Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Nine

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I must say there are things that make me ashamed as a girl. I read that message again and again to make sure I could believe that a grown woman could send another woman such a message. She was not serious! Where was her pride though really and value for her self-worth? When a girl sends you such a message it just makes her look weak and pathetic. I must say as girls we have issues! She had only just met Tidimalo and already she was getting rid of his friends for him! How deep is that? It’s not just her who does such things though because truth be told a lot of girls do it too! We are threatened by people we find in a man’s life and we want him to get rid of them. It’s pathetic because in spite of having all these friends it was you he came too and asked to date not them. Usually they even welcome you into his life but because we can’t share him they must go! We say if he does not he does not love me in the first place but the truth is that it’s you and your insecurities that do not love him enough to trust him. Who are you to tell him to get rid of his female friends? Usually as girls, we do not get rid of our male friends because we call them our brothers. The sad irony is that to make his relationship work the guy comes to you and asks you to cool the friendship just so he can try show his girlfriend that you are not a threat. It’s weird really; to prove his loyalty to the new girl he has to do it by breaking his loyalty with someone he has known longer? The irony in that is obvious. We don’t care whether the relationship lasts six weeks or six years, as long as I am the only woman in his life! That’s how pathetic we can get as women, scared of our own shadow! Nozipho had really disappointed me and now the ball was in Tidimalo’s court! I took the message as it was and I forwarded it to Tidimalo.

“Is this what you want? She is your girlfriend and if you don’t want to talk me again please say so. I know that the friendship we have built over all these years was cheap and could be thrown out after you meet someone of two weeks?”

I know there was a bit of reverse psychology in there to make him feel guilty.

To her I sent,

“Woman to woman, let’s let him decide because we were friends before you even knew there was a road to Jhb!”

I know I was being a bit cheeky but this girl really had a nerve. How could she think I would just let a friend as good as Tidimalo go just like that?

“What’s wrong?”

Lunga asked me. I am sure he had seen the look the look on my face as I read the message. I told him what the message had said and he laughed at me asking why I was acting surprised because it happens a lot.

“Think of it this way, if most girls are betrayed by their friends, hence see them as a threat to their relationships, what more when it’s a girl they do not know?”

He asked me which that was a good question I had not thought of. All girls start off with having large groups of female friends but as you get older, too much betrayal, back stabbing and gossiping that leads to fighting usually ends up with only one or two you can proudly call day ones. With men it’s not like that I am certain. They keep all friends, even the bad ones usually for life.

“Why are we so busy today?”

I asked him. He told me some inspectors were coming to the factory and that the company had been flagged by SARS for something. I was not sure what all that meant but I was happy because keeping busy meant I did not have to think of too many things.

“Aurelia still is not talking to me hey. She came and did not say a word to me! I greeted her but she just nodded! What should I do?”

He asked me just when I was starting to concentrate on the work in front of me.

“It could be because she was with your mother and did not want to draw too much attention.”

I told him.

“I think I should tell my mum about Aurelia and me? I am just scared that it might ruin all her other prospects because usually my mother does not mix business with pleasure well?”

He said in what was more a question than a statement. I had to think this one through; it would mean that most likely she would tell her husband of this. He would be unhappy with me and probably fire me! It would make it tricky for me to now tell Refiloe who she was cheating with.

“You guys need to focus, I see you are chatting!”

Orapeleng said as she passed our desk. She was right though now was not the time to be discussing romantics. It did give me an idea though, what if I hooked someone up to him, someone whom I could throw under the bus? She needed someone to blame for her divorce and she had not said whom meaning I should get him someone. He liked young pretty girls and I knew a few but I had one person in mind at this moment, Orapeleng. I looked at her as she did her power walk across the floor and it just made sense. She was smart and beautiful so why not her.

“Faith come on, what’s your advice?”

He asked me as I had actually started day dreaming on this. It was a good plan.

“I think you should tell her. I also think you should tell her that you want a baby with her in case she is pregnant but before you do, tell Aurelia first!”

I advised him. He smiled at that but now I had to do something, I had to call my boss. I stood up and went outside to make the call. I must look like the laziest employee. He picked up after a few rings.

“It’s Faith sir can you talk?”

I asked him after he asked me who this was. He would not have had my number in his defence so I was not offended.

“Yes sure, I am done with my meeting! Are things going well with Lunga?”

He asked me. The nerve of this man though.

“I am afraid not sir?”

I responded politely.

“How so?”

“I am going to be frank and honest. Lunga is dating Aurelia. He intends to tell your wife about their relationship as I am sure you have noticed that they are getting closer and closer, your wife and Aurelia that is?”

I told him. He went quiet for a second and the next words I expected out of his mouth were YOU ARE FIRED but they did not come.

“I have suspected for a long time but I was not sure. No worries though!”

He said. I actually sounded like he was happy,

“Does this mean you are breaking it off with her?”

I asked him and he laughed and he said,

“No, she belongs to me! Her betrayal cannot go unpunished and if you tell her I know, I will tell her who told me the truth.”

He said! Fuck! I had not thought that far! It would be a betrayal she would never forgive me for.

“I am moving Lunga to our Durban Office and I think you will move with him too!”

He said thoughtfully,

“And it’s not because of this. In Johannesburg he is too sheltered and is learning nothing.

Of which I immediately said,

“With all due respect sir, I am not moving there! I have a child and my life is this side!”

I told him.

“Well that’s too bad because I have the job and the money to feed that baby and make you live that life you lead!”

He said smugly. He was right. I was going to start applying yet again hard because I was in an impossible situation. The cat was out of the bag though so on to next struggles.

“You will continue to pursue Lunga like you agreed too. I doubt he will tell his mother, he is a coward?”

He said.

“Sir may I please ask something inappropriate?”


“Why don’t you just break up with Aurelia because it has become all too complicated and now your wife I am sure will find out sooner rather than later?”

I was right too. His response was straightforward,

“Divorcing someone is not as easy as people make it sound to be. I know I look like a bad person but once upon a time when Lunga was younger my wife cheated. She had an affair for almost two years with some rich business man. I tried to divorce her and she begged me to the inch of her life to forgive her. I did that. We built our marriage but in all honesty that feeling of betrayal never fully goes away. Aurelia was at first a one night stand that happened totally unplanned and by mistake then things just developed. I saw my wife having lunch with the man she had had an affair with. I thought she was back cheating again and that night I had too much to drink and met Aurelia at a restaurant. I cheated. Turns out, my wife was trying to get me that contract which you are now working on as he was the one in charge of it. We got the contract! She does not know that I know she played a part but what I do not know is whether she had to sleep with him again to get it!”

Eh! I swallow spit. I was not expecting all that information but ok. Aurelia was a revenge fuck that back fired? I don’t know who is cheaper at this moment, Aurelia for being a mere piece of meat, one night stand or him for possibly having read a situation wrong?

“Are you talking to my dad?”

Lunga said from behind me. I turned around in shock because I had not expected him there!

I hung up immediately!

“You shouldn’t eavesdrop!”

I told him trying to sound innocent!

“So have you been spying on me for my father?”

He asked without moving his gaze from my face! I could tell he was angry.

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto. (Fb)

Hey mike thank you for the reads they keep me sane in this crazy life i leave
Where do i even begin?
I am 22years old dating a 25year old guy we have been on and off for 6years and we have a son. In these 6 years we’ve separates a lot and as a result he impregnated another woman and i only found out once the child was born. I then decided to move on with my life since i don’t want the drama associated with that, however he managed to creep back in my life after 2years of a clean break up and that’s when i got pregnant with my son. There was a lot of drama when we got back together and he has lied about almost everything, from being saying he broke up with his baby mama and only to find out he was still dating her. When i found out i know i should have left him but i didn’t and being pregnant was no excuse, after my son was born he became the most amazing boyfriend ever and a good father to my son mara joh, now he is back to his old self he disappears on weekends even when i am around and would only come back monday after work. I spend most of my weekends with him or at his place rather as my son leaves with him because i am at school and at home and there is one who can do that. I was raised by a single mother and never knew my father and i dont want that with my son but am not happy with him his other problem he drinks a lot and i mean every weekend and he becomes a monster he has beaten me up a couple of times and verbally abusive as well. He broke up with his baby mama but i know he is not over her. He is the only support structure i have he does everything for my son and since i lost my mom he has been there but when he touches the bottle its war… As i am writing this am at his place and he is with his “ex” he sees no shame in leaving me all by myself…. I know i should leave him n i have packed my bags a couple of times but i just cannot.. Please help as i have tried killing myself but i have a child..
Sorry for the essay i hope am clear enough


12 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Nine

  1. thanks for the read mike @ abused I believe that a man treats you the way you allow him to. I know its not an easy situations’ as im going through a similar thing, but for the sake of your kid and your wellbeing you need to leave this man and learn to be independent because as much as you tell yourself that he will change, believe me he wont. so just focus on school and get an education so that you can provide to the best of your ability for your son and PRAY and surround yourself with people who love and respect you

  2. yho faith,

    @ Abused, it might seem as you can do it yourslef but blv go out there look fo a prt time job tht wil boost you financial

  3. Abused I think u should learn to fight back, knock him out with a pot, if you have too, also ask ur self the message you are sending to ur son by letting him beat you, by neglecting u, he will grow up thinking thats normal n he will grow up to be abusive as well, am not saying leave him today, but start planing for the day you do leave him , save up up money , start looking for places to stay, plan for ur escape, do it one weekend hes not there, stop being a victim

    Good luck dear

  4. Abused… you are stronger than you are letting yourself out to be. Being a victim of abuse does not mean you can’t come out from under it. I had a guy who hit me once. I told my cousins and they beat that guy up. To this day when he sees me he crosses the road to the other side. Don’t let a man control you. You are a mother and if he kills you what happens to your son. You treat a dog like a dog so stop putting his needs before yours

  5. Thanks Mike

    Abused. I undurstand ur situation, been there done that. Try fynd amatoho cc coz he will never stop his abusive bahavious. I agree with Vee plan for ur escape bt make sure u beat him b4 ubaleka gal.

    Gudluck gal

  6. He knows you depend on him for money. YOU HAVE 2 x OPTIOMNS: 1. Get a job & get rid of him OR 2. sue him for maintenance & get out of his life.

    At this rate you are heading towards HIV/AIDS

  7. Thank you Mike for another great read, cant wait for the next chapter.

    Haybo Vee and Sbosh, how can you even agree for revenge?
    remember the lady that told us how she tried to teach her boyfriend a lesson by fighting back, and the bf died.
    and how her life changed forever?
    do you want the same for abused, haybo!

    Abused, just leave that monster, usahlaleleni vele?

  8. thanks bra Mike and team for the great work.
    a men never forgives cheating or forgets…eish Faith is in a catch 22 situation. who is lying and who is telling the truth? as if she doesn’t have enough problems of her own.
    Abused, my sister sometimes in life we build walls and make them to be our stumbling blocks, hustle for a job and hustle hard.
    once you sorted leave that guy he is not worth the trouble, next time he will bring the woman and sleep with her in your presence.tell tale signs nana…
    plan your exit ASAP

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