Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and One

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Yes I was genuinely angry at him and not because I was jealous or envious of his love for her. We all grow up being taught to celebrate love and she was my girl so why should I not be happy for her? I was not wrong in thinking that was completely a bad move on his part because there was too much deceit and baggage that was going to come with this. A relationship built on a lie hardly counts as worthy of having in the first place because him especially will never and could never fully trust Aurelia. Moreover if she ever found out the real truth why they were dating in the first place, I doubt she would ever trust him again or me for example. Me because I knew and I had not told her. I was definitely going to tell her this weekend when we went away. She had to know. What was he thinking to buy a ring for her? They were fighting already and how did he think that this would make things right? This is the kind of guy who would put a hole in his condom just to get you pregnant and he was doing this for the wrong girl. There are times that the girls that get rings don’t deserve them. Think of the girls that were the village bicycles in your high school days, the ones that partied too hard and skipped school, they got married way before all you so called good ones! I am not calling Aurelia a whore but if truth be told, friendship aside, she was. She was not even in a love triangle, she was in the most peverse of them all. How do you sleep with a father and son repeatedly and worse did not even condoms if you consider her pregnancy scare which again I am not even sure what happened? If you are not disgusted by her then you have something wrong with you. I have heard of it a few times where a girl sleeps with her boyfriends father but even then that is so rare.

Everyone was staring at me as though I had something growing on my face. Their mouths were open in shock of me and they had every right to do so.

“Faith… and then?”

Orapeleng asked seeing that I had protested to him buying a ring. That had been instinct and I dont know why it came out like that and so loud. That protest was supposed to be inside me but it was out now. No need to try pretend.

“I thought you guys are just friends or do you want more from him? Tell us now that we are all here because maybe you are secretly doing it in the back office?”

One of the nosey girls asked which made the other too laugh! I did not even know that there was a back office and in the tour I don’t think they had showed us. Wasted space I tell you. Another thing which I was rather pissed off about is that these girls had no chill. They had actually asked me in front of him which was so embarrassing because as girls we should take each other to the side and ask such questions but oh well, I was focused.

“No! It’s not that! He did not consult me first!”

But the girl was not done,

“Since when does a man have to consult a random girl whne do buy a ring? That’s rubbish! Let him be great!”

She pressed on but this time she did not deserve an answer from me. Even the other girl told her that was enough. She was that loud mouth giirl, who was always talking and looked like the type to gossip as well. Giving such a person answers meant that she would start spreading rumours in no town. I kept my focus on Lunga!

“You, come with me… now!”

I said standing up literally pulling him with me. I heard one of the girls say that I secretly liked him and the others concur. It certainly looked like so though with what had just happened. As a girl in an office full of women you don’t want to be the girl that they gossip about behind her back and I was fast becoming her.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing you moron?”

I asked him as soon as we were alone! He raised in hands to show his confusion.

“What are you doing? Imagine if I marry her it would be what we all want right and you will be the bride of honor!”

He said clearly pleased with himself which just made him look like an even bigger moron in my eyes.

“Are you not being presumptuous though? You did not think this through because just yesterday you were telling your mum and today you are proposing? Don’t forget you will make her look bad with your mother as well as she will look like a goldigger!”

I warned and tried to advise as well but he could not understand why I was saying. He asked me if this was not the best course of action. They loved each other and it would save her parents marriage. Men can be thick though! How was sacrificing himself going to save his parents marriage? She was not just another girl unfortunately for him, she was the girl sleeping with his father! I reminded him of this but he could not understand this.

“I am going to marry her. I bought an engagement ring for r36 000 and I do not want a refund. I wiped out all my savings because I actually mean what I say. I am having dinner with her tonight but that’s kind of boring!”

He told me sitting down and I sat down too.

“What’s the best way to propose?”

He asked me and how am I supposed to know that? All girls have this fantasy of a beautiful surprise proposal yet most of them will never see the alter. The bitter irony of being a South African woman.

“I don’t know and I am begging you, this is not the right move. I know you think if you propose your father won’t take you to Durban but think of it this way, now you give him an easier chance to sleep with your wife as she will be staying close to you now! Think with your brain and not yourr dick for once!”

I warned him but I could see his mind was made up. I was not going to tell Aurelia though because even for me this was supposed to be a surprise. Bad decision or not from his part she deserved the surprise and that is something I could not take away from her. Every woman deserves it. I doubt she will say yes though because she is not that stupid. Let me worry about my own things. He had every warning and he chose not to listen so that was between him and his demons when things go south.

“Do you have a crush on me or something? The way you are acting I don’t get you!”

He said teasing me trying to diffuse the situation. I just laughed it off and carried on with my day. 32 000 for a ring plus lobola and a wedding, no wonder why men feel like they own us women! It’s crazy when you think about it. It really is. No wonder why these guys can never afford the perfect wedding.

“Is there something that you want to tell me Faith?”

Orapeleng said obviously concerned about my earlier reaction to the news. I told her no, I will be fine.

“If you like him tell him now before he marries someone else!”

She said. That’s something they would say in a white movie and when you think about it that’s bitchy and slutty. Why would you want to stand in the way of someone else’s happiness? For the second time in two todays I found myself having to snitch on Lunga. I had really become my own worst enemy. I was relieved funny enough when his phone was off, my bosses that is!

“Please call me as soon as you get this, it’s urgent!”

I told him in the voice message. I had done my part. He needed to know lest he accused me of blindside him. At least now he will acknowledge why I could not date his son meaning I had solved one problem. Every dark cloud has a silver lining I guess.

When I got home I found my mother baby sitting Amo. I asked what was going on because I had not been told that she would be out. Normally they tell me all these developments because of Amo. She said that she had no idea why or where she had gone but when she arrived she gave her the baby and just walked out. She also noted that she thought that she had been crying but she was not sure yet.

“But mum how could you allow her to drive in such a state because now you don’t know where she went?”

I asked her. There are times when people should not be allowed to drive and this should not be limited to when they are drunk. My mother said she had not thought that fast it had happened rather quickly. She said she was too lazy to cook so I should do it. I didn’t mind at all but I just wanted to hold Amo for ten minutes at least before I started. It was already late but I had missed by baby so much. Eventually I got up and started chopping and grilling. Something quick. After an hour I decided to call my sister. I know my mother had not because she never likes to meddle in her precious daughters life.

“He is dead Faith, he is dead!”

Those were her first words as soon as she picked up but I was confused!

“Who is dead?”

I asked but somehow I knew,

“Kagiso is dead! They killed him! They killed my baby Faith they killed my man!”

She cried into the phone. I was stunned. We had thought he was cheating but hearing this was just heart breaking.

“Who killed him?”

I asked her but she kept on crying. I told her to tell me where she was because she needed to come home. She said she was at his house and he had already been buried?


“I don’t understand? How could he have been buried when was he killed?”

I asked her. She said the week before and no one had bothered to tell her. Now that was painful to hear. How could they be like this? How could they not have told her? She would never have closure now that’s for sure! That’s the problem with dating men who treat you like you are a secret.

As I put my phone down my heart felt like it had a fresh wound in it. I had only met the guy once or twice so it was not for him but for my sister and how she liked this man. He was her fiance because he had in deed proposed even though she had not said much about lately. She was wearing his ring. I needed to go tell my mother what had happened.

did not even get to the lounge where she was sitting because Aurelia called me…

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

She said as soon as I picked up the phone!

“He proposed Faith!”

She said all excited,


I asked her!

“I said YES! Of course I said yes, how many opportunities in life do you think we will get for a man to propose to us!”

And she was right! As soon as she put down the phone Lunga called and after I said hello he put on his best Cape Coloured accent and shouted,

“She said yes me bruu!”

I couldn’t help it but laugh!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi Mike

I’m a lady and 28 years old. I’ve got a handsome boy of 2 years old. When I broke up with baby daddy I kinda lost hope, didn’t want anything to do with men and relationships. A year later after being away from baby daddy I met a nice guy who really liked me and was not turned off by the fact that I had a kid. He is actually good with kids and my kid got along with him. I’m quiet a friendly person and relate better with guys than girls so I happen to have more guy friends than girls which is a problem for him. But it has started to affect our relationship because he’s always going through my phone and calling people he feels are more than friends to me.
The other day I told him I was going to church and he kept calling me while at church and I didn’t answer. He then called my sister and told her that I didn’t tell him I was going to church.

No I feel like he’s being too insecure and we fight about this almost everytime, I’m even thinking I should not continue with it. In case it gets out of hand.

Please help on how to deal with this.






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  1. QnA I too dated a baby mama who had been left to fend for herself and her baby. It’s easy for you to say that he did not mind that I had a baby but everyone else who cares for him does. With me I found my friends and family would comment or make jokes about my relationship but i stuck to her. Before long I had grown a hero complex because I had now become a father to her child to the extent with helping her with her bills. We dated for three years and when the child entered school it was soon on me to make that happen too. I was fine with it until church happened. All of a sudden she started having church at night on a week day and women conferences that initially were never there. She made new friends from church who would drink with her and she always got back drunk. In my head I was saying “I do so much for this woman and her child and this is how she repays me?” One day I called her at night and she told me she was at her friends place. She snapped and asked me if I was stalking her and that and could not let her party in peace. I didn’t even know she partying. Her friends started to think i was a pyschopath and convinced her of such. I never found out if she was cheating because i found myself worried all the time. Eventually I dumped her. Insecurities build up.

    My point is, you might have found a good man but unless you sit down and communicate you will end up like me. Mistrust builds up so quickly until eventually you lose it. If he is that good to you why don’t you take him with where ever you go. As a guy he will stop when he sees there is nothing wrong. There is nothing like a perfect guy who will be what you want to be without your guidance.

    1. Zuma now I get you if you say mistrust build up, but some are just imaginary like you get home an hour or so late after telling your fiancee I will be late because of such reasons after 30 minutes your fiancee sends you a massages to you saying you think I’m stupid where ever you are you’re having a nice time with your girlfriends, yet you’re not doing any of that shit it’s so painful but I do feel for you for the things you went through.

  2. Well, some hoes are lucky hey. Congrats Aurela, Ah shame I feel for her sister what is her name by the way? Oh Faith your life sounds like mine babe.

      1. Mike its unfair for you to make people look stupid by asking them whats confusing. Some of us read before you edited the part where she picked up the call from Aurelia therefore please respect our intelligence.

        1. Hawuuu Tee thats a bit harsh…Mike is asking where the confusion is so that he can clarify…Chacha did not state where she is confused, it might be the part where Faith is talking to Judith or where she is talking to Aurela…so Chacha might not understand who Faith is talking to where and Mike wants to clarify that…where is Chacha confused?? Is it the engagment or the Death…there is two incidents here…No one is underminig anyone’s intelligence. Haibo

        2. Hey. Initially I had not stated names because the story line had built up. In the first half he had said he was going to propose tonight. I feared redundancy if I had mention that “Lunga had proposed” because it would seem as though she was surprised. When I responded to Chacha I had already put in the names so now I thought there is something else I missed. I am sorry for any disrespect implied Miss Tee

      2. I also don’t know where the confusion is because clearly the person who is shouting OMG OMG is the naive Aurelia of course after her so called “side boy” proposed!

  3. Lmao what a chapter for a Friday 🙂 Thank you Bhut Mike….She said yaaa my bruuuuu…lol

    Stressed, Zuma is right…you need to reassure your man that he has nothing to worry about…YOU. Your relationship will be what you make of it.

    I also have more guy friends than girls, and with my boyfriend I introduced him to ALL my friends first, we would ALL hang out alot to a point now that when I mention a friend or say im going to a party with so and so he wont feel the need to doubt that.

    So take your boyfriend to church…so that he sees the people you hang out with. Eventually he will feel comfortable with your friends…guys are so easy but we make them these beasts we call them by simply not being totally transparent.
    Some people will differ and say no your man needs to trust you, thats utter nonsense, trust is something earned and some people dont juuuust trust, they , due to past experience will find it very hard to trust a person so they need extra reassuring.

    So, either you go the extra mile to reassure your man or you leave him and go find someone who will juuuust trust you and take your word for it when you say you going to church.

    Communication is key my angel. So talk to him

    All the best nhe…Happy friday peeps.

  4. There is a chance that somewhere in his passed he was betrayed by his significant other, which lead to him having trust issues.

    if you havent sat him down to find out what the root of the problem is then you will keep finding yourself in these scenarios.
    every problem encountered in a relationship needs both parties to come together to find a solution to what ever the problem might be.

    he clearly has insecurities that he hasnt been able to communicate to you, so sit him down and make it easy for him to do so.

  5. Lunga said he is having dinner with Aurelia in the evening. After Faith put the phone down, Aurelia called saying he proposed and she said yes. Lunga also called and told Faith that she had said yes.

    Judith’s fiancé was killed and buried and she didn’t know about it, she thought he was cheating because he wasn’t answering her calls.

  6. @Chacha Lunga proposed to Aurelia so he called faith to say she said yes… @Butter then Aurelia called… OMG,OMG meaning she is excited to be engaged she was telling Faith that Lunga proposed and she said yes

  7. Hi stressed.

    If you get into a relationship there are things you will have to leave behind and some that you carry them with you. The point am trying to make is that, are the friendships with these guys more important than your relationship with this man? be careful when you answer this and make sure you align your answer to your life goal. You see in life you need to put value into things in your life as well as people in your life. If the friendships comprises of nothing but funny messages here and there and that causes fights between you and your man, then I say its not worth it.
    Choose your battles, and choose them wisely. its not about you only, your son is also in the picture. clearly something triggered him to be this way unless its his nature then that’s another story.
    you know this saying that you cant leave your friends for a man, well sweety thats bull and the very same people saying that are single and lonely. Relationship is about two people, he hasn’t married you yet but to make sure he does give yourself to him, be his friend and make sure he can trust you.
    if his worth it then do it 100%, if his not then leave as it will only get worse.

    1. i agree with you KG

      i have had to leave relationships behind or order for the progress of my relationship.

      i had no problem doing it back then, her and i became each others best friends.

      we cant tell the future, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt start investing now for it.

      if that means u have to leave certain friendships behind then so be it.

      1. Thats so true Jozey…I have had to deal with losing two of my bestfriends and I have no problem with that…yes we dont see each other that often as I would like us to but that doeant mean we love each other any less.

        I have a life I mantain outside my relationship but I never neglect my partner. If he wants to spend time with me, I do it without any protest. Friends, if they are true will be there for me and respect my decision on how I want to build MY relationship.

  8. thank you very much for all your advice and I appreciate them. I promise to make good use of every point that you have mentioned. Trust is very important in a relationship and if one does not have it then its only bound to go one direction and that’s all the way south.

  9. QA I have a similar problem with my fiancee, she goes through my phone and phone every lady I talk to and swear at them even my colleagues it’s so embarrassing, telling them they must leave alone his man. I don’t even have a girlfriend even neighbors she accuses me of them being my girlfriends. It’s so painful I know what you’re going through for someone to accuse you of infidelity even if you don’t even think about doing that. Has this world come to that every time a man and a women talk it’s about jollying really?

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