Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Two

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You know when you wrap yourself in other people’s problems for too long those problems become yours. Why was I the one who was worried about the explosion that was going to come in another person’s family when I had my own family to worry about? Aurelia’s surname was not Magongwa so why I was the one stressing so much over this I needed to mind my own business as simple as that. Yes she had said yes. I had a happy boy on the lone so let me celebrate his success.

“Congratulations but what’s your next move? Are you moving to Durban with her because you know she is from there right?”

I asked him. For her it will be a triumphant home coming but truth be told, most people who are born and raised in Durban, schooled in Jhb never want to go back home to settle there. Jhb is always seen as the dream no matter what.

“Yes of course, it makes life simpler for me. I will tell my father in the morning that I have proposed and that I would like us to move to Durban. I am not sure what he will say but I think the shock will shave some years from his life that’s for sure!”

This is one of the reasons why I think this guy was not serious. He clearly had something he was up to. How could this be funny though? He had proposed to marry a girl, my friend and he was acting as though it was one big joke. He was also forgetting that if Aurelia was working this close with his mother and was starting to get all these contracts, would she drop it all to start having babies! I heard Amo cry and told him that I have to go but he still needed to talk,

“Can you come to my house tomorrow for a celebratory dinner? My parents will be there and you are the only friend that I know of hers? I think it will be nice. She already knows my mum and my dad well… He will have to back off!”

He said. I told him that it was a idea but I would think about it. He really was going out all out with this. Maybe this move was not impulsive after all.

“I have no transport to get there but will ask someone to drop me off if you guys can then drop me back home. Is that fair?”

I asked him which he agreed to. This was going to be some dinner. Maybe I should just sit in front of everyone and blurt out,

“Refiloe your husband hired me to seduce your son so that he can continue sleeping with Aurelia here. Boss, your wife hired me to find out who you are cheating with so that she can divorce and take your money. Aurelia, Lunga knew all along that you are sleeping with his father so he seduced you so he could punish you!”

Imagine the relief that would go through me if I was able to release all that stress and tension. I was carrying a heavy burden and I really felt sorry for Refiloe. Knowing your husbands well being is a wife’s job and not in a sexist way. To protect the marriage that she had and her reputation, if Refiloe ever found out the whole truth of this nastiness there will be hell to pay. Imagine the sense of betrayal she would feel when she found out that Aurelia was not whom she thought she was. How can women do this to each other? This was the whole DJ Zinhle Bonang situation. Women smile at one another but I ready to steal the person whom you have given your heart to in a heartbeat. To sleep with a man who you knew was married and her wife was your friend and mentor was just wrong on so many levels. The more I thought about it the more it dawned on me. Yes I wanted to stay out of this but I am not even going to lie about this, this was a marriage that could not happen. I will really be a bad friend if I allow my girl to go through with this. We hear people often ask “where were your friends when you made such a bad decision” and this was make or break for me. She needed me and I don’t care who I burnt in the process.

Amo was crying now and I had left my mother with her for too long and in the dark. I walked into the room and took him from her and hung up the phone on Lunga because he still wanted to talk. He has other friends he must tell them. I will see him at work tomorrow where already people I am sure we’re gossiping about me thanks to him! My mother spoke as soon as I entered,

“Did your sister say anything about him crying during the day because the way he cried last night I was sure he was sick?”

She asked me my sister had not said anything to me all day even when I had asked her on the phone earlier. She would have called if he was still sick. I told my mum that she had not said anything. I then told her my news.

“Mum, I have some bad news, Judiths fiance passed away!”

I said to her and she looked at me with shock but then said something I had not expected her to say out loud,

“I thought she was joking when she spoke about the fiance thing! You know ho Judith is, she suffers from delusions of grandeur! Was she really engaged or it was her just playing yet another of her games?”

It’s true what my mother had said. No one takes Judith seriously because more often than not she tends to be a royal fuck up.

“Ah mum, she was not joking. Kagiso really did propose and they were discussing magadi and everything else!”

It’s true, once or twice my sister had told me that they were arranging to go see my uncle so that they can arrange negotiations. I too was guilty of being dismissive of her because I always changed subjects when she told me.

“You don’t say. I feel bad now. How did he die?”

She asked me.

“Something to do with police. I am not quite sure.”

I told her. My mother was visibly worried and she took her phone to call her daughter. I heard them talk and she actually started crying. I think she felt guilty about how we had handled her relationship. I was almost done cooking but that night no one had an appetite. My mother said we had to go pick her up. I am not the best driver but I knew how to drive. This meant that in her state she could not drive I would have to drive the other car. I was not too optimistic about that and having to take out that big piece of paper called a learners is just another schlep on its on. I needed to get myself a licence asap but that is expensive. We put Amo in the car and went to his place. He stayed in Turfontein so it was a bit of a drive. When we got there we found my sister sitting with family still disraught. She was not crying anymore which was a good thing. When my sister had first introduced me to Kagiso he had been with his sister but I noted she was not there. The families were introduced. They apologised for not telling her of the funeral but said when he had been shot by the police his phone had been confiscated so they did not have her number. My mother asked the family the question we had all been dying to hear,

“Why did the police shoot him?”

I know there are a lot of police related deaths but it’s rather random if it happens to someone you know.

“She did not tell you what her friend was doing in his spare time?”

The mother said rather bitterly. I sensed immediately that something was wrong that they were not proud of. My sister did not answer and looked down. The anger was not directed at my sister but at him. I saw my mother sit up because she was expecting to get shocked and frankly speaking so was I.

“He was shot when they tried to rob a cash in transit van! Imagine the stupidity! In this day and age you try rob a cash in transit! How stupid is that?”

The mother said angrily. Her anger was justified! The risk was not worth the effort. Those things are built like tanks but before we even go there, my sister was dating a criminal! My mother was dumb found by this and so was i.

“I did not know that’s what he did because he was such a gentleman!”

My sister said in protest. She was not wrong there because I remember how sweet he was when I met him. You would expect a criminal to wear a sporty, all stars and talking that kasi twang but this guy spoke that ferrari English. I remember well but spare a thought for Judith. Imagine dating a man and you have no idea what he does for a living only to find out that he was a lowlife. That’s a scary thought on every level imaginable.

“I am really sorry for your loss. Kids of today really waste their lives on useless things!”

My mother said clearly displeased by what she had just heard. I know when her anger is building up. She turned to my sister and said,

“Judith come, we have to go! It’s getting late and we have Amo with us.”

My mum said now starting to show signs of annoyance. Yes we had to go. The sympathy was gone I guess once we heard how he had died. It’s one of those things you tell yourself that he brought it upon himself so why sympathise. Even his mother was not happy with him so why should we care. As for my sister though, it hurt her. My mother asked me to drive with her because she was not sure what do with her because of all the bad choices she made. I felt now was not the time.

“Why does your mother always have to say bad things about me? Does she really think I knew he was a criminal?”

I believed her when she said that she did not know. She did not even know whose apartment that was when she had gone there so I believe her. She was really heartbroken. After that she kept quiet. She did not say anything all the way home. I took Amo and put him to bed. I bumped into my mum in the passage as she was carrying her pillow to my sisters room. I asked her what she was doing.

“I am going to sleep with my daughter. She needs someone tonight otherwise we might wake up to new drama in the morning!”

She said. Yes my sister was pretty much capable of that. I had no doubt.

As I went to my room my phone rang. It was Refiloe. I did not want to pick up but I did,

“Have you found anything on my husband yet? Who did he go with to Durban from the office?”

She asked me.

“Everyone was there at the office so if you are suspecting office people then it’s not someone I know!”

I told her.

“One of my friends saw her at the airport with another girl!”

She said disraught!


There was another girl!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike


Hi Mike
I’m a 26yr old lady that is living with an incurable skin cancer and my bf is 28yrs him and i have been dating for exactly two months now, his a great fun loving guy or should i say was. When we were just dating for two weeks he lost his son to cancer (Hodgkin’s disease) and that really put a strain on our relationship as he shut me out, unfortunately he still has not been his usual self even though he tries if his not easily agitated then his emotionally unavailable. In as much as i love this guy I’m fast reaching a point where i feel it would be best to just leave him, please don’t get me wrong I have tried talking to him over and over and over again but he refuses to see reason… first i thought maybe his distant towards me cause I’m battling cancer and his just lost his son to it but honestly i believe that’s just me trying to make up lame excuses for him cause even when we spoke about it he straight up told me that i was overreacting. A big part of me wants to believe that we will work things out but at this rate i doubt that’s ever gone happen.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Aowa believing heart give a guy a break….. he is still grieving. He lost his son….. that’s not something you get over in a month. Just give the brother some space. And remember men generally aren’t talkers like women. So let the man be hle.

  2. Thanks Mike

    A to Q: sisi plz give your man some space and let him grieve in his own way and own time. If it becomes too hard for you to wait for him then leave but do not force him to grieve the way you want him to grieve. I’m a mother of two girls, if I lost one of my kids I would expect people in my life to let me be and allow me space to process my trauma and pain. I know people who lost their kids decades ago and they were never the same again, they are probably still grieving. For you to expect him to be what you want him to be a few weeks after he lost his son is just not fair.

  3. Awesome chapter Bhut Mike thank you….Eish and its sooo sad that we have women like Bonang who…..hay let me shut up. But why do we women do this to each other though…and yes we have abo Bonang but with us, we deal with them in a smaller “scale”. I have a friend whom I see has the hots for my man…I do not leave them together for long in a room…and its HER I dont trust…I dont want my man to have to deal with her tempting him….nope.

    QnA….Where is the chill though? You have ONLY been dating for two months…and the man has juuust lost his child, can you give him some breathing space tuuuu. My older brother, after our mom passed away stayed in my mom’s room ( which he turned to his room) for 6 months…he never went out…he was a very social person..well he is now again..but for 6 straight months that man ever left his mom’s room because that’s how much he was hurt by it….and 9 years later he still has moments where he feels utterly depressed about it…so give the man some space, he wont talk about it but he will deal with it in his own way…and if you really love will be there for him…even if you dont talk to him just be there….

  4. QnA firstly i would like to send my condolences to your man and what he is going through right now. It must be very tough for him right now. I believe people have misunderstood you. Because you are sick yourself you feel as though he is now scared of losing another person. I think that is what you mean. Yes you are right in that it’s impossible for him not to have that at the back of his mind. However, he did not break up with you and of anything he is trying to reassure you. He needs a bit of space to breathe but keep on supporting him. Stay blessed

  5. “Believing Heart”! You are incredibly unbelievable. It goes without doubt that the man must be going through a great deal of pain.
    All your actions appear to be screaming is, “stop grieving and love me now”! Hee banna!

    Instead of focusing your attention on throwing words around about him being “emotionally unavailable”, how about you figure out ways to ensure that you’re available to be there for him emotionally. Otherwise let him be, to grieve in peace.


  6. loved the cchapter. u killed me a few times there lol. that bona and Zinhle comment, on point. u stay current. we like that
    “more often than not she tends to be a royal fuck up” loooooooooooooooool lol lmao kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa mara Mike dou!!!! lol first laugh of the day…thanx

    QnA I think you should give you boy friend some time. I think you are being selfish without even realizing it. you are out here thinking about what u need when your boy friend lost a baby less than a month ago. if you will not be patient with his healing then maybe vele u should leave him. extend him the same patience and understanding that he has extend to u with your condition. hang in there

  7. bonang bonang bonang…*sighs*
    why do we always destroy each other though?
    great chapter Mikey and team…
    so the infamous boss has another GF…but then again thats how monied man roll right…

  8. Amen Zuma…..well said!!!

    wee PillzBerry, my love, that friend of yours udinga impama eshisayo, akakaze nje ashawe before. or umlethe la, ngizokuqondisela yena mina.

    siyabonga Mike ngomsebenzi omuhle….

  9. QnA: concentrate on your well being while you give him space. Be with your family and friends. Make memories with them, I know you might feel like you want to feel loved before anything happens to you, but you have to keep in mind that love doesn’t exist only between you and your partner, but does exist in family and friends.
    Take things easy, live everyday like it’s your last, stop stressing, laugh a little. He will come to you or open up to you when he needs you or when he is ready …
    Hope you get well soon in Jesus Name!!! I wish you luck.

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