Missteps of a Young WifePremium

*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty One

“Mthobisi, open the door, we need to get her out.” I said panicking, “It’s locked.” I moved things around looking for the key and as I was about to scream “break it down.” Mthobisi was doing exactly that, luckily it was a glass door so with one kick from Mthobisi it cracked the second time he punched it and the glass broke into pieces, we both rushed inside the steam room it was boiling hot in there we went in and after a few seconds I ran out I was not prepared for the heat I felt in there Mthobisi quickly grabbed Naledi and put her out of the steam room. She was boiling hot, her gown was full of blood, I didn’t understand where the blood was coming from “Oh God Mthobisi I can’t feel her pulse” I said with tears flowing down my face.

Mthobisi told me to get a towel and cold water, I did and he threw her with cold water bucket, I was standing there pacing up and down crying “Help me carry her downstairs.

5 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty One

  1. Is victor also a gangster leader or mtho was jst scaring lwazi bathong? Tjo ka utlwa ka tshaba. Naledi pls pull through
    Tnx team

  2. I’ve sent thru an SMS with no Pin reply. I’ve tried on numerous occasions prior to contact help to no avail as no one bothers replyin . Please assist with my 9th Pin for the mornin .

  3. Yet again no response from Mike or Thozama. Catching up on reading after having baby and no one bothers in assisting with the problem at hand.

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