Rumblings – One Hundred and Three

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The chances of a sugar daddy having more than one girlfriend are actually higher than what people make them out to be. I want to say this, it is the smart intelligent girls that date sugar daddies because they think they are so smart and got it all figured out. It is the intelligent girls that say that they want to be single mothers yet they are the ones that sit down for hours writing down why men are bad. It is the smart girls who can be advised even by God Himself that will never listen because their honey pot is made of gold and they can control a man. It is the smart girls that tell you that they are mature enough to share and not care about the other woman yet 6months down the line they are other asking him when he is getting a divorce or threatening to tell his wife. It’s funny how girls like Aurelia are always under the illusion that they are the only ones in his life. His wife is considered to be a sunk cost just like you do in business so she does not count. Let’s be honest to one another, most married couples don’t have sex. It’s a chore and it’s something that they don’t like doing. imagine your father talking dirty to your mother during sex, it just does not work. I would therefore not be surprised if he last saw action from his wife a long time ago meaning that this smart intelligent girl was there to scratch his itch. Aurelia possibly could have therefore not been sharing the dick, just the man with Refiloe. If he really however had another woman in his life then clearly that changed a lot as her position of power had changed. I wonder how she would react to this because it could not possibly be a nice feeling.

There are days when you just don’t feel like going to work and today was one of them. If I had the choice would have stayed in and slept. This means I was going to have a cranky day. This was compounded by this man now saying,

“You have not been giving me a proper feedback on what has been happening

My boss said to me angrily. What did this man want from me really? I was doing my part and it was not even a nice part. He really wanted me to earn the money he had given me by the looks of it. I told him how I had tried to call him but he had not picked.

“Yesterday when Lunga said he proposed I wanted to tell you. Are you willing to break up your family like this over a girl? You are married and your wife loves you. I don’t think it’s a good idea to pursue this any further because it’s done. They are getting married!”

I told him. Some people don’t like being told the truth but he seemed to embrace it. He laughed and he said that he did not care what happens next because there was more to the story. He refused to tell me what it was but I don’t think I wanted to know. I knew too much already which was way more than I needed to know.

“He is still going to Durban regardless! I need someone to run that office because the people there are playing.”

He said smugly.

“Sir, you know I need this job please don’t make me go there. I have a son I must raise and I move out of home I would never be able to afford raising my son there. Here at least I stay at home and it covers the costs!”

I told him. He listened. To me and said that we all needed to make sacrifices.

“I like you. Not because of Aurelia but because you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Some of these opportunities you need to take them as they come. There are some women who make it seem as though having a child means that they are crippled or something bit I don’t think so. I think it should motivate you to do more and better for yourself.”

He said. I was not sure if that was what I wanted to hear because as a man, how could he possibly know how much effort it takes to raise a child. He gave me some files to go through which he said were from the Durban Office. A little while later Orapeleng came to me and said,

“I am not being nosey or anything but the boss seem to really like you!”

I knew what she was implying but I was not going to entertain it. Work was a blur. At lunch whilst I was sitting with the girls Thulare showed up. He said he had brought me lunch. All the girls made funny noises when he greeted Lunga. These girls like drama! I introduced him as my boyfriend which made the other girls take notice. I was so glad he came because it meant that they will give me a break on accusing me of wanting Lunga.

“So I have a few days away from work. It’s actually a client who was pleased with our work and gave my team and me vouchers. One of the girl’s sisters is having a wedding that weekend so she gave me her voucher as well. It’s a weekend away at a resort and I was wondering if you would like to come. I know it’s a bit soon in our relationship but this voucher will expire soon so don’t want to take chances!”

He asked me with a huge smile on his face! This guy was just too perfect. When you are used to dating shit guys, which is the majority of guys in any case, when a good guy comes along often he is too true to believe. This was just too much for me but which girl would say no to such an offer.

“Of course I would love to go!”

I said. That will mean I had two weekends in a row where i would be out of town. The first one I did not want but the second one wow. All girls want to go on holidays. Yes not all of us will ever get a chance to go to Dubai and post on Instagram but I am fine with that. You need a Sugardaddy for that and imagine iApartheid dick fuhlu fuhlu inside my born free cake, azange!! Sies not even if i could bring all the sand from there shem!

I had to go home and get ready after work. I had already told my mother I was not going to be there. She was fine with it as long as she was with Judith who was in mourning. They both escorted to drop me off at Lunga’s house.

I live in Jhb and like most people in Jhb most of the fancy houses we only get to see from the outside. This was my very first time in a mansion estate and I realised that poverty is really. Some of these walls were higher and clearly more expensive than my house. I knew Aurelia dated people with money but come on now this was crazy. My boss was loaded!

“Welcome to my house!”

He said. I don’t know why I had never thought about where he stayed but this boy really was a cheeseboy. They were rich.

“I thought you were not going to come because you were acting funny all day!”

He said giving me a hug.

“I told you I would come Lunga. Come on, I could never let you down like this!”

I reassured him.

“Is she here yet?”

I asked him and he knew I was talking about Aurelia because he did not ask who.

“Yes she is sitting with my mum but my father is not here yet. I expected him to do this though so am not too gutted!”

He said. He had gotten the woman he wanted so why would he care about anything else. His mother came to greet me and she hugged me. She was a weird woman. You know how we always laugh at men who want to stay forever young? Well women do it more and go the extra step to be it. I swear she looked like a girl all dolled up. You could never tell she had a child as old as Lunga. Impossible I tell you.

“Should we still expect your father because I am starving?”

She said cheerfully. She had not even finished those words when the door opened.

“Honey I am home!”

He shouted from the door. It was so funny.

“Your dad’s here!”

She said wearing and downed her bottle of wine.

“We in the dining room she shouted back sweetly!”

He walked in and was carrying a bacquet of flowers. I still don’t get this flowers business because the only flowers us black women know and need are the wreath at funeral and the ones we throw at a wedding or hope to catch like it means something. A dead person will never smell those flowers and truth be told, how many women who caught the bacquet went on to get married next. White tendencies! They lied to us and said it’s tradition at a wedding for a woman to carry them but whose traditions?

“Oh these are beautiful! Come let’s put them in vase!”

She said to him meeting him halfway before he came to the table. I guess she wanted to go shout at him for being late I don’t know. Something I did get which was distinct, even from where we set, the smell of alcohol. He was drunk for days. Maybe this was his way of dealing with it.

“This is going to be an awkward dinner!”

I said calmly. I did not raise my voice though. The other two laughed and said they had come prepared for that so they had no worries. I get why men say women are confusing because looking at Aurelia, what could she really have been thinking at this moment. I can’t even imagine it.

“Sorry guys I am a bit late. I got caught up with a friend but am here now. You must be Aurelia!”

He said stretching his hand to shake it. I wanted to laugh hey but the laughter would not come out. It just refused hey.

“You have met her before! Remember she is the girl I have been working with and I picked her up at your office!”

Refiloe said cheerfully. She was going to make this dinner the best possible for her new daughter in law.

“Oh I see. How long have you guys known each other?”

He asked both his son and daughter in law. They had not thought this through because they gave different answers.

“You need to know that in future for your anniversary because your mother never forgets that day!”

He said in what I think was a joke which was not met well at all.

“I remember it because you forget and you forget because you have too many girlfriends!”

She said cold. Here we go!

“What are you talking about?”

He asked her clearly sobering up.

“My friend saw you at the airport with some girl. You said you were going alone and there is the evidence!”

She said angrily. The flowers were forgotten.

“I am not cheating. She is the accountant that was sent to me and I told you this. I could not meet her before I left and she was on her way to Cape Town so we met at the airport. Here are her contacts and her boss’s contacts!”

He said incredulously.

“So when I leave home you sit and assume that I have gone out to cheat when all I am doing is make money for you?”

Refiloe did not look convinced.

“Do you have someone following me or someone following me?”

He asked her. Ok this was getting uncomfortable. Only dysfunctional families fight in front of other people.

“Here is her number and her bosses numbers who arranged all this. It’s a female too before you make it a conspiracy!”

He said going through his phone.

“Well you are cheating you think I don’t know that? And let me tell you now when I find with who, I will kill her! You know my past!”

She said menacingly.

That was such a loaded statement. I saw Aurelia and Lunga just look down. She stood up and said,

“Dinner is over!”

Eh, we had not even eaten and I was hungry!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Can you please don’t mention my name , I am mother of two beautiful girls I love dearly , There goes my story when I was 12 yrs old my biological father sexually abused me I didn’t tell anyone until today because I was afraid it will ruin my mother and I am always afraid that he will do the same to my kids. I thought I will forget about it at some stage but I was lying to myself , recently I feel his abusing my mother
( emotional ) because his not working and he is having an affair with another women who is disrespecting my mother , his using my mother’s cars to charm his mistresses and my mother has lost a lot of weight because of stress and now diagnosed with high blood I HATE THIS GUY SHEM . I hate him I can’t even look at him and this situation has made me not to commit because I am afraid the man that I will commit too will also abuse my kids , any way I was married and divorced because I can’t stand men .

Please help on how to move on from this I don’t want to grow old alone


28 thoughts on “Rumblings – One Hundred and Three

  1. QnA I don’t think you can ever get over rape. It’s not like a break up where you move on and you get to call the guy a doosh. I am sorry about what you experienced at the hands of this man but now that you have children I don’t think this can stay s secret forever. You putting them at risk because you could not confront him all these years. I am not blaming you for what he did to you but imagine how you would blame yourself if this happened to your kids knowing the monster you are exposing them to. Think about this. As for your mother, she is a big girl who needs a nudge in the right direction to get rid of him. I am all about a tooth for a tooth and that side dish woman needs a hiding.

  2. Umhlaba ungcolile! How the hell does a father look at their daughter and be sexual aroused?! Your own flesh and blood?! Ehla bawo. Abused, please tell your mom about the rape and see a therapist tuu

  3. lols ai todays’ chapter had me in stitches yhoooo as for apartheid dick…ya no kunzima…
    QnA…my sister I think you should tell your mother about this ordeal, take off the heavy load sisi, wena your jailed by his actions whilst yena wa pronkapronka using and abusing you mother and you…
    take a stand beautiful woman.
    pray to God to give you strength and guidance…
    good luck

  4. Yoh bra Mike owa mpolaya hle.QandA, lady please just tell your mother before this man do the same thing to ur daughters once u told your mom seek help and ull see everything will be ok

  5. Salute Adv Cmndr Maphoto
    apartheid vs bornfree – Yo!
    But tell me one thing I always wonder abt, why we have to spell apartheid with a capital “A”. Are we not respecting it 2much & thereby re-victimizing ourselves. We defeated it & it shud be a small letter even if we use it at the beginning of a sentence man!

    Q&A: Sisi stage one of yo healing is letting it out. Talk to someone who can then tell yo mom if U can’t do that yoself. Otherwise U will never be ready for any r/ship with a male. U will end up even abusing yo partner unfairly as U try to avenge on them yo father’s abuse on U. All yo r/ships will have more chances of failing than success. – PapaG

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