Realities – Chapter Fifty Four

I am a doctor, not a lawyer so why would my father need help from me with this. I had already done all that I could for the girl meaning I was not willing to sacrifice more. It was done. I decided not to reply. It’s not my fault that the world is as it is. My father himself needed to distance himself from her. I had warned him of this but he had not listened. I had to worry about mending bridges with my mother. She was my family and not this girl. I dont think he would or could use tricks on me again to support his affair. I had a softer side but already it had cost me my relationship with my mother.

“So what’s our plans for today? We can’t ssit here and wait for your father all day! We are on holiday?”

I asked my daughter who had been up for a while and was chatting. Lintle and I were going shopping. That’s how she declared it! It did not sound like a bad idea to be honest because it could be a much needed stress reliever. We were staying right in front of Gateway and everyone says it’s the best, ok maybe not, second best mall in the country after Sandton City of course. This was going to be fun I hope. What she had said about her father getting a free pass haunted me but had I not slept with another? Maybe this was what we needed to move on. Two wrongs don’t make a right but when truth be told, if one side keeps a grudge forever because they felt hurt then it’s a slow death to you. Am I saying that if he went out to cheat at this moment I will forgive him? Yes I am. It’s what I had done and this way we will both be guilty. It’s not like I was or had an affair. Secondly I needed to get rid of. George. He was messing things up for me. I knew how to do it but did I have the guts for it? Nothabo would advise me on this one so let me focus on the shopping for now. Lintle wanted to go in every shop. I get why men say shopping is boring. She insisted that I needed to change my wardrobe and said she would be serving as my stylist if I would allow her. One of the perks of being a doctor is that more often than not the bank balance is healthy. I don’t need a sugar daddy for that. Lintle shocked me and said she did not want anything for herself, today was a make over for me. Was I really that bad though because when I look at other women I feel like I dress better than they do. She was having such a good time I even lost track of time and did not think of my husband at all. As for her tastes, the dresses were definitely beautiful as well as skirts and pants. She took me to so many shops I lost track but when we were done she said she was taking the things to the hotel. She sat me down for lunch and said she was waiting for someone. I was not sure what for but she said she would need another r3000. Instinct usually has me protest when it comes to money because I am stingy like that but I agreed. I wanted to do something for me and not my husband. We were. At Tashas, the one close to Luna Rosa by the circle. A bubbly young lady approached us and introduced us Nonhlanhla Cele. She had brought my daughters order. My daughter had ordered me a weave. I never do weaves! I hate weaves. I feel like they have been over done and make a woman look cheap and fake but because I had agreed to play along, I played along. Money exchanged hands and Nonhlanhla left. I asked my daughter how she knew her and she said she had seen her adverts around. As soon as we were done eating she took me to the salon and said she would be back for me in two hours. She took our shopping bags to the hotel and my misery started again. With nothing to distract me I could not help stop imagining what my husband had done last night. I know I was willing to forgive but the pain was real and did not go away.

“When last did you do your hair maam it’s very long!”

The lady in the hair salon said. It was true, I don’t do my hair. I usually plait or put it under a wig. Not really a fan of all this. She made small talk with me and when she learned I was a doctor she started asking me questions about health issues. Before long the whole salon was talking medical stuff. Time flew and just before I was done my daughter came back.

“Wow mum you look amazing!”

She said which made the women in the saloon agree with her. We paid and we went back to the hotel. She had laid out the outfit I should wear for the evening on the bed. I guess she was taking me out too. It was a beautiful black and white striped dress that was figure hugging enough to be sexy. Most women my age have that double stomach or pouch like men call it but I did not have one funny enough. I am not saying my stomach was flat but hitherto I did not a body shaper under my cloths to hold things in together. That was someone else’s struggle. The heels, yes I can walk in heels just hate them, I actually loved. We forgot to buy a hand bag though and with all the money spent today I figured it was for the best. My husband was going to kill me though when he sees how much we spent.

“Don’t worry he won’t kill you? You are like a brand new person mum that would be shallow of him!”

She said when I told her that we had overspent and her father would not be happy. It was true. I looked new. Shopping really has a way of lifting your spirits. I was happy now and I was looking forward to dinner with my daughter.

“Why are you not getting ready?”

I asked when I noticed that all the efforts were on me. She laughed and said that she had a date for me. I was a step ahead of her on this one. I figured she had spoken to her father that’s why she was cleaning me up like this. He was going to get the shock of his life when he came to pick me up! Doubt he would even recognise me?

My heart was actually beating because I did not know if he will approve. This was like a make over of sorts. He has always known me the way I was because I had never really put effort into how I look. I have always felt your husband should love you the way you are so why should you dress up just to please him. I know a lot of young educated women think like me. Women have fought for these rights for so long and. We just throw them away to become puppets for our men? Nope, it doesn’t work like that!

There was a knock on the door. My husband was here. I stood up and gave myself one more look over and dare I say it myself I looked good.

“Go open the door for him mum?”

She said. Why couldn’t she do it herself? Shouldn’t she build up the anticipation first before dropping the hammer down?

“Lintle what’s going on?”

I asked her and with good reason too as the man standing there was not Sizwe her father. It was Mr Dlamini, Samantha’s husband!

“Chill mom, go with him! Don’t embarrass me!”

My daughter said walking me out. I was about to cause a scene. What the hell was she thinking. I was not going to cheat on my husband again and how could I punish his wife by being with him because that would mean I too was part of the cycle.

“I can’t do this?”

I said immediately,

“You can’t do what?”

He said. He laughed and said that he had been warned that I would be like this as everything felt like a threat to me. That can’t of made me look stupid so I steadied myself.

“Have a little faith, let’s go please, our reservation is waiting! We have plenty to discuss!”

Was he here to confirm that our spouses were having an affair? I had already accepted my fate I did not want to hear it from someone else. I was so confused but I allowed myself to be led out! This was a bad idea if ever there was one. I knew him but vaguely from the time he stayed in the estate. He made small talk even and I just did not know what to say. When we got outside I asked him where the car was and he said we were having dinner at Beluga which is across from where we stood. He said we can drive there or walk 50m. The choice was mine. Again I looked dumb as I had to choose walking. Lintle had crossed the line. I was cross at my husband yes but not fool hardy. When we entered the restaurant the waiter asked us dinner for two but he said we were meeting people. Looking like this surely I was his eye candy which made me feel even more cheap.

I had not even sat down when an sms came into my phone.

“I don’t know what you said. To your mother but thank you. She took her church people to the station in uniform and begged that the girl be released. I dont even know what to say! Thank you!”

The message from my father read.

Wonders never cease?

“Is everything ok?”

He asked me. I told him yes it was and asked him too tell me what the hell was going on?

Two minutes later, by the door I saw her walk in,

His wife!


*****The End******

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Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a 17 year old girl and I have an embarrassing problem. I am addicted to masturbating so much that when I wake up before school I do it, after school I do it and before bed I do it. At the beginning of this year I was a virgin but now I have slept with 6 guys because I keep wanting more. I realized I needed help so I told my mother about it (not the sex) and initially she did not believe me, then she laughed then when she saw I was serious took me first to church to be prayed for then to see doctors. It is so embarrassing because they all have this look on their faces that I am crazy. The prayers didn’t work and the pills didn’t work. I dont think about sex all the time but what triggers it is more like an itch in my “garden”. I am scared I am going insane because this is not healthy at all. If ever I go out with friends I end up having sex because that how badly I want to masturbate.

Please I really need help. I am based in Katlehong. If any of you know specialists, or people who have survived this please give Mike your contacts so I can get this demon out of me.

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Fifty Four

  1. Ashamed, you don’t have to be ashamed at all, I believe you are a sex addict. I know a friend who was one and he couldn’t help himself either. I believe you need to see a psychologist and they will lead you to a specialist.

  2. Ashamed im also a sex addict been one since i was about 15 anyway. When the craving hits more than usual please take a look at your life usually there is a void somewhere or something you are not dealing with and the outlet is sex. Atleast thats me when i cant go a day without grtting scratched. Its something that took time to deal with. I know its embarassing, hard and confusing but in time you will be fine instead of seeking out men who may carry diseases invest in a good vibrator. It does the job. If ever you need to talk email me

  3. Ashamed I also was addicted to masturbating and it started when I was 12. And it got worse when I was 16 I masturbated before I sleep, in the morning, when I’m at school and when I came back from school but now I can go for months without doing. Every night instead of doing it I read the bible and prayed about it the masturbating didn’t stop immediately. It was a process it took months but it stopped you just have to tell yourself that you can survive without masturbating even if you feel like it just try as Hard as you can to not do it. Good luck 😉

  4. Ashamed you are brave for seeking help. Culturally they call it nawa and medically you need to consult either sexualist or gynaecologist usually is an STI and when is itching you need something to massage the area to feel a relief. I’m sure you don’t even enjoy sex you just do it to curb the itchiness.
    Remember sex has its on pecks good and bad and try to wait your very young. Hope you get help soon

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