Naledi said “Lesedi just got dropped off by cops she was hijacked, Mthobisi’ s car is gone.” You know in life we all have those people that you would tell a story to and they take the same story you had just told to them and tell it to another person and change the story completely that even you the person who told had just told them the story you don’t even recognise it, in my life that was my sister she had a way of twisting things and making them more dramatic than they really were, she was a spice adder to the story. I looked at her in disbelief and said “you do know I am standing right next to you and there is no need to dramatize the whole thing.” She smiled and said it sounds better if I say I was hijacked. I rolled my eyes showing her that I was giving up on her. My mom asked me what had happened, I explained the whole story all over again, Victor simply said “these things happen all the time you need to be extra vigilant my child.” I smiled and told him I will be, my mom on the other side was grateful that I had not been hijacked and shot and my body dumped in the middle of nowhere. Mthobisi arrived soon after he said he had come to check up on me if I was okay after that terrible ordeal, I rolled my eyes and said “I’ve been through worse but thank you for coming to check up on me”   Mthobisi said he would sleep over just to make sure that I was okay and I don’t have any nightmares, I thanked him with a kiss and my sister reminded us that they were still in the same room as us, to which we all laughed. My sister had cooked dinner so we all ate and after super I washed the dishes while my mom went to bed she said she was tired Mthobisi and Victor went outside to the pool area to go chill there as it was a hot evening, my sister sat with me in the kitchen and watched me wash the dishes she wouldn’t help because she said she cooked, this reminded me of when we were growing up and we would argue about whose turn it was to cook or clean.

After I was done doing the dishes and my sister and kids had gone to bed, I went to go find my husband, he was having a deep conversation with Victor, I could not hear what they were saying but they both looked so serious from where I was standing, I got closer to try and hear without them seeing that I was there “You know what you need to do and you better do it fast for your own sake and that of your family’s.” I heard Victor say to Mthobisi. “Mr. V, you know these people better than I do, all I need is for you to have a word with them on my behalf, they listen to you, hell they respect you.” I was hiding behind some small trees and out of nowhere a lizard moved in front of me I screamed so loud that both Victor and Mthobisi jumped out of their chairs and pulled out guns, what the hell? When did Victor get a gun and the way he jumped and held that gun you could see it was not something new to him. They both quickly put their guns away when they saw it was just me and no one else around “Sorry, that lizard scared the crap out of me.” I said feeling guilty for spying on them and hoping and praying that they did not realise that I had been standing there for long. “That’s okay my love, let’s go to bed. Thanks for the talk Mr. V” Mthobisi said. When we got to our room I asked him what he and Victor were talking about “men stuff, I don’t ask what you and your friends or sister talk about now do I?” He said throwing me in bed and kissing me, fair enough I didn’t ask any further questions because I would not be getting a answers from this man anyway. That night we made love but in silence we did not want our mom complaining about the noise. The following morning we were woken up by Neo for breakfast, when we got to the table my mom started her lecture of how Naledi and I needed to go back to work and stop lazing around all day, Mthobisi said he didn’t mind me being the housewife and my mom gave him one death look he had to quickly take back what he had just said and say he was joking. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t because everyone on the table was serious. After breakfast my parents went to work and Mthobisi said he needed an hour sleep so he went back to bed while Naledi and I cleared up. Two hours later Mthobisi was up and he said he had a plan which of course he did not want to share with me, not that I cared, I was used to him being secretive, and it didn’t bother me anymore. He left and said he was going to work, I decided it was time I got my job back so I called my old boss Andile, “Hi Andile, its Lesedi.” I said trying to be nice “Wow, it took you this long to call me?

I figured you didn’t want your job back so I gave it to someone else.” I chocked and started coughing from the shock of being told that I no longer had a job “listen call me back when your cough stops I’m very busy, I can’t sit here listening to you cough all day.” She said and hung up. How rude was this bitch, I was soo angry, I didn’t call her back, she could take her job and shove it up her ass, nxa. I sat and watched tv, while Naledi washed the kids she said she would be taking them out for ice-cream I was in no mood to go out, Andile had just ruined my entire day, I decide that I was going to apply for a job somewhere else, I didn’t need her and her stupid job. I had friends who knew people, they would get me a job. My sister the nanny and the kids all went out for ice-cream to which I declined because I was in such a foul mood I figured I would spoil everyone else’s fun, so they left and I decided to go and sit by the pool just to relax. I sat on one of the chair by the pool and lay there with my sun glasses on and a big hat to cover my face from the sun, I was wearing shorts and a bikini bra, not that I wanted to swim I wanted the sun because for some reason I was feeling very cold, the sun felt so nice and warm against my skin that I must have fallen asleep, I was woken by someone who was standing in front of me, he removed my sunglasses, I looked up at him then jumped up on my feet “What the fuck do you want?” I said trying to act brave “Sit down Lee.” He said, not asking but commanding, I obeyed and sat down. “I have given you and that stupid husband of yours enough time to do the right thing and you haven’t so I am here to collect what’s mine.” I looked at him and gave him the confused look and said “What are you talking about Fundani.” He smiled and said “I am here for my son, I want him and I am taking him!” I fell to the ground…

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  1. De drama never ends in this family wonder who took mt’s car , and is victor some boss man head mafia too, hnmmmmm this family is just too full of secrets……great work guys thanks for the read

  2. Hi guys thanks for a good read but please look into your grammar and spelling, sometimes it breaks my heart that i pay every week to read this amazing story but your wrong spelling and grammar just turns me off. One f the readers once offered to edit your story before publication maybe you should consider that. Hope that my request will be considered as a reader.

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