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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four

When I say we froze I mean we stopped moving, we stopped talking, we stopped breathing we literally stopped everything, at that moment it felt like time had just frozen, usually when one of us freezes the others are able to take over and cover up but on that particular unfaithful day none of us could come up with an excuse let alone a word, there were sounds coming out from our mouths but those sounds were just some funny sounds that did not make any sense. “what the hell is going on here Lesedi?” He said starring at me, I looked around like Lesedi was not my name, then pointed at me and said “you asking me?” he nodded and said “The last time I checked you were the only Lesedi in the room.” I cleared my throat and said “we were just arguing about some tv series and we always take it so personal like it’s happening to us.” that didn’t make send at all but I didn’t care I had to say something because the man was becoming super suspicious.   “You lot are unbelievable, standing here fighting over shit while your sister is fighting for her life.” He said clearly annoyed at the stupid explanation that I had just given him and walked out.

She Rocks looked at me and shrugged her shoulders “You should follow him, he seems upset” Andiswa said to me, I ignored her, who the hell did she think she was giving me advice. My aunts came and said it was their turn now to see my sister, so we had to leave the room, we walked out,

14 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four

  1. So Lee’s mom left her dad because he was a gangster and then married Victor who is also a gangster? Haike! Ke gore all the “important men” in Lesedi’s life ke fi tsotsi?!
    Go thaaaata banna!

  2. Tjo na weeee! But Mtho did say Victor is dangerous. Lwazi le yena o naleDeath wish after what Mtho n Lesedi did to him he still wants to mess up Naledi?!

  3. Hi mike

    I used my pin for only one chapter now when i try to use ut on second chapter is says pin is invalid or expired. Doesnt the pin work for both chapters kanthi?

  4. Lol “didn’t I not said in Victor we trust” wow I’m loving this family full of drama and dangerous men guy. Mike where’s d bonus?

  5. Hi Mike, thank for a great read,,,,,,, looks like Victor is more gangster than Mthobisi and lee’s dad,,,,, Godfather right there….

    Mike this pin thing ply explain to us how it really works because I bought one pin and you guys took all my airtime and sent me 2 pins I used the first one once when I tried to use it on the second chapter it said pin invalid or expired, then used the second one maybe I don’t understand,,, is it one pin per chapter or what? Please give us clarity plz a plz plz

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