Missteps of a Young WifePremium

*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Eight

“Can you at least give me a chance to get my phone and call my husband?” They looked at each other and pushed me out of the house and one of them said “no cellphones are allowed in prison.” That’s when it hit me, Andiswa had really screwed me over and I was going straight to jail. They walked me out of the house and closed the door then walked me to their car with my hands hand-cuffed behind me and the most embarrassing thing happened, Zanele our neighbour who is married to the white old man was jogging past our house, you know how when you see criminals on the news covering their faces with jackets, t-shirts, plastic bags anything that they can lay their hands on just not to be seen by people watching the news, I always thought that they were crazy but at that moment I knew exactly how they felt, heck if I had a jersey to cover myself with I would have covered my face just to avoid this embarrassment.   She obviously saw me being escorted by Police she stopped running and looked at us, I was praying inside that she would just continue running and act like she didn’t see anything and just mind her own business, this was more than embarrassing.

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