Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred

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Ok I had been busted. I wonder how much he had heard me say to his father and I know it looked bad. I had gone out of the office to pick up the phone which is why he had probably followed me. That’s rude and nosey. Now he found me talking to his father and to him that probably meant that was definitely the reason why I had stood up to go out. I turned to look at him and put my angry face on!

“Firstly you should not eavesdrop on other people’s conversations it’s extremely rude!”

I snapped at him. You meet aggression with aggression lest you look as though you have something to hide!

“I am sorry but I was not coming here for you. I was taking a smoke break and surprise surprise!”

He said. Smokers are a nuisance because they always want a puff!

“Secondly yes I was talking to your father and that man has lost his mind! Imagine, he is saying he wants us to go work in Durban you and I? I have a child and what does he think I am going to do?”

I said almost breaking into tears! I knew for a fact the way I handled it meant he could only be furious about it forgetting that we had started off on an argument point!

“Why would he want us to work in the Durban Office? It’s small and it’s musky! I have been there a few times and imagine working with Clive Naidoo! Hell no!”

He said furiously taking out his phone!

“Who the hell is Clive Naidoo and what are you doing? You can’t tell him I told you! You will get me fired!”

I told him. See why I said telling him the truth would work in my favour! I had shifted his focus from our conversation to something he felt was bigger at the moment. If I had denied then he would have known that something was up. People don’t get that about lying and us girls, we are experts on it! You throw in true facts which can’t be disputed and the rest of it is a given.

“Durban is nice though but I can’t see myself staying there! It’s a holiday destination and the people there always seem to be in holiday mode!”

He said and I couldn’t help but wonder what he was talking about because he loved to party. Jhb boys love Durban because Durban girls treat them like their dicks are made of candy floss and credit cards! These shits! I promise you Jhb men are the worst, they cheat and lie and don’t know how to save money. No wonder why these Durban girls finish their money. I definitely do not want to end up there.

“We need to come up with a plan Lunga because your father’s plan won’t work for me! I need the job I know but what am I supposed to do if this goes through?”

I asked him as I walked back into the office. It was now his problem and anything he had heard me say to his father was forgotten. I really wonder how he thought he would play this out. For the rest of the day we did not talk. We were busy to be honest but I could see that he was disturbed by what I had told him.

When I got home I had a headache! I just needed to lie down with my baby. I put him on my chest and the world just felt at peace. I had tears in my eyes and they started rolling down my cheeks. I could not help it because for the first time today I could spare a thought to what Mudenda had said today. I know I was only hurting myself but I played that recording again. My heart broke. In City Press on Sunday I read that 99 000 Teenage pregnancies were recorded in 2014 alone. Hearing these words from Mudenda him made me wonder what would make a girl really want to have a baby so young knowing how men get once the time to be responsible comes. It’s crazy, 99 000.

“Faith I need to talk to you!”

My sister walked into my room and without stopping she went on to say,

“I think Kagiso is cheating on me!”

She said as she sat on my bed. No! I did not need this right now because I wanted to be left alone with my thoughts. My sister however is not the type to be ignored when she has an issue. I knew better so I entertained her.


“He has not been calling. I have tried his number several times and he is not picking up!”

Was this not the second time she was saying this to me in as many weeks though? Maybe she was on to something. When a guy starts cheating he leaves so many tell tales signs and all you have to do is follow the bread crumbs.

“Did you try calling him with a private number because maybe then he will answer?”

She said he had tried that and even used mums phone but still he had not answered. I was not sure what to tell her. I comforted her. She was really hurting. I was not sure what to tell her because I did not know where he was either!

“Faith I need to talk to you?”

My mother said popping her head through the door. What did she want? I just wanted to rest please everyone seemed to want to talk to me when I really did not want. Not now.

“I went to check my accounts today and I got the shock of my life! I wanted to see how much of my money you had spent as instructed because you know with girls you can never fully trust. Guess what? I was right on the trust part… how did you buy all those clothes you bought?”

She asked me with a lot of concern in her voice! I had forgotten that part. I had not spent a cent. My other also, why could she not just let it go because now she did not have to pay unnecessary debts?

I laughed.

“Mum where do you think I got it though?”

The laugh just put her off because I made her sound incredulous.

“I have a boyfriend now mum if you really want to know and no he is not an old man, he is two years older than me! Yesterday when I went shopping he insisted on paying so I let him! That’s all!”

I said. She looked at me clearly not believing me.

“My child, no matter how hard things get please don’t end up with those old men. I know when you are not telling the truth but I am begging you on this point with everything that I have. They are not worth it and are only after your youth. I hope you take me seriously on this point. I won’t ask too many questions though because I might not like the answers to them but hid my warning. Girls today think they are so clever!”

She stood up and went to do something by her wardrobe leaving me with a guilty lump in my throat but I would never tell her the truth. She would think she was right and I would be in shit. Hell no!

“Are you still going this weekend?”

She asked me when she got back. I reminded her that she had insisted I go so yes I was. I had to be seen as doing my part. I took out my phone and for a moment there I was tempted to play her the message from Mudenda but it would seem like I was over reaching. This weekend was traumatising me enough as it is but I chose not to think about it. I needed to call Aurelia though to find out if she had been serious about coming with me. I still don’t believe that she had agreed to all that just like that and I was grateful.

Eventually I got to go back to my room and to be with my baby. Just the two of us. This was what I had wanted when I got home but now he was sleeping already. I was not going to get a chance to play with him. I was so disappointed. I think we had slept two hours when he started crying. At first I thought it was because he was either hungry or had messed himself up but it was not that as he refused to eat. He had no fever or anything. My mother came to check on him and said he was just being a baby. Imagine, only at 2am did I get to go bed and 0530am I had to get up for work and with the day u had had, I was properly exhausted.

When I got to the office I found Lunga already there. He was taking this job thing seriously and funny enough I feel I was the one falling behind. As soon as he saw me he came to me and said,

“I have news, I told my mother about Aurelia. She was stunned at best but happy for me. She promised me that she was not going to ask her about us or tell her that she knows!”

With a huge smile on his face. I was going to tell her though. She deserved to know that her new mentor’s son knew she was screwing her son.

“Is this the first girl you have ever introduced to your mum officially?”

I say officially because at some point most girls meet the guy’s parents by chance. When a guy sits his parents down to mention a girl they had not met with him its official. That’s the difference. You are not just another girl who bumped into them at the gate on your way out!

“Yes it is and it was so awkward!”

He told me.

“You must really like her neh?”

I teased him and he just laughed it off. I honestly could not tell if he was still just playing a game or like his father he too had fallen for my friend.

The first moment I got alone I called Aurelia. She was at home, in bed even.

“Your man is coming home today?”

I teased her about my boss. She laughed and said that she had actually missed him because she needed some advice and money from him. She said he would be coming over tonight. I don’t know how she did it because clearly it was the devils work. How does she look Refiloe every day in the eye though?

“Well I have bad news! Lunga told Refiloe about your relationship with him!”

I said of which I am sure she sat up and said,

“He did what!?”

I repeated what I had said and she responded!

“I heard you the first time! What a stupid boy? See why I don’t like dating fuckboys! They are impulsive and silly! I was about to dump him even now I can’t because that will soil the relationship with Refiloe!”

I couldn’t help but exclaim!

“Aurelia are you listening to yourself? You are trying to juggle a family and how do you think this will turn out?”

I asked her. She responded and said she had it all figured until Lunga pulled this move! She told me we will discuss all this properly on the trip.

At lunch I sat with the girls. The tension from our first outing seemed to have disappeared. I was so tired and I was yawning every few minutes. Amo really had punished me. This juggling of baby and work was hard.

“Faith can I talk to you please it’s important!”

Lunga said when he got back! The girls started making funny sounds and jokingly Orapeleng said,

“Dating amongst staff is forbidden!”

And everyone laughed. I guess it was yet another joke I had to understand.

“Ok fine you can all be here for this!”

He said and he took something out of his pocket. He opened it and said,

“Orapeleng Chelopo will you marry me?”

He said revealing a beautiful engagement ring. Orapeleng laugh nervously because she knew it was not hers but as for myself I said in shock,

“You bought her a fucken ring?”

I asked him angrily! What the hell was he thinking? He bought Aurelia a ring!!!!

I didn’t realize I had said as loud and as forceful as I had because everyone turned to stare at me!

O shit!

Now I looked like I was jealous!

“Yes my mum helped me choose after begging me to take time but oh well, it’s my ring!”

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks Mike and team. My name is Lerato and am 26. After breaking up with my boyfriend in 2013 I decided to just give up on relationships. I needed some time out until I met this 21 year old handsome guy early this year. The guy is really amazing well matured with full of love & respect you can’t even tell he’s 21; the problem however is his family.
He told his brothers about how happy he is with me a mentioned the age gap which they didn’t like. They then told the mom, now the mom asked him to end the relationship or move out of her house. He is not yet financially stable to go and rent his own place.
Please guys help with what we can do to save our relationship

Thank You


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  1. Mouth wide open!!!! Lunga is such a mastermind. I think he is trying to punish his father for trying to send them to Durban so he can have faith all to himself. But then at the same time he might have given him the perfect excuse to spend time with Aurelia without his mother suspecting. Why would you suspect a man to be having an affair with his daughter in-law.

  2. lol QNA just let go ey he is still young and fascinated ke the age gap. he gonna get tired of u then go for someone his age they all do ey. he is not even financially stable nor matured enough to be saying he is serious. this is still his experimenting phase. to him u are the forbidden fruit because nobody approves of it so it makes it more interesting. Let nana go or just hve fun duck and diving with him lol ben 10ns can be fun though

  3. Dankie Buti Michael.

    Trevor said it already, Durbs has got all types of Indians. (Pardon me if I sound insensitive but I’m saying this with a touch of humor). Pradesh, Rajesh, Handrumijgan, Naidu, Naidoo, Subramoney & many other surnames U’ve never imagined where Indian & U will find them in all colors as Trevor said. Truesbob!

    Q&A: Lerato, 21 is a very “confused” age. That’s when boys especially (girls its usually 16) think they R mature & C things in a adult way while they R still kids.
    I say cool him down until he is 23+, then he will be a bit mature & maybe financially stable 2stay alone. If U can’t wait that long, then rather leave him & move on, painful as it is. U can’t build anything with a Ben21. – PapaG

  4. Hawu Clive Naido has moved to Durban after tht traffic officer movie. I’m sure he couldn’t deal with joz an paying traffic ? lol Mike u real becoming a comedian

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