Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Seven

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It’s something as women we are not allowed to say outright because somehow it’s wrong and secondly with most of us being single mothers lately, it’s expected of us to be understanding. Single mothers will readily tell you, there are very few guys in this world willing to raise someone else’s child especially when they don’t have a child of their own. That one is fact and I have no doubt on it whatsoever. Single men with kids on the other hand see you as a consolation prize as you can step in and raise their child for them. Don’t think this guarantees them being loyal to you after this. Not in a million years. You are just a solution to his problem. Just because I have a child does not automatically mean I am willing to raise another woman’s child. I did not have a child out of recklessness hence why I should be punished and expected to be understanding when a man with a child comes along. It’s my heart and life I have to share and truth be told, men don’t raise children, they let you raise them for you. I am not a hypocrite, initially I had thought the mother of his child had run off or was just incapable of raising their child. That’s something I can live with because I can put a face to that useless person. When a person is dead however you approach the child with a sympathetic view as it seems unfair. It would get me attached and worse, if we should then break up it would be like I am losing my own child. I was protecting my heart and child if that makes any sense.

“You have gone quiet!”

He said to me as I was so far away now in my thoughts. If only he could read my thoughts. I had so much to work out now that I knew. He was a nice guy yes and him showing up to my rescue like this I have no doubt I will eternally be grateful.

“I have yes. It’s a very deep thing you just said and I need to process. My heart is so sore over what you lost I am honestly speechless!”

Awkward moment. I had not lied to the man nor pretended that I was happy about it. It was deep what he had said and that I cannot take back. He seemed not to mind though as he drove on. When we got to the court I only realized when he said,

“We are here!”

I was not ready for this. I know I had told myself that I was going to come all guns blazing for Mudenda but being here at this moment it felt different.

“We need to find out which court room you are in unless you know already?”

Thulare asked me. I did not know. We decided to go find out and after being directed we got to the room were we could enquire. Must have been pay day because the lady who helped us was so cheerful something you can’t always say about government facilities!

Why was I not surprised though when she told us that we were late? Mudenda had lied. My hearing was now and not an hour later as he had said. She gave us directions and I ran so fast. How could he do this today of all days really. Luck was on my side as the magistrate was ten minutes late meaning we basically entered at the same time. I should have known that Mudenda would try to sabotage this too.

“I am sorry about that. I am Acting Magistrate Bopape we can proceed!”

Mudenda acted as though he was calm but I bet you anything that he was annoyed that we had made it on time. He had a lawyer and I did not. It seemed odd because maintenance court is not usually about that. The magistrate even stated that it was overkill until Mudenda’s lawyer stated that they were here to contest custody of Amo and could prove that I was unstable, unsafe and reckless as a mother hence why the child should be raised by Mudenda. This was not just about maintenance. I laughed out loud and clapped once out of instinct which made it seem like it was true.

“It would take extraordinary circumstances for the court to remove a child from its mother so I should warn that normally such cases end in favour of the mother with costs!”

The magistrate said. The lawyer stood up and stated he knew that and that they had overwhelming proof and evidence that this was the right course to take. Mudenda just sat there and grinned smugly. The judge asked him if he thought he was funny that a mother was about to be separated from her child and stopped the grin. He was serious though and I could see the satisfaction on his face. He had me. I was in shock. I was stunned. I wanted to cry. I definitely cannot afford a lawyer. The judge gave a new date as this matter could not be heard now.

We had some papers to sign and it was even suggested that I get a lawyer to even the odd. Those people are expensive and only work for money and that was something I desperately did not have. I could feel myself get into panic mode and much as I tried to calm down it just would not happen.

“Why are you doing this to me though Mudenda?”

I asked him as soon as we stepped out. He was standing alone trying to make a phone call but I am certain it was because he was waiting for me. He could simply had left but he did not and he knew for a fact that I would talk to him.

“Faith let him be. He does not care and you could cause more damage than good!”

Thulare said coming to stand in between us. He took out his phone and started doing something which gave me a chance to sneak behind him and face Mudenda face to face. There was nothing he could do to me hear that’s certain.

“You know you don’t want Amo and you are expecting another child? Please. You cannot be that cruel. I meant something to you once please don’t do this!”

Mudenda looked at me as though I has shit on my face and responded,

“I intend to take everything from you for what you did to my father! I will make up lies if I have to but when I am done you will have nothing! I might have been an idiot in how we broke up, I accept and I apologized to you for it at Monte that day before you stole my keys and left me there naked to be humiliated. However you are relentless! At every turn you are there! I know you don’t accept the thesis thing but deep down I know it was and I failed to submit so have to re- register thanks to you. It’s fine. I forgave that too, I had it coming but for what you did to my father, that I can’t forgive!”

He said his voice becoming more menacing at the end. Thulare stepped in,

“That’s a little harsh mate; this is a child you are talking about! Don’t do this please!”

He said.

“Meladi will not want my baby in her house and you know it! You don’t even think he is yours!”

I could see a cruelty I had not seen yet in him. He was not listening. This country is for those with money. There is no simpler way to put it. He knew I could never afford to fight him.

“You are the one who put this beyond personal. Everywhere my father goes people think he is a rapist and you say I am the cruel one really? No my dear, I have not even started with you! When I am done you will know to let sleeping dogs lie!”

He was not listening to me and the way he was talking made me realise this was as serious as it gets. I had taken him to this court to get money owed to my baby and he had turned. It around to him taking me to court to take my baby. I started crying. I could not help it. I broke down. I had no energy and I felt my knees give way under the weight of my trouble.

“What a stellar man you are?”

Thulare said to him as he held me up and took me to his car. Mudenda was not done yet and. He ran after us to continue his rant,

“You should have aborted when you had the chance! Now you have a bastard and no one wants it or you. My baby is the one I have with Meladi not this ugly thing you produced. Wait till I win custody and you will see how fast I give that baby up for adoption!”

He said to drive it in. I know he was just saying it to hurt me. Why was Thulare not punching him though? I know Tidimalo would have done it no doubt. This man was too much. Of. A peace maker. I was in pain and I did not know what to do. I wanted to call my mum. He closed the door behind but I heard him when he said (Thulare that is)

“Mudenda, have you ever considered that my cousin’s baby is not yours?”

Thulare said calmly when he had put me in the car,

“Stay out of this out of all due respect?”

He said to Thulare angrily.

“I will stay out of it but don’t say I didn’t tell you. When you find out whom the real father of this baby you are claiming is I promise you all the pride will turn to disgust! I am her cousin; I know family secrets which you can’t even dream up in your twisted mind. I guarantee it!”

He got back into the car and we drove away quietly. I did not ask him what he meant though by the warning he had gave because I had too much to worry about.

“You should have kept him talking!”

Thulare said softly. Could he not see I was crying though? How could I have kept him talking when he was hurting me the way he was. That was so insensitive for him to say at a moment like this really.


I asked him weakly?

“I might not be a judge but with all that he said I swear to you no judge will give such cold heartless person custody?”

He said to me smiling. He was right on two fronts, yes no human being would say something so cruel and yes he was no judge because I doubt a doubt a judge would believe us if we told him what he said. What do lawyers call it, “hear say”! Nah that won’t work. It will be his word against ours and it’s hard to prove! I sighed and closed my eyes to pray. We were already driving so imagine my shock when I heard Mudenda’s voice in the car! I opened my eyes and looked around.

Thulare had a huge smile on his face!

“I taped it!”

He said holding up his phone to me!


******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day Team

Mike I would like to that your team for the great work you guys do. First I must say your work keeps me from doing mine lol
Would like to send a special shout out to the following peeps for their influential comments: Jackzorro, Bhejane, Tshidilicious and buttercup.

I am a 22 year old lady. In February my family and I were involved in a car accident driving back from a wedding. Unfortunately I lost my mother and two sisters. I was the sole survivor. Fortunately I was done with my exams and was just awaiting my graduation. I did not attend because after the incident I feel into deep depression.

So what I am trying to say here is that I’ve lost all my immediate family. I did not dwell on that though because my grandmother (mother’s side) embraced me with open arms and filtered most of the pain away. I quickly discovered that the fastest way to heal my depression was to heal my thoughts so I am a whole lot better now. Four months down the line I am still weak but living. Qualified for an internship I applied for a few months back and I started working last month.
Just when all was looking up my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer last week. The paranoia I live under on a daily basis is indescribable. I fear loss so bad after all that’s happened and its lurking again. The thought of losing my grandmother on its own paralyses me. I soak my pillows in tears every night because of the worry that I carry with me all day. Sometimes I get people at work making jokes about me being hungover.

Mike I have lived pain and it deepens the wound thinking that I might have to go through it all over again so much so that I have been contemplating to quit my job. I have no idea what to do. I am deeply wounded; it’s just that not all scars show.

Thank You


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  1. lol i knew he was taping when Faith sneaked out and talked to Mudenda face to face I knew Thulare was up to something #Thulare slowly becoming my everyday crush…. though I struggle to pronounce his name lol Im a Zulu after all… I bow down Bra Mike!!

  2. Scarred i’m really sorry for your loss and I’m sorry u r experiencing what you are with your grandma but you can’t quit your job,having something to do is a lot better than sitting at home with nothing to do but to run in you mind everything u went through,are going through and are still gonna go through,rather keep the job as a distraction and also bearing in mind that you are alone now,who will take care of you?be strong and take on the world,God will not put you through things you can’t handle and overcome, you are a victor through Christ so don’t try to carry it and do this on you own. Don’t give up on your life because you don’t understand what God is doing in it,rather find peace in Him,find Joy in him,you will then realise how you have gained more than you have lost.

  3. I was gonna say Faith should have recorded him, but Thulare man. Thulare!!! I like the way you think.

    Scared, hi baby girl. I had tears in the eyes for you. You need to be strong babe and pray to God, not only for your granny, pray for yourself too even when your strength is tested. I give heart.

  4. I am liking this Thulare guy more and more, I used to think Tidimalo was the one but nah…teamThulare and Faith, bring on this mudenda piece dump!!

  5. I think I Like this Thulare guy.Mmhhh Mudenda s gonna raise another man s child,I like I like.
    Q2A ….Hey Scarred,my dear loosing the ones u love is beyond trauma.Been there n so sorry to hear bout the only person left in ur life (Grandma).But I think u still traumatized n needs professional councelling.Honey in tyms like this I knw its even hard to say even a Lord s prayer but hey don throw a towel as yet.If u bliv God will perform a miracle.Jus put everything in to God s loving hands n ur grandma will b ohk.As for those who are laughing @ u thinking hore ona Le hangover wow they hav got their thing coming.Never laugh @ some1 s would cos u don knw wats tmrw s holding for u.
    Jus knw ur in my prayers honey.Once again I’m sorry bout ur loss my lovie,n knw ur not alone In this.God s walking by ur side,dats why u still alive n u hav got so many things to achieve in ur life.Modimo ke Modimo wa dikgutsana Hape ke molekane wa bahlolohadi.
    God bless

  6. Thank you Mike

    Scarred I am so so sorry for what you are going through sweetheart. Please seek counselling, you need to talk things out with someone, talk about your pain and your fears. Pray for yourself and your granny. There is a God and His Will will never take you where His grace will not protect you trust Him completely.

    Do not quit your job, it could be therapeutic if you let it be.

    I will be praying for you and wishing you nothing but the best.

  7. Brilliant Mike, Thulare is a man
    Scarred I feel you, I lost my granny 2 months back I don’t no if im going forward and backward. my life is a mess im miserable, depressed and everything and I so wanna quit my job I don’t enjoy work or life anymore. I do go home but its so lonely and im so scared and afraid to sleep. im taking tablets every nyt now has become worse as im seeing a therapist but its not helping, im talking about it but It doesn’t help. I will keep you in my prayers, and pray that your granny beats the cancers. mine died of cancer. please pray hard God will hear your prayers. im sorry again for yo loss

  8. What an amazing chapter this is 🙂 I was on the edge of my sit….Thulare is my Hero…My hat off to you Bhut Mike…wow.

    Scared : My angel, 1st you need to seek profesional help nhe…Go to a therapist , it may seem like no help to you right now but in the end it will trust me. You need to offload all this weight and baggage you carrying.
    2nd : Pray…..Pray pray pray pray…Keep pushing my love…It may seem like its the end of the world fpr you but its not.Keep on pushing….and you know the acronym for PUSH…P-ray U-ntil S-omething H-appens…So kee PUSHing my love.
    All will get bette eventually.

    1. Faith Thulare is for keeps Lerato is write ungayidedeli leyo ndoda. Scared I fear u haven’t healed from your family loss now ur Grandma is sick please seek professional help because being denial about depression or avoiding it can lead to major depression. I suffered from major depression believe you me its not nice and u even loose friends that u have. Kindly ask Mike for my email if u might need someone to talk. We will also pray for u and Grandma

  9. Thanks Mike, Thulare is such a sweet guy #heroComplex Too soon to tell if he’s a keeper thou

    Dear Scarred
    I’m sorry for your loss and I’m going through the same thing but I lost my mother and my fiancee within 2 years of each other, so losing everyone all at once must be unbearable. I see my gran whenever I can and I used to have nightmares and got preoccupied with her dying, I wanted to be with her all the time, I still do and even last night I had a dream about her dying.

    It’s not easy going on but you have to take it one step at a time, 4 months is too soon it took me one and a half year to get my head straight. Guess what I’m trying to say is take it one step at a time, does your company provide medical aid? Get your gran on a dreaded disease plan it comes with medical aid, be with her whenever you feel like you’re going to lose her, you need security in your life and seeing her and expressing your love to her will bring that security. Don’t quite your Job baby girl, go to work for your gran, Love her, spoil her and pray that she beats the cancer.


  10. Dear scared
    I’m so so sorry, losing people close to me is my worst fear, your letter had me crying, find closure in the Lord, join a church and console yourself, love and appreciate uGogo while she’s still alive, death is tragic but inevitable, I’m really sorry, only God knows, also try counselling.
    You’re in my prayers

  11. Thanks Mikeesto, what a chapter my gawd.

    A rare occurance where one cant even control the tears when reading a letter. Scarred my sister, im scarred for u, im devastated by your loss and depressed by your story. I trully hope something devine intervenes and spares your Grans life. This is sad yaz, qina sthandwa sam, all will make sense one day.


  12. The way my blood was boiling when Mudenda said all those mean things to Faith!!!! I’m so happy Thulare recorded everything…jumping for joy!!!

  13. Why am I scared that Thulare wont be able to use this evidence in court? anyone who knows law to help me figure this out? I hope he pressed the save button lol

  14. Scared, i am so sorry dear, I know what you are going through in you life, its very hard. God is there no what believe in Him now more than ever, whats ever happens in your life He is always there. Find someone to talk to, May God Bless U.

  15. Finally, somebody in Faiths corner! A prince for a princess! Meladi and her family are twisted people and Mudenda fits right in like a glove! The tape might not be admitted as evidence as Mudenda was not aware of the recording (read something on that) but it will create reasonable doubt I think. Faith needs a lawyer, these people are fighting dirty.

    Scarred…I am sorry about the tragic events of your life. You can’t even begin to find understanding of such painful events but all I can say is that Gods will not take you where his grace wont’ protect you.

  16. Hawema I know I’m late but ah Thulare thou ? he’s on that saviour tip I see! I’m so happy lenkawu ewuMudenda won’t get his way

  17. The things Mudenda said about his own kid, yo! He said unforgettb words that he can never ever take back. Cruelty at its best!
    Scarred…I could not stop crying while reading your letter. Uthi uNkulunkulu “nina nonke enisindwayo lethani imithwalo yenu kimi nginithwalele yona” Well, prayer will not change what happened to you, will not take away the pain but it makes it easy for you to face another day. Trust in the Lord, all will be just fine.

  18. Q &a I’m really sorry for what u going true I can’t offer anything bt if u want to talk wtsup, call 0739386509 I’m at Cape Town thobeka

  19. Stay strong Scared, we are all praying for you. Don’t quit your job. Try and make friends at work and find someone whom you can talk to. Things are going to get better, God cannot give you something that you cannot handle. You are stronger than you think

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