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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Nine

There was no way in hell I was going to sit there and wait for Mthobisi to come back from upstairs, God was giving me an opportunity to run and maybe by the time I come back he would have calm down or I would have a better cover up story. As I was about to open the door to run out I heard him clear his throat then say “where do you think you are going?” shit, there was no way out of this. I smiled nervously and said “I think I left my phone at Zanele’s place, I was just dashing out to go and get it.” he looked at my hand that was holding the key and pointed at it “were you planning on driving there?” I laughed and said “of course not, I just noticed that your car is parked on the grass so I wanted to move it so I could turn on the sprinklers, why must you question everything I do? I feel like you don’t trust me anymore. Did you think I was planning on faking my death again, it’s like everything I do you put under a microscope, I’m tired of living like a prisoner in my own home.” A guilty person will always blab on about nonsense that is not even related to the matter at hand. Mthobisi was just staring at me I was not giving him a chance to speak, I wanted to give him so much to think about and just confuse the whole situation.

22 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Nine

  1. Mt is crazy, yoh…..
    I don’t think they will have to kill Andy reason being she might be the one getting arrested bcoz of her missing ring, but when she decides to open that can of worms I just fear for Lee on what Mt will do to her eish ……thanks team

      1. Kelly I think Mtho might forgive Lesedi…or
        I am too much of a girl to think that…I just enjoy hearing if what they have relationship wise….

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